Monday, May 25, 2009

My first online shopping experience...

How do you feel about online shopping for clothes/bags/shoes? I prefer to touch and try the things before I buy, that is why I never buy any of these things online before. Two weeks ago, I came across a site which sells really nice clothes. After clicking thru their site, I decided to buy 2. Oh yes, I bought 2, should have just buy 1 first lar..

The site provides measurements for shoulder, bust and etc but I decided to play safe and buy clothes that is in free size. Few days later, I received my clothes! Guess what? Both clothes I bought were in free size but one appears to be too small for me and the other one appears to be super big for me. How come free size can be so different??

~sigh...After this shopping experience, I decided not to buy any clothes online anymore... have you tried online shopping for clothes before? How's ur experience?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Who knows? And Who don't know?

It's really funny sometimes. You found out something about a friend and you think he doesn't know. In actual fact, he knows plus.. he even knows that you think he don't know. So both of you act as if you don't know his thing and he act as if he don't know you know about his thing. wuahahahahahaha...

You guys know what i'm talking about? :p

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Comment?? We're not commenting? We're asking questions!!

Sometimes, traveling to a country that speaks a totally different language can be quite difficult especially if they don't understand English. We're going to Hanoi in 2 weeks time and FL emailed one of the hotel to ask for the rooms availability and hotel transfer. He got their reply the next day and this is what they replied..
"Your comment are very useful for us. We hope to serve you better next time!!"

What the hell? We're not giving comments, we're asking a question here.. speechless...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

aiyor...should i eat fast or eat slow????

This is a short conversation among a mother, a grandma and a kid which I found it rather funny..
It happened yesterday during dinner time, the 6 yrs old kid is in the middle of eating her bowl of meehun, then her mum passed by and said to her..

M- mum, G - grandma, k - kid

M: Nice or not? Eat slowly ok..
K: hmmm.. ok...

Few minutes later, the grandma passed by...
G: nice or not? Faster eat lar..
K: har.... just now say eat slow, now eat fast???
wuahahhahaa..sometimes adult can be quite annoying also..right?