Thursday, January 31, 2008

The honeymoon month!

My colleague kept telling me that this whole month of January, I did not work a full 5 days for every week. hehe... Well, it's true. First week of January, I took 2 days off and went to Bangkok, the following week, there's a public holiday, then i was on mc for the other week, then last week, Thaipusam got a day off and this week i took another 2 days off cos going back hometown.

That means, first week work 3 days, 2nd week, 4 days, 3rd week 4 days, 4th week 4 days and 5th week 3 days. Oh ya, don't forget next week, only work 2 days. wuahahahahaha, how nice if every week also like this!!! :p

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh no!! Dog!!!

My neighbor got a pet dog. I never see the dog before but FL told me it's a very cute dog. I bumped into my neighbor just now when i came back from work. He also just got back from work. His door was open, and when I was about to open my door, the dog ran out and jump to me.

You know what, i'm a person that very afraid of dogs. How come? Well, probably it's becos of wat happened when i was still in secondary school. I cycle to school everyday, and one day got chased by a mad dog. Oh my, that was really scary. Since then, i was sooo afraid of dogs, big dogs, small dogs, puppy..all i afraid. hehe..

anyway, back to the dog.. i almost shout when the dog jump to me. hehe, my neighbor kept telling me, dun be afraid, the dog won't bite, he's just being friendly. i know i know, but i just so scared mar.. :p

anyway, that dog really didn't bite me lar. hehe.. and FL is right, it's a very cute dog, looks like those patung lar.. dogs like this also scared.. ermm, yalor.. wat to do.. ~sigh

Ready to welcome the god of wealth? (choy san yeh..)

Heard this from the radio this morning when i was on my way to work. The direction that got wealth for the year of rat is EAST. Yes, east. So go buy a compass, start find out which direction is east in your house. haha..

The sifu also said, we must also come down from the east of our bed. So if east is at the end of the bed, you should get down there instead of the side of the bed. wuahahahhaaha. so if your bed is beside the wall, and the wall direction is east, then you korek one lubang at the wall there la. hahahhaha, so funny lar.. move ur bed to the middle lar.. :p

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Any cny decoration stuff for you?

FL read from the newspaper that somewhere at kepong are selling cny decoration stuff. He wanted to buy something to decorate the house, as for me, I'm not really into these decoration stuff, lazy to remove lar after cny. hehe.

Fun n Cheer Sdn Bhd (中国风)
a warehouse that sells all kinds of cny decoration stuff

we spent about 2 hours there. how come so long? We bought some simple decoration stuff, then suddenly i saw one uncle holding one lantern (tanglung), i like it so much. The uncle was holding one, and he was asking the staff there whether they can find another one for him or not. The staff told him that the one he's holding was the last one. I was quite disappointed when i heard that, but since no more stock, no choice lar. Who knows, a while later, I found another lantern at a box beside where i'm standing. I was so happy. When the uncle saw me holding, he came over to ask me whether i want the lantern or not. I said yes, hahaha, got ppl rebut the lantern suddenly become so precious. :p

I was holding one, he was holding one. I don't want to let go, he also doesn't want to let go. wuahahahah so funny. His whole family eyes kept following us, haha want to see when I dropped the lantern. I decided to buy it, even though there's only 1. And guess what, the uncle bought another pair of tanglung, and also that 1 tanglung. I wonder how he's going to hang that 3 tanglung.. wuahahahahahaha...

Cny stuff can be really expensive, we didn't buy a lot but it costs us RM70++!!! here's what we bought.

5 items for RM70++..
a bit regret bought that pair of gold gold thing.
doesn't looks very nice lar...
love the tanglung, who said have to hang a pair?
hang one also ok wat.. wuahahahahahaha..
have you bought any for your house?
or you've already started decorating your house?

No money to invest? Withdraw from EPF lar!!

It's really a good news for ppl like us, who likes/intend to invest but got no extra money to do so. Last time, only those ppl that got RM50K in their account 1 allowed to withdraw 20% of your RM 50K. Not everyone can reached RM 50K that fast right? But now, they changed their withrawal eligibility. First, based on your age, you need to check the basic savings you need. Then the amount in account 1 must be greater than the basic savings. If it is greater, then take account 1 amount minus the basic savings, the remainding multiply by 20%. If it's more than RM 1K, then you are qualified. hehe, sounds complicated? Let me give you an example.

Let say you are 30 years old this year, so check the basic savings table. For 30 years old, basic savings = RM 18K. So now check your account 1. Let say you have RM 35K in your account 1. So..
RM 35K > RM 18K = you are qualified
RM 35K - RM 18K = RM 17K
RM 17K * 20% = RM 3400 (min investment is RM 1K)
So you can withdraw RM 3400 to invest lor.. interested? For more information, check the KWSP website. Check and see whether you are qualified or not lar..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chou chou has arrived!!!

I was watching a tvb drama (the word twister) yesterday. It's really a 38 drama, meaningless, can watch when you are super free, or you are doing your house chores like ironing clothes, preparing for dinner and etc. I laugh until my tears came out when i heard they directly translate chinese to english. They said..
When one said chou chou, chou chou has arrived!
wuahahahaha, able to guess what this means? Of cos you must know chinese only you understand lar.. funny right?? For those who still dun understand, the sentence above is actually... 一讲曹操, 曹操就到!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

CNY decorations at The Curve

I went to Ikea just now to help my brother to buy something. Ikea/Ikano Power Center doesn't have much CNY decorations. A few red tanglungs and a few orange lanterns(i think that one is consider lantern also gua. not round round lantern, long long one. hehe..), nothing special so i didn't take any pictures.

When I went over to The Curve for my dinner, I saw the CNY decorations there. Wow, quite impressive if compared to Ikea/Ikano. You can really feel CNY there, red red decorations, chinese new year songs... a lot of small red lanterns, the 'mui fa' ..

at the main entrance, nice?

took from the 2nd floor.

The curve's cny decorations is even at the newspaper's front page too (Sin Chew, saw it just now)! Not sure about other shopping mall's cny decorations, but the curve one definitely looks quite nice!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A CNY gift for my home!!

CNY we buy new clothes, new shoes, new pants for ourselves. We bought so many new stuff for ourselves but nothing for the house? Not fair mar right? Therefore I've bought something for my home for CNY...

TAH-DAH!! an artistic fountain..
got a very nice name one (very 'hou yi tao' one..),
but i forgot the name lar, hehe..
looks not so nice on the photo, real one looks nicer.

Saw this at Carrefour, Kepong just now. After a long negotiation with the boss, he sold it to us at the price of RM 110, original price RM 168. Hmm, not bad lar.. water will keep flowing from top to bottom, then the water will also force the ball up there to turn. Not bad not bad, feels like the house now got something moving.. :p rich ppl got real fountain, i got a fake artistic fountain! :p

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have you seen a toothpaste holder before?

I was looking for the toothpaste holder ever since I bought the toothbrush holder. hehe, I got a small basin so I need these holders to hang the toothbrush and toothpaste on the wall. But i can't seems to find the tooth paste holder anywhere until I saw it in Chatuchak, Bangkok. I was so happy when I saw it and bought it although i felt it's a bit expensive. :p

Toothpaste holder, 120 Bath (RM 12)
we tried very hard to negotiate with the boss
but he only willing to sell it to us at the price of
100 bath if we buy 3 from him. so end up we paid
RM 12 for this lor..

Instructions to teach you how to use.

see, the right side can turn turn turn
and it will squeeze the toothpaste for you.

Some of you might think it's expensive to buy a plastic like this, but I'm really happy I found this. hehe, if you've seen this in here, let me know where to buy it, I wish to get one for my aunt. :)

Why everyone likes CNY?

Seems like everyone likes cny especially if you are doing business. It is not becos you gonna get ang pow or give ang pow, it is not becos of the food, it is not becos you can meet all your relatives and it is not becos of the holidays. Then becos of what? You wanna know? Let me tell you..

One month before cny, everyone can earn extra money. You go eat at restaurant, they tell you cny is near, they've changed menu, besides menu changed, price also changed. hehe.. of cos they increase price lar.. You go cut hair, they tell you cny they charged slightly more expensive, a normal hair cut that costs RM 15 will go up to RM 20. You go buy things, they tell you cny a lot of ppl buy, they got less stock, so price higher..

So now you know why everyone likes cny? hehe...

Guys on the right, gals on the left!!

I cannot imagine how ppl will react if the hypermarket or any shopping centres here got different check out lane for different gender (like in Kelantan, they are enforcing this policy now.. ). Let say you go shopping with your bf, does that means when you queue up to pay, your bf have to go somewhere else to wait for you, cos you are queuing up at the female's check out lane?

I really do not understand what is the purpose of this rule, to prevent what? Can anybody tell me ar?

The so called Feng Shui Tips

I've been hearing this so called feng shui tips from the radio almost everyday on my way to work. I forgot what's the name of the guy that gives these tips but I found it quite funny. Let me picked a few examples.. there's this day, he explained about what kind of disasters will happened in malaysia for this year. He predicted that there's a few disasters will happened in year 2008 such as flood, land slide and fire. (these happen every year right? the flood, fire and land slide, so common in malaysia lar..)

Then there's also this day he mentioned about how to invest so that we won't lose money. He advice ppl that if we want to invest, we should seek for professional help, listen to the professional advice and thus we will lower down the risks in losing money when we invest.

hahahahah, so funny lar. i guess i can start become a feng shui master and give you guys some prediction too.. hmm, i predict... in the year of 2008, Thaipusam will be a public holiday for those who worked in KL. wuahahahahahaha, very true right, my prediction!! :p

Mamak ~ The past and present

When I was still studying in college, whenever me or my friends were short of money or we don't want to spend so much money on food, we will go mamak. Why? The food is nice and the most important thing is cheap. Roti canai, 50/60 cents per piece, teh tarik, 70 cents, nasi lemak biasa, RM 1.50 (RM 3 can get a nasi lemak with chicken some more!!), maggie mee goreng, RM 2... Ya, that was last time lar...

Now ar, mamak getting more and more expensive la.. RM 10 is no longer enough for 2 person. Teh tarik, RM 1 consider cheap, some mamak charged RM 1.20, maggie mee goreng, RM 3.50, if you order nasi goreng with chicken, it can go up to RM 6 per plate!

Last time mamak almost all are at the road side, beside the longkang, but now, they renovate their shop nicely, with remote control fan, downlights, plaster ceilings and etc. ~sigh.. no wonder lar... So you prefer road side mamak or plaster ceiling mamak? I prefer when it's cheap. hehe..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Thaipusam, Happy Holiday!!

For you guys who worked in KL, it must be very excited when our prime minister annouced Thaipusam as a public holiday for Wilayah Persekutuan. From this year onwards, you guys will have another day off, happy right? As for me, I worked in Selangor, so it makes no difference to me. I remembered i heard someone mentioned before saying Selangor got more holidays than KL, so now both of them are equal right, after declaring Thaipusam as a public holiday for KL?

Talking about Thaipusam, there's this incident happened when I was still working in my 2nd comp which is in Selangor. I got so angry with my company when the lady boss told us Thaipusam is not a public holiday for us. Why not? Every company in Selangor is not working, why us? I was so angry until I called the labour office to ask izzit necessary for company in Selangor give us the holiday. And guess what, the labour office ppl told me Thaipusam is not a compulsory holiday. In other words, company in Selangor can still opt NOT to give their employee the day off. Argggg... but now, i guess it's compulsory lar... :p

Happy Holidays to you guys, Happy Thaipusam!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I was locked inside the carpark!!!

I parked my car at a covered car park near my office. Everyday it opens at 8am till 8pm. If we need to work over time, we will first drive out our car and parked outside. Even if we forgot to remove our car from the car park, when it's almost 8pm, the indian lady that jaga the car park will call to our office to ask us to go get our cars.

Today me and my colleague, SH need to rush on something. We figured out we will finished before 8pm therefore we did not go get our cars. It was already 8:07pm when we walked from our office to the car park. The whole car park only left both of our cars. When we drove up to the main entrance, we saw something.. the auto gate was down, in other words both of us and our cars were locked inside the car park!!! OMG!! Nobody was around!!

Immediately both of us called the maintenance ppl, i called the number on my access card, SH called the number on the car park form. I told the person we were being locked inside the car park, the guy gave me another number, asked me to call an indian guy to come release us. When I was calling the other number, i saw SH ran up to the gate and start pulling something. The indian guy was quite rude, asked us why we did not leave at 8pm. I told him we was just a bit late and normally the gal that jaga the car park will called us if we did not remove our cars. He said how can they called us every day (pls bear in mind we did not always leave late lar...and apparently the gal was on leave and this indian guy replacing her). He was not very happy and told me to wait for 10 minutes.

When i'm done with the phone call, I go seek for SH. He was manually opening the auto gate by pulling the string beside (the person who answered his call asked him to open the gate manually by pulling the string). It was so funny and we both laugh very hard. When the door was half opened, the indian guy arrived. He scolded us for manually opening the auto gate, he said the gate will spoiled. We told him the person asked us to open it manually!! He stared at us and started to manually close back the auto gate. Finally after 10 minutes, we were out of the car park.. Phew~

What a day.. the moral of the story? Don't worked LATE!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Travel = $$, agree?

I finally finished posting about my Bangkok trip. FL said I'm very 'cheong hei', a short trip (3 days 2 nights) like this i also can write for so many days, some more all long long posts. If i go 7 days trip, then die lar, can posts for one whole month. Hmm.. maybe.. haha, i want to share all the details with you guys mar. :p

Travel is really fun, u go to a different country, seeing different people, throw away all your worries behind and enjoy that few days at a different country. No wonder a lot of people willing to save money to just go for a trip.

Some of my friends, they save each and every penny (eat little, seldom shop), then they will used up all their money that they saved to go travel. Wow, imagine you save hard for a year or two, then you spend all within 5-7 days, I don't think i can ever do that. hehe.. can you?

But of cos, when they come back from their trip, they will start their saving all over again. As for me, IF i have that money, and IF i spent all for travel, when i'm back, i don't think i will be able to save up again. haha, that's the difference between me and them lar. I really salute them!! So wat about you? Are you like my friends, save hard and spent all for travel?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buying things for CNY? Beware of FAKE stuff!!

I heard this from the radio few days ago about fake abalone. Someone bought a box of abalone for RM 2k+ and found out it's not abalone, it's actually fish with the shape of abalone. Hmm, think about it, i found that chinese really like to buy abalone during chinese new year. Why ar? izzit because of the taste or because of the price?

A tin of abalone costs RM100+, won't it be better if we used this money to go buy some other food? hehe, ok ok , no offense ya to abalone lovers out there. Maybe because i never tried the REAL abalone before (from ah yat bao yu?) so i don't know the real taste of the abalone. I only tried those tin one, in fact i tried those fake abalone before too. (There's one year one of my relative bought this fake abalone for RM 10++ and asked us to try. I tried, it's like eating rubber. wuahahahaha..)

Anyway, back to the abalone thingy.. if you guys really want to buy abalone, make sure it's real one. how to make sure? err.. i also don' t know. hehe, maybe buy from those stores which got good reputation one, don't buy from those unknown ppl just because they selling it for a cheaper price.

Oh ya, i heard there's also fake 'fatt choy' (the black black vege that looks like hair).. becareful oh..

You sure you want to apply HSBC card?

When I told my friends I wanted to apply HSBC card few months ago, my friends warned me, are you sure you want to apply? Why? HSBC card got quite a lot of benefits, what's wrong with applying it? Well, according to my friend, there's nothing wrong with the card, but their customer service ppl are really very annoying.. oh ya? oh YES, now i really feel it.

Yesterday morning i received a call from HSBC, i told him I'm not free to talk at the moment, and he said he will call back. Few hours later, I received another call from HSBC, this time calling from a girl. Again, I told her I'm not free to talk and she said she will call back too. Guess what, few hours later, another guy call me again from HSBC.. OMG!!!

This morning when i just reached my office, i received a call. yes, from HSBC again!!! wah-seh.. they are really really really very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't i just speak to them? Well, although they said it will only take a minute to SHARE the information with me, but normally it takes more than that! When you said you are not interested, they will keep repeating that piece of information, again and again and again and keep asking you why you are not interested!! arggghhhh...pls pls, call other ppl lar, skip my name..skip my nameeeeeeeee.......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our last day in Bangkok - when Air Asia decided to cancel our flight!!!

Time flies especially when you are having a great time. Where are we going for our last day? We have about 4 hours before we have to go to the airport. Finally we decided to go to Pratunam, well, I know there's a famous night market there, day time got what? not sure.. well, just go there walk walk la...

Before we stepped out our hotel room, i received an sms, an sms that really caught my attention.
Urgent!! Flight FD 3573 from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur on 07 Jan 08 CANCELLED. For more info pls contact 662-515-9999 (Thai) 603-8660-4343 (Malaysia). Thank You
Huh? What is going on here? Flight cancelled? Is this some kind of joke? Immediately i took out my air asia flight itinerary to check on the flight no. OMG! Flight no matched leh... Does this means we have to extend our stay here? (actually i don't mind extending also lar. wuahahaha.. but only left a few hundred bath..stay another day also no use leh...)

We called the air asia to find out what's going on. Tried a few times calling both Malaysia and Thailand but failed to get through. Finally we decided to go find a public phone to call them. Luckily Bangkok's public phone are nothing like Malaysia. Their public phones all can use one. hehe.. we called the Thailand Air asia and asked what happened. The customer service told us a few flights cancelled due to some technical issues and we have the option to choose the flight on the same day or the next day. ~phew...we decided to take the 6pm flight (our original flight is at 5pm).

After we settled our flight, we headed to Pratunam. On our way to Pratunam, we stopped at the famous Thao Maha Brahma (4 faces Buddha). FL wanted to go 'bai bai' haha..

Thao Maha Brahma

heard it's real gold!! wow!!
a lot of ppl pray here to ask for 4 digits. haha...

FL bought these to 'bai bai'..
candles, flowers and joss stick, 20 Bath (RM 2)
while he's busy praying, i busy taking pictures.

a lot of ppl, tourists, locals...
see the flowers around the buddha?

some throw coins in the water,
some ppl use this water to wash their face,
hands, feet, some drink this water some more!!
got money inside one wor.. can drink ar?

you can also pay these dancers to dance
for the Buddha. Not too expensive also,
depends on how many person you choose,
from 2 persons to 6 persons,
price between 100 - 300 bath.

After the prays, we crossed the road to get to Pratunam. Walk walk walk, saw a few shopping centres, nothing much. Probably next time should come at night lar.. On our way back, we bought some fish hot dog and pork hot dog. Delicious.. We went back to our hotel, packed our stuff, checked out, took a cab (300 Bath++ including tolls) to the airport.

It's time to go home...

Bye bye Bangkok.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The MBK Shopping Mall

The MBK Shopping Mall at Bangkok is a very famous shopping center among tourists. You can really get a lot of cheap stuff here, food, clothes and etc. To me, it is quite similar to the Sungai Wang, so if you like sungai wang, you will like MBK.

I think there are two things that are very cheap in MBK (you probably can't get it else where). One is their POLO t-shirts. There are a lot a lot of POLO t-shirts in MBK and you can't seems to get it elsewhere. Didn't see it in Chatuchak, or Suan Lum. Hmm, I wonder why. And the other thing is? Jerseys!! Of cos.. all pirated one lar.. pirated with the Grade A quality. Hahahahahahahaha....

We left the hotel to go to the MBK immediately after we put the things we bought at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in our room. Don't want to waste time mar. hehe.. With our one day pass ticket, we took the BTS from Asok to Siam (about 4 stations). When you reached Siam, you need to change to another train (just walk to the opposite) to get to the National Stadium (MBK).

Not sure why need to change train.
Why can't they have a direct train to National Stadium?

The MBK Shopping Mall,
picture taken when we were waiting for the
train to National Stadium.

It was 5pm++ when we reached MBK. We did not eat anything besides our buffet breakfast at the hotel (at 9am+) and the mango salad (at Chatuchak). Therefore we decided to go find the food court and have our dinner. We went to the 6th floor food court (cheaper food court) and FL ordered a lot of dishes (Tom yam kung, kang kung, egg and meat with sotong and prawns). Ya, he was very hungry that is why he ordered that much. Besides all the food, we also had the famous mango sticky rice there. YUMMY!! Everyone was looking at our table, 2 ppl with THAT MUCH food!! hahahahahaa, very very full!

So after our full full dinner, we began our shopping journey.. hehe.. shop shop and shop and shop and shop... 4 hours later, we headed back to our hotel.

here's what we bought? so little only?
little? 10++ shirts inside these plastic bags ler..

and this!! did i mention luggage
are really cheap in Bangkok?
Bought this Samsonite luggage for 1900 Bath (RM 190)!!

Wahseh, really tired. Felt like my legs were no longer mine. 10 hours of shopping, not include walking to the train stations some more!! What a day!! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chatuchak Weekend Market

We didn't wake up very early on the 2nd day of our Bangkok trip. This is the reason why i like to travel by our own instead of joining a tour. We woke up at about 9am, went downstairs to have our buffet breakfast at the hotel and at about 10:30am, we headed out to the famous Chatuchak weekend market. This is a must visit place when you come to Bangkok!

We only spent about an hour at the Chatuchak weekend market during our last visit, why? We went there on the 2nd last day of our trip and we don't have much money left. After spending an hour there, we used up almost all our money, so no point continue shopping lor right? This time, i must try to shop longer, hopefully can visit all stalls (ya i know it's impossible, that place is just too big!!).

We bought the BTS sky train one day pass, so that we have unlimited access for the whole day. We planned to go to Chatuchak and also the MBK shopping mall, both places can be reached by the sky train. That is why getting the whole day pass is more worth while.

120 Bath (RM 12) per ticket

was surprised to see our proton's
advertisements at each and every station.
they must have spent a lot in these
advertisements.. but i don't think I saw any of
the proton cars on the road.. hehe..

There are about 11 stations from Asok (the station near to our hotel) to Mo Chit (Chatuchak weekend market). There are full of people, mostly travelers like us, all heading to the famous Chatuchak weekend market. At about 11am+, we reached the Mo Chit station.

The weather was quite nice that day, it was hot (a lot of ppl) but not stuffy. I really had a great time shopping there. Unlike Suan Lum shop owners, most of the shop owners at Chatuchak did not asked for a high price, therefore you won't be able to negotiate much. The price they asked are quite reasonable, if you buy more you can negotiate to get a better offer. Normally they prefer foreigners from western countries, so if you happened to be in the same shop with those foreigners, you won't be able to negotiate much. (foreigners from western countries are more generous, we, asian are more calculative, hehe, that is why these owners preferred them lor..)

After two hours shopping, i finally saw the lady that sells the mango salad that i missed so much since i ate it during my last trip. Yes i can still remember after so long because it really taste soooooooooo good! Yummy! After eating the mango salad, we continued to shop for another 3 hours! hahahahaha.. yes, totally 5 hours, we can't really feel our legs already... and i think we still missed out a lot of shops!

We decided to go back to our hotel first, as the things we bought are quite heavy. What did we buy? Wow, a lot a lot, lot's of t-shirts, shoes, sandals, table cloth, tidbits, dried mata kucing and etc!!

Tah-dah.. dun play play ..
really bought a lot of things.. hehe..
We need to save some money for some other place,
else i think we can still shop some more. hehe..

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Suan Lum Night Bazaar

After we checked in and had our dinner (the Pork/Beef/Fish Balls Soup) at a stall near to our hotel, we headed to the Suan Lum night bazaar. We took the MRTA (Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand) from Sukhumvit to Lumphini.

not many ppl at about 8pm on a
Saturday night. Looks nicer than our
LRT station right?

two tokens, 20 Bath each (RM 2)
from Sukhumvit to Lumphini (3 stations)

here we are, the Lumphini Station

It took us about 10-15 minutes to arrive Lumphini, only 3 stations away from Sukhumvit. The minute you stepped out of the MRTA station, you'll see this:

the entrance of the Suan-Lum night bazaar

There's a small food court beside the MRTA station, that's the place where we had our supper, the super nice tom yam kung and the super delicious chili rice. A lot of people prefer this Suan Lum night bazaar than the Chatuchak Weekend market because this night bazaar looks cleaner, not that many ppl, not so stuffy and etc. But for me, i preferred Chatuchak, hehe, I felt things that we bought here are not so worth while and normally with a higher price, even after negotiating with the shop owners.

a small roundabout with a small fountain
in the middle of the night market.

you will see this gate opposite the roundabout.
there's some seats inside for you to rest and also
a machine which sells some kind of coin souvenirs.

All the shop owners here tend to raised their price 50% higher. You negotiate with them, they reduce the price, you were happy with the price, the next day you will see the same thing selling at a much cheaper price at the Chatuchak weekend market. Therefore, I told myself the next time if i were to visit Bangkok again, i will skipped this Suan Lum night bazaar. Don't want to come here anymore.. hehe...

After 3 hours of shopping at the night bazaar, these are the things we bought..

all white white one? hehe..
white nice ma...very comfortable cotton clothes..

Why I said i don't want to visit this night market again? well, saw that two little clothes? I bought for my 2 nieces. The shop owner asked for 450 bath each. Then after negotiate and negotiate, we finally bought 2 for the price of 400 Bath. Yes, it is a must to negotiate with them as they asked for a really high price. We thought we bought something cheap, until we saw these little clothes everywhere at the Chatuchak weekend market, how much? 199 Bath each. yes, some more can negotiate!!! geram betul!!!

If you never been to the Suan Lum night bazaar, then you probably should come, but don't visit the night market on the first day, visit on the last day. at least when you've bought everything!!

Next: Chatuchak Weekend Market
The Manhattan Hotel, Bangkok

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Manhattan Hotel, Bangkok

We only remembered to book our hotel rooms a month before we travel. Ya, i know, a bit rush. We don't have much time to do research, therefore we decided to book the hotel that we stayed during our last trip to Bangkok.

There are a few reasons why we chose The Manhattan Hotel at Sukhumvit during our last trip. First, it's within our budget, it's about RM 110 per night per room. Secondly, very convenient in getting public transportations, cab, sky train and etc. Third, very near to the Tops super market and also can easily get food - walking distance.

Since we don't have much time to do research, we decided to stay at the same hotel again, at least we know the area well. We booked at the (ya, i know it has quite a bad reputation but it's the only site that offers the lowest rate!!) and was quite surprised that the hotel rooms had increased the price, from RM110 to RM 150!! Wow.. no choice la.. (if we booked at the hotel website, RM200+ per room!!!) So we booked and called the hotel one week before our travel date to double confirmed.

here we are, The Manhattan Hotel
few minutes walk to the BTS (Asok Station)

Our room is at the 10th floor, the staff told us to take the lift to go to the 9th floor and then take the stairs. Aiseh, why no lift till 10th floor? When we reached 9th floor, we saw this..

are you kidding? penthouse?

Well, apparently their penthouse is not what i had in mind. hehe.. there are only 6 rooms on 10th floor and it's quite dark there. The lights are all very dim.

the king sized bed.
now i know why all their lights are very dim,
so that we can't see the dirty stain mar. hehe...

the other side of the room

luckily the bath room is considered
quite clean...

The RM 150 per night includes breakfast. Breakfast quite ok, not too bad. You really can't find RM 100++ per night at Sukhumvit. All other hotels need at least RM 200+ per night. This is the cheapest. The location of this hotel is very good, but I felt that the hotel is not as clean as before (my previous stay quite ok). hmm, if i were to visit Bangkok again, I probably won't choose to stay here anymore.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Arrival @ the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

We arrived the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5:10pm (Bangkok time, Malaysia time 6:10pm), 20 minutes earlier before the actual arrival time. This is my first time landing at this airport, the last visit to Bangkok was still at their old airport. I still remember we flew back to KL from Bangkok on the last day before they close the old airport. hehe.. how lucky.. :p

took this picture while waiting for FL
to check out. it's nice without checked in
luggage, no need to wait!!

It only took us about 20 minutes to check out (they opened a lot of counters) and we did not have any checked in luggage, so we walked straight out to get ourselves a cab. I don't remember which gate we exit, the minute we stepped out, we saw a lot of woman holding a piece of paper walking towards us asking us where are we going and do we need a cab. FL asked them the price to go to our hotel and guess what, they asked for 900 Bath (RM 90)!!! WOW, immediately we walked away. They kept shouting behind us asking us how much we can pay but we just ignored them. We were looking for the public taxi counter.

look for entrance 9, the public taxi counter
is just in front of this entrance 9.

After we walked out, we saw a long queue, and yes that's the queue to get a public cab. I'm pretty sure it will be much more cheaper! Although the queue was long, we didn't need to wait long. They have a very tidy and impressive way in handling taxis.

First, taxi drivers parked their car nicely at the parking space in front of the airport, then they queue up. Yes taxi drivers needs to queue up too. For us, the passenger, we will need to queue up as well, then the person in charge at the counter will asked us where we want to go and write it down on a piece of paper. With that paper we go forward and handed to another person which will then lead us to a taxi driver. Really impressive!!

It only took us 450 Bath (RM 45) to get to our hotel, luckily we did not become water fish! hehe... Lot's of car but not very jam on a Saturday evening. On our way to the hotel, the taxi driver stopped at a petrol station. We normally parked our car beside the kiosk right? to fill up petrol? But in Bangkok, they actually reverse their car. Really strange, how they pump petrol??

see how they pump petrol?
from the back!!! wah seh, first time
i see this leh!! hehe...
no wonder they need to reverse their car lar!

About 45 minutes later, we reached our hotel, The Manhattan Hotel.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bangkok! I am COMING!!!

Our flight to bangkok was on Saturday, 5-1-2008. It was a rainy day but it does not affect our mood at all! haha! After a bit of calculation, we decided to drive to LCCT instead of taking a cab. Our last trip to LCCT by cab took us about RM150 (to and fro). FL's colleague told him the parking rate at LCCT for a full day is only RM 35, therefore if we parked there for 3 days, it will still be cheaper than taking a cab. So with our small hand carry bag, hehe, we drive there lor...

on our way to LCCT, about 1pm++

We need to pay RM 8.40 for the toll and it took us about 45 minutes to reach LCCT. The sky was full of dark clouds but we were still very excited about the trip.

When we reached there,
I saw these self checked in machine.
I've read about this from the Air Asia website
and wanted to try it out but too bad,
can only use this for domestic flight.

since we can't used the self checked in kiosk,
we got to queue up lor.. see, super long queue!!

finally after 20 minutes queuing up,
they opened another counter.

It only took us 2 minutes to check in. We didn't have any luggage to be checked in, so we handed him our passports and he printed us the boarding pass and we're done! Oh ya, remember i got a few bottles of liquid stuff? When checked in we asked for the plastic bag, the officer in charge packed all the liquid stuff for us. She checked the bottle one by one to make sure each bottle does not exceed 100ml. The whole plastic bag shall not exceed 1000ml.

The plane arrived punctually and we started to fly before our actual flight time (16:25), perfect!

This picture was taken when
I was in the plane. It's raining lor..

I'm not sure whether it's the rainy day or the rushing here and there causing me super hungry. We will be having our dinner late (have to check in to the hotel and things like that) so we had a nasi lemak and a cup of nescafe on the plane. We arrived Bangkok 20 minutes earlier than the expected arrival time. The pilot speeding gua. hehe.. and we began our Bangkok shopping trip!!

I Am BACK!!!

Hi guys! I am BACK! haha, did you guys miss me? I nearly NOT able to come back leh.. What happened? Well, thanks to Air Asia lor.. sigh.. Will tell you guys more details later.. I'm still in the middle of unpacking my stuff, so give me some time, after i arrange the photos, i will post it here and share it with you guys.

By the way if you still have no idea where I went, hehe, I went to Bangkok lar.. hehe.. This is my second trip to Bangkok. So, how's my trip? Hmmm, I can only used these words to express my trip.. amazing, great, tiring and PK!! haha... Don't believe i'm PK? well, remember my small little hand carry bag? We went to Bangkok with this small bag and came back with....

3 bags!! haha!!
dun play play oh.. so now you believe
I'm pk? :p

What did I buy? wow, a lot a lot.. I will post it up later.. all the details! I go continue unpacking first lar.. :)

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bye bye! See you guys 3 days later!

I'm going to fly later this afternoon, fly-ing without wings! hehe... I'll be away for 3 days, errr, no lar, if today not included, i'll only be away for 2 days..going where? Hmm, if you guys did read my blog, you guys should know lar. hehe.. I did mentioned where am i going in my previous posts. Anyway, if you guys don't know where i'm heading to, no worries, i promised i will keep you guys updated when i'm back. Let's just keep it as a secret first. :)

we both will only bring this small little hand carry bag with us. bring so little clothes only? ya ya, if not enough, buy there lar!! wuahahahahahahaha...

hmm, now with the rule cannot bring liquid stuff (for hand carry), i also dono these stuff can bring or not. I think can right, just need to ask for the plastic bag from air asia, each container cannot exceed 100ml and one bag cannot exceed 1 litre.. I wonder why toothpaste also consider liquid stuff.. :p

So... see you guys later!! TaTa!!

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The POWER of smoke!

Remember my Bou Bou Gou Seng(步步高升) plant? I brought to office on monday, it's green with lot's of green leaves. 2 days later, i saw a leaf turned yellow, then when i turned the plant around, i was SHOCKED! What happened?

Arggggg! One of it turned yellow already! So sad! I think my small little plant also cannot tahan the smoky environment lar!!! My poor plant.. I pulled out the stick and throw it away and guess what, this morning i saw another stick turned yellow!! There's about 10++ sticks only, so if every 2 days 1 stick turned yellow, this plant can probably only last for another 20 days!

My poor plant....You want me to bring you home?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Airasia now selling games?

I received an email from Airasia asking us to buy games. Since when they start selling games and what kind of games they sell? They are selling those casual games like diner dash and etc. Diner dash used to be one of my favorite game, hehe i like this kind of games lar. Don't laugh at me lar, who say old ppl cannot play this kind of games? I like it becos it doesn't need me to use my brain, wuahahahah, as long as my hand can click the mouse fast!

So back to AirAsia, it's kind of funny right, airline suddenly selling games? I don't see anything related between air ticket and games wor... can you? Well, maybe now hard to earn money lar, so have to get another part time job selling games. wuahahahahaha...

Perhaps i should suggest to my company to start selling nasi lemak during lunch hour? :p

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What makes me block you from my msn..

My msn list mostly are my friends, colleagues and ex colleagues and a few online friends. You must be wondering, since most of them are someone I know, why needs to block them? Hmm.. let me tell you why.

It happened a week ago, I was at work, a window pop up, someone requested me to add him. I looked at the email add, hmm, this guy's name looked familiar, like one of my ex colleague from one of my ex company. It had been a few years since I last talk or see him. So i added him and yes, he is my ex colleague from that ex company. We did chat a while, he asked me what i worked as, i asked back the same questions then there's really nothing much to chat. I'm not very close to him even when we were in the same company, seldom talked also.

The next day, the minute i login to msn, i received a mesg from him. After saying Hi, i told him it will be a busy day and I won't be free to chat and maybe chat some other day. He said ok, but about 15 minutes later, he mesg me again, and again and again and again! I ignored his mesg and continued my work but seriously it's really quite annoying. I already told you i'm busy but you still mesg me? It's not like you have something important to tell me also...

Then there's this day, where I am super busy and super pek chek.. and this guy... again, kept mesg me.. so end up i block him lar, cannot tahan!! If ppl tell you they are busy, means they are really busy mar.. if busy why on msn? on msn doesn't mean it's for chatting, a lot of company used it to communicate around with colleagues one..

After blocking him for a few days, one day i received an email from him asking me.. 'Did you block me from your msn?' *faint* I wonder what kind of answer he expect me to reply him. Yes i blocked you becos you are so damn annoying?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Where to find money changer which offers the best rates?

I have a lot of friends telling me the money changer at Atria, Damansara Jaya and Mid Valley offers the best rate. Last year before I went for my trip, I surveyed at a lot of different money changer and finally i changed at Atria (beside the lift near KFC, ground floor). Yes, it's offering the best rate among others. You can even negotiate with them if you changed a lot. But one thing not so good is they don't have small change, it will be a bit troublesome if you carry all the big notes with you.

This year, I did survey around too. Finally yesterday, I went to Mid Valley to look see look see and guess what, it's true too. They are offering a better rate compared to others. Where is the money changer? Lower ground floor, beside the elevator. There's 2 money changer there, if you compared the both, both are offering the same rate, so either one will do. I'm happy that I changed my money there as i saved quite a lot, if i changed at the money changer around my place, wah seh. kena chop chop chop ler! And. they got small change! Great!

So if you are looking for a money changer? check out the Atria one, or the Mid valley ones for better rate!

The BIG news on 1st of Jan

I bet everyone heard about the BIG news that happened on 1st Jan, about a minister admit that he's the person in the sex video. A lot of ppl were very surprised as he look like a nice man. Everyone is talking about this issue, the newspaper, the radio and etc.

This morning when I was on my way to work, I heard radio asking ppl to call in to give comments on this issue. So there's this lady called in and said although this will affect the minister's reputation, but to her is no big deal. Both guys and gals got 'needs' and this thing is normal (which i dun agree lar, got 'needs' means you can simply go out and find other gals meh?) Then after she hung up, a guy called in and said he is not going to forgive this kind of behavior and the minister should resign! haha, funny right, since when gals are more open minded than guys?

I am not a political fan and i don't follow the politic news. hehe. FL kept laughing at me when I said Najib is the education minister. hehe. i know i know, you laugh lar.. :p Anyway, it's quite obvious that someone framed the health minister as according to the newspaper, this video was taken 2 years ago, why only released now? Is it because the election is near? To me, I feel that this is really his personal matter. His family should be the one to decide whether he should be forgiven or not. Really need to force him to resign because of this news meh?

Well, again, I'm not someone who knows well about political stuff, so maybe this kind of news really affect his job and role. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2008!!!

Woo-hoo!!! 1 more minute and i will gonna say bye bye to year 2007! Are you somewhere out there counting down? hehe, me just stay at home, old already, no more counting down...

wow, let's start counting down...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

enjoy ur holiday!! :)