Thursday, June 25, 2009

The opening of JY Shops!! (开门大吉)

As of the title, yes, I'm opening a shop, a shop in One Utama. hahaha, just kidding. I do wish I have the money to open a shop in One Utama, but too bad, I don't! Anyway, I'm actually opening an online shop, selling clothes (for now), and hopefully it'll expand to sell other stuff.

I do hope you guys can pay a visit to my shop, show me a little support, hehe, or even best, 'pong chan' me buy a few clothes from me. hehe...

JY Shops ~ Latest Fashion In Town

See you there...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Arggg... I hate myself for being so forgetful!!

Well, I really hate myself now.. Hate myself for being soooo forgetful. I registered myself on a website last friday. After completed everything I login to check on something, then i logout. This morning when I tried to login, I realized I forgot the password. I tried and tried and tried, hmm, not my usual password, not that, not this and I finally gave up after trying different passwords for at least 5 times.

I decided to click on the 'forgot password' link. Clicking it brings me to a page where I get to reset my password by just entering the User Id and email. I entered both and guess what? I got the combination wrong. Either the user id is incorrect or the email provided is incorrect.

Great. it seems like not only I forgot my password, I also forgot my userid. How can this happened? It's only 3 days!! What is wrong with me?????

Argg... got to email the customer service to ask them how should I proceed if I forgot both my user id and password. Teruk lar me!!!

** Updates
It turned out I actually did not forget both my userId and password. I went to the wrong website lar... OMG!!! wuahahahahahahhaa...

Friday, June 12, 2009

ah siu keong, please go away!!

I am very very very very very (this can go on and on and on...) afraid of cockroach a.k.a siu keong especially those that fly. If I am not alone and I see siu keong, I will shout and ask ppl to help me to get rid of it. Either chase it out of my house or kill it, I don't care, as long as it's not within my sight.

But if I am alone and I see siu keong, I will just keep quiet and walk away quietly. If the siu keong is in the living room, I will hide inside my room. If it's in the room, I will let it have the whole room and I'll go hide in the living room. hehe..

I remembered ppl asked me before, the cockroach so small and you are so big, how come you scared a tiny little thing so much? Well, I don't know, i'm just afraid of it. Tell you lar, one of the reason i choose to live in a condo instead of landed house (ya, money is another reason lar. hehe..) is because of siu keong, siu keong afraid of heights one. wuahahahahahhaa....

Anyway, siu keong, please don't come kacau me lar, just go away.. ok?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Listen to both parties before judging...

My friend, A, complaint to me about B. A said B is a selfish woman which only cares about herself. B did not help A when A needed help. When A called for help, B just said she's not free to help. If you listen to A, you probably will feel why B not offering help to A when she needed help, right?

B explained the whole incident to me. She said when A called, she was in the hospital. Her father was admitted to the hospital and she was in the middle of talking to the doctor when A called. Therefore, she just told A that she's not free and then she ended their conversation.

After hearing what B said, you now have a different impression on B, right? That is why, it is good to listen to both parties before judging, don't you think so?

When I'm sleepy...

Whenever I feel sleepy, I will try to do all sorts of things to keep myself awake. I will...
1. Keep rubbing my eyes
2. Keep yawning
3. Keep finding things to eat
4. Keep drinking coffee
5. Keep myself busy
Of cos, the best is I get to SLEEP when I'm sleepy lar. hehe..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rename it? Delete it?

Few weeks ago, I was rearranging my blog's categories. I've created too many categories and I wished to cut down a little bit, some categories will be deleted and some will be renamed.

Anyway, I accidentally deleted those categories that I'm supposed to renamed. I kept telling myself I want to rename but somehow I go delete all these categories. Arggg!!! Although the posts under deleted categories will not be deleted but now I'm not sure where all my posts are. Are they in category A or category B or category C?

~sigh.. sometimes when you tell yourself not to do this and yet, you will go do it..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Did I lock my car?

We were at One Utama last weekend. After we parked and locked our car, we walked towards the shopping mall. Suddenly I saw FL stopped and asked me, did I lock the car? I wasn't VERY sure about this so I asked him to go check again, just in case he never lock the car. It turned out we did lock our car. hehe..

We proceed to the mall and there's this guy in front of us, I saw him parked his car at the space near our car. I heard him locked his car too. He too returned to his car to double check whether he locked his car or not after he walked away. wuahahahahaha....

I guess this "lock my car or not" is quite common to most of us lar. Did you often ask yourself this question too?