Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yay Yay!! Finally!!

After waiting for so so so so so so long, we finally got new desktops!! It probably means nothing to u but for us, the developers, it really kills us when our PCs are slow. Imagine, you running something, you can go to the wash room, make yourself a cup of coffee, chit chat with your colleague on your way back and when you reached your place, that stupid thing still running or even worst, half hanging..

Although feeling very happy getting a new fast and powerful PC, but the backup, the transferring files, the reinstalling everything sucks.. Argggg.. i guess we people never stop complaining ya. :p

PC slow complaints, got new PC also complaints. hehe...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The HOT weather!

The weather is so hot and I feel so sleepy. Sitting in front of the computer, with my eyes closed and fingers typing on the keyboard, erm, pretending that i'm typing.. hehe..Me and my colleague kept telling each other that we are sleepy (i asked him to go bang his head to the monitor and he asked me to go EAT nescafe and i asked him to go flush his head in the toilet bowl!!), which eventually makes both of us even more sleepy!!

My brain is not functioning, my eyes not under my control. I see things that I shoudn't be seeing (the bed from my house lar, wat u thinking!!!). When this happen, I always blame the weather, the hot and humid weather made ppl feel sleepy..

I am sleeping now, please do not disturb...

A lift in a double storey house.

I went back to my hometown last weekend. When I was there, my aunt told me my neighbor is going to install a lift in her house. A lift? In a double storey house? For what? Apparently her father is very sick and does not have the energy to climb up stairs to his room and the father doens't want to sleep downstairs. All his son and daughters are doing quite well, having their own business and etc so they decided to get him a lift so that he will not need to climb the stairs.

Wow, a lift in double storey, this is really the first time I heard ppl installing a lift in a double storey. (3 storey one i heard before lar..) How much does it costs to have a lift in a double storey house? RM 80K!! ya ya, and i heard it will be a transparent one, must be nice i guess. (see lar, if i got chance to go see the lift when it's done, i'll take some pic to show u guys. hehe..)

Lazy to climb up the stairs? Install a lift in your house lar!

Stock up maggie mee, biscuits and milo!!

Heard from the news this morning that the price for maggie mee is going up next month, about 8 to 10%!! Not only that, biscuits also going to increase price, not sure how much but i guess should be about that percentage as well. As for milo, most probably beginning of june will increase price.

I'm not really a maggie mee lover. How much is a pack of maggie mee now? approx 60 cents per packet? If the price of maggie mee going to increase, which means all the maggie goreng, maggie soup, indo mee at mamak also will increase also lar. ~sigh.. So if you can't sleep without having maggie mee for supper, better stock up now! You only have 2 days to stock up as 1st of may the price will increase!!

As for milo, I remember last time only about RM5+ per tin (the medium tin) but now, almost RM10 per tin rite? Why are you still sitting here? Go go go , go stock up now!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Have you submitted your tax?

Normally when we meet ppl, ppl will asked, makan already? But recently, when u see ppl, you probably will ask, have you submitted your tax?

Last friday, I heard this a few times in my office and guess what's the answer? Not yet, not yet, and not yet. haha, i think most of us like last minute one lar. not until last minute also nobody wants to submit. I got a friend finished entering all the information in the e-filing beginning of this month, but till now he also not yet submit. How come? Don't know, he just wanna wait, wait till the last minute. wuahahahaha, funny right?

Well well, I guess i'm not in the position to laugh at ppl, cos i'm also the same lar. :p I entered all the information last last weekend, and finally last friday only i submitted and then yesterday I paid using the e-bayaran (for those that paid with e-bayaran but not able to login to ur bank, use IE. I tried with Firefox but kept failed to login, then i switched to IE, only then I'm able to log myself in.).

It's really easier lar, with the e-filing and e-bayaran thing, else ar, i need to go queue up at the bank today lor. I believe this 3 days, the bank will have a lot of ppl lar. All last minute mar..

So, have you submitted your tax? Have you paid your tax?

Friday, April 25, 2008

After a year the system go live ..

This morning, one of our customer yelled at my colleague said why this and this thing happened to the system. When my colleague looked at the so called problem, she found that it is not a problem at all, it's how the system runs. The system already live for one year plus and now they only start noticing this is how it works? The user claimed that LAST TIME is not like that. My colleague then showed to her all the previous records from the system, to prove to her that all the while is like that.

After seeing it, the user 'fat lan za' and said she wanna go back to her pc to check again. Come on lar, ur pc or other pc, all pointing to the same server same database, checking here and checking at your own place doesn't make any difference! Kesian lar my colleague, kena yelled for nothing.

I had the same problem with this same user before. She claimed our system got bug, we tested at our side no problem. She asked us to go over and try it at her place. Fine. We use her computer, test and test and test, and still no problem. Then she said, it only happened at 3pm!!! ya right.. got ghost meh.. crazy... But then again, the customer is always correct, so what can we say? As a conclusion, it's all user problem!! *&^#*&$^#@*$*&^#*#$*&^*&#@^$*#@^$^

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good luck or bad luck?

I told two friends about the incident happened to me yesterday, two friends gave me two different kind of reaction. Let me tell you what happened first..

I left the office about 8pm yesterday. FL and me reached home about the same time and together, we went to the nearest mamak to have our dinner. There was no place to sit inside, the sky looks clear, so we decided to sit outside. We ordered our food and drinks and while i'm half way eating, i found that it seems like it's going to rain..soon. FL kept asking me to eat faster and faster, come on lar, how to eat fast? There's no place to sit inside so we cant really moved in. So i swallow my food like a SNAKE and when i'm 3/4 done with my food, it started to rain. ~sigh, forget it lar, i dowan to swallow anymore. Finished our drink and we headed back home.

Reached home, rest a while, wanted to take bath and guess what? NO WATER!!! WHAT?? There's no announcement on this, what happened? Luckily, 15 minutes later, there's water, small but at least i can go take my bath.

First friend said, wow, bad luck ya.. Second friend said, you still got luck mar, at least still got water. hehe.. see, same story, 2 different reactions. You say leh? I'm having good luck or bad luck?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can you see anything else besides the coffee beans?

Received this from a forwarded email. Take a good look at this picture, can you see anything else besides coffee beans? Nothing? Let me give you a clue, according to the email, there's a man inside the coffee beans. Can you see it now? Can you? Can You?
From the email:
Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, the right half of your brain is better developed than most people. If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, the right half of the brain is developed normally. If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein. If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger!!!
And, yes, the man is really there!!!
Oh my, till now i also cannot see anything else besides coffee beans. Oh my god, that means both my left and right brain not functioning lor!! Die lor.. no brain no brain!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Yes, google hates 3Ps!!!

My friend, A likes to blog. He blog much more earlier than me (3-4 yrs ago). He blogs about the things he do, the ppl he met and etc and his blog got a PR2. When most of us lost our PR, he still got 2 as his blog doesn't have any paid posts.

After he started to read my blog, being influenced by me on how the blog thing can make him money, he decided to try it out. His blog was approved by 3Ps few months ago but he only started to write his very first 3Ps post (yes, the I love 3Ps post which worth $20) few days ago. When he's done with the post, he asked me to go check it out.

And guess what I found besides the I love 3Ps post? His page rank is gone!! From 2 becomes 0!! Just a few days after he posted that 3Ps thing (only ONE paid post in his entire blog), he lost his page rank!!! WOW!!!

So yes, google hates 3Ps...oh ya, in case you wonder how come i did not post the link to his blog, erm, the owner forbids me to post it. :p

Monday, April 21, 2008

When you are working in KLCC...

There are pros and cons working in KLCC. Let me talk about the cons first. Ok, let's see, I think the first thing that come across your mind will be, traffic jam right? The traffic had always been an issue if you are working in KL and if you drives to work. Of cos you can also opt to go to work by taking public transportation such as the LRT. Well, if only your house is near the lrt station, then you can squeeze with the rest of the working ppl and together you pray the lrt not to break down while taking you guys to work. Then we have road closure when there are some special occasions, dono what meeting lar, dono who come lar, then you got to find other ways to go to work or go back to your house. What else? The cons? Erm, food are expensive, parking are expensive, everything is expensive. That is why ppl said if you work in KL, you should request higher salary.

So what about the pros? You get to shop first during sales, buy cheap and good stuff, you get to work in nice environment. Oh ya, don't forget, you get to see all the happening stuff such as today's Olympic run. A friend of mine who are working in KLCC told me the comp let them go down to watch the run. How nice!!

Does that means I wish to work in KLCC? The answer is No, No, and No. Why? Well, very clearly i stated more cons than pros right? hehe..

What?? I need to pay that much????!!!!

I've been wanted to submit my income tax since beginning of the month but I drag drag drag until this weekend only do it. Biasa la, right? hehe.. When I finally finished entering all the information, I was so shocked to see that I still need to pay THAT much!!

Well, I do not understand how come we paid tax every month but when comes to submitting tax we still need to pay extra. Oh ya, and another thing is, the way my company calculate the tax and salary on the ea form is a bit different that others (different from FL comps, different from all my previous 5 ex comps). I actually noticed this when I joined the comp 3 yrs ago but I was kind of surprised how come my other colleagues never voice out about this. (maybe they did voice out but since this salary + bonus thing is P&C, that's y nobody talked about it?)

Anyway, how my comp calculate? Ok, first they will calculate all your 2007 salary and they will include ur 2008 bonus (we get our bonus on feb so it appeared on the feb payslip). What about the tax? As for tax, they will only calculate all 2007 tax. You see what i see? meaning to say, the tax you paid is not tally with ur salary plus bonus. Of cos lar, bonus take 2008 one, but tax take last year one..

I did ask the accounts on my first year about this but according to her this is the way this company prepare EA form, so i guess i cannot do anything about it. ~sigh.. i don't mind how they calculate, what i mind is the money i need to pay. In actual fact I already paid the tax, but due to the calculation like this, I will need to pay extra for this year. Can i just assumed I already paid and pay the remaining amount? Erm, according to FL we have to follow everything according to our EA form. Well it's true lar, that is why they prepare the EA form mar right?

I guess next month will be a super PK month for me.. oh god.. help me pls, pls drop me a bag of money..preferably all in RM 500 notes!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Hair Stylist earned more than a lawyer!!

If I asked you, hair stylist and lawyer, which one earns more? I'm sure your answer will be the same as mine, of cos lawyer lar. But in actual fact, a hair stylist can actually earns more than a lawyer!! Well well, I guess maybe it's becos we can't live without trimming our hair but we CAN live without a lawyer!!

I remembered i've a friend which all the while have this boy cut, then suddenly one day, she decided to keep her hair long. We all told her she looks better with short hair, and she admits. Then one day.. she went to the saloon to cut her hair. She asked the hair stylist what kind of hair style suits her the most (bear in mind, they are charging her the consultation fees!!). When we meet her later, we saw boy cut again. She told us the hair stylist very GENG as can know wat kind of hair style suits her most!! (then we all can become hair stylists lar, cos all of us told her she looks nicer in boy cut much much earlier!!!)

and how much it costs to cut that hair? RM 100++ !!!!! see.. who said hair stylist cannot earn more than a lawyer?

Friday, April 18, 2008

A good dentist and a super RUDE nurse

I started to visit this dentist about 5 yrs ago @ ss2. I remembered that time I'm having tooth ache, so i just simply find one clinic and walked in. The minute I walked in, the nurse asked whether I got made any appointment or not. I said no, this is my first visit mar, i didn't know have to make appointment. The nurse scolded me for not making appointment but since the dentist is free, she let me in.

This dentist is so far the best dentist I've ever visited. She's very careful and gentle. I really didn't need to suffer a lot, she will try her very best not to make you suffer. Anyway, I had a very good impression with the dentist, but the nurse.. ~sigh.. Since then I always visit this dentist if i needed to do scaling lar, filling lar and etc.

I've stopped visiting the dentist after I moved to puchong few years ago. I went to another dentist but I still feel she's the best. So when I moved out from Puchong, I decided to pay this dentist a visit again. So i called the clinic to make appointment for next saturday. I called yesterday when I was out for lunch. It was quite noisy and the nurse talked so soft. Here's our conversation:
J: Hello? (someone picked up the phone without talking...)
N: ya... (nv said this is so and so clinic and nv greet the caller. very rude..)
J: Is this clinic so and so? (better asked, so long nv go liao, dono this clinic still exists or not..)
N: ya.
J: I'll like to make an appointment to see the dentist next Saturday. What time is available?
J: Sorry.. I can't hear you..
N: .....
J: har?
N: 7pm
J: Har, 7pm?
N: NO LAR!!! 11am!!! (she's shouting already..)
J: ok then, 11am next Saturday.
N: name?
J: J... You need my reg no?
N: yes..
J: 1234
N: ...
J: Hello?
N: ....
J: Sorry, can I confirmed the time again? Next Saturday 11am?
N: ....
J: Hello? Hello?
N: (tuuuuuuuu.....)
She just put down the phone like that? Oh my god, i really want to vote her as the most RUDE punya nurse lar. Never see such rude ppl before... I really cannot hear what she's saying. I decided to call again to confirm my appointment as I'm afraid she thought I wanted to book for this Saturday. I called again just now in office..
N: hello J: (how come is this nurse again.. arggggg!!!!!) Hi, is this clinic so and so? N: ya. J: I called yesterday to make an appointment for next Saturday. My line was very bad so i counldn't hear clearly. Can i double confirmed again my appointment? N: we will call a day before the appointment one... J: erm.. can't you just check for me? N: wait for us to call. (tu......)
OMG, see? she just cut off the line again. arggg.. so geram lar. I think if the dentist fire this nurse, she probably opened a few more branches already!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not accepting things that you want us to do?

Sometimes I really feel angry with those websites that pays us to blog. How come? When you submit your blog for approval, all the blog posts with links, they will treat it as paid posts. Funny right? Don't they read? Can't they differentiate between paid and non paid posts?

What else? Oh ya, they claimed that they do not accept blogs that have many paid posts. Funny right? They are the one who give us these paid posts and they said they don't want to approve these kind of blog? and there's one more thing, some claimed that they only accept blogs with page rank. Did they ever use their brain to think who are the one that make us lost all our page rank? It's them!!!

You say lar... funny or not?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RedBox Promotion ~ Discount 20%!!! (會員日輕松唱)

I received an sms just now which says.."Red Box & Green Box DotRed Members enjoy 20% OFF from total bill @ selected outlets from 15Apr-30Jun08. Terms and conditions apply."

Woo-hoo, what a good news for karaoke lovers like me. hmm, let's see, normally if go 2 person, the bill is about RM 80 (without buffet) include all taxes. So if RM 80 - 20% = RM 64, which means each person about RM 30. Cool.. wait wait wait, what are the terms and conditions first...

Luckily i go to RedBox website to check out the terms and condition, else kena con again lar.. It says there, non members entitled 5% discount whereelse members discount up to 20%. UP TO 20% which means not really 20% lar... ok what else? Only selected day selected branch got discount lar.. not every branch..
Red Box Jusco(JB) & Green Box Cheras Selatan(Cheras)

Red Box Sunway(PJ) & Red Box ria(Sogo) & Green Box Bukit Tinggi(Klang)

Red Box Low Yat(KL) & Red Box The Curve(PJ) & Red Box Gurney(Penang)

Red Box Pelangi(JB) & Green Box Sungei Wang(KL)
Aiseh, weekend tak dah lar..cheh.. make me happy a while only.. wat lar.. Click here for more info..

IF you think you can, you can.. or not?

When I was a little kid, someone told me this "if you think you can, you can!!!(with the exclamation mark)". This phrase is good if you want to motivate someone, building the confidence in someone. So I always use this phrase to motivate myself..

When i was in primary school, i hate arts, in fact till now i still hate it..
Aih, how to draw? Don't know how to draw ler..
If you think you can, you can!!!

In college..
die lar, nv study, dono will fail or not..
If you think you can, you can!!!

At work..
need 7 days to finish this work but ppl only gives you 1 day to complete?
If you think you can, you can??? (with the question marks)

I don't think this phrase works for me anymore..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finished RM 27 mil in 50 days?

How long do you think you need in order to finish RM 27 mil? Wait a minute, do you know RM 27 mil is how much or not? How many zeros in 1 million? There are 6 zeros in 1 million, therefore RM 27 mil is equivalent to RM 27,000,000. errr... correct or not? hehe, so, how long do you think you need to finish this amount? Can you finish this in 50 days which means, RM 27,000,000/50 = RM 540 000 per day??

Heard from the radio that 54 BN assemblymen in the previous state administration finished their combined annual allocation of RM 27 mil for 2008 in the first 50 days. Shocking right? RM 27 mil for the whole year but they finished in 50 days!! Can you imagine, it's like you get your whole year salary in advance and spent it in less than 2 months time!!!

Where did the money go? Got see any BIG developments that need that much money or not? I think we all know where the money go you see, now you don't!!!

hmm, interesting!! Let's wait and see what kind of explanation(excuses) these ppl give on how they spent RM 27 mil in 50 days. For more info, click here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Account Suspension from Paypal?

Few days ago, a friend of mine told me she sent an email to my hotmail account, ask me why I nv reply her. I told her i did not receive anything from her as I check my hotmail account everyday. Since she said she already sent it to me, I decided to go check the junk mail folder, maybe it's in there.

While I go through the list in the junk mail folder, something caught my attention. The title of the email is Paypal - Account Suspension and the sender is Paypal. When i open the mail, hotmail warned me that this message may be a phishing scam. Well, i think hotmail did quite a good job here, filtering all these.

I know it's a phishing scam but i never read these kind of emails before. I want to know why people will get cheated by these emails therefore i open it to see. So here's the content of the email.
From: PayPal (
This message may be a phishing scam. Learn more
Sent: Thu 4/03/08 9:42 PM

We have noticed several attempts of fraud. Seems like somebody tried to access your account.
You are able to log into your account but all your payments are suspended untill you will
update your personal information. PayPal works day and night to help keep your identity safe.
That's why it has come to our attention that your PayPal account information needs to be updated
as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud
on our website. If you could take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and update your personal
records you will not run into any future problems with the online service.

However, failure to update your records will result in account suspension.

Click on the link below.

1. The link will take you to our Verify Your Identity page.
2. On the Verify Your Identity page, please fill in the correct information to verify your identity.

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team
Wow, very professional right? They are the one who trying to cheat us but in the email they said they noticed several attempts of fraud. These ppl really clever lar. You see the paypal link there? If you happened to click on it, it WILL NOT bring you to paypal website but to some other websites that is similar to paypal. And if you really go enter all your information there, you can now say bye bye to the money in you paypal account!! So BEWARE!!

No wonder there are quite a number of people got cheated by them. Luckily now email filters are quite good, if not, i guess more ppl will got cheated! ~sigh, what kind of world we're living in? Full of cheating...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair ~ 11-13 Apr 2008

The very last pc fair we visited was on last year december, we went there to get the Panasonic Lumix FX 33 digital camera. This time, we decided to visit the PIKOM PC Fair to get ourselves a dvd writer. Now only buy dvd writer? hehe yalor.. :p We reached there at about 6pm on Sunday. Hopefully can get something cheap on the last day of the pc fair.

There was quite a lot of ppl, not say very very packed lar, but still a lot of ppl. There are altogether 5 halls. Hall 1 mostly notebooks, Hall 2 are all audios/speakers, Hall 3, 4 and 5, you can get all kinds of things here. That is why these 3 halls were very packed!!

We were there about 1 and a half hour, saw a lot of new things (really outdated lar, everything also seems so new. hehe..) and within that 1 and a half hour.. we bought these..

LG dvd writer ~RM 86, Earphone ~ RM 22, 4G pen drive ~ RM 48, 20 pcs dvd-r ~ RM 15 and 2 pcs of cdrw ~ RM8 (for my car cd player). Cin cin cai cai.. RM 179 gone.. hehe.

Did you go? What have you bought?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kenapa malam tak datang?

Yesterday me and my colleague had our lunch at a mamak near our office. When we're done, we walked to the cashier there to pay. So when it's my turn to pay, the boss asked me..
B: Kenapa malam tak datang?
J: Har??? (what is he saying? malam tak datang?)
B: (he looked at me and smile) ya malam..
J: err.. balik rumah... (at night sure i go back home makan lar, still want to eat at ur mamak meh?)
(we both end up with a lot of question marks above our heads, i bet he don't know wat i'm saying and i also dun understand what he's trying to ask me..)
So when my colleague finished paying, he laughed at me and told me, J ar.. just now the boss asked u.."Kenapa LAMA tak datang..", u answer balik rumah???

OMG.. feel so pai seh.. malu malu... :p

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can I trust the ATM?

If I asked you, when you withdraw money, will ATM gives you more than you withdraw? The answer is NO, ya, i also hope it will give me more without deducting my account balance, hehe, but it WON't. What about give you less than you withdraw? I used to say NO too until I received an forwarded email which I think it's possible to happen.

According to the email, this person withdraw RM500 from PJ State (Also known as PJ New Town) Maybank's ATM. The ATM only gave him 9 RM50 notes instead of 10. What happened was, one of the RM 50 folded exactly in half and placed at a corner of the stack.

2 RM 50 notes, but calculate as 3


This person then complaint to the bank and got to know that he's not the first person that encountered the problem. However, there are no prove to indicate that he's receiving 9 notes instead of 10!!

After reading this email, I feel that this can really happened. I never count the money I withdraw as i trust the ATM 100%. Even if we complaint this to the bank, I don't think they will give us back the money as we can't proved the atm calculate wrongly. So how to prevent this? Erm, perhaps we should start withdraw RM 50 each time. In other words, if you wished to withdraw RM 500, do it 10 times. wuahahahahaha, then i guess we can prevent this to happen. Oh ya, make sure nobody is queuing behind you, else later u kena pukul don't come blame me ya.. :p

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh my, addicted la!!

Recently I was addicted to one of the Facebook's application, the Mahjong and Chor Dai Dee!! As i mentioned before on one of my previous post, I don't play facebook one. But when FL sent me this mahjong/chor dai dee application, I was really addicted to it. For mahjong, you will have 50,000 for your starting amount and for chor dai dee, you will only have 5000.

Now i have 80,000+ for mahjong (cos got one time i manage to get '13 yiu', wuahahahaha, damn lucky) and guess how much I have for chor dai dee? Negative value!!!! wuahahaha, my chor dai dee skill sucks lar.. and also i don't have much luck lar. always never get the 'dee'.

You like chor dai dee or mahjong? If yes, go install this application lar, it's free, it's fun.. oh ya, play with me lar, if you see me online....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Petrol price not increasing.. ya right...

I bet you guys heard that the gov plan to introduce a new and cheaper 95 unleaded petrol to us. As for the 97 unleaded petrol (the one we're currently using, RM 1.92 per litre), might increased till RM 3!! Yes yes, RM 3!!

What's the difference between the 95 and 97 unleaded petrol? Well well, according to them, the 95 are less powerful but it is suitable for smaller cars (below 1300cc) like proton cars. As for expensive cars like benz, bmw and etc, preferably use 97.

I guess the reason they said smaller cars are suitable to use 95 is because smaller cars already 'mou lek', so if use the 95 also cannot see any difference. What i'm concerned is, is there any side effect other than mou lek? Will it be bad for our car? You know lar, if it's harmless, why don't they introduce this 95 to us earlier? Why need to wait till now?

Right now we still don't know how much per litre for this 95 but if the price is RM 1.92 and the 97 increased till RM 3, then we are actually paying the same price but for a lower quality petrol. and yet they claimed they are NOT increasing the petrol price and we ppl canot bising bising, cos if we bising, they will said they already introduce a cheaper petrol price for us, just that we dowan to use only..

So cunning hor.. ~sigh...I wanna go do some experiment, to try to modify my car to consume water instead of petrol... arggggg!!!!!

Air Asia introducing Checked Baggage Handling Fees!

For bookings made from 21st April onwards, a fee will apply to all checked baggage. How much? If you pre booked, one baggage RM3, if you didn't book in advance, RM 5 per baggage. Last time, only when your baggage is over weight then only you will be charged for a fee, but now, unless you dun bring anything, or you hand carry it to the plane, else you will be charged.

So does that means bookings made before 21st April no need to be charged? Cos i booked my flights beginning of the year, wonder whether I will be charged or not. Now checked in baggage they charged, sooner or later, hand carry also they will charged...

~sigh, money money money, everything also money..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally!!! Terminated!!!

I called the MBF customer service last Thursday to ask them how to terminate my mbf credit card. I was very happy when they told me I can actually terminate it through phone (really save me a lot of time lar..), just that I need to call within office hour. So i left my contact number and request them to call me back.

I waited for their call on last Friday, but nobody called. Saturday also nobody called.. and today is Monday, still no calls from them!! Aiseh, I said i want to terminate that is why they don't want to call me? I decided to call them again during lunch (ya, i'm quite gan cheong, when i want to terminate i want it to be terminated IMMEDIATELY. haha..). The customer service transfer my call to the person in charge but nobody picked up the phone cos all of them went out for lunch. Again, I left my contact number to them and ask them MUST call me back and FINALLY just now at about 3pm, they called me.

First thing first, they asked me how come I want to terminate my card, i said i seldom use, i don't want to keep the card. then they said last September they just waived the annual fees for me (can you belief ar, RM160 for a normal card, not even a gold card leh, damn expensive!!) and asked me to keep my card until this September. I said no i don't want to SEE the card anymore. hehe.. so after a few times of NO NO and NO, she decided to give up and terminate my card. wuahahahahahaa..

YAY!!!! Finally.. one card gone!! YAY!!!! :p

Saturday, April 5, 2008

How to terminate your MBF Card?

I applied the MBF credit card few years ago but i rarely used it. Throughout the year, I've applied more and more credit cards and it's getting very hard to maintain. Therefore I decided to terminate my MBF card, since I seldom used it. How to terminate? Don't know wor.. so i called their customer service to ask.

Apparently they allowed us to call to terminate, hmm, good wor like that, no need to personally go to the card centre. The only thing is that we need to call within office hour which is from 9am to 6pm. I called at 6pm++ so the customer service ppl asked me to call again tomorrow. I then asked her to ask her colleague to call me. Wuahahahaha, why want to waste my money to call them? Asked them to call me lar.. hehe..

So if you are thinking of terminating your MBF credit card too, you can call them from 9am-6pm lar, else? leave a message and ask them to call you back!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ken Lee.. Ken lee without you....

I first saw this was at ah pek's blog, when i showed it to my friends, seems like they all already know about this..This lady is very famous now. If you don't know what i'm talking about, you must check this out!!!

So now you know what "Ken Lee" means? wuahahahahahaha....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You still remember.. mIRC?

Anyone of you still logs in to mIRC? I used to like mIRC a lot, long long time ago, when I was still in college. I remembered when my friend first intro this MIRC to me, I still don't have Internet connection at home. So when I'm free, I will go to the college's lab to use the Internet connection as well as loged in to mIRC (not sure why they nv block this thing, maybe the lab assistant also addicted? hehe..)

Anyway, it was quite fun chatting thru mIRC and you can really meet lot's of lot's of funny ppl. The first question ppl will normally asked would be, what's ur a/s/l/, which stands for age, sex and location. So there's one time, when i said i'm at my college's lab, this person that i'm chatting with also said he's in the lab. Yes, the same lab!! Haha, that's exciting. So of cos the next question would be, where are you sitting? I was at the back but I said I was in front, wearing some other color clothes. So immediately, I saw that person standing up and try to look for me. Well well, of cos, he's not able to find me, as i'm at the back mar!! haha...

mIRC is a good tool for us to pass our free time, talk nonsense to someone that you don't know but it is not advisable for us to go tell them too much about ourselves, where we stay and etc. Oh ya, why I can type so fast now? Well well, mIRC plays an important role lar. wuahahahahah...

What about you? Got any nice story to share on mIRC? Say maybe you met your husband/wife there?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Burn you a mistress!

When I thought burning a petrol station to our ancestors is the newest/popular "thing" for this year, there comes another "thing". What is it? Want to guess? Give you 3 chance, but seriously, I think you won't be able to guess also lar. hehe..

According to what I heard this morning from the radio, the most popular or the most "hit" thing that people in China burn is.. tah dah.. a MISTRESS ("yi lai")!! Yes, dun play play. When a woman's husband is dead and they are still alive, they scared their husband will be very boring down there, so these women burned their husbands a mistress. Hmm, what happened if one day they died ar? then they have to rebut their husband with the mistress? By the time probably their husband likes the mistress more than them already.

Funny right, mistress also they can think of. Besides the mistress, there's also those 'siu cheh'. Nor, those night clubs 'siu cheh' leh, those also got lar!! I really 'pui fuk' these business man lar, they can think of all sorts of thing so that they can earn more money. This year got petrol station, got mistress, got siu cheh, what about next year? hmm..perhaps a bomb? or a gun? so that they can protect themselves against enemies!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How come I don't have such luck????

From my aunt:
A: u know ur cousin ar, his comp transfer him to US, give him USD 9K per month leh..
J: WAH!!!!! (FYI, he's only 2 yrs older than me..doing IT also, but seriously i don't know what's he's really doing..)
From friend A:
A: u know, so and so got increment, RM700 lar..
J: WAH!!!!!! (I never had RM700 increment before ler!!!)
From friend B:
B: today got payslip, suddenly saw extra money leh, company secretly give us bonus!!!
J: WAH!!!!!! (how come my comp never give surprises?)
From friend C:
C: so and so just got his performance bonus lar, then next month will get bonus..
J: WAH!!! (what is performance bonus? i nv had performance bonus b4!!!!!!)

I got nothing to say.. except WAH.....WAH... and WAH!!!!!