Thursday, December 10, 2009

The difference between tarik and non tarik...

I heard this from the radio this morning while I was on my way to work. The radio DJs were arguing about this, some said teh and teh tarik is the same, and some said it's not the same.

What I think? I say it's NOT the same and it taste different! Well, tarik and non tarik does make a difference, tarik ones are well mixed, the tea with the condensed milk are well mixed during the tarik process and thus it's smoother and tastier. That is why I always ordered nescafe tarik rather than nescafe, cos nescafe tarik taste better than nescafe!!

Don't believe me? Go try it out yourself!! Order two cups, one tarik and one without, hahahahahaah...

Friday, November 6, 2009

I feel like killing my mouse...

Yes, I really feel like killing my mouse.. of cos it's the mouse that attached to the pc lar.. I will never have a mouse as pet ok? Anyway, this mouse, you said it's KO, it's not really, but then it's not really OK as well. I can't do single click, each click will leads to opening the file, then I can't drag files as well, can't drag to copy and paste file, have to click multiple times to select a file and etc etc etc etc... It really drives me crazy...

But if you said this mouse is KO, it's not really also, sometimes it works well, can click, can drag and do whatever a mouse needs to do. Argggggg!!!! I guess the options are to bring my own mouse to work (which I don't want to.. cos I always feel company should provide all these necessary things to us, and not us bringing our own to work, hehe) OR I can make this mouse dead, COMPLETELY not functioning (then i can request a new one.. hehe...)

What's in my mind? Hit the mouse with the monitor.. wuahahahhaa..thinking of it makes me feel happy already. :p, or throw the mouse into the microwave (will it explode? hmmm...), or bang the mouse on the desk 100 times per day!! wuahahahahhahaha...

Please ignore me.. I'm totally out of my mind now.. the mouse is driving me crazy..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yummy And Satisfying Breakfast

I just had my yummy and satisfying breakfast.. a cup of nescafe (can't live without it) and also a "lor mai gai" (glutinous chicken rice), it was satisfying and of cos FULL too. Sometimes a great breakfast can really makes your mood feel better. Don't you think so?

Oh, besides lor mai gai, I do love nasi lemak too.. those road side stall nasi lemak.... hehehe....oh ya, I know these are not healthy food but then again, once in a while.. nevermind la... hehehehe...

what about you? what's your favorite kind of breakfast?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

50% discount? Buy or not? Buy Buy Buy!!

I went shopping at One Utama last Saturday and it's sales time again!! I was at the Padini Concept Store, in front of a mountain high of 50% discount clothes when I overheard these two ladies conversation...
L1 - Lady 1, L2 - Lady 2

L1: wei, you see this one nice or not?
L2: so so lar, u wear this kind of clothes one meh?
L1: no lar, but u see, so cheap leh.. ori price is RM 70+, after 50% discount only RM 30+ wor..
L2: yalar, but the design so so only wor, then the quality also not that good..
L1: but it's very cheap leh..
L2: u wear or not....
L1: aiyar, buy lar.. so cheap.... 50% discount ler...

hahahaha, i guess 90% of the ladies out there are like Miss L1. No wonder ppl said it's very easy to earn woman's money.. that's quite true right? As long as got discount, even though we don't 100% like the thing, we still will buy it...

Friday, September 4, 2009


I have a habit which is to read before I sleep. 2 weeks ago, I went to the bookfest and bought a lot of "dig grave's books" (ghost related books) hehe.. so since then, every night I started to read those books before I sleep lar..

2 days ago (ghost festival's eve), I dream of being chased by a lady ghost. Well, the lady ghost actually doesn't looked scary at all, she looked just like a normal human being but then I was terrified by her. She was chasing me and I was so scared until when I woke up at 3am+, I can feel that my heart beating so fast!! I even feel so scared wanna go back to sleep cos I scared I will continue the ghost dream...

Yesterday, I was chatting with a friend and she told me that she's planning to visit Korea probably next month or so. And guess what? I dream of myself going to Korea the very same night. I had a lot of yummy korea bbq......wuahahahahahahahahahahah....hmmmm, I should find someone to chat about $$$$$$ so that I can dream of $$$$$ tonight!! ahahahahahahaa....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 forgetful lar...

I received a sms yesterday afternoon. It was from UOB saying that my payment for my UOB credit cards is overdue and asked me to pay as soon as possible. Normally when I received the credit card statement, I will pay within a day or two to prevent I forget to pay later. I don't recall I have any unpaid statement lying on my table, which means, most probably I did not receive the August statement at all. That is why I never pay!!

I called UOB customer service to tell them I did not receive the statement and requested them to resend the statement to me. They told me I will be charged for the late payment but I can call to request to waive it when I received the resent August statement. I did ask for the amount that I need to pay and I paid it immediately after dinner yesterday. So everything settled and I will call to request to waive the late payment as soon as I get the statement.

Later that night, I found the August statement on my table, underneath/in between some books!! OMG, I did receive the August statement after all and I totally forget about it!! Hmmmm.... can I still request to waive the late payment, since it's me who forgets to pay it and not statement lost? hehe...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The power of sneezing..

I was at The Curve last Saturday and I went to Borders to get some magazines. Suddenly I felt my nose itchy and I sneezed. Of cos, I did cover my nose + mouth. hehe... Anyway, after sneezing, I noticed a lady wearing mask staring at me. I covered my mouth, I said 'excuse me' and why is she staring at me?

Must be the H1N1 that makes her feel scared lar... So many cases and deaths recently, no wonder she's afraid. I bet if she sees me now, she will definitely run away from me. Why? Cos I'm having flu right now and everybody scared of flu and fever and sore throat nowadays...

I think I better go see doctor today..... u know, just in case.....

Friday, July 31, 2009

I drink ants!!!!

Let say you've made yourself a cup of coffee, you drink while you were working on something else (reading newspaper/surf the net and etc), then suddenly you noticed there's something in your coffee which you already drink half of it. What will you do?

1. Scoop that 'thing' out and continue drinking.
2. Throw away the remaining coffee and try to vomit.

For me, I will depend on a few things. First, I have to see what's that "thing" first, if just an ant, I normally will scoop it out and continue drinking.. else, I'll throw away!! Which one you choose?

p/s: it happpened to me just now, although it's just ants, but I don't know how many ants I've eaten from that cup of coffee.. arggggg....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aiseh, super pai seh lar...

This incident happened a few days ago. I just got back from work and I was in the lift. When the door about to close, I saw a guy with 2 kids walking towards the lift direction, so I faster pressed the 'door open' button to wait for them. Even though I was pressing the 'open', but the door still continue to close, the guy finally used his hand to block the door from closing.

When we reached their floor, again, I pressed the 'open' button to let them go out. When they're out of the lift and when I released the 'open' button and was about to go press the 'close' button, I suddenly realized something. OMG!! I pressed the wrong button!! From the very beginning I pressed the 'closed' button instead of 'open' button, no wonder that guy looked at me like one kind... OMG, so embarrassed man... ~sigh...I'm always confused with the 2 triangles, facing in and facing out. Can't they just write 'Open' and 'Close' on the button instead of showing the symbols???

Argggg... until now i still feel very very pai seh.......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm not free, I'm just willing to sacrifice!

Some of my friends asked me, how come you so free to blog and got time to do the online shop thing? You must be very free lar.. They said they don't have such time.

Well, I do not consider myself as a free person, I have a full time job, also got a family to take care, also got house chores to do, BUT I am willing to sacrifice my free time, my sleep time to get things done. When they are sleeping, i'm still awake updating my blog or shop, when they go out yum cha with friends, i'm busy working on my blog/shop. I sacrifice my time with friends, sacrifice my tvb movie time (really long time never watch d.. :(), sacrifice my sleep time.. so my friend, this is not free, it's called sacrifice!

Nothing is perfect, you want item A, you might need to sacrifice item B..

Monday, July 6, 2009

So far yet so near.. Part 2

Remember about two months ago, I posted a post, "So far yet so near.."? I mentioned about a blog I read and the owner of the blog working at the same area as me? Well well well, guess what? Today.. during lunch.. I bumped into him!! ahahahahahahahaha

Well, when i first saw him, i told myself, do i know this guy? he looks sooo familiar? Then when i looked at him again, I realized he's the blog owner!! ahahahahaha...

Did I say HI? well, no lar.. I just too shy lar. wuahahaha.. I just stare at him for a while only.. :p Not good to stare at ppl so long mar right? later ppl thought i something wrong. hehe..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A friend request from Facebook, a friend or a stranger?

I seldom log in to facebook but still i will logged in once in a while, when I'm free. Anyway, yesterday when I was in Facebook, I saw I got a pending friend request, waiting for my confirmation. I looked at the name, hmm, doesn't sounds familiar, then i looked at the photo, hmm, looks familiar, then I looked at the mesg, he said we were college mate!

I looked again at the photo, and again and again, hmm, I think I know him, but at the same time, I'm not sure I really know him or not. wuahahahahhahha....

Finally I decided to add him, did I add a long lost friend or a stranger? hehe..I don't know...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The opening of JY Shops!! (开门大吉)

As of the title, yes, I'm opening a shop, a shop in One Utama. hahaha, just kidding. I do wish I have the money to open a shop in One Utama, but too bad, I don't! Anyway, I'm actually opening an online shop, selling clothes (for now), and hopefully it'll expand to sell other stuff.

I do hope you guys can pay a visit to my shop, show me a little support, hehe, or even best, 'pong chan' me buy a few clothes from me. hehe...

JY Shops ~ Latest Fashion In Town

See you there...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Arggg... I hate myself for being so forgetful!!

Well, I really hate myself now.. Hate myself for being soooo forgetful. I registered myself on a website last friday. After completed everything I login to check on something, then i logout. This morning when I tried to login, I realized I forgot the password. I tried and tried and tried, hmm, not my usual password, not that, not this and I finally gave up after trying different passwords for at least 5 times.

I decided to click on the 'forgot password' link. Clicking it brings me to a page where I get to reset my password by just entering the User Id and email. I entered both and guess what? I got the combination wrong. Either the user id is incorrect or the email provided is incorrect.

Great. it seems like not only I forgot my password, I also forgot my userid. How can this happened? It's only 3 days!! What is wrong with me?????

Argg... got to email the customer service to ask them how should I proceed if I forgot both my user id and password. Teruk lar me!!!

** Updates
It turned out I actually did not forget both my userId and password. I went to the wrong website lar... OMG!!! wuahahahahahahhaa...

Friday, June 12, 2009

ah siu keong, please go away!!

I am very very very very very (this can go on and on and on...) afraid of cockroach a.k.a siu keong especially those that fly. If I am not alone and I see siu keong, I will shout and ask ppl to help me to get rid of it. Either chase it out of my house or kill it, I don't care, as long as it's not within my sight.

But if I am alone and I see siu keong, I will just keep quiet and walk away quietly. If the siu keong is in the living room, I will hide inside my room. If it's in the room, I will let it have the whole room and I'll go hide in the living room. hehe..

I remembered ppl asked me before, the cockroach so small and you are so big, how come you scared a tiny little thing so much? Well, I don't know, i'm just afraid of it. Tell you lar, one of the reason i choose to live in a condo instead of landed house (ya, money is another reason lar. hehe..) is because of siu keong, siu keong afraid of heights one. wuahahahahahhaa....

Anyway, siu keong, please don't come kacau me lar, just go away.. ok?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Listen to both parties before judging...

My friend, A, complaint to me about B. A said B is a selfish woman which only cares about herself. B did not help A when A needed help. When A called for help, B just said she's not free to help. If you listen to A, you probably will feel why B not offering help to A when she needed help, right?

B explained the whole incident to me. She said when A called, she was in the hospital. Her father was admitted to the hospital and she was in the middle of talking to the doctor when A called. Therefore, she just told A that she's not free and then she ended their conversation.

After hearing what B said, you now have a different impression on B, right? That is why, it is good to listen to both parties before judging, don't you think so?

When I'm sleepy...

Whenever I feel sleepy, I will try to do all sorts of things to keep myself awake. I will...
1. Keep rubbing my eyes
2. Keep yawning
3. Keep finding things to eat
4. Keep drinking coffee
5. Keep myself busy
Of cos, the best is I get to SLEEP when I'm sleepy lar. hehe..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rename it? Delete it?

Few weeks ago, I was rearranging my blog's categories. I've created too many categories and I wished to cut down a little bit, some categories will be deleted and some will be renamed.

Anyway, I accidentally deleted those categories that I'm supposed to renamed. I kept telling myself I want to rename but somehow I go delete all these categories. Arggg!!! Although the posts under deleted categories will not be deleted but now I'm not sure where all my posts are. Are they in category A or category B or category C?

~sigh.. sometimes when you tell yourself not to do this and yet, you will go do it..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Did I lock my car?

We were at One Utama last weekend. After we parked and locked our car, we walked towards the shopping mall. Suddenly I saw FL stopped and asked me, did I lock the car? I wasn't VERY sure about this so I asked him to go check again, just in case he never lock the car. It turned out we did lock our car. hehe..

We proceed to the mall and there's this guy in front of us, I saw him parked his car at the space near our car. I heard him locked his car too. He too returned to his car to double check whether he locked his car or not after he walked away. wuahahahahaha....

I guess this "lock my car or not" is quite common to most of us lar. Did you often ask yourself this question too?

Monday, May 25, 2009

My first online shopping experience...

How do you feel about online shopping for clothes/bags/shoes? I prefer to touch and try the things before I buy, that is why I never buy any of these things online before. Two weeks ago, I came across a site which sells really nice clothes. After clicking thru their site, I decided to buy 2. Oh yes, I bought 2, should have just buy 1 first lar..

The site provides measurements for shoulder, bust and etc but I decided to play safe and buy clothes that is in free size. Few days later, I received my clothes! Guess what? Both clothes I bought were in free size but one appears to be too small for me and the other one appears to be super big for me. How come free size can be so different??

~sigh...After this shopping experience, I decided not to buy any clothes online anymore... have you tried online shopping for clothes before? How's ur experience?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Who knows? And Who don't know?

It's really funny sometimes. You found out something about a friend and you think he doesn't know. In actual fact, he knows plus.. he even knows that you think he don't know. So both of you act as if you don't know his thing and he act as if he don't know you know about his thing. wuahahahahahaha...

You guys know what i'm talking about? :p

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Comment?? We're not commenting? We're asking questions!!

Sometimes, traveling to a country that speaks a totally different language can be quite difficult especially if they don't understand English. We're going to Hanoi in 2 weeks time and FL emailed one of the hotel to ask for the rooms availability and hotel transfer. He got their reply the next day and this is what they replied..
"Your comment are very useful for us. We hope to serve you better next time!!"

What the hell? We're not giving comments, we're asking a question here.. speechless...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

aiyor...should i eat fast or eat slow????

This is a short conversation among a mother, a grandma and a kid which I found it rather funny..
It happened yesterday during dinner time, the 6 yrs old kid is in the middle of eating her bowl of meehun, then her mum passed by and said to her..

M- mum, G - grandma, k - kid

M: Nice or not? Eat slowly ok..
K: hmmm.. ok...

Few minutes later, the grandma passed by...
G: nice or not? Faster eat lar..
K: har.... just now say eat slow, now eat fast???
wuahahhahaa..sometimes adult can be quite annoying also..right?

Friday, April 24, 2009

You wanna tipu me?

At about 8pm yesterday, I received a call...
U - unknown caller
J: Hello..
U: Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan xxx?
J: yes...speaking
U: Saya daripada xx comp (i didn't get the name of the comp), nak tanya sikit, kamu ada xxx (i didn't get this part again, but i heard the last word..) JUTARIA?
J: (I remember jutaria is a tv show right?) Tak da..
U: oh, macam ini ar.. kamu pernah pergi shopping tak?
J: (what kind of question is this? who nv shopped? right? I decided to ask him..) What is this regarding?
U: oh, ini lucky draw, nak pilih pemenang sagu hati..
J: (I didn't let him finish his sentence..) oo, saya tak berminat..
U: Kenapa? Ini bukan tipu tipu punya..
J: (ya right..) It's ok, please pass it to somebody else.. Thank you.
U: Ok lar..
Does this sounds like a con case to you? It sounds like one to me lar!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many wallet/purse you carry with you?

There's one time I went out shopping with this friend of mine, S. It's fun to shop with her as our taste is quite similar. After we shopped at a few shops, I noticed something. When we were at the cashier, she took out a different wallet/purse to pay every time. So far I can see she has 2 wallets and 1 purse.

I asked her how many wallet/purse she brings and she told me she normally will bring 2 wallets and a purse. She got a big wallet which has all the big notes, then another smaller wallet to carry her cards and some cash, then the small purse is for small cash and coins.

Wuahahahaha...funny lar.. the most i see is 1 wallet 1 purse, but she got 3! What about you? How many wallet/purse you carry with you? For me? I only carry one BIG wallet. hehe..

Monday, April 13, 2009

So far yet so near...

As you all know, I like to blog hop a lot. Few months ago, I found a rather interesting blog. The owner of the blog leads a totally different lifestyle that most of us had and it's quite interesting reading about his life which I will never ever experienced.

While flipping through his older posts, I got to know he stayed at the same area where I worked. And a recent post of his, which he took photos of his office block, I realized his work place is sooo near to where I work, just across the street. Wow, I know there are many bloggers around but I never ever encountered one which is so near to me!

I wonder will I ever bumped into him? hehe..and will I say Hi to him and tell him "I read your blog" when I saw him? I think I will not say HI to him lar, probably will just stare at him...wuahhaahahahahahah...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I just don't get it...

Sometimes I really don't understand, how come people like to drive SLOW when they are in the fast lane and drive FAST when they are in the middle or the right most lane. I was at the left most lane a.k.a fast lane this morning, i was not driving very fast, maybe 80-90 like that, then there's this car on my left switched on the right signal trying to cut into my lane. As a good driver, I slowed down a little bit and let the driver switched to my lane, right in front of me. Then the nightmare begins...

After she switched to my lane, she drives really slow...maybe 40...what's wrong with her? When she was at the middle lane, she drives as fast as me and now when she switched to the fast lane, she decided to go slow?


Quiet or Noisy?

Which one you prefer? A quiet office or a noisy one? Most of the time, I prefer a quiet one. I can't think or concentrate when it's very noisy that is why I prefer working in a quiet office. But sometimes when I'm very sleepy or I have nothing to do, I will prefer a noisy office. At least the noise can keep me awake mar.. hehe...

What about you? Quiet or noisy office?

Blood test vs Medical Check up

While I was entering the data into the efiling, I noticed one column which can deduct tax. It says there medical check up for self, spouse or child, can deduct up to RM 500. I did a blood test last year so immediately I entered RM200 in that column. When FL saw me typing in that column, he told me blood test cannot use to reduce tax.

Then I asked him, here says medical check up mar, blood test not consider as medical check up meh? He said no, but I still think it's a YES. hehe... So can you tell me, is blood test = medical check up?

How many litres of water you drink per day?

I'm a heaty person. Ppl said those with bad temper are heaty. wuahahaha..anyway, I can easily get sore throat, well, maybe part of the reason is because I love spicy food and almost every meal I will have something spicy.

I know I can't stop myself from eating spicy food, so the only thing I can do to prevent myself to get sore throat is to drink more water. How to force myself to drink more water? I brought water bottles to work everyday. One big bottle, 1.5 litre, and another medium one 800ml. I told myself I will need to finish these two bottles every day and besides that I refilled my mug (500ml mug) with water in office..and forced myself to drink at least 3 to 4 mugs per day...

So I guess plus and minus I got drink about 4 litres of water per day gua.. hehe.. What about you? How many litres of water you drink per day?

Can you accept the fact that you're old?

Sometimes I will wonder, what happened if one day I woke up and saw my hair turned white, whole face full of wrinkles and teethless? Can I accept the fact that I'm already old and I'm going to die any minute? Can I accept that everyday my life is just one step closer to the coffin? Can I accept that I got nothing to do everyday but to wait for the time to come (to die lar..)?

Can you? Can you accept that?

Geram man...

You see.. she asked me something at about 6pm+ yesterday..I explained to her, for like 30 minutes.. then she said ok.. As soon as I finished explaining, she off the computer and left. I didn't see her writing down anything, she thinks she can remember. This morning, she asked me again, the exact same thing....

Of cos she will kena from me, she thinks i'm so free? or she thinks i'm a tape recorder, can replay any time she wants? If she can't remember, why can't she finished it before she leaves the office? Even she had something to do after work and need to rush back, she can still write it down some where what, right or not?

geram man...

A dream about my grandma..

My grandma passed away few yrs ago at the age of 80+. I'm not very close to her and we didn't talk much too. I only visit her once or twice a year during CNY or sometimes when I balik kampung.

Few days ago, I had a dream about her. She was in her fifties and she's waving at me, smiling too.. In the dream, I waved back and I had this feeling that this is the last time I will be able to see her.

What does this means? She's going to a better place (since she dress nicely and smiling so I assumed she's going to a better place..)? I do hope so, I really do...

What else can reduce tax??

Yesterday after I roughly entered the salary info into the e-filing, I noticed I still need to pay A LOT! Why? Why is this happening to me? Last year I need to pay a lot and it happened this year too? I remembered last year after I paid the income tax, I told myself I need to donate more and buy more books to reduce tax, so this year I tried my best to donate more and I buy lot's of books. But one thing I missed out is most of the places I donated, it's not tax deductable. hehe.. as for the books, I only managed to buy around RM 500 books, so cannot fully utilise the book/magazines column which is RM 1000 max.

Hmm...this year, I shall donate more and buy more books!! What else can be used to reduce tax ar?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will you afraid if you're alone in office?

It is 7pm+ and I'm still in office. Normally there are still a lot of colleagues around at this hour but today, everybody left early. I didn't realized I'm alone until I went to the pantry to get some water.

When I told a friend that I'm alone in the office through msn, she asked me, don't you afraid to be alone? It's raining now, with thunder and it's dark outside, you're alone in office, don't you feel creepy?

TOUCH WOOD!! hehe...I have good imagination so I told her to STOP. But seriously? I'm not afraid to be alone lar.. I didn't do anything bad so I think those things will not come and kacau me lar.. right?

平时不做亏心事, 半夜敲门也不惊。。。。

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You volunteered, and now you complaint???

Have you ever met someone like this? He volunteered to do something, and after he did it, he complaint to everyone else that he was forced to do all these things..argg..I hate this kind of ppl...

There's this guy in my comp, who likes to VOLUNTEER to do stuff. It can be helping ppl tabao for lunch, or driving the car out from car park, or changing light bulbs, carrying stuff and etc. He is always the first to volunteer, which is a good thing. BUT I hate it when he complaint after he had done all these things. He said ppl always bully him and asked him do stuff like that...

Hey!! You volunteered ok? Don't complaint!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please WALK SOFTER!!! or else I will...

My ex colleague told me this. His friend (who is living in a condo, somewhere near 1 utama) got back from work one day and found a note posted on his door.
"Please walk softer or i'll cut your legs or destroy your car!!"
I laughed when I heard this because I felt it's damn funny. But on second thought, I think it's quite scary too. You don't know who posted the note, and you don't know this person is joking or he's serious about this. I asked him did his friend walk like an elephant? He told me most of the time his friend is not around and even he's at home, he walked softly and he never drag his chair or do anything like that. He told me his friend is very scared now and plan to move out and sell off the condo.

Maybe you think he's over reacted but if I were him, I also don't know what to do. Continue living there but everyday worry that my legs will be cut off or my car will be destroyed by someone?

What will you do if you received notes like this?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Who did you choose? 1st, 2nd or 3rd person?

I received an interesting forwarded email this morning. This was a tricky question asked during an interview at some company. So far only one candidate gave the best answer. Before I looked at the answer, I did think what will I answer if someone asked me this question, but I did not manage to give the perfect answer like that candidate.

Ok, so here's the question..

On a stormy dark night, you drove a car and passed by a bus stop. You can only take one passenger. There were 3 ppl at the bus stop. The first person is a dying old man who needs to get to the hospital immediately. The second person is a doctor who had once saved your life and you really want to find a way to thank him. The 3rd person is your dream guy/girl and if you missed this opportunity to get to know him/her, you might not get the chance to meet him/her anymore.

So which person will you choose?

I chose the first person, I will take the dying old man to the hospital and will find another chance to thank the doctor. As for the dream guy, I believe good deeds will have good return and if we have fate, I will meet him again. hehe...

After I've chosen, I read the best answer and I realized, that's really the best answer. wuahahahaha..what am I talking? The best answer is, you get down of your car, let the doctor take the old man to the hospital. As for you, you will stay with your dream guy/girl at the bus stop. Perfect answer right?

What about you? Who did you choose?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3x salary? Sure or not???

Have you ever heard your friends showing off their new company which they have not even started to work yet? This is what I heard from a friend of mine, Ms. A. A's colleague just resigned few days ago. Before he tender his resignation, almost the whole company knows he's planning to leave (he's the one telling everyone lar..). So the minute he tender his resignation, he started to show off about his new company, how good is the new comp lar, how big lar, how nice is the boss lar and the most funny thing is, he started telling everyone about his new pay (which is according to him, 3x more than his current pay)!!

Ms. A told me she can't really stand this guy's attitude. Besides bragging about his new comp and new salary, he also started to sleep in the office and stop working (stop touching the work that he is supposed to finish before he left). I felt this guy is very stupid, the world is very small, he may end up working in the same company again few years later, or under the same boss again, why he wanna make things so ugly? One thing I don't understand is that why he wanna tell everyone about his new pay? Want people to envy him? Or he wants to make the current comp regret for not appreciating him?

What you think?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No fate lar!!

I don't know whether you've encountered this before or not. You just know someone, and after a while, you feel that this newly made friend is kind of annoying! No, don't get me wrong, I'm not judging the book by it's cover. It's not about the appearance. It's just, a feeling that you have towards this newly made friend after a few minutes chat.

Maybe it's the thing he said, maybe it's his attitude..I tried to be nice, tried to continue the conversation but I kept getting this annoying feeling! Arggg...I just hope I can end the conversation and hope he will not talk to me anymore!!

Maybe we just don't have "fate"... friend fate!!!

Being chased or chased ppl?

Have you ever had these kind of dreams, being chased by people/ghost or you chased ppl? If you do, then you should know how tired it will be no matter you are being chased or there are someone chasing you.

It makes me wonder, how come we will have these dreams? Is it because in real life we always chase people? Or people always chasing us to finish our job and etc? Or is it because we are under a lot of stress/pressure?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Should I leave? Should I stay?

How will you react if your colleague told you he or she plan to resign? Will you asked him/her to go ahead or will you ask him/her to stay?

Normally I will not give any comment but I will asked about the new job. If the new job seems promising, then I don't see why he/she should not leave the company. But of cos, even if I think that new job is not good, I also will not say a word, cos it's his/her choice, right?

I think it is quite normal for colleagues to tell each other that they plan to resign, even they have not tender their resignation yet. To me, I feel telling me means they trust me, they trust that I will not go tell others such as the management.

But if a colleague asked question like "Do you think I should resign?" How will you react then? Seriously, I do not understand why ppl asked this kind of question, he/she is the one who needs to make the decision mar, how will others know? Erm.. I don't know.. ask him/her stay? ask him/her leave? I think I shall just ask him/her to figure this out himself/herself!! :p

Monday, February 23, 2009

Looked like king kong? Give u a free banana!!

I heard this from a colleague last week. He went to tabao for lunch at a mamak near the office. He told us when he went to the counter to pay for the rice he tabao, the boss said to him...

B = boss, C = colleague

B: wah.. u punya tangan banyak bulu ...
C: huh.. oo, haha... (don't know what else to say..)
B: macam king kong lar!!!
C: har... hehe..(still don't know what to say..)
B: nah. bagi kamu makan ini.. (banana!!) macam king kong mesti suka makan ini..
C: ....... (totally speechless...)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Can't park at this motorcycle place? No problem! I parked at ANOTHER motorcycle's place!!

Remember I blog about the owner which can afford an expensive car but not another parking lot? Well, it seems like a lot of people complaint to the management about this owner which constantly parked his small car at the motorcycle parking place. Few days ago, we saw the guard writing down his car plate number. So FL went over and talked to the guard, the guard told us they had warned him many many times, when he parked his cars at the visitors parking, they warned him, when he parked at other ppl's place, they've warned him again, then when he started to park at the motorcycle place, they warned him again! He told us this time he's gonna clamped his car!

I was happy to hear that. If everybody who owns a small car parked their car at the motorcycle place, then we don't need to buy car parks lor, it's so unfair to us (the owner of the car park) and it's so unfair for those motorcyclist too! Moreover, the way he parked is blocking the stairs!!

Anyway, this morning, I saw the motorcycle place is finally empty! I was happy for a minute and then I saw the familiar car again. Guess what? He parked at ANOTHER motorcycle place!! ^#$$#(*$(#*($%$%*$)*%$$% I don't know how the guard talked to this guy, maybe they told him not to park at this particular motorcycle place? that is why now he moved and parked at another motorcycle place?


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day to me is just a normal day. We don't celebrate Valentine's day, yes, NEVER. haha.. but anyway, to those who celebrate, I hope you guys have a SWEET SWEET ROMANTIC Valentine's day!!

But becareful ya, don't.. ermm.. u know what I mean lar.... just becareful ya. hehe...

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

How I feel? How u feel?

How do you feel when a colleague that you don't really like his attitude and also don't really like to work together with him on a same project decided to leave the company? Will you feel a least a bit happy or should i say relief? What about when that colleague of yours suddenly said wanna come back again to your company?

~sigh.. i don't know, i really don't know how I should feel...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

108 good men!!

Every night before I sleep, I read. I started a new book few weeks ago, at first I found it quite interesting but recently I found it rather confusing. Why? Well, the book started to talk about a man, then half way talking about the man, it started to talk about a few other people. Then after that, another bunch of ppl appeared. I'm really getting confused as the book jumps here and there talking about different guy.

When I told FL about this, he laughed and said, don't you know there's 108 men (108 好汉) in this book!! OMG, that means there are 90+ more to come!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When is the next holiday?

Today is my first day to work after the long long CNY holidays. To me and most of my friends, we will say " fast holiday ends and we will need to go back to work", normal right? i believe 80% ppl also think the same like us lar...but to one of my colleague, it's the other way round.. she said to me this morning.. "FINALLY, the holiday ends and I can come back to work!!"...

hehe... anyway, i'm still having a bit cny mood (cny mood to me is sleep and eat and sleep and eat and do nothing...:p) but I believe I can get over it pretty soon. Before that, erm, when is the next holiday? :p

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today or Tomorrow? Morning or Night?

I still haven't decided whether to go back today or tomorrow, morning or night. So far I've asked around to see who is going back tonight and who is going back tomorrow and most of them said they will go back tomorrow morning. Hmm, if most of the people will go back tomorrow, that means... going back tonight will have less car, no jam and got 10% discount (after 12am) on toll?

hmmm, but I have not pack my things yet and there's still some house work that i wish to do before the CNY wor.. how how how? hehe...Have you made your decision yet to go back tonight or tomorrow?

I'm still thinking...

Anyway, I wanna wish all that celebrate CNY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR and we all hope for the best to come (stop thinking about the bad economy during this period...hehe..). And for those who don't celebrate CNY, hope you guys enjoy your holidays!!

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy CNY, EAT more, WIN more and TAKE more (ang pow lar.. if u're not married.. ) !!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everything also NOT GOOD lar!!!!

As usual, I was listening to the radio while driving to work this morning. They were talking about the zodiac, which is good and which is bad for year 2009. After finished listening to what they said, I felt totally no mood.. it's not that I believe 100% lar, but normally it's nice to hear GOOD stuff rather than the BAD stuff mar, right?

So what they said? They said I'm not advisable to change job, my money will find it's way out of my pocket (damn teruk man...), relationship wise also not good, always got arguments, not advisable to go far far places (means cannot travel?), cannot go hospital for visiting, cannot attend funeral... and i forgot what else lar.. Anyway, there's no one good thing, all not so good things..

Hope yours is better than mine lar.. ~sigh...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wash wash wash, scrub scrub scrub, clean clean clean..

These few weeks I had been busy, busy doing spring cleaning. Normally I will complaint my unit is small but when comes to cleaning time, it seems sooooo big!!!!! Before I start cleaning my unit, I split it to 3 sections and each section probably will take up a day.

The first weekend (I took one day to clean, the other day to go shopping. hehe..) I clean the rooms first, wash curtains lar, clean the grills, the windows, vacumn the ceiling, clean the fan, the aircon, the bookcase, wardrobe, mirror and etc etc. Then the following weekend (which is last weekend), I proceed with section 2, which is the living room + balcony + half kitchen. How come half kitchen? Believe it or not, if you do cook from time to time, kitchen will be the hardest part to clean. There are oil stains everywhere and you will need to scrub really hard to get rid of it. That is why I split the kitchen into half.

Finally yesterday (y yesterday and not this weekend? not around lar this weekend, no time to clean, so have to do it after work lor..) I did section 3, which is the other half kitchen, the stove + the hood + the surroundings. Oh my.. it was tiring, spent a few hours just to clean the stove + the hood!! So am I done with the spring cleaning? Hmmm, well, actually 80% done lar, still got toilet not yet wash, tables and cabinets still need to wipe often as it's very dusty and the front door + grill forgot to clean. hehe.. But I think I'm ready to hang the CNY decorations up already...hehe....

What about you? Are you done with your spring cleaning and have you hang all your CNY decorations stuff?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bonus..Increments....depressing lar..

Hearing your friends talking about their bonuses and increments can be pretty depressing. One friend said, I got 1 months bonus, another one said got 2 months, another said got 3 months, and yet I don't know whether my comp will give bonus or not. As for increment, even worst.. i'm already very satisfied if I can get 10% increment (normally only 5% leh..), so this friend told me, she got 20% increment.. then the most geng one is this friend..he told me he got RM 2K increment!! oh my.. that was like.. he got more than 50% increment leh.!!

U say lar.. depress or not..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I bought a magazine just because got free table calendar!

Since I start working, I will placed a table calendar on my desk to make sure I won't miss any holidays. hehe.. Joking lar, table calendar is useful when I need to plan the project ahead or even when I want to apply my leaves. Every end of the year, I will get at least 2 or 3 table calendars from friends or relatives and I will then placed one on my working desk, and another one at home.

But this year, I get 0 table calendar. Seems like a lot of companies want to cut costs and decided not to print so many table calendar. This morning while I was chatting with a friend, she told me the magazine she bought got free table during lunch time, I went to buy the magazine just becos of the table calendar...hehe...

For magazines out there, if you want to increase your sales on January, can consider this lar.. free table calendar...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy shopping, busy cleaning...

Wow, my very first post in 2009!! I had been pretty busy lately and have no time to update my blogs. Busy with what? Well, with all the public holidays and Chinese New Year around the corner, I bet you roughly have an idea what i'm up to. Yep, I'm busy shopping and also busy cleaning my house!!

CNY is around the corner mar, besides shopping for new clothes for myself, I also need to buy new clothes for my nieces and clothes ar.. even more expensive than adult's clothes lar.. but one year nvm lar...I also did some shopping for my house.. hehe..cny mar, must decorate a bit.. then of cos shop for groceries lar. have to buy something back home during cny...So many things to buy but so little money to spend... ~sigh..

As for the cleaning part, so far I only managed to clean 3 rooms.. normally we will said the house is too small, but when comes to housework time, we felt our house is big!! hehe.. still got the living room and the kitchen to clean..then we can start the CNY decorating already.. hehe...

So are you the same like me? busy shopping and busy cleaning?