Thursday, November 27, 2008

Man said man is right, woman said woman is right

We have problems with one of the project, what kind of problems? Changes lor, they asked us change, we changed, after changed, they want some more changes.. Anyway, due to this problem, the project manager wrote a long email and sent to everyone in my comp + the client's comp. The email basically explained why they asked for new changes lar, why we gonna charge them for these changes and etc.

Few minutes after the pm sent out the email, we all received the reply from the client. If I said the pm's email is long, then the client's email is SUPER long.. wuahahahahahhaa.. it reminds me a phrase in chinese, "man said man is right, woman said woman is right! (公说公有理,婆说婆有理)"


Friday, November 21, 2008

Please please please, be responsible!!

I am not a person who loves animals.. ei, don't get me wrong, I don't hate them too, as long as they behave themselves. I'm living in a condo, as u know, condo doesn't allowed pets such as cats and dogs, but of cos, as usual, ppl will ignore these rules lar, which I'm still ok with it as long as u keep ur pet clean and quiet.

But the problem is... these owners, they keep their pet clean at their own unit, everyday, they will bring their pets out for a walk and at the same time pee and shit out there (the stair case). So far I haven't come across any shit (thank god) but pee..oh my god, is damn smelly lar.. Everyday (I take the stair case to the car park) I will need to stop breathing when I passed by certain floors, sometimes it's still wet and even if it's dry, u can still see the yellowish stain and of cos the SMELL.

So here I am, begging the owners of these pets, be responsible. You want ur unit to be clean, we want our condo area to be clean as well.

Signals please!!

I was driving to work this morning and I saw this super big car (a 4 wheel drive) stopping in the middle of the road. I can't see what's happening in front. At first I thought there's cars in front. So I waited for a while and then I realized there's no car in front of him! What is wrong with him? There's no double signal, no nothing, just stop there, in the middle of the road!!

Wah seh.. another rich man who owns the road ya.. so immediately I pressed the horn, I really dislike this kind of inconsiderate people! After I pressed my horn, only he switched on his signal, and moved his car towards the right... apparently he wants to u-turn and there's a car blocking his way!!

Come on lar, want to u turn switch on the signal lar.. also u can move ur car towards the right of the lane mar, you stop in the middle of the road without signal or anything, how would I suppose to know wat you trying to do? I'm not the worm inside your stomach leh!!!


Straight to the point please!!

Have you met someone when talk to you, they will go round and round and round and after some time you still don't know what they are trying to say? Sometimes, I will get quite frusfrated when talking to these kind of ppl..

Like this friend of mine, he said he got something to ask me. So he started telling me about his wife, and then about his trip, and then about his son, then finally after 15 minutes, I asked him.. What do you want to ask me actually? Then he said, oo, I want to ask u last time when u went to bangkok, which hotel u stay...

~sigh.. If you got a question for me, straight to the point please....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to eat for lunch?

If you work in the same company for some time, I bet you will have this problem too. What to eat for lunch? Chinese food, malay food, indian food? There are only 1 chinese shop near my office, 1 vegetarian shop, a lot of mamaks and quite a lot of malay restaurants. I like spicy food so I have no problem eating malay food but my lunch mates, they don't really like spicy food. So ... if you minus out all the malay restaurants, i don't have not much choice left.

Of cos we can always drives out to eat but then again, it will definitely take more than 1 hour...So now back to the topic, what to eat for lunch?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yay, I've made the right choice!

I always pump petrol at a Shell petrol station near my house. Yesterday when I drove home from work, I noticed my petrol tank is almost empty, I decided to pump before I go home. I changed my mind when I saw the petrol station full of cars! What is wrong today? so many people pump petrol? Tomorrow petrol increase meh?

I was tired and lazy to wait so I decided not to pump. I shall pump tomorrow.. and later that night, FL told me that the petrol price is dropping again, wuaahahahahahahha, drop 15 cents and it will be RM 2 per litre now. I have made a right decision, not to queue to pump petrol, else I will be damn sam tung now. hehe...

So today I can have free lunch lar. since I will save a few more dollars on my petrol..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Economy is bad, is your company affected?

When we had economy crisis in 1997, I was still a student so it doesn't really affect me that much or I should say I didn't really feel a thing. I bet you've heard or read from the news or news paper, the economy will be very bad next year. It will be even worst than year 1997 as year 1997 only affect Asia countries but now the whole world is affected.

I am now starting to feel how bad is the economy. Last week, a friend of mine told me her sister's company decided to deduct all their employees salary by 15%, due to this bad economy. Then I heard from a friend who is currently working in HK that a lot of HK companies closed down recently and a lot will be closing down soon. Another friend told me some companies are now forcing their staff to take unpaid leaves, maybe 2 to 3 days per month. Then I got this friend who worked in a factory told me the company is forcing them to work 4 days and rest 3 days, previously work 8 hours per day for 5 days, now work 12 hours for 4 days. This is to save the electricity and etc. And some companies, of cos, choose to retrench staff lor.. But of cos, there are also some companies still non stop hiring staff..

A lot of companies had started making plans on how to get through this bad economy. What about your company? Any plans?

Friday, November 14, 2008

4 digit!! Will I strike?

I had a dream yesterday. I don't remember exactly what was the dream about, but I can still remember there's a 4 digit in the dream. Ya ya, don't worry, I definitely will go buy toto tomorrow, hehe, although there are a few times where my dreams about those numbers didn't really strike also. Anyway, shouldn't miss the chance mar right?

I remember which 4 number is that, but I don't remember the sequence. wuahahhaahahaha....

Do you believe in this? If you dream about some numbers, will you go try your luck with these numbers?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What an unlucky night!!!!

Yesterday morning before I went to work, I put all the ABC soup ingredients into the slow cooker. I plan to cook a simple dinner. So when I came home that night, I prepared other ingredients and get ready to cook.

When I was about to switch on the gas, something flashed into my mind. Oh my god!! I suddenly remember last Sunday the gas already finished, not yet get a new one. how how how? I got all my ingredients ready wor..

What time now? Can I still order gas? It was 9pm and I tried calling a few number but all said it's too late to deliver now. ~sigh.. luckily I'm cooking a simple meal, I can still make use of my rice cooker..

So is it over yet? the unlucky things? Oh no.. an hour later, I put all my clothes into the washing machine, pour the detergent and then... I realized my washing machine hangs, with all the lights on (beside the button). Can't operate a single button also.. it just hang there..not all.... Argggggg....

~sigh..what a day.. my 6 yrs old RM 500 Samsung washing machine finally feels like retiring.. I need $$, I need $$...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Before and after my trips

Before I go for a trip, normally I will go join those travel forums and read other people's travel blog about the place that i'm going. I will be a very active member asking tonnes of questions on the forum. I also enjoy reading people's blog, preferably those blogs with price, so that I can agak agak calculate how much i will spend for my trip.

After I come back from my trip, besides posting in my own blog about my trip (speaking about this, I still not yet finished posting on my HK trip, :p sorry sorry..), I also will visit the forums again. This time, instead of asking questions, I can answer questions already. hehe, expert already mar..

What about you? What do you do before and after your trips? Did you do the same thing like me?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Placed more hidden cameras, hire more guards lar!

I like to carry big bags (actually not say very big also lar, slightly bigger than the normal handbag lar..) cos I can put lot's of stuff in my bag. There's once I went to Giant at One Utama (no more Giant, now it's Cold Storage), before I stepped into Giant, the guard stopped me. He asked me to place my bag at the counter there. I told him this is my handbag, I have wallet, hp inside, who will be responsible if I lost anything? He said he don't care, so I walked away and didn't shop there.

Last month, I went to Carrefour, again, I was carrying a big bag (all my bags mostly big lar..). So the guard stop me again, he said he wanna tie a knot at my bag around the zipper. I looked at him, and asked him, how am i suppose to pay later if you tie that knot? He said asked the cashier to cut it off for u. Then he tied it before i said yes. Since he already tied it, I just walked in lor.. then few minutes later, somebody call me.. oh shit.. i can't even open my bag, how am i suppose to answer the call? %^#&$*@#%^@#@&@^#

I felt this is really a very stupid way for these hypermarkets to prevent people from stealing. If you scared people steal things, placed more hidden cameras, hire more guards lar, why wanna make us, the shopper suffer? Argggg... I told myself I won't shop there anymore if they did this to me again!

Got drink enough water or not??

A lot of people said, everyday must drink at least 8 cups of water everyday. Big cup? Small cup? Medium Cup? Recently I read an article about this water drinking and the article said we must drink 10 to 15 cups per day. Again, what kind of cup? hehe.. It makes me wonder, how much water I drink everyday?

I believe I drink more water during work than at home but exactly how many litre of water I drink? I decided to find out by bringing water bottles to work. hehe... I brought a 1500ml bottle and a 700ml bottle (which is equivalent to 2.2 litres right?) to work and I did finish all! Besides that, i also drink extra water by using my 500ml thermal mug, at least 3 to 4 mug, so I think add up all I did drink at least 4 litres water per day. wuahahahaha..I wonder 4 litres equals to how many cups of water...

What about you? Do you know how many litres water you drink everyday?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wait lar, busy lar!! Busy chatting with ppl!!

When someone asked me to help them do something, if i'm free or that thing is easily done, I will do it right away. But seems like not everyone thinks the same like me. Few weeks ago, I asked someone to help me add something, it was a pretty easy job (i don't have access else I will definitely do it myself), probably just need 5 minutes to gao dim. But till now that someone still not yet help me to do.

Why? Well, that someone said busy la, no time lar. but seriously I don't think that someone is really that busy lar..

perhaps this is normal lar.. human being.. thing thing doesn't benefit him/her, so why wanna help u to do?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Likes to smoke in a non smoking area? BEWARE!!

I heard this from the radio this morning. It's definitely a great news to me, not sure how you feel lar. hehe.. Say one day you makan at a non smoking restaurant (normally air con room are non smoking one lor..), while you were eating, you found somebody smoking!! What will you do? Normally you will tell the waiter and asked them to go warn the smoking customer right? Some waiter will politely asked the smoker not to smoke but some waiter are afraid to do so. If the waiter or the boss afraid to ask the smoking customer to stop smoking, you do not need to walk out of the restaurant. What you need to do is to call the Ministry of Health and report to them about this. Both the smoker and the restaurant owner will get summon!!

Doesn't it sounds great? You want to smoke in a non smoking area? You will need to pay for it!!