Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka!!!

Long holidays are always quiet.. quiet as in what? KL are quiet as most of the ppl will balik kampung.. so when ppl balik kampung, they don't have Internet access, or they don't have time to surf net, so that means what? Means, nobody check mail, nobody sending forwarded emails, nobody read blogs, nobody write blogs.. Even if ppl didn't go back kampung, they also might go out "wet"....

That is why, although I almost 2 days never check my email, I also got NO new emails. I got very little visitors on my blogs too...

Anyway, Happy Merdeka Day!! (ya ya, i know i'm a little bit out of topic.. hehe..)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stranger in da office!!

I realized my company no longer introduced new staff around. How did I find out about this? Well, it actually started a few months ago. My company actually consists of 2 floors, 1st floor are all the project executives, sales ppl, receptionist, accounts and etc where else second floor are the developers, technical ppl and etc.

My place is at the second floor, every time when i passed by first floor, I saw new faces. At first I thought these are just the boss friends (sometimes boss's friends come lepak one..) but then I saw them coming up to my floor to print stuff, to the boss room, collect newspaper and etc.

So these are actually my colleagues ya.. Like the new receptionist.. (I think she's the receptionist lar, they nv intro, how i know..), she's here for almost a month, but nobody intro her to us. I don't know her name, don't know whether she's the receptionist or not..she's just like a complete stranger to me...


Monday, August 25, 2008

How come no blog during weekends?

A friend asked me this through msn...
F: Ei, you not in Kl meh last weekend..
J: no ar, i'm in KL, didn't go anywhere.
F: then how come all your 3 blogs no update one?
J: oo, i got no notebook to use mar..
F: har, how come? where's ur notebook?
J: I connect my notebook to the TV to watch movie mar.. so no notebook to use lor.. that's y cannot blog lor..
F: ^&#$($#($^@$*&%$_(@_()$
Sometimes I feel weekends I'm even more busy than usual, why? Well, first of all, if i didn't balik kampung, i will clean my house lar. that will take up some time, then i have to talk to my plants. hehe.. experts says talking to your plants makes your plant happy and healthier.. wuahahahahaha.. then i have to watch movie, it is a must. Why? Becos if i don't watch, my harddisk no more space mar, so i used weekend to clear off some movies lor..

so you say i where got time to blog?

Har? No white sugar????

Whenever there's relative come stay at my place, they will ask me one thing. How come your house got no white sugar one? White sugar not good for health mar, it will get rid the vitamin B in our body, so if possible, don't take white sugar. What if i need sugar when I cook? Especially when I boil 'tong shui'?

Well, when I cook, I used brown sugar, as for tong shui, i used rock sugar. At first I'm not used to brown sugar too, but slowly, it had become a habit, even now in office, I also choose brown sugar rather than white sugar when making coffee. So what about you? which sugar you prefer? White? Brown? Red?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dilarang Melatak Kenderaan??

FL found this sign somewhere near his office and decided to take a picture for me to see. Dilarang Melatak kenderaan?? hehe.. It should be an E instead of A la.. I wonder the person that made this sign noticed the mistake or not. Did he notice and decided to ignore it (cos if redo need extra money mar.. :p, just simple cross the A out and replace with an E lar, save cost mar. hehe..), or he didn't even realize the mistake?

Friday, August 22, 2008

RM 1.92 + RM 0.78 = RM 2.70, RM 2.70 - RM 0.15 = RM 2.55

When increase, you increase 78 cents. Due to the increase of the price, everything else increased, the food, the drinks and etc. Now, you decreased 15 cents and everyone is sooo excited and happy about it.

haha.. We are so easy to pleased right??

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally , something from Jusco!!

I was just complaining about the Jusco card yesterday, about not receiving anything from them since day 1 i registered. Who knows, today when I checked my mail box after I back from work, I saw a mail for me from Jusco!! They FINALLY remember me and sent me something!!!

So the old saying is correct, day time don't talk about ppl and night time don't talk about ghost. This applies to Jusco Card as well!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are you a Jusco Card holder?

Are you a Jusco card holder? Have you received anything from Jusco before? Any mails from them? Vouchers? Information? Anything?

I registered myself as a member 1 and a half years ago but till now I have not received anything from them. At first I thought they never sent out anything until my friends around me told me that they had received some kind of newsletter from Jusco, sometimes even vouchers. Wow..

So one day when I was in Jusco, I decided to go over to their customer service and request them to double check my address. And yes, they have my address entered wrongly. I get them to correct the address for me and I thought I will start receiving mails from them ever since.

BUT I was wrong. It was already more than 6 months I had my address corrected and I still received nothing from them. Recently a friend told me she just received some kind of vouchers from Jusco, how come I don't have???

Have you received anything from Jusco? Do they sent out to all members or just certain members that perhaps got a lot of points? Anybody can tell me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

STOP calling me!!

I bet you guys have received calls from credit cards companies, trying to ask you to apply for another credit card, or introduce you to their newly launched insurance package, or some survey companies asking you to do surveys and etc. I'm sooooo afraid of these calls especially those ppl that doesn't want to put down the phone even though you told them you are not free to talk.

Anyway, recently I realized besides all these credit cards, insurance, survey companies, there's another type of phone calls which I'm very scared of or rather annoyed, the head hunter company!! 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from so and so head hunter company. I do not know how they got my number and the gal seems to know quite a lot about me, know my name, know my phone number, know i'm in IT line, know what language i'm using and etc. She started to ask me whether I'm still using the language or not, currently working in which company and etc.

I told her i'm not looking for a job currently and then she told me there's a lot of jobs suitable for me lar and this and that and asked me to give her my email so that she can sent these jobs to me. Well, no harm mar right, so I gave her my email.

I received her email a few minutes later. Instead of seeing vacancies available, I saw a few questions, a few questions that she required me to answer before she can sent me the jobs. I was quite free at that time so I answered all her questions. After I replied her, she sent another email asking for my resume, she said with the resume only she can sent me the relevant vacancies.

I'm lazy to dig out my resume therefore I decided to ignore her, since i'm not really looking for a job. Then the nightmare begins.. The next day, she emailed me asking for my resume, I ignored her email then she called me later in the afternoon. I said I will update the resume when i'm free, then 2 days later, she called me AGAIN. I told her I'm really busy and not looking for jobs currently, perhaps she should give these jobs to other ppl who is currently looking for a job but she doesn't seems to care whether i'm looking or not, all she cares is my resume. So every 2 days she will call me asking for my resume, I'm so so so so so so regret that I actually emailed her back with all her questions answered! I should have just ignore her from the very beginning!! She's sooooo annoying!!

Argggg....STOP calling me please!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to know other ppl's salary!!

Recently I chat with a not so close friend through msn and from all the questions he asked me, I know he's trying to figure out how much I earn every month (he actually asked me directly how much i earn but i refused to tell, so he took another approach this time). If you like to know your friend's salary but pai seh to ask, maybe can try to use this method lar. But of cos, if your friend is as clever as me (a-hem!! hehe..) you still won't be able to guess lar..

After b-s-ting for a while, F started to go into the topic..
F: so i heard u just bought urself a place.. how much per month ar? I also wanted to get my own place..
J: oo, depends how much is your property lor, mine is about RM xxxx per month lar..
F: oo, ok also mar.. what about your car? finish installment already?
J: not yet lar. still need to pay ler..
F: how much?
J: oo, about RMxxx lor..
F: wow.. ur expenses very big also wor.. luckily you no need to give your family..
J: (started to feel weird) who say no need to give? my family wait for my money to open rice 'hoi fan' one ler. hehe.. (joking lar..)
F: wow, so how much?
J: hmm... (i started to b-s-ting lar. hehe.. who ask him to ask so many questions..), i give very little only lar.. few thousand only lar..
F: WAH!! so much??? so what else you need to pay? installments? household stuff? maintenance fees? how much money you used per month? got savings or not?
J: ... (continue b-s-ting, hehe..)
See, if your friend answered all these questions with the exact amount, you can agak agak know how much your friend is earning lar.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cancer Cancer, Cancer again???!!!!

Recently I'm watching a TVB drama which talks about pets, dogs and cats. The first few episodes were funny, full of laughter. Who knows... suddenly the main actor was diagnosed with cancer and only will lived for another 6 months or so.

Not only that, one of the dog also diagnosed with cancer, BRAIN cancer some more. I just don't understand why these ppl like to make a happy drama to a sad drama. Is it because a lot of audience prefer unhappy ending? perfer to see ppl die? Else how come almost every drama also got cancer, cancer and cancer?

I guess now i understand why I prefer those 'gu zhong' drama, at least i know definitely got no CANCER scenes!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scariest dreams!!

We were talking about dreams during lunch yesterday, the scariest dream that we ever had. I told them about my dreams which I dream many many years ago. (see i can remember so long, sure very scary lar. right!!) There's actually 2 dreams which I can remember till now (both happened when i'm still in primary school), both related to ghosts!!

I do not remember what i dream (i just know it's ghost chasing me around, something like that lar..) and I had this dream for 3 days, continuously!! Nor, you dream then woke up, the next day you sleep, the dream continue, just like those episodes in drama. After having this dream for 3 days, I was so afraid to sleep!! Luckily it stop, else i really dare not sleep. Then another one is I was being chased by a ghost in a 3 storey house and when I ran to the balcony on 2nd floor, something dropped in front of me, it's the head of the ghost!!!! wuaahahahhaah..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mop Mop Mop? How much is their salary?

I am watching the Olympic badminton match between korea vs japan, indonesian vs malaysia and malaysia vs china (keep switcing channel lar..). I'm not really a badminton fan so while FL very gan cheong watching how they play, I was thinking about other things. What am I thinking of?

Well, you know when the players rest, there will be some workers come out to mop the badminton court for them. So I was thinking how much is their pay for mopping the floor. Wuahahahhahah, are they paid per hour? per match? per day?

Ok, don't scold me lar, I'm just curios mar. You see ar, ppl pay to see the match but these ppl get to see the match nearer, closer and FREE! Not only that, they also get paid for that!! I mean, seriously, if you are really a fan, you can really consider this as a part time job mar...

ok ok .. i shut up now.. let's continue watch the match.. :p

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arggg, itchy itchy eyes!!

Since last Sunday, the minute I woke up, my eyes were very itchy. I'm not sure why but it's just soooo itchy. I forced myself not to go touch my eyes and keep washing it with Optrex.

When I woke up on Monday morning, i got an itchy and red right eye. Washing with Optrex does makes me feels comfortable a bit but it still very itchy. Even until today, I'm still having itchy eyes!! I'm not sure what causing it, is it because of the air? or is it because I spent too long time in front of the computer? or is it because I don't have enough sleep?

Arggggg... It's so irritating!! please go away...

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Capalang MILO!!

I feel like drinking a cup of milo after dinner just now. I walked into the kitchen, took a cup and a teaspoon, then I took the milo out from the cupboard. At that point, my mind go wandering for a minute or so. When I finally focus back to my cup of milo, I realized I've added a lot of things into my cup. What did I add?

Well, besides milo, there are coffee mate, milk powder, nescafe and cocoa!! Aiyar, don't know what i'm thinking just now. Basically I add almost everything in the cupboard (luckily nv add lipton tea, green tea and honey. :p) into my cup!!

So how? throw ar? wasted lar.. don't care lar. add in hot water and see how it taste lar.. Well, actually it doesn't taste that bad leh.. hehe.. So if one day u feel boring drinking milo, try this lar!!

Plants vs worms!!

I brought a new plant back to my house from my hometown today. At about 11pm, I started to plant the new plant into the pot. FL said, wei, plants also need to sleep one ler, where got ppl 11pm do these things one? Hey, you think I want to do it at night meh? Where got time? Even I do it tomorrow after work, also already night time lar.. do it today or tomorrow, no difference mar.. Then he kept quiet..

Besides planting new plants, I also changed soil for some of my old plants. While I'm changing, I saw something. something which i'm very scared of. What did I see? Worms.. A LOT of WORMS!!! Oh my god.. I felt very geli lar, and holding them in my hands? oh my.. and it's not one, it's not two.. it's..A LOT!!!!!

Then FL come cakap cakap again.. where got ppl that loves plants scared of worms one.. #@%$^%@$#@^^#%^##@, nv come help some more want to talk a lot.. see lar.. Love plants cannot scared of worms one meh?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Today is the Fatt Fatt Fatt day!!

Chinese loves the number 8. 'Fatt' wor, who doesn't like, right? Therefore today is a good day for a lot of chinese. The grand opening ceremony of Olympic in Beijing, a good day to get married .. but it wasn't really a great day to me..

I wanted to get home early today, to watch the grand opening of Olympic at 8:08pm BUT when I was about to pack my things at about 5:50pm, problems started to come in.. Phone calls, emails.. and end up? I didn't get to watch the opening lor.. cos 8pm+ I'm still in the office!! I only get to watch at 11pm!!

How sad...I heard the ceremony, the fireworks were great!! Is it true? Did you guys manage to watch?? This is something which we, the Chinese should really proud of.. this is something BIG, not those dono what largest mooncake, tallest teh tarik...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Those that cash out from Advertlets on March 2008, anyone received the cheque??

I'm starting to lose my patience. It has been 4 months since I cash out from Advertlets. When I first created a ticket asking them about my cash out status, they said it normally takes 2 months to processed. So i wait and wait and wait for 2 months but still no sign of the cheque. I update the ticket asking them about the cheque and this time no reply. I wait for another month and then in June, I wrote a post on my blog, Dear Adverlets, when are you going to pay me?. A day after I posted this, Advertlet ppl wrote a comment telling me that they already sent out all the cheque, asked me to wait. FINE!!

I wait and wait and wait and still no sign of the cheque. Again, I update the ticket and of cos, received no reply as well. So I wrote ANOTHER post in July on my blog to complaint, Dear Advertlets, did you really sent out our cheque. Then when I checked the ticket, I saw a reply from them. What they say? Well, ask me to WAIT until month end again lar.. what else?

So i wait and wait and wait and wait and now it's AUGUST and still NO SIGN of the cheque!!!!! I'm so geram and I decided to go comment at their blog, the blog post which says they already sent us the cheque. A few hours later, I got an email from their support ppl. This time what they say?
We’re sorry to hear that you have not received your cheque. We will reissue and ensure that you receive it before the 15th of this month.

So let's WAIT and see lar.. The conclusion is what? Don't need to submit ticket as nobody will reply you, go comment at their blog and they will reply you faster (cos a lot of their supporter can see the comment mar..)!! Is there anyone cash out in March? Did you guys received your cheque? Is it only ME who didn't receive the cheque????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forum or Blog?

I started my very first forum 6 to 7 years ago. That time, I kind of FORCED all my friends, msn friends, real friends, whoever that knows me to JOIN my forum. hehe.. I was being reffered as the forum girl at that time. It was a free forum hosted by some website, few months later, my forum down and it never went up again. I lost all members, all threads, all posts..

So here comes my 2nd forum. Again, I asked all my members to join again. hehe.. I see them, the first thing i will asked them to join my forum. Then I joined a company which I started a company forum, then I have another forum, then when I bought my place, I created a forum for my condo too. But hosting on a free site is really not a good choice as it always down and at the end of the day, you will lost everything.

After foruming for several years, I started to blog and blog and blog. If you asked me which one i prefer, i would say i prefer to blog and blogging is easier. Why? forum need ppl to participate but blog? you can do your own talking, which i'm good at.. ya, i'm very good at talking to myself. hehe... don't you think so?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Today is my BIRTH DAY!!

I was not born in the month of August. So why I said today is my birthday? Well, I received a fowarded email this morning. The email comes with an attachment, an excel file. When I open it, it required me to enter my date of birth. After I entered it, it will calculate how long I've lived in this world, in year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds.

Besides that, it also told me that I was born on a Monday. Today is Monday mar, so today is my birth day lor... hehe.. Where's my present??

When will you finished posting about your HK trip?

I was chatting with my friend through msn and she's asking about my HK trip. Here's our conversation..
F: hey, how's ur trip?
J: great!! was really a fun trip!!
F: you said you gonna post it on your blog.. where is it?
J: got lar, i posted in my NEW blog lar..
F: har, you come back so long liao, only wrote 2 posts ar..
J: hehe.. ya lar.. busy mar.. slowly lar..
F: (after reading a while...) wah seh, you only post until you reach the macau ferry terminal ar.. like that when you can finish posting about your HK trip?
J: aiyar, i wanna write in details mar.. very helpful to those who is going to HK leh.. sabar sabar...
F: faster post lar.. hehe...
My friend complaint to me that I took too long to post about my trip. She also said i wrote too details already.. ~sigh..details not good meh? for those who is going to HK, can refer mar..right or not? Some more not easy leh, first got to arrange the photos, then have to recall back, then have to remember the price and etc..

hmm.. I think it's worth to take time to post it in details..

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ngeeeeee~~~~ PIAK!!

Yesterday after work, I went to the carpark to collect my car. When I open the door, I saw a mosqutoe fly into my car, I tried to get rid of the mosquitoe but it was too dark, so I told myself, aiyar, ignore the mosquitoe lar, since i'm wearing long pants and long sleeves today...

Then.. after driving for like 10 to 15 minutes, the mosquitoe started to attack me!! Arggg.. It keeps attacking my right leg, soooo geram.. and when i got home, i saw my leg with so many mosquitoe bites!! One small tiny mosquitoe can have such a big appetite!!

The moral of the story, never let a mosquitoe fly into your car!!