Friday, August 31, 2007

What makes me stop visiting a website.

I like to surf net, I can surf for all sorts of things. Read ppl's blogs, read the news, read about the technology, bitchy news about actor actresses, how to make money and etc. In other words, i can spend hours surfing net.

I've been to a lot of websites, if the content attracts my attention, I will put it in my bookmark and will visit it again soon. But there's 2 things that makes me stop visiting the site, even the content is attractive.. what are they?

The loading time of a website that is VERY slow. I hate those site with flash on their introductory page. They must have an option to let me choose whether i want to view it or not. My line here is not very fast (u all know which line i'm subscribing la..), sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes to load a flash page, visiting sites with a lot of flash is a no-no to me... I will try my very best not to visit those sites with heavy flash, unless the flash can be loaded fast!!

And another thing is the pop ups advertisements. I don't mind seeing ads on a website, but pop ups advertisements is really very annoying, especially those that forced you to pay attention to it (you need to close it before you can read the content of the website).

Other than the 2 things mentioned above, nothing can stop me from reading the content on the website. I believe a lot of ppl out there agrees with me, so if you want to attract more ppl to visit your site, remember not to have the two things ya!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A habit of mine...

There is one magazine that i must buy every month. If i don't buy it, i will feel uncomfortable (zao san hmm zhui choy). It's already like a habit to me, when reached end of the month, automatically i will go look for the magazine. what magazine that makes me so crazy about it? it's -> CLEO.

I first started to read CLEO about 5 years ago, a friend of mine borrowed her past months copy to me. I found it quite interesting, especially the articles. Unlike some other magazines, 90% are advertisement. This CLEO, it has the combination of advertisement & articles. and dont' forget about the contests, I've won quite a lot of prizes from CLEO, totally worth for the money i spend on the magazine.

Since then, i started to buy CLEO myself, every month without failed. The first 2 years, i read the whole magazine, from top to bottom, then slowly, i started to pick the interesting articles to read and go through the new fashion and new stuff available in the market. Then there's a few months where the articles are not so interesting, and later, i found myself only flipping through, there's even one month, after i bought i just left it there on my table. I started to wonder, am i too busy or wat? why don't i read it?

Buying CLEO every month already become my habit.. I'm a CLEO ADDICT!!!!! ~sigh.. I will start forcing myself to read again, if not i will not let myself to buy ANYMORE!!!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!!!

This morning traffic very smooth, i guess a lot of ppl on leave today, how nice.. When i came out of my condo this morning, i saw a couple, carrying luggage waiting for taxi, seems like they are going somewhere lar.. how nice.. travel... then reached office, read a few blogs, they said they won't be updating their blog over the weekend as they are going somewhere...all also go travel ar.. i so so so so ENVY la!!!!!

I've always wished that I can go travel at least twice a year (fyi, still have not achieved..) . Not necessary have to go to Europe countries (which i nv been to), can be somewhere near like Bangkok, HK, Bali and etc.. But then again, easy to say, hard to do, with so many commitments, if i can afford to go travel once a yr is considered very good already...

~sigh.. oh ya, Happy National Day!! Merdeka!!!!!

p/s: You can still check on my blog over the weekends. I will be sitting at home, updating my blog, cos i am NOT going anywhere.. :p

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The GHOST month

The ghost month? Yes, i'm referring to the 7th month of every year (chinese calendar). You probably heard a lot of "stories" on the month of 7, stories heard from parents, relatives or even friends!! Besides all these stories, there's also a lot of rules, don't go out too late at night lar, must 'bai bai' lar and etc.. Younger generation probably never follow but the older generation, most of them believes and do follow the rules.

I've heard a lot of stories on the ghost month. I remembered when I was renting a room during college time, one night, my land lord suddenly running out from his room to the living room, looking pale and shocked, trembling and told us that he saw something 'white' flying in his room!! Something white? is that his own powerful imagination or what??

But there's one thing that I noticed, if someone is very sick, and the sickness drags till the month of 7, normally it's difficult for them to pass the ghost month. You can say it's just coincidence but it happened to my father, my grandmother, and recently FL's relative, all on the month of 7!!

So.. do you have any stories to share?

My Very First Payment from...

HA HA HA!!! Today is such a happy day!! WHY?? Today I received the very first payment, the money that I earned from here!! here? where's here?? my blog lar.. hehe... dont' asked me how much i received lar, cos i won't tell you. hehe.. it's not a lot, but it's really a motivation for me to keep writing and keep posting!!


p/s: a thousand thanks to sws...for all the help in getting the $$.. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saaadddd Movie... always makes me cry....

Have you heard of this song? I knew this song since i was very little. no lar, it's not that i like oldies, cos my aunt likes oldies, so whenever she drives, she will always put on these songs, that is why i'm quite familiar with these songs..

i'm not going to talk about oldies today. I'm going to talk about movies. I personally dislike sad movies.. korean series? NO THANKS!!! japan series? NO THANKS TOO!! why? i did watch a few korean and japan series before ...all ar.. either got cancer, or accident, or even HIV!!! or else you'll see A loves C, C loves B, B loves A, then everyone is very depressed.. alamak..i hate this kind of movies, that is why i don't watched taiwan series as well.. love here love there, cry here cry there...After watching these kind of movies, i'll feel very down and my mood totally affected.. ya i think i'm too into the movies already... but ar.. life is already full of ups and downs.. still need to watch these kind of movies to make our life even worst meh??

that is why when ppl asked me, what kind of movies i like? i'll say comedies!! those movie that i don't need to use my brain to think. hehe, true mar.. i'm using my brain all day long, when i watched movie, i'm hoping i could relax and enjoy, not giving my brain any pressure to solve the puzzle or watsoever..

so.. what about you?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pearl Corn (Jagung Mutiara) from Cameron

what so special about these jagung
untill I need to blog about it??
well, it's from CAMERON!!! haha, not only
that... let me show you what is so special...

let me present you the Pearl Jagung (珍珠玉蜀黍)
I think it's called Pearl Jagung lar, i remembered
there's the word Pearl!!
Looks different from the normal jagung rite??
It's called pearl becos part of it is
bedge in color. totally looks like pearl!!

cut cut cut into 3 pieces.
guess what i'm going to do with it??
steam? cook? boil soup?
NO NO NO!! i'm going to eat it RAW!!
yes!! eat it raw. It's a total waste if you cook/steam
the corn, it's meant to be eaten raw!!

a closer look. it really looks like pearl!!
i'm going to eat it .. don't envy ya. hehe..
it's sooo juicy, so sweet, so crunchy.. nice...

Few months back, Ms.Q, told me that she wanted to let me tried jagung. I felt weird, why suddenly want me to try jagung? i've eaten before wat!! Then she said, we're going to eat it RAW!! My eyes almost fell off when she said 'eat it RAW'!! i never heard from anybody before that jagung can be eaten raw...

Then when i saw the look of the corn, i was like, huh, this jagung never see before wor.. then she smiled and asked me to try.. and of cos i'm very braved and i tried!! hehe.. and guess wat, since then i'm in love with it.. but i never got the chance to eat it again until TODAY!!!!

Last weekend, her sister went to cameron and she asked me whether i'm interested in buying or not?? u kidding? of cos i want!! i've been waiting to eat this jagung since dono when.... i 'pai seh' to asked ppl to buy that much for me as it's quite heavy, so i asked her to buy 3 for me.. i'll slowly eat this 3 as after this, i dono i have to wait till when only i got the chance to eat again... :(

so for you guys that have not tried b4, if you happened to go to Cameron, you MUST remember to try this.. you won't regret it!!

p/s: jagung mutiara, the name i simply tembak one. hehe..

How to get rid of ANTS!!!!

I just read from an article and got this amazing tips (not sure whether it works or not, haven't try it out yet. hehe...)

Normally how do we get rid of ants? The most common way is to buy this ants powder from those china lady. Yes, it's very effective in killing all the ants, but it is also very poisonous. If you have kids at home, you have to be extra careful when you apply these ants powder...

So this article that i read, taught us another way, a safer way.. which is to use SALT!! whenever you see ants, just spread some salt on them, and the ants will go away!! cool... I know some ppl use salt to wash vege, use salt to wash stained cups, but didn't know it can chased ants away too!! wow..

Besides salt, the article also mentioned that we can use lemon juice!! see ants, squeeze some lemon juice on it, because ants afraid of SOUR stuff!! haha, first time i heard this, ants afraid of sour!!

I'm definitely gonna try this at my house, my house got black ants lar, red ants lar. big big ants lar, queen ants lar, king ants la, baby ants lar.. ~sigh...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kena Conned ~ Part 2

Remember my Kena Conned post posted 2 months + ago? Well, although I got the feeling of being conned, but i still using the credit card. In fact i'm using it for almost all of my bills, cos i thought got cash rebate mar..4%, 0.3%, if accumulate all should be quite a lot also!!

Just got my credit card bill today, apparently i only got RM4 cash rebate? so little only? cannot be wat? i swipe a lot wor, especially in Carrefour, why that little?

Later that night, i went to carrefour for grocery shopping, the total purchase = RM98, let's calculate it as RM100 lar.. by right i should have RM4 (or RM3++) for cash rebate right? When i checked the cc slip, the cash rebate amount only RM2??? why that little???

then i remembered when i read the terms n condition when i received the credit card, it stated there there's only cash rebate when we purchased more than RM50. This one i understand, don't tell me they are calculating this way.. (RM100 - Rm50(the amount that we need to reach b4 we can have cash rebate)) * 4% so end up it's RM2. they minus out the RM50 first only calculate the cash rebate?????!!!!!

WOW, this time i really feel that i'm being conned. y? becos in oct, we can only have this cash rebate when we purchase more than RM100.. if they are really deducting the amount first before calculating, it will be (RM100 - RM100) * 4% = RM 0 !! no more cash rebate!! if this is the case, collecting points is better, right??

or maybe they are calculating this way? before you reached the amount of RM100, it will always be treated as RM50*4%? then i also very 'sit dai' wor, cos my total purchase was RM98!!

well maybe it's my fault, cos i never read ALL when i received the brochures... and guess what? i'm gonna terminate the card, yes, both cards!!!!!

My very first mooncake for this yr

There's still one month before the mid autumn festival arrived but I can see moon cakes everywhere. I decided to get one for myself, cos whole yr nv eat already, and also i will become the guinea pig first, taste which one nicer then only buy for my family.

Wow, there's really a lot of different brands, different taste and the packaging all super nice!! I look see look see for almost 15 minutes, there's really toooooo many different types of moon cakes, finally i decided to just simply picked one, picked one that i never tried b4..

decided to buy this, from HYT (喜月堂)
Pumpkin Taro (金芋满堂), RM9.90.
Never tried this brand before, hopefully it's nice lar..

hmm, does not look very nice..
i like those with darker color skin one. hehe..

i thought the whole thing inside is pumpkin (芋头),
apparently only the middle part.
how it taste? hmm, i can't really taste the pumpkin,
it's just like those normal lotus paste and
RM 9.90 for this? totally not worth it!!
hmm.. i won't buy this for my family lar!!
bad start for moon cake testing, hopefully
the next one i choose will be better.

Scramble Egg with Tomato Sauce

A simple and yet delicious dish. Here's what you need to prepare the dish.

2 eggs, tomato sauce, sugar, tomato

Scramble Egg.
Heat oil, low fire, pour in the egg
(beat till it mixed well)
keep stirring the egg till it cooked.

Tomato, cut into small slices.

Heat oil, stir fry garlic, then
add in tomato and little bit of sugar.
fry fry fry..

add in 1/4 cup of water and tomato sauce.

pour the scramble egg in.

ready to be served!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The TV Commercial that I like..

Do you like tv commercials? Most of the time we hate it, cos when we very 'gan cheong' want to know wat happened next, they will show us all the tv commercials...hehe...

Anyway, recently i saw one tv commercial that i feel it's really nice. It started showing in China, one guy carrying a box, shouting, there's a package for Mr.Zhang.. Then the whole factory workers came after him, cos all of them surname are Zhang. Sounds familiar? yes, that's the Fedex advertisment. They then showed us the difference when we sent packages by using Fedex. I like this kind of ads as i feel they really delivered the message to us in a very meaningful way.

Oh ya, and another ad that i like, the Digi 'I Will Follow You' series.. They also did a good job in delivering the message that they are good in coverage as this yellow man are always beside u... good advertisement...

Unlike some ads, doesn't deliver the mesg us, sometimes after finished watching the ad, i don't have any idea what they wanna tell us.. bad..!! Let me give u an example, there's this ad (dowan to tell u wat brand la. hehe..), ad started by showing you the can drinks, then the guy said 'It's good..', then PRETEND to drink, really is pretending, you can see it from the screen!! then said 'AHHHHH.. nice...'. I hate these kind of ads lar, crap... there are so many nice to drink can drinks out there, why i wanna choose to buy this one? just becos it's nice? tell me something else lar..

Hopefully there are more quality ads showing, good quality ads can really generate more revenues!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

wood door matched wood door, bamboo door matched bamboo door

There's an old saying, 'wood door matched wood door, bamboo door matched bamboo door'(木门对木门,竹门对竹们), haha, direct translation sure sounds a bit weird one lar.. hehe, so what does that means? hmm, normally in the movies, when the daughter pak tor with a rich guy, the parents would probably say this... something like we must know someone that matched our level, if we are from a medium range family, we must find someone with the medium ranged as well, not someone higher, and not someone lower... nowadays very little ppl think that way already...

why i suddenly talked about this? well, nothing to do with relationships lar... it's just a conversation between me and my friend suddenly remind me of this.. my this friend, should say he's from a rich family, not very rich, but he doesn't need to support the family, the family can helped him by paying part of the loan of his car (not those perodua or proton car la..), and also his house (not apartment / condo la )... that kind of family lar..

anyway, we were discussing about perodua cars, myvi & viva, he said he doesn't understand why ppl wanna buy these cars... why don't want to buy honda, toyota and etc.. why? becos of money lar.. 'yao tao fat' who wants to become 'lat lei' leh.. rite or not... i also know honda cars are better la, if city & myvi are the same price, who wanna go buy myvi?

then after that, he asked again.. i also dun understand, why ppl wanna buy condo/apartment. so many rules, this cannot that cannot, so small la, this and tat lar.. why dowan to buy double storey..

seems like this guy doesn't understand what it means by 'no money'. to him, if we don't have enuf money, we always can go asked from the family, buy car, RM 100K, only wanna pay 5 yrs loan, and one month max only can afford RM600, so downpayment? asked family to pay la.. same goes with the house..

after having the conversation with him, i really felt that the old saying is so so so correct. if you had the same conversation with some that has the same family background with you, they will surely understand how you feel and why can't you buy that!! Even when you go travel, if you go with someone that doesn't need to worry about $$, you will suffer, cos they won't know why you don't want to go eat at those nice and expensive restaurant, why u don't want to buy branded stuff and etc. of cos i'm not saying all rich ppl are like tat, but trust me, most of them are like that. hehe...

aih.. feels like wanna vomit blood after talking to him. hehe :p

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bad Workmanship ~ Part 2

After 5 hours of hard work, no more cracked tiles!! The contractor re-layed my entire countertop. We actually wanted him to pay for the tiles (since is his fault, 'tao gong gam liu' first, mixing sand more than it suppose to be..) but he super clever, came in, busy asking his workers to do work, then he said he go down and take something from the car, and then he never came back up.. end up we got to pay for the tiles..luckily only 4 pieces, less than RM100...

i'm quite satisfied with the work done, but hopefully it won't cracked again after 6 months. TOUCH WOOD!!!!!!

NICE!!! no more lubang and no cracked tiles!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BAD Workmanship!!!!

When i was picking up something in my kitchen last last friday, suddenly something caught my attention!!! what????!!! crack tiles??? tiles crack on my countertop??

crack countertop!! a small piece even dropped out!!

my goodness!! there's hole some more..
i can easily removed the tiles from
my countertop!!

What the hell?? i only moved in for half a year only ler, no banging no knocking, why suddenly cracked?? The next morning, we called the contractor and explained what happened, he almost forgot who were we after 6 months!!
C: cracked??
J: ya cracked, why will cracked one? nobody bang or knocked it also.. it just cracked like tat!!
C: told you guys not to use those made in china tiles, it will cracked one!!
J: hey, we are not using china tiles la!!
C: ..... not china made?
J: NO lar!! why cracked one...
C: then i think your countertop got stroke(zhong fong) la...
J: WHAAATTTT??? countertop kena stroke? cos of wat? high cholestrol?? what are you talking about??
C: ok lar, nvm lar, i come over and take a look...
stroke? what is that? both FL and me asking each other, what does he means when he said got stroke!! So a few days later, i purposely took a day off, sit at home and wait for his arrival.. he came in, looked at the cracked tiles, again, he asked.. china tiles ar? then i said, NO lar, not made in china one... then he knock knock knock, suddenly i heard a loud cracked sound, something inside the tiles cracked... he himself heard that too!!

after looking at the countertop for 5 minutes...
J: so how?
C: ok lar, i'll asked someone to come fix it..
J: how to fix?
C: got to remove all the tiles!!
J: what?? remove all? then we have to buy new tiles for all?
C: no lar, just buy for the cracked one, others we will just removed and redo...
J: when coming?
C: next week lar.. i'll call you..
and of cos, he did not call back, 2 days later, FL called him and he said will come on friday... then thursday the contractor called and said cannot, and postponed it to next wednesday, which is tomorrow!!

headache headache, redo, i have to clean my whole kitchen again!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! i dono how he gonna removed my tiles, but i need to make some precaution.. to protect my cabinets, fridge and etc in my kitchen mar.. i moved all the small electric products out from the kitchen, everything that is not in the cabinet, i moved out!!

after two hours of hard work....

my cabinets!! all cover up with newspaper

my hood...

gas stove...

guess what's behind the newspaper??
the fridge!! wuaahahaaha..

~sigh, i just hope these newspaper can help to ease my cleaning process later..

The Abalone Mushroom with Tomato

I won't be able to cook for the rest of the week, but the abalone mushroom that i bought last saturday are not able to keep for that long.. so what to do? cook and eat it lar, wat else!! hehe...

wash & soak the abalone mushroom,
squeeze off the water.
cut tomato into small pieces.

stir fry garlic & shallots in hot oil.

add some soy sauce, then add in tomato.
saute saute.. then add in the abalone mushroom.

stir fry a while, then add in some water & oyster sauce.

tah-dah!! ready to be served.
it doesn't look very nice but it does taste good.
how is taste? hmm, abalone mushroom sweet,
tomato sour, so it's a combination of
sweet & sour. hehe...
try it out urself!!

Potato Chicken


  • Chicken
  • Potato
  • Garlic
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sugar
  • Pepper
Chicken, chop into small pieces,
seasoned with pepper, a little bit of sugar,
and a bit of soy sauce.

fry potato in hot oil.

when done, put it in a bowl.

heat up the oil (from frying potato),
saute garlic, pour in chicken.

when chicken almost cooked,
pour in the potato.
fry fry fry ...

ready to be served!!

Too many opps???!!!

when everyone out there is complaining there's too many opps (ya, 'sai meng'!!) , poor me, i couldn't even get one, NOT EVEN ONE!!!!

*sob sob sob*

Zxx Zxx!! Zxx off your life??!!

FL brought a shocking news back from work today. His colleague told him that she just attended her friend's funeral. Ya, the friend died young, and the reason that caused the death?? the famous product... x-Zxx!! (i don't want to tell the name of the product lar, but i belief you guys are clever enuf to guess wat's the product!! almost everyday can hear their ad on the radio, buy one the 2nd one 50% off, it's green color, help to shape up your body.. oops..enuf..i dowan kena sue lar. since now so many sue-ing blogger cases.. :p) This is definitely NOT rumours becos is her friend!! not someone friend's friend friend....

WHAT?? Z caused death??? apparently, the colleague said her friend's blood vessel burst when she used the Z!!! she said her blood vessel already very weak (don't know wat does that means..) so when she used the Z, the blood vessel could not take it, burst and caused the death!!

of cos we can't start blaming Z becos we don't know how she used it, did she used it for too long or wat.. but this is really a sad news.... did these products being tested properly before they start selling? did they warn ppl that if got certain certain kind of sickness or certain part is weak, they are not advisable to use the product? sad sad sad...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Show off, show off...

Was chatting with a not so closed friend on msn today, basically, i'm not really chatting with her, she's the only one typing all the stuff where by i just answered by short words, such as, ya, oh, ic....and i'm just being polite by typing those words...

why i don't feel like chatting with her? read below:-

s: Hi j, how's life?
j: (omg, must have something to show off again..) hi...ok la..u?
s: me ar, great lar of cos, i just came back from UK leh..
j: wow..
s: aiyar, business trip lar, i don't really wanna go one, but my boss BEG me to go ma..cos i'm the ONLY person that he trust in the whole comp...
j: (see..told u...she only mesg me when she got things to show off..) good la..
s: aih, no choice lor.. 'meng fu' mar... i go UK until i so boring already lar. so many times.. although earning POUN, but also sien one mar..
j: oo..
s: so how's ur car?
j: (suddenly asked about my car? must have something to show off about the car la!!) car? ok lor..
s: aih, i just changed car lar.. no lar, changed to honda city lor.. cheap car only lar..
j: .......
s: i planned to finish the loan in 3 yrs time lar, dowan to pay installment for so long, very troublesome!!
j: ic
s: should have bought honda accord, honda city a bit small la.. made the wrong decision! simply drive first lar, maybe next yr only changed la...
j: ..........................
s: oi!! u busy ar?
j: ya.. chat some other time .. bye...

school holidays started...

woke up late this morning, thought will be late for work, who knows, traffic smooth and reached office within 20 minutes time!! wow, amazing, on a monday morning jam??

at first i thought today was some sort of holiday, till my colleague told me, school is having holidays for a week lar.. oo ic....

Why normal days can be so jam and school holidays can be less jam? parents now all sent kids to school? or teenagers now also own their own car? It does makes a lot of difference when comes to traffic, school day and a non school day!!

if traffic like this everyday, i would wish that everyday is a school holiday!! hehe...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sambal Sotong

after i know how to wash sotong, the next step of cos is to cook la!!! what do i need to cook sambal sotong??

shallots, sliced.

blended chili. I don't have sambal, so i used
this as substitute lor...

sotong (squid), sliced.

1. Stir fry shallots till fragrant, add a bit of soy sauce.
2. Add in a bit of sugar, then 3 teaspoon of blended chili.
3. pour in sotong and cooked for a few minutes.
4. served!!


PongTeh (Nyonya Food)

Have you heard of pong teh? Pong teh is a nyonya food, very popular in malacca. Almost all from malacca know wat's pong teh and tasted it as well. (oh no, i know someone from malacca that haven't tasted it b4. hehe...:p)

It had been quite some time since i last tasted pong teh, can't really find it in kl, not unless u go to those nyonya restaurants..that is why i decided to search for the recipe and try to cook...

I found one pong teh recipe online, but the ingredients and the way to cook doesn't sounds like pongteh. I then asked SH, which her mum is a very good cook, she agak agak told me how her mum cooked..

So combining these two recipes... i created my own. ahahaha... no lar, just combined them together lor.. Ingredients you need...

shallots, sliced
dried chili
brown sugar
soy bean paste
cinnamon stick

pork stew

stir fry shallots and garlic in hot oil

add in dried chili, soy bean paste, brown sugar
and stir fry till fragrant.

add in pork and cinnamon stick.

add in dark soy sauce, soy sauce and

pour in cornflour mixture & served.

well, actually this totally doesn't look like the pongteh i used to eat. The looks is not the same, the taste is not the same as well. I wanted to add in potato, but i forgot. and i do belief that i missed out something else too. But anyway will keep trying to get the real pongteh recipe. Luckily this so called pongteh doesn't taste bad too!! :p

How to wash sotong (squid)?

I'm a sotong lover. I've always wanted to try to cook sambal sotong (one of my favorite food), but i do not know how to choose fresh sotong and i don't know how to wash it as well, how to cook?

Yesterday i went shopping at Tesco @ Puchong, i saw a group of ppl buying sotong. I told myself, it's either very cheap, or it's very fresh. So i also don't want to 'zap shu', i go buy as well. I see those aunties taking long long time to choose, since i dono how to choose, i just simply picked a few... so now, how to wash?????!!!!!

these are the ones i picked, looked fresh rite. hehe...
i took 4 only.. cos i scared i dono how to wash and
dono how to cook. 4 sotong = RM 1.93, cheap or not ar?

I took a few minutes to look at these squids,
and decided to pull out the head so that i
can wash the body.

pull pull pull,
i think i pulled out all the intestines
as well.

then i saw one transparent thing on the body
of the sotong, i pulled it out, i think it's the
bone of the sotong!!

wash wash wash, clean or not? hehe...
as for the head, i dono what to do with it,
so i ended up chopped off the eyes
then wash it ..

cut cut cut into small pieces..
so did i wash correctly ar?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

OldTown White Coffee @ Desa Aman Puri

Old town again? haha, yalor, FL super love the oldtown white coffee, he said this is the only place he's able to drink a cup of 'ok' white coffee. other place one.. yuck!! oh ya, they offered free wifi too!! a good place to have gathering..

We went to this newly open OldTown at Desa Aman Puri.
The shop is quite big, the placement of tables
are good also, we don't need to squeeze with others if
it's crowded.

big menus with recommended food & drinks.

as usual, FL ordered Ice white coffee GAO,
RM 2.30.
looks nice but it's a bit too sweet,
the one at Old town Kepong taste better.

my old town white coffee,
chef recommended one leh.. hehe
RM 2.

Nasi lemak special, RM 5.80.
the rice is cold, besides the sambal, nothing is nice.

Kaya Sticky Rice, RM 3.20.
the oldtown @ kepong one is much much much
nicer than this. The whole thing is cold,

Kaya n Butter Toast (Double), RM 2.
this one still ok lar..

Total bill = RM 16.84. Besides the environment is nice, food, coffee all not nice, better go oldtown @ kepong!!