Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I don't know, You don't know..

One of my colleague intercom me at about 12pm just now..
C: hey J ar.. later where you guys going out for lunch?
J: err, dono wor, haven't decide yet..what about you?
C: i dono wor.. what you guys plan to eat?
J: err, dono wor, not hungry yet so not yet think...you wanna join us?
C: i'm thinking whether to join or not to join. hehe.. so where you guys going to eat?
J: (again? the same question?) hehe, really dono wor.. what about you? (ya, i know we are repeating the question again and again and again...)
C: i also dono wor..
J: western food, chinese food, indian food, fast food?
C: dono ler...
J: so how...
C: nvm lar.. i go hunt for food now..bye
J: bye..
You can see how moodless we are during work, hehe, everyone is sooo sooo soo in holiday mood now... A lot of companies even declare half day off (like the pejabat pos), even not half day off, they also let their staff to go back early (like FL's comp, 3pm asked them to go home liao..so nice...)..

what about me? I'm still stuck at here till 6pm lar..what about you? are you still in office like me?

Selamat Hari Raya and enjoy your long long holiday!!

Any plans for the long holidays? Well, if your company close on Friday like mine (ya, forced to take leave), then you will have 5 days holidays in one row (those who applied leave on monday and tuesday got 9 days off!!), syok right? Some of my friends travels to overseas, some balik kampung, some plan for a short trip to other states, what about you? any plans?

As for me, due to some money issue, hehe, I plan to stay at home and roll here roll there, from kitchen roll to living room, and from living room roll to bedroom. :p No lar, just kidding, I plan to paint my floor, make it shining...hehe... Well, that's my plan lar, i probably may end up doing nothing for the whole 5 days!!

So maybe you should start planning how to spend your 5 days off now if you do not have anything in mind..

Selamat Hari Raya and.. Happy HOLIDAYS!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Balik kampung, oh oh oh, balik kampung...

This week suppose to be a quiet week. why? Schools close for the raya holidays, some companies started to close down for the raya holidays since last Friday, even company not closing, a lot of people (not only malays) also apply leave for this whole week and went back to hometown or go for a vacation.

Well, at least this is what I thought it would be for this week, but how come still jam? I was quite surprised to see there's a lot of cars on the road and it's a little bit jam too, everyone should already be back to their hometown mar, right? so where's all these cars come from?

What about you? Where are you now? In office? At home? At your kampung? ~sigh, how i wish i don't need to work also. hehe..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Judge.. I'm here!! I'm here!!

I heard this from a friend's friend who recently went to the court. He got some issues with the bank (unsettled payments) and received a lawyer letter from the bank. He was asked to attend the hearings few days ago.

He thought the court will somehow like the TVB drama, 'lou por dai yan' but it's totally different!! He arrived there on time and sit quietly to wait for his turn. There's not much people attending the hearing, then there's this person reading out a list of names, those people that should attend the hearing. When he heard his name, he stood up, wanted to step forward but a guard near him asked him to sit. He was puzzled, shouldn't him suppose to step forward when his name was being called (like the TVB drama)? Since the guard asked him to sit, he thought maybe our country do things differently, so he sit down and wait.

After the person finished the name list, the person told the judge, ALL ABSENT!! What happened next? The court dismissed!! My friend's friend was shocked, hey, I was sitting right here! How come you said I'm absent? So he rushed out to find the person that read the list and told him he's there all the while!! The person looked at him and said, oh, you are here ar? nvm lar, come next week!!

He felt so geram as he purposely took leave to attend the hearing. Since he was there, he decided to go check out other cases which involved lawyers!! So he went in to this room, lawyer A was doing the talking. He can't really hear what the lawyer A said and when it's the lawyer B's turn, lawyer B told lawyer A, can you speak louder? I don't know what you are talking!! haha, so funny lar... So after the lawyer B finished his talking, the judge said, ok, enough for today, continue some other day. Then the judge started to pick a date, lawyer A said "I tak senang", the judge picked another day, then lawyer B said "I tak setuju", and the judge go on picked another date until all parties agreed.

After hearing what he said, I suddenly understand how come those cases dragged so long also not yet finished and I also understand how come lawyers are so rich (the longer the case, the more they earn right?) ... aih..totally disappointed!!

Have you been to the court? Izzit really like what my friend's friend said?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

LRT accident!!

Ever think of taking LRT also can involved in an accident? Well, it happened yesterday evening near the Bukit Jalil station, which involves 2 LRT (erm, of cos it's LRT lar, cannot be one LRT with car right..), 6 ppl injured and about 300 people trapped in the train for about 30 minutes.

When my friend told me about this, I was shocked. Har, LRT also got accident one ar? Well, luckily we can consider this as a minor accident, if major one, like the LRT really crashed with another LRT, both LRT may dropped from the track.. OMG!!

If you would like to know more or see the pictures, check out The Star.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't want to take lar!!!!

I don't have plans for the coming raya holidays and I don't plan to take leave. In fact, I think it's quite nice to work when most of the people go on leave, no incoming calls, not much emails and you can quietly sit there and do your work peacefully, and of cos go home sharp at 6pm!

Then out of a sudden, I received an email from the management telling us that they are going to close down the office for the raya holidays and asked us (for those who plan to come to work) to apply leave.

Arggg.. how come they don't let me work.. how come wanna waste my leave.. :(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I HATE high heels...

I do not know who invented high heels and who started to compliment on gals when they wear high heels. I don't wear high heels and in fact, I hate to wear high heels. I don't feel comfortable when I'm wearing one even it's only 2 inches high!! Sometimes I feel like I don't even know how to walk when I'm wearing one.

Since I got so many complaints, then don't wear lar.. Ya i know, I basically don't wear one but for some occasions, you need to wear no matter what.. argggg...you can't possible wear a dress with a pair of sport shoes gua... I mean, you can, but not everyone can accept lor, especially those who organize the event, they probably will think you don't respect them!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Anybody wants donut? FREE....

I wasn't feeling very hungry during lunch hour as I had my breakfast quite late this morning. I decided to eat something light so I went to the bakery shop to get some bread for my lunch/tea time. The minute I walked in, the buy 1 free 1 word caught my attention! Oo, buy 1 donut free another donut wor, since I don't know what I want to eat, why not take this.. free wor.. (although i can't finished 2 .. but just can't resist the word FREE).

When I go to the counter to pay, I asked the staff again, donut buy 1 free one right? She said, yes.. but when she asked me to pay RM 2.80 (Rm 1.40 each), I looked at her, ei, just now i asked you and u said it's buy one free one? how come i need to pay for 2 donuts instead of 1? She looked at me and then the donut and then asked me to pay Rm 1.40!! I guess the staff from this bakery shop is dreaming lar, no matter morning or afternoon..

Anways, free stuff not nice lar. It's hard, taste like dono what..~sigh, regret lar.. now how to finish this 2 yucky donut? Anybody wants donut? FREE.... come get it from me..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry, i've neglected you!!

I'm very sorry that I've neglected you. I don't really visit you, don't really think about you, don't really care if other people visit you, don't even care if other people talked about you.

Who am I talking about? What you think? My BLOG lar.. who else...

Well, don't blame me for neglecting you, I have reasons, tonnes of reasons, for one, I was pretty occupied, occupied with some other things. Secondly, I blamed the streamyx, the line was so bad that at some point, I can't even go online, if I can't go online, how am I suppose to visit you??

So please do not blame me, if you really want to blame, blame STREAMYX!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change change change?

A lot of people hope they will see some changes today but seems like nothing happened (maybe still early?)! People still go to school/work as usual. What happened? You said it out loud that today we shall see something different (变天), but where is it?

We hope to change is not because we are his supporters.. it's just that we are all very disappointed with the current one, which will simply lock u up when he doensn't like what you say or asked, which blindly side and protect those that act like a barbarian (say things that won't suppose to say, tear things which not suppose to tear)..

Are you looking forward to see the change too?

Monday, September 15, 2008

The more you asked me to remember the faster I will forget!!

Last week, I helped one of my colleague to install a software. During the installation, the system required us to enter a password. So when the system prompt us to enter the password, I told him, this password is very important, so make sure you remember the password (of cos there's a way to reset but it's quite troublesome). So he said yes yes yes, he will remember lar, he will write it down lar... I leave him alone to to enter his password and I went back to my place.

This morning, he came to my place and asked me, erm, J ar, do you remember my password? See lar, he himself entered the password and he came to me to ask me whether I remember the password he keyed in or not? I'm not even at his place when he entered the password!!

Maybe it's my fault, I should not asked him to REMEMBER the password. Cos the more I asked him to remember, the faster he will forget!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cracked, again??

Every morning I will make a cup of coffee and eat breakfast in office. Today as usual, i made myself a cup of coffee. After I placed my coffee on my desk, I saw coffee stain on the desk. I thought I accidentally spilled it so I wiped it off. After a while, I saw coffee on the desk again... strange.. I wiped it off again, then again, there's coffee on the desk!! What's wrong??

I looked carefully at my cup, and then I realized there's a cracked line on my cup!! This is the second cup I brought to office, the first one also cracked, this one also cracked, what is wrong? My office is not very cold also mar..

Hmm, the first one I bought with RM 2.90, hehe, at Jusco and it lasts for almost 2 years, and this one is from FL's comp (free), only lasts for a couple of month, free things no good things ya.. :p

I'm going to find another cup to bring to office lar. hope it'll last longer!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eh, don't main tembak lar!!

FL and I went to a malay stall near our place for dinner yesterday night. This is the 2nd time we had our meal there. We ordered the same dishes (I always ordered the exact same dish when I eat at malay stall, dont' ask me why. hehe..), telur bistik, sotong pedas, kang kung belacan and sometimes tom yam campur).

So as usual, we ordered the same dishes. After we're done, we asked for the bill. Normally what they do is they will asked you what you ordered and they calculate from there. So this lady, she didn't ask us what we order,(she's not the one that take our orders too), she just look look look and write write write and asked us to pay RM 20++. We were quite shocked when she asked for RM 20+, since when the price increased? The last time we makan here (at most a month ago) only took us about RM 18!!

So we asked her, how much is this dish, how much is that dish... and then only we realized she don't know what we ordered, she just main tembak only!! We told her, this is tom yam ayam leh, she said, aiyar, i thought tom yam campur (campur more expensive), then we said we ordered kang kung belacan leh, then she said she thought we ordered kailan ikan masin, then we said this is teh tarik leh, then she said i thought u order milo panas!!

OMG, why don't you asked if you are not sure? Luckily we asked her how much is those dishes lar, else, rugi lar!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Write your own appraisal?

My friend told me his manager asked him to fill up his own appraisal form himself. He don't have any idea how or what to write. If he write all the good stuff, then the management might think he's not honest, not telling the truth or over confident. But if he writes something bad about himself, then the management might think he's not good enough for the position.

Hmm, this is a tricky one. How should he write? In fact, how can his manager asked him to write himself? Appraisal form should be filled up by both the manager and the staff, write about how this staff performed throughout the whole year. How would my friend know whether he's performing well or not (well, everybody thinks they performed well what...) right?

I asked him to write something good about himself, such as I'm responsible, hardworking and blah blah blah and write something which he thinks he needs to improve, maybe to be more socialize, more friendly and etc.

Have you ever write your own appraisal before? If yes, what did you write about yourself?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why so fast Monday again??

Every Monday, I would pray for Friday to come fast. But when it comes to Friday, I will hope the weekend pass slowly. Do you think the same like me?

However, it seems that I never get what I hope. On Monday, i hope Friday to come faster but it always arrived slowly and when it comes to weekends, it's like a few seconds and we're back to Monday again.

Oh ya, very clearly I'm having Sunday night blues. hehe.. Tomorrow is Monday mar.. so now having blues lor.. :p

Happy Monday and happy working again.. (now it's time to wait for Friday to come..)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Normally a few things will popped up in my mind during a rainy day. One is coffee, hehe, (imagine drinking coffee and watching the rain, wah seh..so relax leh...) and another one thing is Steamboat (i think a lot of ppl will think of eating steamboat on rainy days).

But today all I can think of is my bed. Cold weather, my comfortable bed and pillow and quilt...wah.. I WANT TO SLEEEPPPPP!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Google Chrome ~ Not bad wor..

Whenever I opened one of my blog with Firefox at my house, the firefox will auto shut down. I wanted to format my notebook but I don't have the time to do that plus I don't know where to backup all my stuff to. (yep, tried uninstall and reinstall the firefox)

Of cos I can start using other browser such as IE, or Opera, but after a while, I switched back to Firefox. I think i'm so used to it already until I heard about the new google browser, Google Chrome. I decided to give it a try.

It's actually very similar to Firefox, and it's definitely faster even I open so many tabs!! You can also drag the tab out and it will automatically turned into a new window and vice versa. What's more? everything is in one box, web search, web history, address bar, damn cool!! It's still in Beta but I'm already in love with it (maybe because the firefox is getting slower and slower everyday!).

The incognito mode for private browsing.
Use this when you don't want pages you visit
to show up in the web history.

Have you try the Google Chrome? If not, give it a shot and I think you will like it too..No more shutting down when viewing my own blog..yay!! :p

p/s: Nope, this is NOT a sponsored post. hehe..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The blogging wind..

Recently there's a blogging wind in my ex company. All of a sudden, almost everyone there decided to start a blog and start writing blog. Some blog in Chinese, some blog in english, and some (i must admit) really write good and interesting articles which make ppl wanna visit again and again and again to see whether he had written any new posts or not. Impressive!!

I really think this is a good thing but let's just hope the blogging wind will last long. Happy blogging!!

For your safety, please drive your vehicle INTO your house!!

The public security in our country is really getting worst. There is a rising number of cases of snatch thefts, robbery, sex crimes, and violence in Malaysia. Last time you probably will heard ppl said, don't go out too late, come home earlier to avoid becoming these victims but it seems like coming home earlier doesn't really help nowadays!!

Few weeks ago, one of my relative got robbed right in front of his house at Damansara Jaya, PJ. He went home after worked and parked his car in front of his house. It was about 10pm at night. His housemate went down first to open the door and the minute my relative opened his door, 4 Indians with parang came to him and asked him to hand over his car keys. He got no other choice but to hand over his car keys and when his housemate saw these 4 Indians with parang, she screamed!! One of the Indians quickly got into my relative's car and drove away and the rest drove away in their car, a perodua MyVi.

The luckiest thing is both of them were not hurt and now he just pray that his car can't be found and to get the Insurance claimed as soon as possible. 10pm is not that late right? Besides this, I heard another incident which happened at 8pm yesterday night. Someone got shot in front of the McDonald at Bandar Sri Damansara!! 8pm leh!!

So now what? Don't drive? Don't get out of the house after 6pm? Don't go to work? Don't go out at all? Our 'MATA' should really do something about this lar..~sigh...