Friday, April 24, 2009

You wanna tipu me?

At about 8pm yesterday, I received a call...
U - unknown caller
J: Hello..
U: Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan xxx?
J: yes...speaking
U: Saya daripada xx comp (i didn't get the name of the comp), nak tanya sikit, kamu ada xxx (i didn't get this part again, but i heard the last word..) JUTARIA?
J: (I remember jutaria is a tv show right?) Tak da..
U: oh, macam ini ar.. kamu pernah pergi shopping tak?
J: (what kind of question is this? who nv shopped? right? I decided to ask him..) What is this regarding?
U: oh, ini lucky draw, nak pilih pemenang sagu hati..
J: (I didn't let him finish his sentence..) oo, saya tak berminat..
U: Kenapa? Ini bukan tipu tipu punya..
J: (ya right..) It's ok, please pass it to somebody else.. Thank you.
U: Ok lar..
Does this sounds like a con case to you? It sounds like one to me lar!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many wallet/purse you carry with you?

There's one time I went out shopping with this friend of mine, S. It's fun to shop with her as our taste is quite similar. After we shopped at a few shops, I noticed something. When we were at the cashier, she took out a different wallet/purse to pay every time. So far I can see she has 2 wallets and 1 purse.

I asked her how many wallet/purse she brings and she told me she normally will bring 2 wallets and a purse. She got a big wallet which has all the big notes, then another smaller wallet to carry her cards and some cash, then the small purse is for small cash and coins.

Wuahahahaha...funny lar.. the most i see is 1 wallet 1 purse, but she got 3! What about you? How many wallet/purse you carry with you? For me? I only carry one BIG wallet. hehe..

Monday, April 13, 2009

So far yet so near...

As you all know, I like to blog hop a lot. Few months ago, I found a rather interesting blog. The owner of the blog leads a totally different lifestyle that most of us had and it's quite interesting reading about his life which I will never ever experienced.

While flipping through his older posts, I got to know he stayed at the same area where I worked. And a recent post of his, which he took photos of his office block, I realized his work place is sooo near to where I work, just across the street. Wow, I know there are many bloggers around but I never ever encountered one which is so near to me!

I wonder will I ever bumped into him? hehe..and will I say Hi to him and tell him "I read your blog" when I saw him? I think I will not say HI to him lar, probably will just stare at him...wuahhaahahahahahah...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I just don't get it...

Sometimes I really don't understand, how come people like to drive SLOW when they are in the fast lane and drive FAST when they are in the middle or the right most lane. I was at the left most lane a.k.a fast lane this morning, i was not driving very fast, maybe 80-90 like that, then there's this car on my left switched on the right signal trying to cut into my lane. As a good driver, I slowed down a little bit and let the driver switched to my lane, right in front of me. Then the nightmare begins...

After she switched to my lane, she drives really slow...maybe 40...what's wrong with her? When she was at the middle lane, she drives as fast as me and now when she switched to the fast lane, she decided to go slow?


Quiet or Noisy?

Which one you prefer? A quiet office or a noisy one? Most of the time, I prefer a quiet one. I can't think or concentrate when it's very noisy that is why I prefer working in a quiet office. But sometimes when I'm very sleepy or I have nothing to do, I will prefer a noisy office. At least the noise can keep me awake mar.. hehe...

What about you? Quiet or noisy office?

Blood test vs Medical Check up

While I was entering the data into the efiling, I noticed one column which can deduct tax. It says there medical check up for self, spouse or child, can deduct up to RM 500. I did a blood test last year so immediately I entered RM200 in that column. When FL saw me typing in that column, he told me blood test cannot use to reduce tax.

Then I asked him, here says medical check up mar, blood test not consider as medical check up meh? He said no, but I still think it's a YES. hehe... So can you tell me, is blood test = medical check up?

How many litres of water you drink per day?

I'm a heaty person. Ppl said those with bad temper are heaty. wuahahaha..anyway, I can easily get sore throat, well, maybe part of the reason is because I love spicy food and almost every meal I will have something spicy.

I know I can't stop myself from eating spicy food, so the only thing I can do to prevent myself to get sore throat is to drink more water. How to force myself to drink more water? I brought water bottles to work everyday. One big bottle, 1.5 litre, and another medium one 800ml. I told myself I will need to finish these two bottles every day and besides that I refilled my mug (500ml mug) with water in office..and forced myself to drink at least 3 to 4 mugs per day...

So I guess plus and minus I got drink about 4 litres of water per day gua.. hehe.. What about you? How many litres of water you drink per day?

Can you accept the fact that you're old?

Sometimes I will wonder, what happened if one day I woke up and saw my hair turned white, whole face full of wrinkles and teethless? Can I accept the fact that I'm already old and I'm going to die any minute? Can I accept that everyday my life is just one step closer to the coffin? Can I accept that I got nothing to do everyday but to wait for the time to come (to die lar..)?

Can you? Can you accept that?

Geram man...

You see.. she asked me something at about 6pm+ yesterday..I explained to her, for like 30 minutes.. then she said ok.. As soon as I finished explaining, she off the computer and left. I didn't see her writing down anything, she thinks she can remember. This morning, she asked me again, the exact same thing....

Of cos she will kena from me, she thinks i'm so free? or she thinks i'm a tape recorder, can replay any time she wants? If she can't remember, why can't she finished it before she leaves the office? Even she had something to do after work and need to rush back, she can still write it down some where what, right or not?

geram man...

A dream about my grandma..

My grandma passed away few yrs ago at the age of 80+. I'm not very close to her and we didn't talk much too. I only visit her once or twice a year during CNY or sometimes when I balik kampung.

Few days ago, I had a dream about her. She was in her fifties and she's waving at me, smiling too.. In the dream, I waved back and I had this feeling that this is the last time I will be able to see her.

What does this means? She's going to a better place (since she dress nicely and smiling so I assumed she's going to a better place..)? I do hope so, I really do...

What else can reduce tax??

Yesterday after I roughly entered the salary info into the e-filing, I noticed I still need to pay A LOT! Why? Why is this happening to me? Last year I need to pay a lot and it happened this year too? I remembered last year after I paid the income tax, I told myself I need to donate more and buy more books to reduce tax, so this year I tried my best to donate more and I buy lot's of books. But one thing I missed out is most of the places I donated, it's not tax deductable. hehe.. as for the books, I only managed to buy around RM 500 books, so cannot fully utilise the book/magazines column which is RM 1000 max.

Hmm...this year, I shall donate more and buy more books!! What else can be used to reduce tax ar?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will you afraid if you're alone in office?

It is 7pm+ and I'm still in office. Normally there are still a lot of colleagues around at this hour but today, everybody left early. I didn't realized I'm alone until I went to the pantry to get some water.

When I told a friend that I'm alone in the office through msn, she asked me, don't you afraid to be alone? It's raining now, with thunder and it's dark outside, you're alone in office, don't you feel creepy?

TOUCH WOOD!! hehe...I have good imagination so I told her to STOP. But seriously? I'm not afraid to be alone lar.. I didn't do anything bad so I think those things will not come and kacau me lar.. right?

平时不做亏心事, 半夜敲门也不惊。。。。

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You volunteered, and now you complaint???

Have you ever met someone like this? He volunteered to do something, and after he did it, he complaint to everyone else that he was forced to do all these things..argg..I hate this kind of ppl...

There's this guy in my comp, who likes to VOLUNTEER to do stuff. It can be helping ppl tabao for lunch, or driving the car out from car park, or changing light bulbs, carrying stuff and etc. He is always the first to volunteer, which is a good thing. BUT I hate it when he complaint after he had done all these things. He said ppl always bully him and asked him do stuff like that...

Hey!! You volunteered ok? Don't complaint!!