Friday, May 30, 2008

A nasi lemak stall can support a family of 8!!

Normally if you ask someone why they dowan to have kids yet, or why they dowan to have more kids, they probably will tell you, it's not easy to raise a kid leh.. need a lot of money... That is why nowadays most of the ppl will only have 1 or 2 kids.

Remember I talked about the nasi lemak stall near my office, that only available in the morning? When i first started to buy nasi lemak from that couple, i only saw a little girl with them, about 2-3 years old. Sometimes I will see a boy with them, especially during school holidays. So i always thought they have 2-3 kids.

This morning, when I go buy my breakfast from them, guess how many kids i saw? 6!! 3 boys, 2 gals and a newly born baby. Wow, how much money can a nasi lemak stall like this earn and they can afford to raise 6 kids + 2 adults? Wow, salute to them lar!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

No time to open up letters!!

I wrote a cheque to China Press to donate to the earth quake victims in SzeChuan few weeks ago. When I checked my bank account this morning, I was surprised that the money still in my bank account. What happened? Did they lost my cheque? Did my cheque reached them?

When I was about to find ways to contact China Press, my colleague came to me and asked me whether I'm free tonight after work. I told her I got plans tonight and asked her why. She said she need some voluntary worker to Sin Chew Jit Poh to open up letters. Huh? letters? Ya, too many donations received and they got no time and not enough ppl to open up all the letters and bank in the cheques. Oo, what a great news. A lot of letters means a lot of donations, a lot of donations means we, the Malaysian are kind and willing to offer help to ppl in need!

After talking to her, I know my cheque had probably reached them but they don't have time to bank in yet. So if you too, worry about your cheque, don't worry, give them some time and they will definitely bank in the cheque. Oh ya, make sure you got enough money in your bank by then ya.. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Company trip or bonus?

Recently, my colleagues are all talking about the company trip. To where? when? Well, actually everything is just talk only.. From what I know, my company had nv had any company trips before. So what makes them think we will have one soon? Well, they said if my company able to get THAT project, we MIGHT have company trip. and where they plan to go? to HK wor... of cos, these are just talks among colleagues..

Not yet get the project already start dreaming? According to them, no dream, no hope mar.. haha, true also lar.. As for me, I'm not really very excited about the company trip (if there will be one..). If you were to let me choose between company trip and bonus, i will definitely choose BONUS!!! If you say they are going to give me 6 months bonus then I will be excited, I will be very happy!! hehe..

What about you? You want company trip or bonus?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone Gone Everything is GONE!!

The reason I seldom scan my notebook is because it took too long to finish a full scan. Yesterday after I upgraded my anti virus software, I decided it's time to do a full scan. Oh really? hehe, no lar, actually I suspect my notebook kena virus/spyware lar, that is why i scan..

When finished scanning, I saw a super long list of viruses/spywares or watever. I was feeling very sleepy and wanted to go to bed. Therefore, I decided to remove all the so called viruses/spywares that the anti virus listed. and then, i shut down my notebook and went to bed.

When I came back from work today and try to turn on my notebook, I was SHOCKED that I was not able to go into the windows. It prompt me error message saying that some exe/dll files that windows needed are gone! SHIT, i guess i must have deleted those files yesterday.

aih.. my bangkok photos are gone, the food photos that i took and wanted to post on my yummy blog also gone, my downloaded stuff gone (luckily i put some at different drive, phew~), my songs all gone..arggggg.....

Look carefully before you delete any files! else you will end up like me!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear colleague, WAKE UP!!!!

What will you do when you approach a colleague of yours to ask him/her some questions but found out he/she is sleeping? Will you wake him/her up? Will you walk away? Will you go tell everyone that he/she is sleeping? haha..

I've faced this kind of situation a few times, in fact, it happened today! I caught him sleeping three times!! Wonder what he's doing last night.. Anyway, normally, if i'm close to the colleague, I will wake him up. Well, it's better for me to wake him up than the boss wake him up right? If the colleague not too close but I had some urgent things to talk to him, I will pretend that I didn't notice he's sleeping and talk to him as if nothing happened.

What about you? What will you do? Shout at him? WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

See what I got for myself at the bookfest!!

Hey, sorry for the late updates. I was pretty busy.. busy with what? Well, wrapping my newly bought books. haha, ya, that's right. I was busy wrapping those books i bought from the bookfest. So how's the bookfest? It's amazing!!

You guys know I was pretty excited about the bookfest right? I wanted to go early on Saturday but somehow I only managed to go at about 4pm. Well, since it'll open till 10pm, i still got time!! I thought I can reached there before 5 but it was so jam!!

@ jln kuching.
dono what happened, so jam!!!
i saw ambulance.. maybe got accident..

finally we were there!!
we parked at the car park beside the KL convention centre.
luckily it's not too hard to find parking.
RM 6 per entry.

bookfest, i'm COMING!!

the ticket counter, RM 2 per person

the tickets and the bookfest catalogue

I was kind of surprised when I stepped into the hall. By right they should lead us to hall 1 first right? but somehow we were in hall 5. hall 5 are all Popular's Book Store's stuff, i'm not interested in Popular's books, why? you can get books from Popular all the time, so i'm not going to buy from Popular this time.

If you are looking for cheap books, you should look for china books, if you wish to get some good quality books, taiwan books are you choice. I decided to go straight to hall 1 where i can get china books. Therefore, I went from hall 5 to hall 1. I can see that the bookfest is getting smaller, the first year, very big, second year, a bit smaller, this year is the smallest!!

But then again, small is not a problem. I manged to find a lot of books, a lot of books with amazing price!! Want to see how many books I bought? okie, let me show you..

how much are all these?
about RM 400
damn worth it!!

guess how much are these books?
RM10 per book? No no, wanna guess again?
it's RM 4.90 per book!! cheap right?
OMG, it's so cheap!!

see these tiny little words?
i love books with small words and not much spacing..

RM 12.90 each

RM 170++
total how many books?

15 books!
These are from china, that is why it's cheap.
You know how much this set is selling at the taiwan books
section? RM 400++!!
I only saw 2 sets at the china book section.

These are from taiwan..
RM 90+ for 4 books.

travel guide to Hong Kong & Bali,
RM 14.90 each.

RM 20++

So now you know why i'm so busy yesterday until no time to blog. So many books to wrap mar.. hehe.. I'm so happy that I went to the bookfest and get lot's of interesting books! I really bought a lot if compared to last year. What about you? Did you go to the bookfest? what have you bought? Tell me, i wanna know!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bookfest.. I'm coming I'm coming!!

I'm so excited today. Why? Cos the bookfest that i'm looking forward to starts tomorrow!! hooray!!! I go every year but this year, i'm extremely excited about it. I also don't know why. hehe..

If you have kids, you really should bring ur kids to this bookfest as there will be a lot of books for them. If you like cooking, you should also go to this bookfest as there are tonnes of recipe books there!! if you likes book, then you should should should go!!! yes, trust me, really a lot!! In other words, you should go no matter what. hehe..

I hope tomorrow come faster.. :p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My scary dream!!

I had a dream last night. What is so special about this dream? Well, I dream about a vampire. Ya.. a vampire that kept chasing me. I don't remember the details about the dream, but i know that the vampire kept chasing me, i keep running, running round and round the house, then run into the house, trying to lock all the doors and windows, then when i was locking the last door, the vampire appeared. ARGGGG!!!!!

It was so scary and when i woke up this morning, i felt sooooo tired. Ya, nv run in real life, therefore they made me run in my dream.. ~sigh...

Hope i have sweet dreams tonite..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have you ever tried to talk to someone like this?

I was out with some friends the other day and one of them brought his gf. He intro his gf to us and just left his gf sit there while he go talk to others. Although i'm not a very friendly person (ya ya, i admit.. hehe..) but i see her sitting there alone like very kesian like that, so i went over to her place, sat beside her and tried to create a conversation.

So here's our conversation.. err, actually i don't feel it's a conversation, it's just me .. talking to myself... hehe..
J: Hey..
G: (she just smile)
J: so bad hor him, left u alone here..
G: (still smiling..)
J: so you're local?
G: ya..
J: so how you two met each other?
G: work.
J: oh, didn't know you guys work together..
G: (smile..)
J: so what do you like to do when you're free?
G: watch movies..
J: (I thought i finally found something that she's interested to talk about..BUT...) i like movies too, what kind of movies you like to watch?
G: chinese..
J: oh.. what about tvb series? do you like to watch that?
G: ok lor..
J: (I think i being really nice already..sit there do all the talking by myself.. now it's my turn to smile..) I go see what they talking about.. you wanna join me?
G: (smile again?? is that a yes or no?)
J: (i smile back..and left..)
Well well, I found it really hard to create conversation with this kind of ppl. I asked one question, she answer one word?? Oh god, maybe she prefer to sit alone there lar.. maybe she doesn't like me kacau-ing her..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lebih sikit boss!

Normally when you go eat mixed rice, or if you go mamak, when they passed you the plate of rice, what would you say? For gals, normally you will say, less rice pls right?

I was at the mamak the other day, normally I will hear ppl say kurang nasi, even it's a guy as they always give such a big plate of rice. But that day, instead of hearing kurang nasi, I heard lebih sikit, lebih sikit!! I got curious, the guy in front of me doesn't look like a big eater. When i looked at his plate of rice, I know why he asked for more.

I guess due to the shortage of rice, they all now giving less rice to customers. I mean, really less. They give less than half if you compared to last time. This not only happened to mamak, i seen this at those chinese restaurants, those mixed rice stalls, even the nasi lemak stall that I always go tabao in the morning.

Did you notice that? I guess it's a good thing, at least now we won't waste the food. If you think it's not enough, ask for more lar!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Body Shop Annual Sales (16/5 - 8/6/2008)

The Body Shop annual sales is back. I bought my whole year supplier during their last year's annual sales. This is the time to stock up again!!

I do not want to miss the chance to get their 70% discount products so I went on the very first day during lunch hour. There's an additional 10% discount for members for the first 3 days. It only took me 10 minutes to get my whole year supplier. hehe... so here's what I bought..

not a lot of stuff also mar, right? hehe..
altogether, RM 265.45

Avocado Body Butter, RM 16.17

This is the 70% discount product!! Original price RM 59.90, after 70% discount + an additional 10% for members, it's only RM 16.17!! I wanted to buy 2 but the sales person there said each person only can buy 1. Damn worth it right?

Shea Body Butter, RM 37.74
Original price RM 59.90,
30% discount + another 10% discount

Satsuma Body Butter, RM 37.74
Original price RM 59.90,
30% discount + another 10% discount.
this one smells really nice, it's like
you are applying oranges to your skin.

Papaya Body Butter, RM 37.74
Original price RM 59.90,
30% discount + another 10% discount.

The sales girl kept introduce me to make ups lar, perfumes lar, but I keep standing in front of the body butter. wuahahahahaha, i guess she must be surprised see me buying that much!! actually i only need 2 body butter for the whole year, the other two I bought for FL's mum and my aunt.

Moisture White Toning Essence, RM 63.99
Original price RM 79,
10% discount + another 10% discount.

This is very good especially for those who had oily skin. I tried a lot of other brand's toner but I still feel this is the best. When i apply other toner, my skin will become very oily and I had to go wash my face again. But this does not happened when I apply this Body Shop toner. That is why I stick with this after so many years.

Vitamin C Plus Time Release Capsules, RM 72.09
Original price RM 89,
10% discount + another 10% discount.
This is really good, after applying this,
your skin will glow, will feel smoother and fresher!!

Do you use Body Shop's product? If yes, this is the best time to go stock up! They are only having sales once a year, so don't miss the chance ya!!

Am I sick or not?

I was suppose to go Penang for this long holiday. I postponed my trip on Friday cos I really don't feel very well. I'm not really sick but i feel like i'm going to sick. I don't want to take the risk, I just afraid I will be a burden for them who are going together to Penang.

Have you ever had this kind of feeling? If you asked me what's wrong with me? I can' really tell. It's just seems like the whole body are not feeling well. and you can't really go to the doctor too, why? when you go see a doctor, they will asked you what's wrong with you. If you tell the doctor you are not sure what's wrong with you, they probably will think you are crazy...

Arggg, i just hope i can get better, or i just fall sick. I don't want to have this feeling.. this uncomfortable feeling!!!! really spoiled my holiday!!!

The Biggest Bookfest in Southeast Asia (海外华文书市) 24/5-1/6/2008

Remember I post about the biggest bookfest in Southeast asia last year, about the books I bought on that bookfest? It's back!! HooRAY!!!!!

I was just telling FL that I've finished all the books I bought last year, in fact some of the books I've already read twice!! I've run out of books to read!! and then I got the news that the bookfest is coming soon. OMG, can you imagine how thrilled I am when I heard this news?

As usual, it will be at the KL Conventon Centre, 24th May to 1st June 2008, from 10am - 10pm. With the admission RM 2 per ticket (FREE admission for students 18 years & below and senior citizen 60 years & above), we will be able to see all the latest books published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom. I can't wait to go.. can't wait.. can't wait....

Check out the Bookfest website for more information.

Read these within 4 seconds and get yourself a FREE Big Mac!!

Two All-Beef Patties
Special Sauce, Lettuce
Cheese, Pickles, Onions
On A Sesame Seed Bun
How fast can you read? If you are able to read the 4 sentences above within 4 seconds, you will be able to get yourself a FREE Big Mac!!

Ok, how's this thing work? When you order a McValue Meal, McDonald's will give you an entry coupon. With that entry coupon, you can then take part in the Big Mac Chant Challenge. So all you need to do is to show up at the nearest McDonald's between 3pm-8pm at their Big Mac Chant Challenge Counter and say the chant within 4 seconds.

Why pay when you can it for free? Right?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Want to learn some 'IN' Cantonese?

Got these from a forwarded email and found it damn funny. It's really hard to believe that they are actually teaching their kids all these!!

this one pronounce as 'toi'
how to use?

if you understand chinese,
you definitely will laugh when you read this.

you know how to pronounce this?

wuahaha, learn how to use it!!

wah, this is new to me too..
o mouth??

so how to use this o mouth?
when you're shocked??

wah, apa ni? hehe..

inch mouth!!!

oo, this one i heard b4!!

see the english explanation? wuahahaha..
when you see a very 'IN' person,
you can use this word!!

laugh until you break your mouth!!

after seeing all these, i really laugh until i break my mouth lar.. what about you?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Please donate to the victims of the earth quake in SzeChuan, China

I was not feeling very well today. The whole day feeling sick, feels like having fever, sore throat and etc. My sickness got worst after I read today's late newspaper (晚报). Seeing all the photos of the victims of the earth quake happened in SzeChuan, China. It is really very very sad. Until now, there are 10++ thousand ppl dead and 30+ thousand ppl are still missing.

You can see the building, the highways, the roads are all destroyed by the earth quake. There's this photo of a 3 yrs old boy, they found him but not able to save him. He died 3 minutes later after being saved. Then there's another photo of a guy handling a bottle of water to this little girl. The bricks from the fallen walls are all over the girl's leg and she's waiting for ppl to get her out. Parents crying over their dead child, children crying over their missing parents. It's just so sad reading all these news.

The only thing that we can do now is to donate a little bit to them. You just need to donate whatever that you can afford. I donate a bit, you donate a bit, together we hope we can help them get through this disaster. I pray hard, hope they can quickly find all the victims, hope there are no more dead people.

Strike lottery BUT lost the ticket!!!

A phone conversation with my aunt, damn funny..
A: Hey..
J: Ya..
A: Do you know my car number plate was on toto last month for third prize?
J: err, no wor, i also nv read the toto part one..
A: my friend just told me one, you know I strike leh..
J: really? that's great! how much?
A: I also dono..
J: har?
A: I think i got buy..last month..
J: HAR!!!!
A: now i'm trying to find the lottery ticket. Did you see it?
J: har???? no wor, didn't see it. You mean you did buy last month but you lost the ticket?
A: ya, i bought but i nv check i got strike or not..and i'm not sure i buy on that day or on other day..aiseh.. now i'm trying to find back the ticket..
J: ......
that's my cute aunt..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm going to VOMIT blood!!

Have you ever feel like vomiting blood during work? Arggg, this whole week i'm having this vomit blood feeling. What happened? Well, let me tell you what heppened. My comp developed a simple system for a client, the purpose of the system is to make sure they are not going to over use their budget. First you planned your budget properly, how much you gonna allocate to each and every department. Then you entered it to the system, and when user request something, the system will cross check with the budget. By doing this, they will never have over budget problem.

Recently they messed up the system and keep bugging us to solve their problem. When we looked at the way they set up the budget, we almost faint! They did not plan the budget in the first place, they just create the budget. Create create and create and user request request and request. When the user said budget not enough, the accounts ppl go create some more budget. After sometime, they go calculate the budget and found out budget over used. So what they do? They go cancel off the budget. The problem now is the budget tied to all the requests and now they want us to go save their ASS!!!!!

arggg.. the system is to assist you, the system does not know how much budget you gonna give to a department if you didn't enter it properly. Now you blame all to the system? To them it's stupid system with clever user. To me, it's just the other way round!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BECAREFUL when you feed your car!!

FL told me about this, he heard it from the radio this morning on his way to work. The MyFM DJ almost got robbed this morning. What happened? He start work at 6am so i guess he went out quite early in the morning.

He stopped at a petrol station near Phoenix Plaza to feed his car. While he's feeding his car, he heard some loud noise. He turned and he saw 20++ motorcycles coming towards his direction. He was so afraid and ran to the cashier there. Luckily the cashier is very kind to let him in and locked the door. These motorcycle gang reached the petrol station in just a few seconds. They go through his car to see if there's anything valuable and went off.

This is so scary, that is why we have to be extra careful when we feed our car. Try not to go petrol station late at night or early in the morning. Oh ya, highways too. My brother told me try not to pump petrol at highway as a lot of robbery happened there, during day time!!!

So we got to be really careful!! The world had changed.. pump petrol also have to beware ~sigh

Am i deserved to be scolded? Ya i guess..

J: Hey
K: ya..
J: erm, you mesg me?
K: har, no ar?
J: erm, i mean last week you msn me? or that's last last week?
K: walaoeh... that's last month leh!!!!
J: aiseh where got, two weeks only mar..
K: $#$^*#^$$)%*$)(*
J: hehe.. sorry sorry...
ya ya, i got scolded by this friend mine.. and yes, I think i deserved that, don't you think so? hehe, really sorry lar my friend, was really really really busy when you msn me.... Sorry sorry...

Monday, May 12, 2008

You will be charged if you lost your Genting World Card for more than 1 time!

Both FL and me applied this Genting World Card many many years ago. Anyway, I lost my card so everytime when we go to Genting, we will used FL's card. During our visit to Genting last year, FL went to change his card (already expired) but he forgot to bring the old card. The staff said he will be charged if he did not bring back his old card. Therefore he didn't get to change.

Last weekend, while bringing our relatives to Genting, I went to reapply my card. They found out that i actually applied before and they reissue the card for me. According to them, we will get charged for a small fee if we lost our card for more than one time. Did I kena the charges? Luckily NOT, as this is the first time i reissue my card. In other words, if i lost again, they will charged me lor..

So don't keep losing your Genting World Card ya, else they will charged you when you reissue for the 2nd time!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Genting one day trip

We brought our relatives to Genting today, for a one day trip. Genting is quite a nice place (to spend money, hehe..) for kids, they will be spending their money at theme park and for adults, you know where lar.. hehe...

We reached there about 12pm. It's really nice to be up there, the weather is really nice, it's like heaven. True mar, the weather so hot nowadays..

on our way up to Genting...
nice view!!

My last visit to Genting was last year October. There's really not much change here (except genting hotel's lobby, i think they got do some renovation). As for our relatives, they really enjoy themselves as they haven't been to Genting for at least 5 years!! To them Genting had changed a lot!!

Genting Hotel's lobby.
nice!! i don't remember seeing this
last year, so i guess they just did their
renovation recently!

As soon as we were there, we split into 2 groups, mum and kids, theme park, others, casino. hehe..

theme park
took this pic when we were
on our way to First world Hotel

u guys tried this b4?
scary lar..

We were in the casino quite long, went to both the new (First World) and old casino. So did I win? Well, I shall say, erm, I didn't manage to get anything from uncle lim's son and he's not able to get anything from me too. hehe.. Spend a few hours in the casino and end up like that, consider good also lar right?

First World Hotel
nice decoration on these ATM machines.
it's like ATM machines in the forest!!

First World Hotel

We headed home at about 8pm+. Consider quite an enjoyable one day trip. Kids enjoy themselves, adults enjoy themselves too! What a day!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm a night kaki!!

For this entire week (since last Sunday), I slept approx 4 hours per day. (bear in mind, i'm not that kind of ppl which only need a few hours, i need at least 10 hours every day one.. hehe..). Every night I go to bed at about 3am+ and woke up at 8am the next morning. I felt so tired during the day, sleepy, I looked like a zombie, talked like a ghost (woo..yerrr..yiii), worked like a monster, hehe, but at night, especially when it's almost 12 mid night, i became very alert.

What is wrong with me? A minute before i'm still so tired, the next minute i became so alert and can go kill a tiger?? Hmm, if my company let me worked at home, and allow me to work at whichever time i like, i guess i might be able to work faster!!

See, it's almost 2am now and i'm still blogging. :p tomorrow need to wake up early some more.. ~sigh, no wonder i looked so old.. nv heard ppl say before meh? a gal cannot 'ngai yeh'(stays up late) one...:p

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ya, we're weirdo..

This is not the first time ppl asked me this question. How come you all developers, prefer typing than talking? Well, let me explained why they ask this kind of question. You see, we developers, sit together, side by side, even though we sit close to each other, instead of talking to each other, we used msn. wuahahahahahaha.. yes.. that's wat we do!

So when i was in one of my ex company, an ex colleague asked me about this. Ya, he's not a developer, he's a designer. He saw us chatting with each other although we sit close to each other and he felt we, the developers are very weird.

Well well, how come we prefer type than talk? First, if you keep talking non stop, ppl will think you very free, later boss give you more job how? right? if you type, you can continue your work, only when you free, then you go see the message. don't you feel it's better that way? So this is what i call multitasking, fully utilize our time!! Don't you think so? hehe..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Perodua Nautica - An ideal 4WD?

Perodua will be launching their new 4WD, the Perodua Nautica within this month. It will be a compact SUV with a 1.5 litre engine, comes in either Medallion Grey or Majestic Black. How much? Well well, very cheap only, I heard from, erm, don't remember from who or where.. anyway, Perodua claimed that this will be the cheapest 4WD in the market, RM 90K+ or so.

You can start making bookings on 10 May at all Perodua showrooms. Heard from my friend that this car looks like the Toyota Rush. Well, we'll see... Will you buy?

Click here for more information on Perodua Nautica.

Busy busy week!

What am i doing at 1:30am on a Thursday morning? No need to sleep? Next day don't need to work? Well well, i'm surfing the net lor, updating my blog and also checking other ppl's blog.

hehe, you didn't see me visiting your blog leh.. Don't worry, it's not that i'm not interested in visiting your blog, it's just that I had been very busy since monday. Oh ya, really really very busy.. toilet also no time to go. :p

Hopefully tomorrow.. oo, no no, it's today.. hopefully today won't that busy lar..

I like to do housework at night, cannot meh?

While i'm cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I suddenly felt the filter of the hood is very oily. It's about 10pm on a Wednesday night, I was thinking whether to clean or not to clean. Finally I took down the filter and clean it. While cleaning it, I felt the hood itself also very oily, so i cleaned the hood as well. Since i'm cleaning the hood, might as well clean the gas stove (normally i just wipe after clean).

So end up i cleaned the whole kitchen, the washing machine, the fridge and the walls. FL looked at me and said, what is wrong with you, you prefer to do housework in the middle of the night ya..

Well well, i do when i got mood, and so ngam when i got mood it's night time mar.. By the time i finished cleaning the kitchen, it's already 12am+ and I haven't take my bath yet. So tonight what time sleep? I don't know, cos now i'm blogging.. hehe..ya..that's me...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When you direct translate from chinese to english..

Got this from a forwarded email. damn funny lar..

ladies or gents? if i see this i also
not sure i can go in or not..

leave off after pissing?

if i'm stolen, how am i going to call
the police? hehe...

Wuahahaha, funny right? That is why we have to remember we cannot direct translate from chinese to english, or english to chinese or chinese to malay and etc. Else.. no eye see ler!!

Eh-hem, My name is...

So this is my homework.. hehe, from Sweet Jasmine. I seldom do tags nowadays but this one seems quite fun.. i get to know my Japanese name wor.. let's see

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.

A - ka G - ji M - rin S - ari Y - fu
B - tu H - ri N - to T - chi Z - zi
C - mi I - ki O - mo U - do
D - te J - zu P - no V - ru
E - ku K - me Q - ke W - mei
F - lu L - ta R - shi X - na

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like america and states. har…. har… har…)

2. CHLOE - Miritamoku — Um…think I still prefer my given name, ha ha

3. GENG – Jikutoji — Actually, I think its cute sounding. Arigato gozaimasu!

4. CONSTANCE - Mimoto arichi katomiku — WOW! Does it sound like an authentic Japanese cuisine? YIKES! I broke it up cos it was quite a mouthful!

5. DORA - Temoshika – Sounds pretty good huh?! Does it mean beautiful woman?

6. Jasmine - Zukaari rinkitoku - sounds like malay masculine...!

7. Joyce - Zumofumiku, erm, joyce nicer rite? :p

Who interested in knowing their Japanese name? Let me know and let me tag u la!!

Why you will spend more money when the weather is hot!!

See, for those that got air con at home, when the weather is hot, you will definitely on the air con. Let's take me as an example, nowadays, I on air con everyday, together with fan!! Can imagine how hot is the weather!! So, on more air con means? Pay more for your electricity bill lor!!

Secondly, when the weather is hot, you tend to take bath more often, which means, more water usage, which means, water bill more expensive.

During weekends, feels very hot at home, so what you do, go shopping lar, got free air con mar right? So when go shopping, the chances of buying things are very high, so meaning? Spend $$$ lor..

See… hot weather, more money gone!!

What's that? A list of pasar malam(s)?

A piece of paper dropped off from my wallet just now. FL picked it up and took a peep at what's written on that piece of paper. After he read it, he looked at me and asked me, what's this? I took back that piece of paper, put back in to my wallet and told him, a list of pasar malam, from monday to sunday around here lor..

Then he looked at me as if i'm the weirdest human being on the planet. What's wrong with keeping a list of pasar malam(s) in my wallet? I can't remember mar, like last sunday, suddenly feels like going pasar malam, but couldn't remember which area is having one. Take a look at the paper then I know already, very convenient mar, right? hehe, I seldom go pasar malam mar, that's y cannot remember which day which area, no big deal wat.. right or not? you say you say!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where's my user account?

I was installing some software on my desktop in the office just now. After finished installing, it required me to restart my computer. So I restarted my pc and then try to login with my username and password.

Guess what? I couldn't login.. typo? let me try again? canot again? let me type slowly, make sure caps were not on and still cannot? What the hell? Let's see what the message says.. no such user? what? I've been using this user login for almost 3 yrs now and out of a sudden it says no such user on this domain? arggg...

I got my colleague to help me fix this. According to him, my user account suddenly disappeared! I didn't know the user account will go missing just like that.. ~sigh .. what a day.. when you are busy, all sorts of funny thing will happened..

You got a pet fish? Train your fish!!

Pets are no longer just pets for their owners. Besides accompanying their owners, they might need to learn new tricks. There's an owner of a gold fish trained his fish to play soccer, dance and even play basketball. No hands how to play? Well, use mouth lor..

According to the owner, he used 2 years to train the gold fish to do all these. Hmm, I also don't know should envy the owner for having such clever pet? Or pity the gold fish (why can't the fish just be a fish and swim like a fish!)

Well, if you have a pet fish, maybe you should start training the fish NOT to swim...

DIY house?

Saw this from the news just now, besides DIY furnitures, now we have DIY house? Wow, someone in UK invented this DIY house thing. 60K (I believe should be in poun), for the materials and you only need 2 ppl to build your DIY house. and how long you need to finish building the DIY house? 2 days!!

Wow, i wonder when our country will have this thing. Hmm, is the house strong enuf? will be collapse?

Before you stepped out of your office..

What kind of things you hope it'll happened before you stepped out of you office and heading back to your house? For me, i will hope that there's NO JAM!! traffic smooth and even better if there's no cars at all! hehe, ya i know it's impossible, but then again, got hope got 'hei mong' mar..

What about you? maybe you hope you reached home with a table of nice delicious dishes waiting for you?

When you are busy..

Sometimes when I'm free, I will hope to receive some phone calls from friends, or get some opps to write to earn some extra money, or even will find some silly things to do in order to pass my free times. But seems like all these doesn't happened when I'm free, instead, it happened when I'm super busy.

When you are rushing a project, you started to get tonnes of phone calls, from friends lar, credit cards lar, wrong number lar, which makes you super pek chek. Or you start receiving opps which got deadline, have to finish by when and when, else it will expired.. and all of a sudden, friends that don't msn you started to msn you and wanted to chat with you..

Does these things ever happened to you? or it's just me?

The digits in ur bank account!

Every month end, you will see a few digits in your bank account, that is your salary. After it floats for a few days, it's time for you to do some deduction. Transfer here, transfer there, to the car loan, to the housing loan, to debts, to here and there, and what's left, it's yours. You only need to go to the ATM once to withdraw it and you will see the big ZERO left in your bank account.

So what now? wait till next month salary lor..

Copy cat??

After being the only company (company M) that sells product Z, there comes company A. A started out selling product Z with low price, really low price. They cut costs by doing things online, cut down everything that they could. Company Z then says they are the branded ones, offer better services and etc.

Company A getting more and more popular as people like products with cheap prices. Less ppl buy product Z from company M, all waiting for A for their promotions, free stuff and etc. After seeing company A being so successful, company M recently start selling product Z with low price too. So funny lar, after saying ppl as capalang brand, now they also start making themselves capalang too?

Which company i'm talking about? Well well, the famous M and A, you don't know meh? Sure you don't know?

Guys don't talk one...

My office consists of two floors, 1st floor for all the sales, marketing, project team, accounts ppl. As for 2nd floor, we have all the technical ppl, developers, network ppl and etc. So yes, i'm at the 2nd floor and after all my gal colleagues left (last time got 2), i'm the only gal at 2nd floor.

1st floor, only 2 guys and all gals, 2nd floor, all guys and only me, 1 gal. When downstairs gal colleagues ask me, how come 2nd floor so quiet one? Well, I dont' know, guys don't talk one.. I mean guys talk about work stuff, but not really personal stuff in the office. As for gals, in between work, maybe they will like to chit chat a bit, a bit about their kids, their husband, their bfs and etc.

So what's the reason I'm telling you all this? Well, i'm B.O.R.E.D up here!!!!!!!! Please hire some gals!!!!

No oil, no rice, what's next?

After the 'no oil' incident, now we got another 'no rice' crisis. Seems like the world is facing a BIG problem, lack of food!! Last time when lack of oil (now still lack or not? no more right?) we can still say, aiyar, eat less oil lor, even better.. less oil better for health. but now no rice wor, so how? eat less rice lor, can keep fit?

I wonder what's next..

Monday, May 5, 2008

No No No! I don't want the card!!

Time flies, it's Monday again. Monday is the day where I will be 99% not enough sleep, super busy, traffic super jam and .. getting annoying phone calls! I got 3 calls from HSBC today telling me they want to offer me a Mastercard, which has a separate limit from my visa card.

Since last week, I had been receiving calls from HSBC telling me about this separate limit thing. I turned down their offer, told them I don't need another card. Few days later, I got the same call again from a different person, and again, i said No. Then the next day, got the call again and i said NO again. This morning, received the call from a gal, speaking Chinese. I straight away said NO to her when she mentioned this Mastercard. Then after lunch, I got another phone call from another gal, this time in English. Again, I told her I'm not interested. Then guess what, 15 minutes later, i received ANOTHER call from a guy this time, speaking chinese, asking me whether I want to take the Mastercard or not. I told him .. Do you know I've received about 6 calls from you guys since last week asking me about this Mastercard and every time I also said NO?? matter how many times you called, the answer is NO NO NO NO and NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Don't they get it? ^#*$&#&^$&#$*&#$&#$*#(&$

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Treat your car engine a little something b4 it make noise!!

This is actually the second time I apply this Nulon - Performance Engine Treatment to my car engine. The first time was during the Chinese New Year. Normally before the CNY, I will get my car serviced and checked, to make sure everything is alright. When I'm back to my hometown, my brother asked me did I just service my car as he wanted me to try something. According to him, pour this engine treatment oil every time after we changed the engine oil, is very good especially for old cars. (ok, my car 5 yrs old d, so consider old also lar..) Old cars, especially auto, if you pressed the break, you will feel your car shaking/trembling. So this will helped to reduce that and at the same time the car will be more powerful. Serious? I don't know, let's see.

I wasn't really into this until i drove back few days later. I feel my car really more powerful, how i know that? well, when i overtake cars i know lar. hehe.. and when i pressed the break, there's no shaking/trembling. Wow, that's really cool. And guess what, it helped me to save petrol too. No kidding, not a lot, i can drive more 40km like that. Cool right? That is when I called back my brother to ask him where to get this engine oil and how much..

Nulon Engine Treatment Oil
from Cosway, member price
RM 26

Well, i'm not a cosway member, luckily my aunt know someone who is a cosway member. So we used that membership to get this member price. Not sure how much is a non member price..I just changed the engine oil yesterday so it's time for me to pour another bottle into the engine oil.

shake well before used.

pour the whole bottle in.

terbalik the bottle, let it dripped.

After you finished pouring the whole bottle, start the engine and idle or drive for 15 minutes. According to the box, this will help reduces friction & wear, reduces start up damage, reduces valve lifter noise, reduces maintenance cost, quieter, smoother engine and many many more. I don't care about all this, what i really feel is that my car got more powerful, saves petrol a little bit and no more shaking and trembling. That is why I go buy lor. So if you feel your car not very powerful already, maybe try this lar. It's not too expensive also mar, RM20+ can used up to several months, after u changed ur engine oil.

p/s: FYI, this is NOT a paid post and I am NOT a Cosway member. :p

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do you want to buy sanitary pad?

This morning, one of my ex colleague msn me and sent me an url. He told me his wife is selling this, asked me want to buy or not. I clicked in and found out the thing he wanted to sell to me is actually sanitary pad. And there we go, both of us discussing about the sanitary pads..

OMG, i couldn't believe I'm actually discussing this with a guy! When he told me, it's very good, I asked him, how do you know it's good when you nv used before. He said it can absorb very well (he tested with water), it's soft and etc. Haha, damn funny la, to me, this kind of things you have to try it only you will know. It's just like a guy selling bras, telling you this bra very nice to wear and blah blah blah, will you buy from him? Will you, will you?

He's such a funny guy lar.. So did I buy from him? Of cos NOT lar!! I think he also know i won't buy from him lar. wuahahahahahahah....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too old to start a blog? Who said so?

If you think you are too old to join the blogging community, then you are WRONG!!!! Our former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, aged 83, had just launched his blog today,

I guess politicians now finally realized the power of blogs, how the blog posts can influence ppl ya. Seems like everybody has a blog now, do you have one? If not, you better start one.. why? well, kiasu mar, you got one, i must have one too, right? hahahahaha..