Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Counting down tonight?

Today is kind of a "big day" for a lot of people. For restaurants, today will be the day where they can change the price on the menu (I know quite a few restaurants that did that, mostly western food) and treat their customer like water fish.. hehe.. as for shopping centres, a lot of people are on leave today and most probably will spend their off day shopping. So again, this is the day for these shops to earn money... and not to mention those pubs and discos, today will be their happiest day..simply organise a count down party and they can see money flowing in by itself!! hahahahaha....

For most of the people, today is the day where they will gathered with friends and family, make plans for tonight to see where to go for count downs.. As for me, I do not have any plans tonight, I don't do count downs anymore (old liao mar.. and i scared crowded places. hehe..)...dowan to become water fish... hehe...I shall just sit at my balcony and looked up the sky, most probably I can see fireworks.. for FREE! hehe...

What about you? What are your plans tonight? No matter how you plan to welcome 2009, I would like to wish you guys..

HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy yourselves tonight!!

I will miss this week...

This whole week is rather quiet.. Schools still on holidays, a lot of people still on leave, traffic was so smooth when driving to work... even office also quiet.. less phone calls, a lot of colleagues are on leave....

But next week, things will be different! Schools reopen on next Monday, people on leaves will start coming back to work..we will start having traffic jams again...

I think I will miss this week....a lot....

Friday, December 26, 2008

To tell the truth or not?

I went out for lunch with a friend just now at a newly opened cafe. From the drinks to the food we ordered, none of it is nice, it's just ok only. When we were almost done with our food, a lady came forward and asked us how was the food. We both agreed that the food sucks but are we going to tell her directly?

Then I told the lady the rice is quite hard, then my friend added maybe is not enough water. Besides the rice (suppose to be nasi lemak but taste like plain rice) doesn't smells nice too. We planned to stop complaining because it may sound a bit rude but the lady continue to ask what we think about the curry. Seriously, I don't think it's nice lar but I said 'OK'...

If I were to tell the truth, I have a lot to say. The rice too hard, the curry tasteless, the chicken tasteless, the sambal too salty, the toast too thick and the coffee tasteless. hehe.. that's the truth...If this happened to you, will you tell the truth?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bye bye Christmas, ei, Christmas not over yet lah...

I got no lunch mate today (all on leave) so I went to Giant during lunch time to get something for tonight's steamboat as well as buy myself lunch. I saw all kinds of red red stuff in Giant. Christmas also not yet over but they already start selling CNY stuff! All kinds of CNY decorations, CNY hampers, CNY cards...

Not only Giant lar, if you listen to the radio, you get to hear cny songs on and off. I bet after tomorrow, we can hear cny songs all day long!! It's like we're trying to get rid of Christmas so that we can start celebrating CNY. hehehe...

Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I prefer Christmas than Chinese New Year. :p

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where's all my friends??

I was looking for someone to chat to and when i open my msn, I realized I don't seems to have much option on who to choose to chat! Where's everyone? It seems like a lot of people start clearing leaves, taking long leaves till next year. This morning I even heard from the radio that some companies decided to let their staff have long christmas leaves which means they will start on leave from today till next year mid of january! (unpaid leave lar... hehe, company want to cut cost)

Seriously, I never take these kind of long leaves before cos all the companies I've worked for, I can bring forward leaves. That is why there's no need for us to clear leaves. What about you? Are you one of them too? Clearing leaves and enjoying your long long holidays till next year?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Got rear seat belts, will get saman, no rear seat belts, no saman!

FL called the Perodua service centre to make an appointment to install the rear seat belts for my car this morning. Perodua told him they are fully book (for this rear seat belts installation) until next year April. Does that means from next year January till April I can't have more than 2 person in my car, else will kena summon?

FL told me we have 2 years to install the rear seat belts for our cars. If I have rear seat belts on my car and my passengers didn't fasten it, then they (not me, the driver) will kena saman for not fastening their seat belts. So what if my car don't have rear seat belts? Well, if your car don't have rear seat belts, you can still have more than 2 person in your car and your passengers will not get saman for not fastening the seat belts (there are no rear seat belts so it's impossible for them to get a summon for not fastening seat belts)!

Damn funny right? That means you are encouraging ppl not to go install first lar, in order to avoid getting summon!! Is this true ar? Or FL bs-ting only? hehe...

Have you installed yours?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ginger, ginger, I want ginger!

I bought 100 grams of seasoned ginger the other day at a shopping mall. When I got home, I opened up and start eating it. The first piece taste like sour plum, second piece taste like ginger, third piece taste like dried apricot, fourth piece taste like ginger + sour plum!!!!!

Oh my god.. I want ginger leh, not ginger mix with sour plum, dried apricot, dried lemon....&^*&$^%$%&$%$*%)(*$

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why bother to read if you don't like it?

To all bloggers out there, have you guys encountered this before? Let say someone read your post and left a very very bad comment criticizing the post you wrote, the things you buy, the places you visit and yet, this person read post by post (how i know? cos every post this person also will leave a BAD comment!!).

I just felt very strange, if you don't like what you are reading? then why bother to read post by post and waste time leaving comments on each and every post? Don't you think it's very funny?

Have you guys encountered this before or it's just me?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I miss the one month holiday...

It had been such a long time since I had long holidays, those more than 2 weeks lar. When my ex ex company never pay me salary i quit by giving them 24 hours notice. I already found myself a new job, but instead of starting my new job immediately, I choose to rest for a month.

That was really a relaxing month, except a bit poor lar..cos no salary mar. hehe..Every day I woke up late, slowly eat breakfast, then if I have good mood, will do a bit house work, else will play games, watch dramas, read books, go out yum cha with friends, shopping, so nice lar.....

At first I thought one month will be quite boring if stays at home, but turned out it's not, and time flies too....How i miss those days.. (except the no salary one lar, that one i don't miss lar. hehe..)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How much have you save?

My car petrol tank was empty since last Friday. I did realize it's empty, but I heard ppl said the petrol price will go down by end of this month so I decided to pump on Monday (1st dec). Weekend can use FL's car mar..hehe..

On Sunday night, I watched the news, hoping they will annouced the petrol price dropped but unfortunately, they did not say a word on that. They only mentioned that Monday our PM will have meeting to discuss about this petrol price thing. Hmm, if Monday they got meeting, which means maybe after meeting they will annouce?

On Monday morning, I decided to just pump RM 10. hehe, if I pump full then few hours later they annouced drop then I rugi lar right? hehe, ya i know i know, save also save few dollars only, but if i pump full tank and they annouced drop, i will not feel happy mar.. hehe. so better don't pump full I pump RM10 and wait.. but too bad, nothing being annouced on Monday itself..

So on Tuesday evening, I noticed that my petrol tank is empty again.. ~sigh, wasted my effort to wait for the annoucement lar. When I was about to pump petrol, I got news from my friend that Wednesday the petrol price will dropped! wuahahhaa, so means my effort still not wasted lar.. So this morning I pump full tank with Rm 1.90/litre. hehe...

What did I save? Well, not much...maybe a free plate of maggie mee goreng? but i feel happy, cos my effort (not pumping petrol since last friday.. hehe..) is not wasted lar.. :p

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nescafe + Coffee Mate + Condensed Milk! Yummy!!

My preferred cup of Nescafe would be nescafe + coffeemate + condensed milk! Yummy! As for Milo, I will prefer Milo + Anlene Milk Powder + little bit of condensed milk. Just little bit, it will bring the taste out! hehe.. Maybe you might say, aiyar, most of the people also like nescafe or milo that way lar.. It's not true. cos i've seen a few people make DIFFERENT nescafe and milo.

One of my ex colleague likes to add coffee mate into his milo, i feel it's strange and had never try before, so I can't really comment on it's taste. But according to my ex colleague, it's nice!! A friend of mine likes to add butter in his milo, hehe, this is super weird..but he likes it!! Can you imagine? A cup of oily Milo, how are you going to drink that?

Different people likes their drinks in different ways. What about you?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Man said man is right, woman said woman is right

We have problems with one of the project, what kind of problems? Changes lor, they asked us change, we changed, after changed, they want some more changes.. Anyway, due to this problem, the project manager wrote a long email and sent to everyone in my comp + the client's comp. The email basically explained why they asked for new changes lar, why we gonna charge them for these changes and etc.

Few minutes after the pm sent out the email, we all received the reply from the client. If I said the pm's email is long, then the client's email is SUPER long.. wuahahahahahhaa.. it reminds me a phrase in chinese, "man said man is right, woman said woman is right! (公说公有理,婆说婆有理)"


Friday, November 21, 2008

Please please please, be responsible!!

I am not a person who loves animals.. ei, don't get me wrong, I don't hate them too, as long as they behave themselves. I'm living in a condo, as u know, condo doesn't allowed pets such as cats and dogs, but of cos, as usual, ppl will ignore these rules lar, which I'm still ok with it as long as u keep ur pet clean and quiet.

But the problem is... these owners, they keep their pet clean at their own unit, everyday, they will bring their pets out for a walk and at the same time pee and shit out there (the stair case). So far I haven't come across any shit (thank god) but pee..oh my god, is damn smelly lar.. Everyday (I take the stair case to the car park) I will need to stop breathing when I passed by certain floors, sometimes it's still wet and even if it's dry, u can still see the yellowish stain and of cos the SMELL.

So here I am, begging the owners of these pets, be responsible. You want ur unit to be clean, we want our condo area to be clean as well.

Signals please!!

I was driving to work this morning and I saw this super big car (a 4 wheel drive) stopping in the middle of the road. I can't see what's happening in front. At first I thought there's cars in front. So I waited for a while and then I realized there's no car in front of him! What is wrong with him? There's no double signal, no nothing, just stop there, in the middle of the road!!

Wah seh.. another rich man who owns the road ya.. so immediately I pressed the horn, I really dislike this kind of inconsiderate people! After I pressed my horn, only he switched on his signal, and moved his car towards the right... apparently he wants to u-turn and there's a car blocking his way!!

Come on lar, want to u turn switch on the signal lar.. also u can move ur car towards the right of the lane mar, you stop in the middle of the road without signal or anything, how would I suppose to know wat you trying to do? I'm not the worm inside your stomach leh!!!


Straight to the point please!!

Have you met someone when talk to you, they will go round and round and round and after some time you still don't know what they are trying to say? Sometimes, I will get quite frusfrated when talking to these kind of ppl..

Like this friend of mine, he said he got something to ask me. So he started telling me about his wife, and then about his trip, and then about his son, then finally after 15 minutes, I asked him.. What do you want to ask me actually? Then he said, oo, I want to ask u last time when u went to bangkok, which hotel u stay...

~sigh.. If you got a question for me, straight to the point please....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to eat for lunch?

If you work in the same company for some time, I bet you will have this problem too. What to eat for lunch? Chinese food, malay food, indian food? There are only 1 chinese shop near my office, 1 vegetarian shop, a lot of mamaks and quite a lot of malay restaurants. I like spicy food so I have no problem eating malay food but my lunch mates, they don't really like spicy food. So ... if you minus out all the malay restaurants, i don't have not much choice left.

Of cos we can always drives out to eat but then again, it will definitely take more than 1 hour...So now back to the topic, what to eat for lunch?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yay, I've made the right choice!

I always pump petrol at a Shell petrol station near my house. Yesterday when I drove home from work, I noticed my petrol tank is almost empty, I decided to pump before I go home. I changed my mind when I saw the petrol station full of cars! What is wrong today? so many people pump petrol? Tomorrow petrol increase meh?

I was tired and lazy to wait so I decided not to pump. I shall pump tomorrow.. and later that night, FL told me that the petrol price is dropping again, wuaahahahahahahha, drop 15 cents and it will be RM 2 per litre now. I have made a right decision, not to queue to pump petrol, else I will be damn sam tung now. hehe...

So today I can have free lunch lar. since I will save a few more dollars on my petrol..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Economy is bad, is your company affected?

When we had economy crisis in 1997, I was still a student so it doesn't really affect me that much or I should say I didn't really feel a thing. I bet you've heard or read from the news or news paper, the economy will be very bad next year. It will be even worst than year 1997 as year 1997 only affect Asia countries but now the whole world is affected.

I am now starting to feel how bad is the economy. Last week, a friend of mine told me her sister's company decided to deduct all their employees salary by 15%, due to this bad economy. Then I heard from a friend who is currently working in HK that a lot of HK companies closed down recently and a lot will be closing down soon. Another friend told me some companies are now forcing their staff to take unpaid leaves, maybe 2 to 3 days per month. Then I got this friend who worked in a factory told me the company is forcing them to work 4 days and rest 3 days, previously work 8 hours per day for 5 days, now work 12 hours for 4 days. This is to save the electricity and etc. And some companies, of cos, choose to retrench staff lor.. But of cos, there are also some companies still non stop hiring staff..

A lot of companies had started making plans on how to get through this bad economy. What about your company? Any plans?

Friday, November 14, 2008

4 digit!! Will I strike?

I had a dream yesterday. I don't remember exactly what was the dream about, but I can still remember there's a 4 digit in the dream. Ya ya, don't worry, I definitely will go buy toto tomorrow, hehe, although there are a few times where my dreams about those numbers didn't really strike also. Anyway, shouldn't miss the chance mar right?

I remember which 4 number is that, but I don't remember the sequence. wuahahhaahahaha....

Do you believe in this? If you dream about some numbers, will you go try your luck with these numbers?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What an unlucky night!!!!

Yesterday morning before I went to work, I put all the ABC soup ingredients into the slow cooker. I plan to cook a simple dinner. So when I came home that night, I prepared other ingredients and get ready to cook.

When I was about to switch on the gas, something flashed into my mind. Oh my god!! I suddenly remember last Sunday the gas already finished, not yet get a new one. how how how? I got all my ingredients ready wor..

What time now? Can I still order gas? It was 9pm and I tried calling a few number but all said it's too late to deliver now. ~sigh.. luckily I'm cooking a simple meal, I can still make use of my rice cooker..

So is it over yet? the unlucky things? Oh no.. an hour later, I put all my clothes into the washing machine, pour the detergent and then... I realized my washing machine hangs, with all the lights on (beside the button). Can't operate a single button also.. it just hang there..not all.... Argggggg....

~sigh..what a day.. my 6 yrs old RM 500 Samsung washing machine finally feels like retiring.. I need $$, I need $$...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Before and after my trips

Before I go for a trip, normally I will go join those travel forums and read other people's travel blog about the place that i'm going. I will be a very active member asking tonnes of questions on the forum. I also enjoy reading people's blog, preferably those blogs with price, so that I can agak agak calculate how much i will spend for my trip.

After I come back from my trip, besides posting in my own blog about my trip (speaking about this, I still not yet finished posting on my HK trip, :p sorry sorry..), I also will visit the forums again. This time, instead of asking questions, I can answer questions already. hehe, expert already mar..

What about you? What do you do before and after your trips? Did you do the same thing like me?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Placed more hidden cameras, hire more guards lar!

I like to carry big bags (actually not say very big also lar, slightly bigger than the normal handbag lar..) cos I can put lot's of stuff in my bag. There's once I went to Giant at One Utama (no more Giant, now it's Cold Storage), before I stepped into Giant, the guard stopped me. He asked me to place my bag at the counter there. I told him this is my handbag, I have wallet, hp inside, who will be responsible if I lost anything? He said he don't care, so I walked away and didn't shop there.

Last month, I went to Carrefour, again, I was carrying a big bag (all my bags mostly big lar..). So the guard stop me again, he said he wanna tie a knot at my bag around the zipper. I looked at him, and asked him, how am i suppose to pay later if you tie that knot? He said asked the cashier to cut it off for u. Then he tied it before i said yes. Since he already tied it, I just walked in lor.. then few minutes later, somebody call me.. oh shit.. i can't even open my bag, how am i suppose to answer the call? %^#&$*@#%^@#@&@^#

I felt this is really a very stupid way for these hypermarkets to prevent people from stealing. If you scared people steal things, placed more hidden cameras, hire more guards lar, why wanna make us, the shopper suffer? Argggg... I told myself I won't shop there anymore if they did this to me again!

Got drink enough water or not??

A lot of people said, everyday must drink at least 8 cups of water everyday. Big cup? Small cup? Medium Cup? Recently I read an article about this water drinking and the article said we must drink 10 to 15 cups per day. Again, what kind of cup? hehe.. It makes me wonder, how much water I drink everyday?

I believe I drink more water during work than at home but exactly how many litre of water I drink? I decided to find out by bringing water bottles to work. hehe... I brought a 1500ml bottle and a 700ml bottle (which is equivalent to 2.2 litres right?) to work and I did finish all! Besides that, i also drink extra water by using my 500ml thermal mug, at least 3 to 4 mug, so I think add up all I did drink at least 4 litres water per day. wuahahahaha..I wonder 4 litres equals to how many cups of water...

What about you? Do you know how many litres water you drink everyday?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wait lar, busy lar!! Busy chatting with ppl!!

When someone asked me to help them do something, if i'm free or that thing is easily done, I will do it right away. But seems like not everyone thinks the same like me. Few weeks ago, I asked someone to help me add something, it was a pretty easy job (i don't have access else I will definitely do it myself), probably just need 5 minutes to gao dim. But till now that someone still not yet help me to do.

Why? Well, that someone said busy la, no time lar. but seriously I don't think that someone is really that busy lar..

perhaps this is normal lar.. human being.. thing thing doesn't benefit him/her, so why wanna help u to do?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Likes to smoke in a non smoking area? BEWARE!!

I heard this from the radio this morning. It's definitely a great news to me, not sure how you feel lar. hehe.. Say one day you makan at a non smoking restaurant (normally air con room are non smoking one lor..), while you were eating, you found somebody smoking!! What will you do? Normally you will tell the waiter and asked them to go warn the smoking customer right? Some waiter will politely asked the smoker not to smoke but some waiter are afraid to do so. If the waiter or the boss afraid to ask the smoking customer to stop smoking, you do not need to walk out of the restaurant. What you need to do is to call the Ministry of Health and report to them about this. Both the smoker and the restaurant owner will get summon!!

Doesn't it sounds great? You want to smoke in a non smoking area? You will need to pay for it!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Genting, the 2nd hand smoke paradise

I used to like the weather in Genting as it's clean, it's fresh and it's cool. But I totally changed my mind after my visit to Genting few days ago. The weather is not as cool anymore, at some point, I'm even sweating!! Then the air is no longer clean and fresh. How come? I went into the casino and i can hardly breathe. Too many people smoking!! Even the non smoking area also affected!

You might say, aiyar, casino mar, sure smoky lor. Then I went to one of the Starbucks there, sit inside (non smoking area) quite stuffy, cos no fan and no window, then sit outside, too many people smoking, so basically beside breathing in second hand smoke, can't breathe any fresh air...


On leave again??

My company allows us to bring forward our leaves without limit, you can bring forward all 14 days if you want to. That is why some of my colleagues seldom take leave. They said they got no place to go so better keep all their leaves. I didn't take much leave beginning of the year, only 1 - 2 days like that. I started to take leave in July for my HK trip. Took 5 days leave altogether, then during the raya holidays, we were all forced to take 1 day off cos company closing, then this week, i took another 2 days off cos I don't feel like working during my bday. hehe...

Well, it's not over yet, I'm actually planning a trip in December and if I did go for that trip, I think I will need to take the whole weeks off.. Hmm, I wonder will my manager said something about the way I take leave? It seems like every month I'm taking leave...:p

Dear pakcik, when are you going to open your stall??

After the raya holidays, I brought an empty tupperware with me to work everyday. For what? Well, I haven't got the chance to eat the nasi lemak from the stall near my office since they start puasa, really miss the nasi lemak lar. So I brought the empty tupperware to work to tabao lar, once they reopen their stall!!

It's almost one month after raya, how come the pakcik still dowan to open the stall? He got other source of income meh?? Can rest for so long?? Arggg, 2 months didn't get to eat that nasi lemak, but tabao 2 packet already once the stall reopen. :p

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm working today, are you?

Wow, so few ppl online today? This is my first reaction when I on my msn this morning. Seems like a lot of people go on leave today! A friend of mine went to Phuket for holiday, another went to Club Med, another balik kampung for a week, then a few more clearing leaves.....

wow wow wow.. good lar, when everyone clears leave, means less people working, when less people work, means not so jam lor. hehe..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Continue sleeping or rushed to work?

Imagine one day you woke up and realized it's already 10am. It's a weekday and you need to work and you are totally late for work. What will you do?
A. Continue sleeping, take half day leave
B. Continue sleeping, take MC
C. Rushed to work
For me, I will choose C, rushed to work, hehe.. ya, I know i'm extremely late for work but I will work late to replace the time. What about you?

p/s: I woke up 9:50am this morning.. :p

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Laugh? Or not to laugh?

A group of people talking and suddenly one of the said something which caused everyone burst into laughter. Well, not everyone lar, cos I'm not laughing. When they started to laugh, I was like, huh? What so funny? I totally do not feel it is funny at all but when I see all of them laughing and some of them you can even see tears coming out from their eyes, I started to realize...

Hmm, this is clearly communication problem, (in cantonese 'doi kao'). We have age gap, they are in the early twenties, where as me in my late twenties. hehe...I'm old d.. cannot understand what so funny in that topic...

Should I laugh as well? or should i just remain silent and watched them laugh? :p

Monday, October 20, 2008

I buy that and that and.. I forgot this!!

I went to Giant after work today. I wanted to buy some vegetables to cook for my dinner and of cos some other stuff. So with a trolley, i buy and buy and buy lot's of lot's of things. Luckily there's not much ppl there and I don't even need to queue up to pay.

So what did I buy? Well, I bought lot's of things such as one of my favorite fruit, grapefruits, maggie mee, some potato chips, chicken ribs for my soup tomorrow, mayonnaise, oats, milk, corn flakes and I even bought myself a pedometer!!

Oh yes I really bought a lot of things and I almost not able to carry all to my house and guess what? I forgot the vegetables!! I went to Giant to get vegetables and yet I bought so many other things but I forgot about the vegetables!! Oh my..What am I thinking..


Friday, October 17, 2008

Did you plan for your retirement?

Seriously, I never think about this. Well, I'm not saying that I'm young but this retirement thing never really come across my mind. Some of my friends told me they hope to retire when they are 40 years old, some said 50 years old. As for me, I think I will retire when I am suppose to, perhaps 55? or 60.

I've seen people retired earlier, they got nothing to do, feels bored after sometime and soon they become very frusfrated, some got sick, some bad tempered. That is why to me I think retiring earlier is not really a good thing unless you already got plans. You know what you want to do after you retired, maybe travel, or do something that you interested or so. But then again, if your hobby will need to use a lot of money (for eg, travel), then you better make sure your retirement funds are enough for that, else...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did you stuck in the jam yesterday night?

Normally if no jam, it took me 20 to 30 minutes to reach home from office. Guess what time I reached home yesterday after work? I left office at 8pm and I reached home 2 hours later, at 10pm!! Ya I know, rainy days, sure jam one, but then again, cannot be that jam what.

So what happened? Well, besides the rain, there's 3 cars spoiled, then got one minor accident and got one major accident near the kepong toll. So I guess that major accident caused the jam. I didn't see anything when i FINALLY reached the toll, i only see broken pieces on the road.

What about you? Did you stuck in the jam too? What time you reached home?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No interest given for savings accounts??

I remembered last time every 6 months, the bank will calculate interest and deposit into our saving accounts regardless how much money we have in our account. But now? Seems like it's not any more. Yesterday I went to open a saving account at Public Bank. When I read through the information on that saving account, I realized there's really such rule, there's no interest at all for if your account got less than this amount of money.

Hmm, why we open account then? Bank in our money and let them use freely? No wonder now most of the ppl don't save money lar.. oh ya, blame the bank!! Is every bank like this? So far I've encountered this with Hong Leong, CIMB and Public Bank.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

1 For RM 12, 2 For RM 7+ and 10 for RM 2????

I hate to buy those mini batteries (nor, those for watches one..). There are a lot of things which use these kind of mini batteries besides watch such as small torch lights, alarm clocks, and etc. These mini batteries are expensive and hard to get, you can't get it at hypermarkets, normally you can only find it at those shops selling cameras, watches and etc.

Recently both my alarm clock and torch light ran out of battery. When I passed by a shop that sells watches, I walked and asked how much is the mini battery cost (I need 6). The person told me one for RM 12, wow!! that's expensive, I need 6 leh, then almost Rm 100 lar...The next day, I went to a kodak shop and the person sold me 2 for RM 7. I bought 2 for my alarm clock and decided not to buy for the torch light first, since I didn't use it often also.

One day, I went walk walk at a shop that sells china stuff and guess what, I saw these mini batteries, 10 for RM 2!! Wow, that's really really cheap lar. Although I don't know how long will these battery last but no harm trying on my torch lights rite? hahahahahha...

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've got tagged!!

It has been quite some time since I last do tags. I also don't remember is it nobody tag me, or people tagged me but I forgot to write. Anyway, thanks to blackie007 for this tag, better do now, else I'll forget again. :p

Let's see what we have here..
Name: Joyce

Sisters: 1

Brothers: 2

Shoe Size: 6

Height: 165 cm

Where do you live: somewhere near Kepong

Favourite drinks: Coffee and coffee and coffee!!

Favourite breakfast: the Breakfast, hehe, american breakfast? yao char gwai, lor mai gai, the list can go on and on and on..

Have you ever Been on a plane: Yes

Swam in the ocean: No, i scared water..

Fallen asleep at school: I think no lar.. don't remember

Fell off your chair: nope

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No, i'll rather pick up the call and start calling that someone. hehe..

Saved emails: nope

What is your room like: Dark

What is right beside you: Hp

What is the last thing you ate: vegetarian

Ever had Chicken pox: My aunt told me I had, but I don't remember

Sore throat: Always

Stitches: No, choy choy choy!!

Broken nose: No, choy choy choy choy choy!!

Do you Believe in love at first sight: No.

Like picnics: No, scared mosquitoes

Who was, were
The last person you danced with: Never

Last person who made you smile: Myself

You last yelled at: no lar, i don't yell one, i lady like mar. :p

Today did you
Talk to someone you like: yes gua

Kissed anyone: No

Get sick: No

Miss someone: miss my bed

Eat: steamboat later? yummy...

Best Feeling in the World: what's best feeling?

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No

What's under your bed: Nothing

Who do you really hate: Fake ppl

What time is it now?: 6:40pm

Is there a person who is on your mind now: No
Do you have any siblings: Yes
Do you want any children: dono

Do you smile often: No
Do you like your hand-writing: No

Are your toe nails painted: No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: Nobody

What color shirt are you wearing now: Black

What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: Work
When did you last cry: when watching a super sad movie

Are you a friendly person: it depends..

Do you have any pets: No

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: No idea
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now: yes..

Do you sleep with the TV on?: No
Have you ever crawled through a window?: Nope, just the gate only.

Can you handle the truth?: Yes
Are you too forgiving?: depends

Are you closer to your mother or father?: father

Who was the last person you cried in front of?: TV
How many person can you say you've really loved?: Errrr...

Do you eat healthy?: Not really, outside food, where got healthy one..

Do you still have pictures of you and your ex?: Yes

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: Yes

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: FL

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: quiet

Are you confident?: sometimes

3 things I was doing 10 years ago: working, working and working

snacks I enjoy: chips

3 of my bad habits: stubborn, love junk food, sleep a lot

3 places I have lived in: Malacca, JB, KL

4 people I tag: Whoever interested, let me know lar. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Insurance insurance? How come so many calls one..

This morning I received a call from MBF, in mandarin. I told her I've terminated my MBF card long long time ago. Then she asked me whether I got some other cards or not. She wants to explain to me about their insurance plan, only RM 17 per month lar, cover what what what lar.. I know she can go on and on so I told her I'm not interested and bye bye.

Few hours later, I received another call, this time in english, calling from AirAsia on behalf of dono what.. can't remember the name. He started with.."I know you recently just booked the free tickets..." So I continue listen lar, I don't know what he's up to mar..Then he starts talking about the Air Asia Insurance plan, there is a lot of benefits lar, benefit 1 .. (explained about 5 minutes), then when I was about the say something, he continue with benefit 2 (without stopping or taking breathe..geng!!).. I got no chance to talk and when he starts talking about benefit 3, I decided to stop him, else I don't know how many more benefits he wants to tell me..

What day is today? So many insurance related calls one? Hopefully no more for today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next next day..

High tea, high tea, where's nice?

It has been quite a while since I last went for a high tea, in fact, it has been quite some years. hehe.. I remembered the last hi tea i went was at the Sunway Resort hotel, that time it was only RM 30+ per person. Since last week, I've been craving for hi tea so I made a call to the Sunway Resort hotel and asked them how much per person for the hi tea. Guess what? They had increased from RM 30+ to RM 52 per person! Wow, that's expensive.... I check the Internet for Shangri-la's hi tea and found out it's even more expensive, RM 68 per person!! wow..

I actually cannot remember what's the difference between hi tea and buffet lunch/dinner. Hi tea got more desserts? less main dish? Anybody can recommend any nice hi tea at kl/pj area?

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm so not used to the sound of the ALARM clock!!

This morning at 8am+, I was awake by some noise. I woke up, looked around trying to figure out where that noise came from. After a while, I realized that noise is actually my alarm clock. Oh yes, after the long raya holidays, I can't even remember the sound of the alarm clock!! I miss those days where I can wake up by myself without the alarm clock.

On my way to work, I noticed there's not many cars on the road. People still on leave? School not started yet? or a lot of people choose to MC? hehe.. Monday and Friday is the best day to MC mar, right?

Anyway, welcome back to work and happy working!! As for me, I will be having blues.. Monday blues.. hopefully only monday blues...and not tuesday blues, wednesday blues, thursday blues...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Earpick with light?

I saw this when I went shopping at Ikano (Ace Hardware) just now. I think this is very useful especially for those who have children at home.

Lighting Earpick, RM 2

There's suppose to have another two types of earpicks (thick and thin) beside, but I think I took the one without these earpicks, must have dropped it. So make sure you choose one with the extra earpicks.


when you're done, you can remove the spoon.

and now it's a small torch light. haha..

you can keep the spoon at the back...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I don't know, You don't know..

One of my colleague intercom me at about 12pm just now..
C: hey J ar.. later where you guys going out for lunch?
J: err, dono wor, haven't decide yet..what about you?
C: i dono wor.. what you guys plan to eat?
J: err, dono wor, not hungry yet so not yet wanna join us?
C: i'm thinking whether to join or not to join. hehe.. so where you guys going to eat?
J: (again? the same question?) hehe, really dono wor.. what about you? (ya, i know we are repeating the question again and again and again...)
C: i also dono wor..
J: western food, chinese food, indian food, fast food?
C: dono ler...
J: so how...
C: nvm lar.. i go hunt for food now..bye
J: bye..
You can see how moodless we are during work, hehe, everyone is sooo sooo soo in holiday mood now... A lot of companies even declare half day off (like the pejabat pos), even not half day off, they also let their staff to go back early (like FL's comp, 3pm asked them to go home nice...)..

what about me? I'm still stuck at here till 6pm lar..what about you? are you still in office like me?

Selamat Hari Raya and enjoy your long long holiday!!

Any plans for the long holidays? Well, if your company close on Friday like mine (ya, forced to take leave), then you will have 5 days holidays in one row (those who applied leave on monday and tuesday got 9 days off!!), syok right? Some of my friends travels to overseas, some balik kampung, some plan for a short trip to other states, what about you? any plans?

As for me, due to some money issue, hehe, I plan to stay at home and roll here roll there, from kitchen roll to living room, and from living room roll to bedroom. :p No lar, just kidding, I plan to paint my floor, make it shining...hehe... Well, that's my plan lar, i probably may end up doing nothing for the whole 5 days!!

So maybe you should start planning how to spend your 5 days off now if you do not have anything in mind..

Selamat Hari Raya and.. Happy HOLIDAYS!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Balik kampung, oh oh oh, balik kampung...

This week suppose to be a quiet week. why? Schools close for the raya holidays, some companies started to close down for the raya holidays since last Friday, even company not closing, a lot of people (not only malays) also apply leave for this whole week and went back to hometown or go for a vacation.

Well, at least this is what I thought it would be for this week, but how come still jam? I was quite surprised to see there's a lot of cars on the road and it's a little bit jam too, everyone should already be back to their hometown mar, right? so where's all these cars come from?

What about you? Where are you now? In office? At home? At your kampung? ~sigh, how i wish i don't need to work also. hehe..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Judge.. I'm here!! I'm here!!

I heard this from a friend's friend who recently went to the court. He got some issues with the bank (unsettled payments) and received a lawyer letter from the bank. He was asked to attend the hearings few days ago.

He thought the court will somehow like the TVB drama, 'lou por dai yan' but it's totally different!! He arrived there on time and sit quietly to wait for his turn. There's not much people attending the hearing, then there's this person reading out a list of names, those people that should attend the hearing. When he heard his name, he stood up, wanted to step forward but a guard near him asked him to sit. He was puzzled, shouldn't him suppose to step forward when his name was being called (like the TVB drama)? Since the guard asked him to sit, he thought maybe our country do things differently, so he sit down and wait.

After the person finished the name list, the person told the judge, ALL ABSENT!! What happened next? The court dismissed!! My friend's friend was shocked, hey, I was sitting right here! How come you said I'm absent? So he rushed out to find the person that read the list and told him he's there all the while!! The person looked at him and said, oh, you are here ar? nvm lar, come next week!!

He felt so geram as he purposely took leave to attend the hearing. Since he was there, he decided to go check out other cases which involved lawyers!! So he went in to this room, lawyer A was doing the talking. He can't really hear what the lawyer A said and when it's the lawyer B's turn, lawyer B told lawyer A, can you speak louder? I don't know what you are talking!! haha, so funny lar... So after the lawyer B finished his talking, the judge said, ok, enough for today, continue some other day. Then the judge started to pick a date, lawyer A said "I tak senang", the judge picked another day, then lawyer B said "I tak setuju", and the judge go on picked another date until all parties agreed.

After hearing what he said, I suddenly understand how come those cases dragged so long also not yet finished and I also understand how come lawyers are so rich (the longer the case, the more they earn right?) ... aih..totally disappointed!!

Have you been to the court? Izzit really like what my friend's friend said?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

LRT accident!!

Ever think of taking LRT also can involved in an accident? Well, it happened yesterday evening near the Bukit Jalil station, which involves 2 LRT (erm, of cos it's LRT lar, cannot be one LRT with car right..), 6 ppl injured and about 300 people trapped in the train for about 30 minutes.

When my friend told me about this, I was shocked. Har, LRT also got accident one ar? Well, luckily we can consider this as a minor accident, if major one, like the LRT really crashed with another LRT, both LRT may dropped from the track.. OMG!!

If you would like to know more or see the pictures, check out The Star.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't want to take lar!!!!

I don't have plans for the coming raya holidays and I don't plan to take leave. In fact, I think it's quite nice to work when most of the people go on leave, no incoming calls, not much emails and you can quietly sit there and do your work peacefully, and of cos go home sharp at 6pm!

Then out of a sudden, I received an email from the management telling us that they are going to close down the office for the raya holidays and asked us (for those who plan to come to work) to apply leave.

Arggg.. how come they don't let me work.. how come wanna waste my leave.. :(

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I HATE high heels...

I do not know who invented high heels and who started to compliment on gals when they wear high heels. I don't wear high heels and in fact, I hate to wear high heels. I don't feel comfortable when I'm wearing one even it's only 2 inches high!! Sometimes I feel like I don't even know how to walk when I'm wearing one.

Since I got so many complaints, then don't wear lar.. Ya i know, I basically don't wear one but for some occasions, you need to wear no matter what.. can't possible wear a dress with a pair of sport shoes gua... I mean, you can, but not everyone can accept lor, especially those who organize the event, they probably will think you don't respect them!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Anybody wants donut? FREE....

I wasn't feeling very hungry during lunch hour as I had my breakfast quite late this morning. I decided to eat something light so I went to the bakery shop to get some bread for my lunch/tea time. The minute I walked in, the buy 1 free 1 word caught my attention! Oo, buy 1 donut free another donut wor, since I don't know what I want to eat, why not take this.. free wor.. (although i can't finished 2 .. but just can't resist the word FREE).

When I go to the counter to pay, I asked the staff again, donut buy 1 free one right? She said, yes.. but when she asked me to pay RM 2.80 (Rm 1.40 each), I looked at her, ei, just now i asked you and u said it's buy one free one? how come i need to pay for 2 donuts instead of 1? She looked at me and then the donut and then asked me to pay Rm 1.40!! I guess the staff from this bakery shop is dreaming lar, no matter morning or afternoon..

Anways, free stuff not nice lar. It's hard, taste like dono what..~sigh, regret lar.. now how to finish this 2 yucky donut? Anybody wants donut? FREE.... come get it from me..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry, i've neglected you!!

I'm very sorry that I've neglected you. I don't really visit you, don't really think about you, don't really care if other people visit you, don't even care if other people talked about you.

Who am I talking about? What you think? My BLOG lar.. who else...

Well, don't blame me for neglecting you, I have reasons, tonnes of reasons, for one, I was pretty occupied, occupied with some other things. Secondly, I blamed the streamyx, the line was so bad that at some point, I can't even go online, if I can't go online, how am I suppose to visit you??

So please do not blame me, if you really want to blame, blame STREAMYX!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change change change?

A lot of people hope they will see some changes today but seems like nothing happened (maybe still early?)! People still go to school/work as usual. What happened? You said it out loud that today we shall see something different (变天), but where is it?

We hope to change is not because we are his supporters.. it's just that we are all very disappointed with the current one, which will simply lock u up when he doensn't like what you say or asked, which blindly side and protect those that act like a barbarian (say things that won't suppose to say, tear things which not suppose to tear)..

Are you looking forward to see the change too?

Monday, September 15, 2008

The more you asked me to remember the faster I will forget!!

Last week, I helped one of my colleague to install a software. During the installation, the system required us to enter a password. So when the system prompt us to enter the password, I told him, this password is very important, so make sure you remember the password (of cos there's a way to reset but it's quite troublesome). So he said yes yes yes, he will remember lar, he will write it down lar... I leave him alone to to enter his password and I went back to my place.

This morning, he came to my place and asked me, erm, J ar, do you remember my password? See lar, he himself entered the password and he came to me to ask me whether I remember the password he keyed in or not? I'm not even at his place when he entered the password!!

Maybe it's my fault, I should not asked him to REMEMBER the password. Cos the more I asked him to remember, the faster he will forget!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cracked, again??

Every morning I will make a cup of coffee and eat breakfast in office. Today as usual, i made myself a cup of coffee. After I placed my coffee on my desk, I saw coffee stain on the desk. I thought I accidentally spilled it so I wiped it off. After a while, I saw coffee on the desk again... strange.. I wiped it off again, then again, there's coffee on the desk!! What's wrong??

I looked carefully at my cup, and then I realized there's a cracked line on my cup!! This is the second cup I brought to office, the first one also cracked, this one also cracked, what is wrong? My office is not very cold also mar..

Hmm, the first one I bought with RM 2.90, hehe, at Jusco and it lasts for almost 2 years, and this one is from FL's comp (free), only lasts for a couple of month, free things no good things ya.. :p

I'm going to find another cup to bring to office lar. hope it'll last longer!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eh, don't main tembak lar!!

FL and I went to a malay stall near our place for dinner yesterday night. This is the 2nd time we had our meal there. We ordered the same dishes (I always ordered the exact same dish when I eat at malay stall, dont' ask me why. hehe..), telur bistik, sotong pedas, kang kung belacan and sometimes tom yam campur).

So as usual, we ordered the same dishes. After we're done, we asked for the bill. Normally what they do is they will asked you what you ordered and they calculate from there. So this lady, she didn't ask us what we order,(she's not the one that take our orders too), she just look look look and write write write and asked us to pay RM 20++. We were quite shocked when she asked for RM 20+, since when the price increased? The last time we makan here (at most a month ago) only took us about RM 18!!

So we asked her, how much is this dish, how much is that dish... and then only we realized she don't know what we ordered, she just main tembak only!! We told her, this is tom yam ayam leh, she said, aiyar, i thought tom yam campur (campur more expensive), then we said we ordered kang kung belacan leh, then she said she thought we ordered kailan ikan masin, then we said this is teh tarik leh, then she said i thought u order milo panas!!

OMG, why don't you asked if you are not sure? Luckily we asked her how much is those dishes lar, else, rugi lar!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Write your own appraisal?

My friend told me his manager asked him to fill up his own appraisal form himself. He don't have any idea how or what to write. If he write all the good stuff, then the management might think he's not honest, not telling the truth or over confident. But if he writes something bad about himself, then the management might think he's not good enough for the position.

Hmm, this is a tricky one. How should he write? In fact, how can his manager asked him to write himself? Appraisal form should be filled up by both the manager and the staff, write about how this staff performed throughout the whole year. How would my friend know whether he's performing well or not (well, everybody thinks they performed well what...) right?

I asked him to write something good about himself, such as I'm responsible, hardworking and blah blah blah and write something which he thinks he needs to improve, maybe to be more socialize, more friendly and etc.

Have you ever write your own appraisal before? If yes, what did you write about yourself?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why so fast Monday again??

Every Monday, I would pray for Friday to come fast. But when it comes to Friday, I will hope the weekend pass slowly. Do you think the same like me?

However, it seems that I never get what I hope. On Monday, i hope Friday to come faster but it always arrived slowly and when it comes to weekends, it's like a few seconds and we're back to Monday again.

Oh ya, very clearly I'm having Sunday night blues. hehe.. Tomorrow is Monday mar.. so now having blues lor.. :p

Happy Monday and happy working again.. (now it's time to wait for Friday to come..)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Normally a few things will popped up in my mind during a rainy day. One is coffee, hehe, (imagine drinking coffee and watching the rain, wah relax leh...) and another one thing is Steamboat (i think a lot of ppl will think of eating steamboat on rainy days).

But today all I can think of is my bed. Cold weather, my comfortable bed and pillow and quilt...wah.. I WANT TO SLEEEPPPPP!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Google Chrome ~ Not bad wor..

Whenever I opened one of my blog with Firefox at my house, the firefox will auto shut down. I wanted to format my notebook but I don't have the time to do that plus I don't know where to backup all my stuff to. (yep, tried uninstall and reinstall the firefox)

Of cos I can start using other browser such as IE, or Opera, but after a while, I switched back to Firefox. I think i'm so used to it already until I heard about the new google browser, Google Chrome. I decided to give it a try.

It's actually very similar to Firefox, and it's definitely faster even I open so many tabs!! You can also drag the tab out and it will automatically turned into a new window and vice versa. What's more? everything is in one box, web search, web history, address bar, damn cool!! It's still in Beta but I'm already in love with it (maybe because the firefox is getting slower and slower everyday!).

The incognito mode for private browsing.
Use this when you don't want pages you visit
to show up in the web history.

Have you try the Google Chrome? If not, give it a shot and I think you will like it too..No more shutting down when viewing my own blog..yay!! :p

p/s: Nope, this is NOT a sponsored post. hehe..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The blogging wind..

Recently there's a blogging wind in my ex company. All of a sudden, almost everyone there decided to start a blog and start writing blog. Some blog in Chinese, some blog in english, and some (i must admit) really write good and interesting articles which make ppl wanna visit again and again and again to see whether he had written any new posts or not. Impressive!!

I really think this is a good thing but let's just hope the blogging wind will last long. Happy blogging!!

For your safety, please drive your vehicle INTO your house!!

The public security in our country is really getting worst. There is a rising number of cases of snatch thefts, robbery, sex crimes, and violence in Malaysia. Last time you probably will heard ppl said, don't go out too late, come home earlier to avoid becoming these victims but it seems like coming home earlier doesn't really help nowadays!!

Few weeks ago, one of my relative got robbed right in front of his house at Damansara Jaya, PJ. He went home after worked and parked his car in front of his house. It was about 10pm at night. His housemate went down first to open the door and the minute my relative opened his door, 4 Indians with parang came to him and asked him to hand over his car keys. He got no other choice but to hand over his car keys and when his housemate saw these 4 Indians with parang, she screamed!! One of the Indians quickly got into my relative's car and drove away and the rest drove away in their car, a perodua MyVi.

The luckiest thing is both of them were not hurt and now he just pray that his car can't be found and to get the Insurance claimed as soon as possible. 10pm is not that late right? Besides this, I heard another incident which happened at 8pm yesterday night. Someone got shot in front of the McDonald at Bandar Sri Damansara!! 8pm leh!!

So now what? Don't drive? Don't get out of the house after 6pm? Don't go to work? Don't go out at all? Our 'MATA' should really do something about this lar..~sigh...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka!!!

Long holidays are always quiet.. quiet as in what? KL are quiet as most of the ppl will balik kampung.. so when ppl balik kampung, they don't have Internet access, or they don't have time to surf net, so that means what? Means, nobody check mail, nobody sending forwarded emails, nobody read blogs, nobody write blogs.. Even if ppl didn't go back kampung, they also might go out "wet"....

That is why, although I almost 2 days never check my email, I also got NO new emails. I got very little visitors on my blogs too...

Anyway, Happy Merdeka Day!! (ya ya, i know i'm a little bit out of topic.. hehe..)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stranger in da office!!

I realized my company no longer introduced new staff around. How did I find out about this? Well, it actually started a few months ago. My company actually consists of 2 floors, 1st floor are all the project executives, sales ppl, receptionist, accounts and etc where else second floor are the developers, technical ppl and etc.

My place is at the second floor, every time when i passed by first floor, I saw new faces. At first I thought these are just the boss friends (sometimes boss's friends come lepak one..) but then I saw them coming up to my floor to print stuff, to the boss room, collect newspaper and etc.

So these are actually my colleagues ya.. Like the new receptionist.. (I think she's the receptionist lar, they nv intro, how i know..), she's here for almost a month, but nobody intro her to us. I don't know her name, don't know whether she's the receptionist or not..she's just like a complete stranger to me...


Monday, August 25, 2008

How come no blog during weekends?

A friend asked me this through msn...
F: Ei, you not in Kl meh last weekend..
J: no ar, i'm in KL, didn't go anywhere.
F: then how come all your 3 blogs no update one?
J: oo, i got no notebook to use mar..
F: har, how come? where's ur notebook?
J: I connect my notebook to the TV to watch movie mar.. so no notebook to use lor.. that's y cannot blog lor..
F: ^&#$($#($^@$*&%$_(@_()$
Sometimes I feel weekends I'm even more busy than usual, why? Well, first of all, if i didn't balik kampung, i will clean my house lar. that will take up some time, then i have to talk to my plants. hehe.. experts says talking to your plants makes your plant happy and healthier.. wuahahahahaha.. then i have to watch movie, it is a must. Why? Becos if i don't watch, my harddisk no more space mar, so i used weekend to clear off some movies lor..

so you say i where got time to blog?

Har? No white sugar????

Whenever there's relative come stay at my place, they will ask me one thing. How come your house got no white sugar one? White sugar not good for health mar, it will get rid the vitamin B in our body, so if possible, don't take white sugar. What if i need sugar when I cook? Especially when I boil 'tong shui'?

Well, when I cook, I used brown sugar, as for tong shui, i used rock sugar. At first I'm not used to brown sugar too, but slowly, it had become a habit, even now in office, I also choose brown sugar rather than white sugar when making coffee. So what about you? which sugar you prefer? White? Brown? Red?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dilarang Melatak Kenderaan??

FL found this sign somewhere near his office and decided to take a picture for me to see. Dilarang Melatak kenderaan?? hehe.. It should be an E instead of A la.. I wonder the person that made this sign noticed the mistake or not. Did he notice and decided to ignore it (cos if redo need extra money mar.. :p, just simple cross the A out and replace with an E lar, save cost mar. hehe..), or he didn't even realize the mistake?

Friday, August 22, 2008

RM 1.92 + RM 0.78 = RM 2.70, RM 2.70 - RM 0.15 = RM 2.55

When increase, you increase 78 cents. Due to the increase of the price, everything else increased, the food, the drinks and etc. Now, you decreased 15 cents and everyone is sooo excited and happy about it.

haha.. We are so easy to pleased right??

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally , something from Jusco!!

I was just complaining about the Jusco card yesterday, about not receiving anything from them since day 1 i registered. Who knows, today when I checked my mail box after I back from work, I saw a mail for me from Jusco!! They FINALLY remember me and sent me something!!!

So the old saying is correct, day time don't talk about ppl and night time don't talk about ghost. This applies to Jusco Card as well!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are you a Jusco Card holder?

Are you a Jusco card holder? Have you received anything from Jusco before? Any mails from them? Vouchers? Information? Anything?

I registered myself as a member 1 and a half years ago but till now I have not received anything from them. At first I thought they never sent out anything until my friends around me told me that they had received some kind of newsletter from Jusco, sometimes even vouchers. Wow..

So one day when I was in Jusco, I decided to go over to their customer service and request them to double check my address. And yes, they have my address entered wrongly. I get them to correct the address for me and I thought I will start receiving mails from them ever since.

BUT I was wrong. It was already more than 6 months I had my address corrected and I still received nothing from them. Recently a friend told me she just received some kind of vouchers from Jusco, how come I don't have???

Have you received anything from Jusco? Do they sent out to all members or just certain members that perhaps got a lot of points? Anybody can tell me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

STOP calling me!!

I bet you guys have received calls from credit cards companies, trying to ask you to apply for another credit card, or introduce you to their newly launched insurance package, or some survey companies asking you to do surveys and etc. I'm sooooo afraid of these calls especially those ppl that doesn't want to put down the phone even though you told them you are not free to talk.

Anyway, recently I realized besides all these credit cards, insurance, survey companies, there's another type of phone calls which I'm very scared of or rather annoyed, the head hunter company!! 2 weeks ago, I received a phone call from so and so head hunter company. I do not know how they got my number and the gal seems to know quite a lot about me, know my name, know my phone number, know i'm in IT line, know what language i'm using and etc. She started to ask me whether I'm still using the language or not, currently working in which company and etc.

I told her i'm not looking for a job currently and then she told me there's a lot of jobs suitable for me lar and this and that and asked me to give her my email so that she can sent these jobs to me. Well, no harm mar right, so I gave her my email.

I received her email a few minutes later. Instead of seeing vacancies available, I saw a few questions, a few questions that she required me to answer before she can sent me the jobs. I was quite free at that time so I answered all her questions. After I replied her, she sent another email asking for my resume, she said with the resume only she can sent me the relevant vacancies.

I'm lazy to dig out my resume therefore I decided to ignore her, since i'm not really looking for a job. Then the nightmare begins.. The next day, she emailed me asking for my resume, I ignored her email then she called me later in the afternoon. I said I will update the resume when i'm free, then 2 days later, she called me AGAIN. I told her I'm really busy and not looking for jobs currently, perhaps she should give these jobs to other ppl who is currently looking for a job but she doesn't seems to care whether i'm looking or not, all she cares is my resume. So every 2 days she will call me asking for my resume, I'm so so so so so so regret that I actually emailed her back with all her questions answered! I should have just ignore her from the very beginning!! She's sooooo annoying!!

Argggg....STOP calling me please!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to know other ppl's salary!!

Recently I chat with a not so close friend through msn and from all the questions he asked me, I know he's trying to figure out how much I earn every month (he actually asked me directly how much i earn but i refused to tell, so he took another approach this time). If you like to know your friend's salary but pai seh to ask, maybe can try to use this method lar. But of cos, if your friend is as clever as me (a-hem!! hehe..) you still won't be able to guess lar..

After b-s-ting for a while, F started to go into the topic..
F: so i heard u just bought urself a place.. how much per month ar? I also wanted to get my own place..
J: oo, depends how much is your property lor, mine is about RM xxxx per month lar..
F: oo, ok also mar.. what about your car? finish installment already?
J: not yet lar. still need to pay ler..
F: how much?
J: oo, about RMxxx lor..
F: wow.. ur expenses very big also wor.. luckily you no need to give your family..
J: (started to feel weird) who say no need to give? my family wait for my money to open rice 'hoi fan' one ler. hehe.. (joking lar..)
F: wow, so how much?
J: hmm... (i started to b-s-ting lar. hehe.. who ask him to ask so many questions..), i give very little only lar.. few thousand only lar..
F: WAH!! so much??? so what else you need to pay? installments? household stuff? maintenance fees? how much money you used per month? got savings or not?
J: ... (continue b-s-ting, hehe..)
See, if your friend answered all these questions with the exact amount, you can agak agak know how much your friend is earning lar.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cancer Cancer, Cancer again???!!!!

Recently I'm watching a TVB drama which talks about pets, dogs and cats. The first few episodes were funny, full of laughter. Who knows... suddenly the main actor was diagnosed with cancer and only will lived for another 6 months or so.

Not only that, one of the dog also diagnosed with cancer, BRAIN cancer some more. I just don't understand why these ppl like to make a happy drama to a sad drama. Is it because a lot of audience prefer unhappy ending? perfer to see ppl die? Else how come almost every drama also got cancer, cancer and cancer?

I guess now i understand why I prefer those 'gu zhong' drama, at least i know definitely got no CANCER scenes!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Scariest dreams!!

We were talking about dreams during lunch yesterday, the scariest dream that we ever had. I told them about my dreams which I dream many many years ago. (see i can remember so long, sure very scary lar. right!!) There's actually 2 dreams which I can remember till now (both happened when i'm still in primary school), both related to ghosts!!

I do not remember what i dream (i just know it's ghost chasing me around, something like that lar..) and I had this dream for 3 days, continuously!! Nor, you dream then woke up, the next day you sleep, the dream continue, just like those episodes in drama. After having this dream for 3 days, I was so afraid to sleep!! Luckily it stop, else i really dare not sleep. Then another one is I was being chased by a ghost in a 3 storey house and when I ran to the balcony on 2nd floor, something dropped in front of me, it's the head of the ghost!!!! wuaahahahhaah..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mop Mop Mop? How much is their salary?

I am watching the Olympic badminton match between korea vs japan, indonesian vs malaysia and malaysia vs china (keep switcing channel lar..). I'm not really a badminton fan so while FL very gan cheong watching how they play, I was thinking about other things. What am I thinking of?

Well, you know when the players rest, there will be some workers come out to mop the badminton court for them. So I was thinking how much is their pay for mopping the floor. Wuahahahhahah, are they paid per hour? per match? per day?

Ok, don't scold me lar, I'm just curios mar. You see ar, ppl pay to see the match but these ppl get to see the match nearer, closer and FREE! Not only that, they also get paid for that!! I mean, seriously, if you are really a fan, you can really consider this as a part time job mar...

ok ok .. i shut up now.. let's continue watch the match.. :p

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arggg, itchy itchy eyes!!

Since last Sunday, the minute I woke up, my eyes were very itchy. I'm not sure why but it's just soooo itchy. I forced myself not to go touch my eyes and keep washing it with Optrex.

When I woke up on Monday morning, i got an itchy and red right eye. Washing with Optrex does makes me feels comfortable a bit but it still very itchy. Even until today, I'm still having itchy eyes!! I'm not sure what causing it, is it because of the air? or is it because I spent too long time in front of the computer? or is it because I don't have enough sleep?

Arggggg... It's so irritating!! please go away...

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Capalang MILO!!

I feel like drinking a cup of milo after dinner just now. I walked into the kitchen, took a cup and a teaspoon, then I took the milo out from the cupboard. At that point, my mind go wandering for a minute or so. When I finally focus back to my cup of milo, I realized I've added a lot of things into my cup. What did I add?

Well, besides milo, there are coffee mate, milk powder, nescafe and cocoa!! Aiyar, don't know what i'm thinking just now. Basically I add almost everything in the cupboard (luckily nv add lipton tea, green tea and honey. :p) into my cup!!

So how? throw ar? wasted lar.. don't care lar. add in hot water and see how it taste lar.. Well, actually it doesn't taste that bad leh.. hehe.. So if one day u feel boring drinking milo, try this lar!!

Plants vs worms!!

I brought a new plant back to my house from my hometown today. At about 11pm, I started to plant the new plant into the pot. FL said, wei, plants also need to sleep one ler, where got ppl 11pm do these things one? Hey, you think I want to do it at night meh? Where got time? Even I do it tomorrow after work, also already night time lar.. do it today or tomorrow, no difference mar.. Then he kept quiet..

Besides planting new plants, I also changed soil for some of my old plants. While I'm changing, I saw something. something which i'm very scared of. What did I see? Worms.. A LOT of WORMS!!! Oh my god.. I felt very geli lar, and holding them in my hands? oh my.. and it's not one, it's not two.. it's..A LOT!!!!!

Then FL come cakap cakap again.. where got ppl that loves plants scared of worms one.. #@%$^%@$#@^^#%^##@, nv come help some more want to talk a lot.. see lar.. Love plants cannot scared of worms one meh?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Today is the Fatt Fatt Fatt day!!

Chinese loves the number 8. 'Fatt' wor, who doesn't like, right? Therefore today is a good day for a lot of chinese. The grand opening ceremony of Olympic in Beijing, a good day to get married .. but it wasn't really a great day to me..

I wanted to get home early today, to watch the grand opening of Olympic at 8:08pm BUT when I was about to pack my things at about 5:50pm, problems started to come in.. Phone calls, emails.. and end up? I didn't get to watch the opening lor.. cos 8pm+ I'm still in the office!! I only get to watch at 11pm!!

How sad...I heard the ceremony, the fireworks were great!! Is it true? Did you guys manage to watch?? This is something which we, the Chinese should really proud of.. this is something BIG, not those dono what largest mooncake, tallest teh tarik...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Those that cash out from Advertlets on March 2008, anyone received the cheque??

I'm starting to lose my patience. It has been 4 months since I cash out from Advertlets. When I first created a ticket asking them about my cash out status, they said it normally takes 2 months to processed. So i wait and wait and wait for 2 months but still no sign of the cheque. I update the ticket asking them about the cheque and this time no reply. I wait for another month and then in June, I wrote a post on my blog, Dear Adverlets, when are you going to pay me?. A day after I posted this, Advertlet ppl wrote a comment telling me that they already sent out all the cheque, asked me to wait. FINE!!

I wait and wait and wait and still no sign of the cheque. Again, I update the ticket and of cos, received no reply as well. So I wrote ANOTHER post in July on my blog to complaint, Dear Advertlets, did you really sent out our cheque. Then when I checked the ticket, I saw a reply from them. What they say? Well, ask me to WAIT until month end again lar.. what else?

So i wait and wait and wait and wait and now it's AUGUST and still NO SIGN of the cheque!!!!! I'm so geram and I decided to go comment at their blog, the blog post which says they already sent us the cheque. A few hours later, I got an email from their support ppl. This time what they say?
We’re sorry to hear that you have not received your cheque. We will reissue and ensure that you receive it before the 15th of this month.

So let's WAIT and see lar.. The conclusion is what? Don't need to submit ticket as nobody will reply you, go comment at their blog and they will reply you faster (cos a lot of their supporter can see the comment mar..)!! Is there anyone cash out in March? Did you guys received your cheque? Is it only ME who didn't receive the cheque????

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forum or Blog?

I started my very first forum 6 to 7 years ago. That time, I kind of FORCED all my friends, msn friends, real friends, whoever that knows me to JOIN my forum. hehe.. I was being reffered as the forum girl at that time. It was a free forum hosted by some website, few months later, my forum down and it never went up again. I lost all members, all threads, all posts..

So here comes my 2nd forum. Again, I asked all my members to join again. hehe.. I see them, the first thing i will asked them to join my forum. Then I joined a company which I started a company forum, then I have another forum, then when I bought my place, I created a forum for my condo too. But hosting on a free site is really not a good choice as it always down and at the end of the day, you will lost everything.

After foruming for several years, I started to blog and blog and blog. If you asked me which one i prefer, i would say i prefer to blog and blogging is easier. Why? forum need ppl to participate but blog? you can do your own talking, which i'm good at.. ya, i'm very good at talking to myself. hehe... don't you think so?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Today is my BIRTH DAY!!

I was not born in the month of August. So why I said today is my birthday? Well, I received a fowarded email this morning. The email comes with an attachment, an excel file. When I open it, it required me to enter my date of birth. After I entered it, it will calculate how long I've lived in this world, in year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds.

Besides that, it also told me that I was born on a Monday. Today is Monday mar, so today is my birth day lor... hehe.. Where's my present??

When will you finished posting about your HK trip?

I was chatting with my friend through msn and she's asking about my HK trip. Here's our conversation..
F: hey, how's ur trip?
J: great!! was really a fun trip!!
F: you said you gonna post it on your blog.. where is it?
J: got lar, i posted in my NEW blog lar..
F: har, you come back so long liao, only wrote 2 posts ar..
J: hehe.. ya lar.. busy mar.. slowly lar..
F: (after reading a while...) wah seh, you only post until you reach the macau ferry terminal ar.. like that when you can finish posting about your HK trip?
J: aiyar, i wanna write in details mar.. very helpful to those who is going to HK leh.. sabar sabar...
F: faster post lar.. hehe...
My friend complaint to me that I took too long to post about my trip. She also said i wrote too details already.. ~sigh..details not good meh? for those who is going to HK, can refer mar..right or not? Some more not easy leh, first got to arrange the photos, then have to recall back, then have to remember the price and etc..

hmm.. I think it's worth to take time to post it in details..

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ngeeeeee~~~~ PIAK!!

Yesterday after work, I went to the carpark to collect my car. When I open the door, I saw a mosqutoe fly into my car, I tried to get rid of the mosquitoe but it was too dark, so I told myself, aiyar, ignore the mosquitoe lar, since i'm wearing long pants and long sleeves today...

Then.. after driving for like 10 to 15 minutes, the mosquitoe started to attack me!! Arggg.. It keeps attacking my right leg, soooo geram.. and when i got home, i saw my leg with so many mosquitoe bites!! One small tiny mosquitoe can have such a big appetite!!

The moral of the story, never let a mosquitoe fly into your car!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to the real world!

Before travel is fun , you do research, you pack your luggage, it is exciting. When you are traveling, it's fun too. You go to a country that you never been to, you don't need to work, you get to spend money. wuahahahhaa..

But after you travel, it's not fun anymore. You will need to start work, you got lot's of debts to pay back...

~sigh.. I'm back to the real world now.. tomorrow start working lor...

Woo-Hoo!! I am BACK!!

Hey hey hey!! I am BACK!!!!!!!! Back from Hong Kong!!!! Trip was great, check out my post, I’m Back from HONG KONG!! Miss me?? for more details. Although trip was great, but there's nothing better than home... my own bed.. my own pillow, my own blanket. hehe..

Just reached home at about 12am and I only managed to unpack half of my things.. will update you guys about my trip later.. especially the FOOD, it's sooooo tasty!!

Gotta take some rest now.. nite nite!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Toyota or Honda?

If you asked me which one I prefer, Toyota Vios or Honda City? I will say I prefer Honda City. Why? It looks nicer, sportier, spacious and etc. A lot of my friends have the same opinion but surprisingly, when they really go buy car, they choose Toyota Vios instead!!

Why? I thought they like Honda better? Well, according to them, Honda really looks better in terms of design, external, interior..but then Toyota cars more long lasting. Wow, i really didn't know that!!

Toyota cars more long lasting meh?? What you think?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My cute and funny ex colleague!

I got an ex colleague which is very cute and funny. Why I said he's cute and funny? Well, he believes in everything we said. Trust me, no matter what you said, no matter how 'kua cheong' you are, he will believed you.

Like few days ago, on a Wednesday night, I on my msn at around 12am+. When he saw me, he buzz me and asked me why I online so late. Am I still in office? I was at home that time but I decided to tell him I'm still in office. I told me they don't let me go home because I not yet finish my work and i'm going on leave the next day. And he believed me, and he started to tell me to faster go home lar, not good to be alone in the office lar. this and that lar..

ya ya i know i'm bad and i know he's very kind.. but still, people likes to joke with him.... :p

Friday, July 25, 2008

Want to copy? Can.. But don't copy bulat bulat lar!!

I bet you guys have heard the news about the assemblyman that copied the questions from a former assemblyman from another party. Of cos he can have excuse that it's just a coincidence that these questions looked alike, but what abot spelling mistakes? Spelling mistakes also same wor.. It is soooo embarrassing!

I mean we do copy stuff from time to time, well, should i say refer? hehe.. Even if you feel like you want to reuse back these questions, pls spend a minute or two to change a bit lar.. at least read through lar.. Now the whole country knows you did not prepare your job well, know that you copy other ppl's stuff and know you didn't bother to go through after you copy..

~sigh.. we actually learned a lesson from this, what lesson? Want to copy? Can.. but DON'T copy bulat bulat lar!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I sleep late yesterday because I need to wake up early tomorrow!!

Today, I'm going to sleep at 9pm!! Why so early? I think this is the first time I sleep at 9pm since Standard 1. You probably will ask, will I be able to sleep that early? Well yes. I've planned everything. hehe...

I sleep very late yesterday and woke up early today. So now I'm already very very very tired, so i definitely will be able to sleep early today! The reason I sleep early is because I'm FLYING tomorrow!! hehe.. I need to wake up at 3am later to go to LCCT, flight at 6am!!

so.. going to bed now.. nite nite!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why 4.5? Why not 5?

A lot of my friends asked me how many days leave I take for my trip. When I told them I took 4.5 days, they started to ask, why 4.5 and not 5 days? Why take that half day?

Actually I only plan to take 4 days. What about the 0.5? Well, when I apply leave that time, I realized I still got a half day leave left. I don't remember when or why I took the other 0.5 day but I just don't like to see that half day so I applied another half day lor.

I don't like to take half day, why? You still have to wake up early, you still have to stuck in the jam, you still have to pay toll and petrol, and you still have to pay for the car park. So why take 0.5? right?

Wah, that stupid lawyer!!

One of my uncle asked my brother to help him to call a lawyer to ask about some legal issue. Due to some reason, my brother ask me to call instead. He sms me the lawyer's handphone and I started to call since last sunday.

I called twice on Sunday but nobody answer the phone, i thought maybe he don't work on Sunday, so he doesn't want to answer the phone. So I called again on Monday morning, afternoon, evening, still nobody answer the phone. Then Tuesday I tried to call for a few times and this morning I tried as well, still the same, nobody answer the phone.

I started to feel that maybe I'm calling the wrong number. I decided to call my brother to double check with him but before I called my brother, he called me instead to ask me whether I had call the lawyer or not. I told him I called many many times but seems like nobody answering the phone. So he asked me to call my uncle to ask for the lawyer's number again. Maybe he had given us the wrong number.

I called my uncle and told him the situation, guess what my uncle told me? oo, that lawyer ar.. he only answer calls from people he know. The lawyer don't have my number, that is why he's not answering my calls! WHAT???? What the hell, what kind of lawyer is that? Only answer calls from ppl he knows? So geramlar, waste my time and money to call him so many time!!

So now what? My uncle will sms him my number and ask HIM to call me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Air Asia still charging for the checked baggage handling fees?

I remembered Ais Asia introduced checked baggage handling fees few months ago. I even blog about it. I was trying to pre booked so that I can save RM 2 but I go through the whole air asia website, I can't seems to find where to book! I even go through the FAQ section but it seems like there's nothing about checked baggage handling fees!

What happened? Did they cancel the checked baggage handling fees? Or did they cancel the pre book for checked baggage? Anybody know where to book?

Monday, July 21, 2008

You said plants got no feeling?

I bought 3 'bou bou gou seng' plant last cny, after a few months, one of it grew a lot of branches with leaves. It's very messy so i decided to cut it off some of the branches. But after i chopped off the branches, the plant started to die.. I got 3 back then, so after 1 died, left 2.

One day, when I shopped at Ikea, I saw this 'bou bou gou seng' plant. Since I left 2 now, i decided to buy another 3 to add in. The minute I add in the new plants, the old ones (both of them) started to die slowly.. They can't seems to accept their new friends!!

So all I left was the 3 new 'bou bou gou seng' plant.. everything went fine until few days ago. I saw a yellow leaf on one of it, so i pluck the leaf and guess what!! The plant started to turn yellow! It's dying!! OMG, i'm just plucking off those yellow leaves, like that also cannot??? And it's not over, now the second one also started to turn yellow as well!!!

Wow, they can't allow ppl to touch their branches, their leaves and they can't accept new friends. You said plants got no feeling?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My NEW NEW NEW blog!!

I've been very busy lately. Busy with what? Well, hosting.. domain... wordpress... get it? That's right! I got myself a domain and hosting beginning of this month. I thought it will be pretty simple as I used to do all these web stuff. But then, it's not as easy as I thought!! 3 years + nv touched all these things, I really need time to pick it up again!

Anyway, it's up now and it's very very new. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to give up this blog, in other words, I will be keeping this blog + my yummy blog + the brand new blah blah blah blog!!

So I hope you guys can visit my new blog and please please please don't forget about my this blah blah blah in blogspot. :) Here's my brand new blog...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sell it off lar..

I've seen a lot of people buying new cars but they do not want to trade in their old cars. Maybe there are a lot of memories which they like to keep but if you are keeping the car and you are not going to drive it anymore, it's really a total waste.

FL's neighbor at his hometown, recently bought a new car. Since his old car doesn't have much value, he decided not to sell it. There's no place for him to park his old car at his car porch (sure new car park inside mar..), so he parked his old car outside, beside the road. He never drive his old car ever since he bought the new car, so basically his old car just leave it there, covered by grass.

I feel it's really a total waste, if you sell off the car, you probably can get back some money, (maybe not a lot), and the car will be used by some other people. Now the old car doesn't looked like a car anymore, it's like a piece of useless junk, parked beside the road...

~sigh, if really 'hmm seh dak' your old car.. then don't buy new car lor...

Spiderman and Batman in Malaysia!

Are you late to work today? Me? Ya, today's jam is even worst than Monday!! I reached office at 10am++!!! While I was stuck in the jam, I heard something funny from the radio. The DJ asked... Do you know how come spiderman and batmat can't rescue ppl if they lived in KL?
You know why?

Well, for spiderman, the reason he can't become a hero in KL is because in KL, we don't have much tall building, and all tall buildings are far away from each other. So he probably can just perform his act at the twin tower there.. jump to twin tower A, then jump back to twin tower B. wuaahahhaaha..

So what about batman? Well, first of all, batman's car is too big to go through the tolls and he can't really drive around as KL always jam and got road blocks. wuahahahah so funny lar..

Thanks to the dj for lighten up my mood a bit after stuck in the jam for so long!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I know I just don't seems to remember!!

Have you met people like this? They do not know something but they do not want to admit that they don't know. They will say they know BUT they forgot. I don't understand what these ppl are thinking. The first time u said you forgot, it's ok. When the second and third and fourth time you keep saying you forgot, then other ppl will know you actually doesn't want to admit that you do not know!

Come on lar, don't think ppl around you are so stupid. If you don't know, just admit it lar!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With plants looks better than without plants lor

I bought a very tall, transparent vase from Ikea before the chinese new year. It was being left empty without any plants after the chinese new year (before that i have the 'shui mei' plant). I decided to buy some plants, dried plants (not fake, but dried, too much fake plants at home will have communication problems. hehe..according to feng shui lar.. ) for my vase.

When i was back to my hometown last weekend, I managed to buy some really cheap dried plants. I bought two different kind of plants and hope it will looked nice on my vase. After I put in the plants.. i realized that i'm really not good in these kind of things. Well, it does not looks ugly lar.. but it doesn't really looks nice also. wuahahahahhahaah..

So i asked FL, does this looks nice? He said.. erm.. ok lar.. (ya i know, he dare not answer..) So i asked again, ok means what? nice? not nice? Finally after my continuous asking, he decided to give me the real answer. So what he said? Well, he said with plants looks better than without plants lor.. aih, really kek sam after hearing what he said. :p

The debate between Mr. An and Mr. Ah!!

Did you watch the debate between Mr. An and Mr. Ah just now at 9pm? I did watch a while, don't really understand what they said as i've given back most of my BM to teacher. :) Well, although I didn't quite understand the whole debate, but i still managed to catch a bit here and there.

Correct me if i'm wrong, from what I heard, Mr. An sticked to the topic, talks about inflation, petrol price increasing and etc but Mr. Ah.. I think he goes a bit out of topic. Ppl here talks about petrol but he kept talks about Mr. An and kept attacking Mr. An.. And I also found out something, when Mr. Ah starts talking, even only a few words, a group of ppl starts clapping their hands. Wow, he talked a few words only they already know what he's going to? and i noticed one thing, they only clapped when Mr. Ah talks.. hehe... damn funny.. they pakat one izzit.. :p

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ikea member sales - 24 July, one day ONLY!!

I don't know why, I have a thing with Ikea. I love Ikea and I love the Ikea smell. hehe, ya ya i know i'm kind of weird. I will feel like going to ikea if I have not been there at least once a month. No no, don't get me wrong, I don't like ALL the things in ikea, in fact, I feel that some of the things in ikea are not worth to buy, especially the furnitures.

If furnitures not worth to buy, then what to buy? I like those small small creative stuff in Ikea. I think their designers are really good in coming out all these things.

Well, if you like ikea as much as I do, then this is a good news for you. Ikea is having sales again.. and their member sales are on the 24th of July, ONE DAY only. So .. take leave to go shopping la!!!!!

Did you stuck in the jam today?

As usual, I was late for work today. :p I was hoping there will be no jam today (sometimes monday no jam one, especially so late d..) Then I remembered yesterday I heard from the news that there will be a few road blocks at several places today. I was still hoping it won't affect me but I was SO WRONG!

I don't see any road blocks on my way to work but it was really JAM!!!!! Finally after 1 hour+ I reached office.. it was about 10am and I thought i'm the latest. But when I opened the my office door, I realized i'm the 2nd person to reach office!! WOW....

Did you stuck in the jam today? How long it took you to reach your office? ~sigh, hopefully no road blocks tomorrow lar..

Try to solve first lar!!!

I recently realized I get 'mang zang' easily when I meet people which starts to complaint the minute they faced a problem. No matter it's a big problem or a small problem, they did not even TRY to solve it before they complaint. All they do is complaint and complaint and complaint and complaint and complaint!!

Why can't you just try to solve it with DIFFERENT ways first before you start to complaint? Complaint wont' be able to help you with your problems.... After your complaints, you will still need to face your problem no matter what...

Can you imagine, I here wanna discuss ways to solve the problems but that person already start complaining non stop.. why this one like that one? why this happens to me? why this why that..aiyor.. like that how? how? why like this one.. aiyor...

Complaint later when the problem really can't be solved also not too late what!!! argggg!!!!