Friday, July 31, 2009

I drink ants!!!!

Let say you've made yourself a cup of coffee, you drink while you were working on something else (reading newspaper/surf the net and etc), then suddenly you noticed there's something in your coffee which you already drink half of it. What will you do?

1. Scoop that 'thing' out and continue drinking.
2. Throw away the remaining coffee and try to vomit.

For me, I will depend on a few things. First, I have to see what's that "thing" first, if just an ant, I normally will scoop it out and continue drinking.. else, I'll throw away!! Which one you choose?

p/s: it happpened to me just now, although it's just ants, but I don't know how many ants I've eaten from that cup of coffee.. arggggg....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aiseh, super pai seh lar...

This incident happened a few days ago. I just got back from work and I was in the lift. When the door about to close, I saw a guy with 2 kids walking towards the lift direction, so I faster pressed the 'door open' button to wait for them. Even though I was pressing the 'open', but the door still continue to close, the guy finally used his hand to block the door from closing.

When we reached their floor, again, I pressed the 'open' button to let them go out. When they're out of the lift and when I released the 'open' button and was about to go press the 'close' button, I suddenly realized something. OMG!! I pressed the wrong button!! From the very beginning I pressed the 'closed' button instead of 'open' button, no wonder that guy looked at me like one kind... OMG, so embarrassed man... ~sigh...I'm always confused with the 2 triangles, facing in and facing out. Can't they just write 'Open' and 'Close' on the button instead of showing the symbols???

Argggg... until now i still feel very very pai seh.......

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm not free, I'm just willing to sacrifice!

Some of my friends asked me, how come you so free to blog and got time to do the online shop thing? You must be very free lar.. They said they don't have such time.

Well, I do not consider myself as a free person, I have a full time job, also got a family to take care, also got house chores to do, BUT I am willing to sacrifice my free time, my sleep time to get things done. When they are sleeping, i'm still awake updating my blog or shop, when they go out yum cha with friends, i'm busy working on my blog/shop. I sacrifice my time with friends, sacrifice my tvb movie time (really long time never watch d.. :(), sacrifice my sleep time.. so my friend, this is not free, it's called sacrifice!

Nothing is perfect, you want item A, you might need to sacrifice item B..

Monday, July 6, 2009

So far yet so near.. Part 2

Remember about two months ago, I posted a post, "So far yet so near.."? I mentioned about a blog I read and the owner of the blog working at the same area as me? Well well well, guess what? Today.. during lunch.. I bumped into him!! ahahahahahahahaha

Well, when i first saw him, i told myself, do i know this guy? he looks sooo familiar? Then when i looked at him again, I realized he's the blog owner!! ahahahahaha...

Did I say HI? well, no lar.. I just too shy lar. wuahahaha.. I just stare at him for a while only.. :p Not good to stare at ppl so long mar right? later ppl thought i something wrong. hehe..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A friend request from Facebook, a friend or a stranger?

I seldom log in to facebook but still i will logged in once in a while, when I'm free. Anyway, yesterday when I was in Facebook, I saw I got a pending friend request, waiting for my confirmation. I looked at the name, hmm, doesn't sounds familiar, then i looked at the photo, hmm, looks familiar, then I looked at the mesg, he said we were college mate!

I looked again at the photo, and again and again, hmm, I think I know him, but at the same time, I'm not sure I really know him or not. wuahahahahhahha....

Finally I decided to add him, did I add a long lost friend or a stranger? hehe..I don't know...