Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to the real world!

Before travel is fun , you do research, you pack your luggage, it is exciting. When you are traveling, it's fun too. You go to a country that you never been to, you don't need to work, you get to spend money. wuahahahhaa..

But after you travel, it's not fun anymore. You will need to start work, you got lot's of debts to pay back...

~sigh.. I'm back to the real world now.. tomorrow start working lor...

Woo-Hoo!! I am BACK!!

Hey hey hey!! I am BACK!!!!!!!! Back from Hong Kong!!!! Trip was great, check out my post, I’m Back from HONG KONG!! Miss me?? for more details. Although trip was great, but there's nothing better than home... my own bed.. my own pillow, my own blanket. hehe..

Just reached home at about 12am and I only managed to unpack half of my things.. will update you guys about my trip later.. especially the FOOD, it's sooooo tasty!!

Gotta take some rest now.. nite nite!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Toyota or Honda?

If you asked me which one I prefer, Toyota Vios or Honda City? I will say I prefer Honda City. Why? It looks nicer, sportier, spacious and etc. A lot of my friends have the same opinion but surprisingly, when they really go buy car, they choose Toyota Vios instead!!

Why? I thought they like Honda better? Well, according to them, Honda really looks better in terms of design, external, interior..but then Toyota cars more long lasting. Wow, i really didn't know that!!

Toyota cars more long lasting meh?? What you think?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My cute and funny ex colleague!

I got an ex colleague which is very cute and funny. Why I said he's cute and funny? Well, he believes in everything we said. Trust me, no matter what you said, no matter how 'kua cheong' you are, he will believed you.

Like few days ago, on a Wednesday night, I on my msn at around 12am+. When he saw me, he buzz me and asked me why I online so late. Am I still in office? I was at home that time but I decided to tell him I'm still in office. I told me they don't let me go home because I not yet finish my work and i'm going on leave the next day. And he believed me, and he started to tell me to faster go home lar, not good to be alone in the office lar. this and that lar..

ya ya i know i'm bad and i know he's very kind.. but still, people likes to joke with him.... :p

Friday, July 25, 2008

Want to copy? Can.. But don't copy bulat bulat lar!!

I bet you guys have heard the news about the assemblyman that copied the questions from a former assemblyman from another party. Of cos he can have excuse that it's just a coincidence that these questions looked alike, but what abot spelling mistakes? Spelling mistakes also same wor.. It is soooo embarrassing!

I mean we do copy stuff from time to time, well, should i say refer? hehe.. Even if you feel like you want to reuse back these questions, pls spend a minute or two to change a bit lar.. at least read through lar.. Now the whole country knows you did not prepare your job well, know that you copy other ppl's stuff and know you didn't bother to go through after you copy..

~sigh.. we actually learned a lesson from this, what lesson? Want to copy? Can.. but DON'T copy bulat bulat lar!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I sleep late yesterday because I need to wake up early tomorrow!!

Today, I'm going to sleep at 9pm!! Why so early? I think this is the first time I sleep at 9pm since Standard 1. You probably will ask, will I be able to sleep that early? Well yes. I've planned everything. hehe...

I sleep very late yesterday and woke up early today. So now I'm already very very very tired, so i definitely will be able to sleep early today! The reason I sleep early is because I'm FLYING tomorrow!! hehe.. I need to wake up at 3am later to go to LCCT, flight at 6am!!

so.. going to bed now.. nite nite!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why 4.5? Why not 5?

A lot of my friends asked me how many days leave I take for my trip. When I told them I took 4.5 days, they started to ask, why 4.5 and not 5 days? Why take that half day?

Actually I only plan to take 4 days. What about the 0.5? Well, when I apply leave that time, I realized I still got a half day leave left. I don't remember when or why I took the other 0.5 day but I just don't like to see that half day so I applied another half day lor.

I don't like to take half day, why? You still have to wake up early, you still have to stuck in the jam, you still have to pay toll and petrol, and you still have to pay for the car park. So why take 0.5? right?

Wah, that stupid lawyer!!

One of my uncle asked my brother to help him to call a lawyer to ask about some legal issue. Due to some reason, my brother ask me to call instead. He sms me the lawyer's handphone and I started to call since last sunday.

I called twice on Sunday but nobody answer the phone, i thought maybe he don't work on Sunday, so he doesn't want to answer the phone. So I called again on Monday morning, afternoon, evening, still nobody answer the phone. Then Tuesday I tried to call for a few times and this morning I tried as well, still the same, nobody answer the phone.

I started to feel that maybe I'm calling the wrong number. I decided to call my brother to double check with him but before I called my brother, he called me instead to ask me whether I had call the lawyer or not. I told him I called many many times but seems like nobody answering the phone. So he asked me to call my uncle to ask for the lawyer's number again. Maybe he had given us the wrong number.

I called my uncle and told him the situation, guess what my uncle told me? oo, that lawyer ar.. he only answer calls from people he know. The lawyer don't have my number, that is why he's not answering my calls! WHAT???? What the hell, what kind of lawyer is that? Only answer calls from ppl he knows? So geramlar, waste my time and money to call him so many time!!

So now what? My uncle will sms him my number and ask HIM to call me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Air Asia still charging for the checked baggage handling fees?

I remembered Ais Asia introduced checked baggage handling fees few months ago. I even blog about it. I was trying to pre booked so that I can save RM 2 but I go through the whole air asia website, I can't seems to find where to book! I even go through the FAQ section but it seems like there's nothing about checked baggage handling fees!

What happened? Did they cancel the checked baggage handling fees? Or did they cancel the pre book for checked baggage? Anybody know where to book?

Monday, July 21, 2008

You said plants got no feeling?

I bought 3 'bou bou gou seng' plant last cny, after a few months, one of it grew a lot of branches with leaves. It's very messy so i decided to cut it off some of the branches. But after i chopped off the branches, the plant started to die.. I got 3 back then, so after 1 died, left 2.

One day, when I shopped at Ikea, I saw this 'bou bou gou seng' plant. Since I left 2 now, i decided to buy another 3 to add in. The minute I add in the new plants, the old ones (both of them) started to die slowly.. They can't seems to accept their new friends!!

So all I left was the 3 new 'bou bou gou seng' plant.. everything went fine until few days ago. I saw a yellow leaf on one of it, so i pluck the leaf and guess what!! The plant started to turn yellow! It's dying!! OMG, i'm just plucking off those yellow leaves, like that also cannot??? And it's not over, now the second one also started to turn yellow as well!!!

Wow, they can't allow ppl to touch their branches, their leaves and they can't accept new friends. You said plants got no feeling?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My NEW NEW NEW blog!!

I've been very busy lately. Busy with what? Well, hosting.. domain... wordpress... get it? That's right! I got myself a domain and hosting beginning of this month. I thought it will be pretty simple as I used to do all these web stuff. But then, it's not as easy as I thought!! 3 years + nv touched all these things, I really need time to pick it up again!

Anyway, it's up now and it's very very new. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to give up this blog, in other words, I will be keeping this blog + my yummy blog + the brand new blah blah blah blog!!

So I hope you guys can visit my new blog and please please please don't forget about my this blah blah blah in blogspot. :) Here's my brand new blog...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sell it off lar..

I've seen a lot of people buying new cars but they do not want to trade in their old cars. Maybe there are a lot of memories which they like to keep but if you are keeping the car and you are not going to drive it anymore, it's really a total waste.

FL's neighbor at his hometown, recently bought a new car. Since his old car doesn't have much value, he decided not to sell it. There's no place for him to park his old car at his car porch (sure new car park inside mar..), so he parked his old car outside, beside the road. He never drive his old car ever since he bought the new car, so basically his old car just leave it there, covered by grass.

I feel it's really a total waste, if you sell off the car, you probably can get back some money, (maybe not a lot), and the car will be used by some other people. Now the old car doesn't looked like a car anymore, it's like a piece of useless junk, parked beside the road...

~sigh, if really 'hmm seh dak' your old car.. then don't buy new car lor...

Spiderman and Batman in Malaysia!

Are you late to work today? Me? Ya, today's jam is even worst than Monday!! I reached office at 10am++!!! While I was stuck in the jam, I heard something funny from the radio. The DJ asked... Do you know how come spiderman and batmat can't rescue ppl if they lived in KL?
You know why?

Well, for spiderman, the reason he can't become a hero in KL is because in KL, we don't have much tall building, and all tall buildings are far away from each other. So he probably can just perform his act at the twin tower there.. jump to twin tower A, then jump back to twin tower B. wuaahahhaaha..

So what about batman? Well, first of all, batman's car is too big to go through the tolls and he can't really drive around as KL always jam and got road blocks. wuahahahah so funny lar..

Thanks to the dj for lighten up my mood a bit after stuck in the jam for so long!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I know I just don't seems to remember!!

Have you met people like this? They do not know something but they do not want to admit that they don't know. They will say they know BUT they forgot. I don't understand what these ppl are thinking. The first time u said you forgot, it's ok. When the second and third and fourth time you keep saying you forgot, then other ppl will know you actually doesn't want to admit that you do not know!

Come on lar, don't think ppl around you are so stupid. If you don't know, just admit it lar!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With plants looks better than without plants lor

I bought a very tall, transparent vase from Ikea before the chinese new year. It was being left empty without any plants after the chinese new year (before that i have the 'shui mei' plant). I decided to buy some plants, dried plants (not fake, but dried, too much fake plants at home will have communication problems. hehe..according to feng shui lar.. ) for my vase.

When i was back to my hometown last weekend, I managed to buy some really cheap dried plants. I bought two different kind of plants and hope it will looked nice on my vase. After I put in the plants.. i realized that i'm really not good in these kind of things. Well, it does not looks ugly lar.. but it doesn't really looks nice also. wuahahahahhahaah..

So i asked FL, does this looks nice? He said.. erm.. ok lar.. (ya i know, he dare not answer..) So i asked again, ok means what? nice? not nice? Finally after my continuous asking, he decided to give me the real answer. So what he said? Well, he said with plants looks better than without plants lor.. aih, really kek sam after hearing what he said. :p

The debate between Mr. An and Mr. Ah!!

Did you watch the debate between Mr. An and Mr. Ah just now at 9pm? I did watch a while, don't really understand what they said as i've given back most of my BM to teacher. :) Well, although I didn't quite understand the whole debate, but i still managed to catch a bit here and there.

Correct me if i'm wrong, from what I heard, Mr. An sticked to the topic, talks about inflation, petrol price increasing and etc but Mr. Ah.. I think he goes a bit out of topic. Ppl here talks about petrol but he kept talks about Mr. An and kept attacking Mr. An.. And I also found out something, when Mr. Ah starts talking, even only a few words, a group of ppl starts clapping their hands. Wow, he talked a few words only they already know what he's going to? and i noticed one thing, they only clapped when Mr. Ah talks.. hehe... damn funny.. they pakat one izzit.. :p

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ikea member sales - 24 July, one day ONLY!!

I don't know why, I have a thing with Ikea. I love Ikea and I love the Ikea smell. hehe, ya ya i know i'm kind of weird. I will feel like going to ikea if I have not been there at least once a month. No no, don't get me wrong, I don't like ALL the things in ikea, in fact, I feel that some of the things in ikea are not worth to buy, especially the furnitures.

If furnitures not worth to buy, then what to buy? I like those small small creative stuff in Ikea. I think their designers are really good in coming out all these things.

Well, if you like ikea as much as I do, then this is a good news for you. Ikea is having sales again.. and their member sales are on the 24th of July, ONE DAY only. So .. take leave to go shopping la!!!!!

Did you stuck in the jam today?

As usual, I was late for work today. :p I was hoping there will be no jam today (sometimes monday no jam one, especially so late d..) Then I remembered yesterday I heard from the news that there will be a few road blocks at several places today. I was still hoping it won't affect me but I was SO WRONG!

I don't see any road blocks on my way to work but it was really JAM!!!!! Finally after 1 hour+ I reached office.. it was about 10am and I thought i'm the latest. But when I opened the my office door, I realized i'm the 2nd person to reach office!! WOW....

Did you stuck in the jam today? How long it took you to reach your office? ~sigh, hopefully no road blocks tomorrow lar..

Try to solve first lar!!!

I recently realized I get 'mang zang' easily when I meet people which starts to complaint the minute they faced a problem. No matter it's a big problem or a small problem, they did not even TRY to solve it before they complaint. All they do is complaint and complaint and complaint and complaint and complaint!!

Why can't you just try to solve it with DIFFERENT ways first before you start to complaint? Complaint wont' be able to help you with your problems.... After your complaints, you will still need to face your problem no matter what...

Can you imagine, I here wanna discuss ways to solve the problems but that person already start complaining non stop.. why this one like that one? why this happens to me? why this why that..aiyor.. like that how? how? why like this one.. aiyor...

Complaint later when the problem really can't be solved also not too late what!!! argggg!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A SICK week!

A lot of my colleagues fall sick this week including me. It started with me, I was on MC on Monday due to fever. When I was back to work on Tuesday, another colleague of mine MC. Then Wednesday, another colleague call in sick and both yesterday and today, my manager turn to MC pulak..

See.. a week full of ppl fall sick!! Virus spreading? Erm, fever will spread one meh? Not flu wor.. seems like all fever wor....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

sundae without chocolate or strawberry sauce

I love McDonald's sundae. I normally will order sundae kon but I dislike the biscuit. Why don't order sundae (the cup one) ? Well, i don't like the sundae with chocolate and strawberry on it, very sweet.. I only like the plain vanilla how?

hmmm.. can I order for a sundae but request them not to add any chocolate or strawberry on top? Perhaps i should try some day... :p

Dear Advertlets, did you really sent out our cheque?

Exactly one month ago (10-6-2008), I posted this on my blog, Dear Advertlets, when are you going to pay me? to complaint about Advertlets. The next day after I wrote this post, I received a comment from Advertlets Support. They told me they already sent the cheque to me. So immediately I login to my advertlets account and found that my cash out status had changed from 'Unpaid' to 'Sent'.

Since then, I checked my mail box everyday, hope to see the cheque from advertlets. Day by day, week by week, and after one month (today is 10 of July) i still received nothing from them! So should I blame the post office? Did they lost my mail? Or should I asked Advertlets, did you really sent out our cheque?

Did anyone that cash out on march 2008 received cheque from Advertlets? Anybody?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Will you say Hi?

I went to Jusco @ Kepong to have my dinner yesterday. While I was thinking what to eat for dinner, I saw a familiar face. I saw my ex course mate, we were quite close back then but she only studied for a semester and she left because her family can't afford to support her anymore. After she left, we still keep in touch for a while, then totally lost contact.

Although after so many years I haven't met her but I can still recognize her. She didn't change at all. I wanted to step forward to say hi but then I realized I don't remember her name. I don't remember her name at all!! I can't just go over and say..hey you remember me? I'm so and so ler.. but i forgot your name!! like that meh???

Have you been into this situation before? If you were me, will you go over and say hi even though you don't remember her name?

I'm from Malaysia but my IP is not???

FL helped his friend to register a hosting yesterday. It's cheap, it has unlimited space and sign up is easy! So we paid using the credit card and immediately we got the access to the account that we signed up. So he started to help his friend to transfer files over to the hosting. Everything seems so perfect right? Wait wait, i'm not done yet.

This morning, FL received an email from this web hosting saying that the account had been deactivated due to some suspicious activities. What? What kind of suspicious activities? He only transfered a few files over and did nothing else. He contacted the support ppl and apparently, they said the IP that he used to register is not the same as the credit card issued country.

Well, i don't know how the IP thing works but we lived in Malaysia, we used streamyx, by right the IP should be from Malaysia too right? How come it's not the same as the credit card issued country? So how? they need more things for verification.. password lar, photocopy of credit card lar.. photo lar... damn troublesome...

Can anybody explained to me why we're from Malaysia but our IP is not??

Monday, July 7, 2008

Normal is good..

Recently I found out that a lot of actors/actresses or even singers that left the entertainment industry, joined back after they left for 10++ years. This makes me wonder, how come they chose to leave when they are so young, so popular and can make so much money and decided to join back when they are not so popular, young and beautiful any more? How come they don't just make more money when they are so popular and retired afterwards?

I guess a lot ppl are like that, when you have the money and fame, you will think that you don't need that much of attention and money, you want a peaceful life but when you have a peaceful life and you started to use up most of you money, you will start to think that money and fame is actually important...

i guess that's why to lead a normal life is better, why? you don't have that much of money therefore you can't really stop working when you are young, right?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend and SICK!!

I love weekend, who doesn't love weekend right? We can go out shopping, go out yum cha with friends, or just stay at home to watch DVD or play games for the whole day, sounds great right? But what if you are sick during weekend? You can't do things that you suppose to do during weekend, all you can do is just to feel sick at home and take your pills! argggg...

Why am i start talking about all this? well, very clearly, i'm sick now.. monday to friday i'm good, but friday night i started to get fever lar, this and that.....why this happened to me? I've been waiting for my weekend to come and this is what i get when weekend finally comes?

~sigh.. Although I didn't get to enjoy my weekend, but I still hope you enjoy your weekend. You still have one day to rest, make a full use of it!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Why watch drama? Read newspaper enough lar..

Did you read the newspaper? Even you don't have the habit of reading newspaper, you probably have read it in some blogs, heard it on the radio, or the news. First, we have Mr. A being accused of, you know what, then we have Mr. N being accused involved in the murder of the gal. Then the next day the one accused Mr. N said it has nothing to do with Mr.N ...

Wow.. so why watched drama? Watch the news enough lar, it's already very dramatic..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I own this road!!

I really think a lot of Malaysians are rich, why? Well, they are rich enough to buy themselves a road or roads! How i know ar? well, let's take this morning as an example. I was already late for work, when i almost reached my office, i saw this car stopped in the middle of the road. Ya ya, she got put signal, but then there are plenty of car parks beside her but she just chose to stop in the middle of the road, blocking everyone else behind. So i guess she think she owns the road, that is why she's allowed to do that, stopped anywhere anytime she wants!

And guess what's the reason she stopped in the middle of the road? To buy nasi lemak from the opposite, she yelled at the nasi lemak stall, tell them how many packet she wants and the nasi lemak stall ppl packed and bring over to her!!

I'm poor, so i can't afford to buy a road myself. :p, what about you?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are we all racists?

I used to have a malay colleague which join us for lunch last time. Because of him, we need to go eat at halal places, which is fine for me as i like spicy food. hehe.. Then i noticed something, if we go eat at those malay mixed rice stall, they will tend to charge us, the chinese more expensive. So one day, we decided to test how true is it.

Me and him go picked the dishes together, we took exactly the same dishes, 2 vege and a sotong and guess what, mine are more expensive than his! If you looked at our plates, you will see that he actually took more, more rice, more vege, more sotong but they only charge him Rm 3.50 where as mine is RM 4.50. Is this consider as racist?

When I told this to FL, he said cannot blamed the malays lar, cos we the chinese are doing the same thing also. Oh really? Yes, FL told me his malay colleague actually asked some other chinese colleagues to help him buy pirated vcds cos if they go buy themselves rite, it will be more expensive!!

So i guess we are all racists?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i'm DAMN SICK of it!!!

I was not feeling very happy today after answering a phone call from someone that I care. She said something that makes me feel very unhappy and it makes me wonder, why I'm the one who always hope to pleased everyone, try not to hurt their feelings but at the end of the day, i'm the one who is being hurt the most?

You probably will say, who cares about other ppl's feeling? as long as you are happy then its enough lar.. well, probably you are right. But then again, it's always easier to say than do...

PLEASE, do not say these things to me anymore. i'm DAMN SICK of it!!!!!!!!

STOP brekking!!

Have you ever had a situation like this before? The car in front of you keep stepping on the brek for dono what reason and end up you also had to keep stepping on the brek?

This morning traffic was quite smooth and I was happily driving. Then a car from the left lane switch on the signal, so as a polite driver, of cos, I let the car switch into my lane. Then the nightmare begins.. First this car drives super slow on a fast lane...and, she keeps stepping on the brek for NO REASON!! (ya, it's a she..) Oh my god, sooooo annoying, the car in front of her at least 1km away and she start stepping her brek for every 2 seconds?

I totally understand how come a lot of ppl choose not to become a polite driver..

RM 18K for you!!

The thing I hate most about credit cards (ya, apart from the interests and charges) is that you will always get calls from their sales ppl. They will asked you whether you need another card or not, want to do balance transfer or not, want to get cash advance, want to buy insurance and etc. Imagine if you have 4 different credit cards from 4 different bank, you will get at least ONE phone call from any one of the bank almost every day.

Normally when they start talking about personal loan, balance transfer or new credit card, i will say i'm not interested and ended the conversation. This morning I received a call from alliance bank, I had received one from them yesterday, so I asked him izzit about the insurance stuff, if yes, his colleague had already called me yesterday and i'm not interested. So this guy said it's not about insurance. He said i'm one of the lucky one that had been selected to get RM 18K. wow, Rm 18K wor.. sure you will continue to listen rite.. So how to get the RM 18K? he then start to talk about the interest fees is low, then it will be directly bank in to my account and blah blah blah.

Ah-Ha, talk so long ... and it's about personal loan lar.. aiseh, just that this guy used another way to sell his personal loan to me...

So did i get it or not? I told him if i no need to pay then i'm interested lar, else.. i'm not interested. :p