Wednesday, October 31, 2007

113 posts for October!!

WOW! I've broke my own record! I started this blog at the end of March. For March, I posted 1 post, then in April, i posted 22 posts. Its a good sign right? It means i started to feel comfortable in blogging. It's continuously increasing, for the month of May, i posted 9 more posts which is 31 posts.

Then June I started to get addicted to blogging, haha, i doubled up my posts, which is 68 posts. Then 3 more posts for July, 71 posts, August dropped a bit, only posted 69 posts. In the month of September, I posted 84 posts, wow..and guess how many posts i've posted for the month of October? 113 posts!! WOOHOO!!!

If you were to divide 113 by 31 days, approximately I post 3.6 posts per day!! hehe, am i posting too much? Are you having difficulties reading all my posts as i post too often? hopefully not lar..In fact, i hope i can post more and more and more!! :) stay tune..

Half Speed Fan

Have you ever wish that you could have more speeds for your fan? Why do I have such crazy thought? There are 3 speeds available for my fan, erm, i think almost all fans with 3 speeds right? Anyway, i was lying on my bed and on the fan with Speed 1, after a while, i felt cold cos it's raining outside. I decided to off it, but after a while the room became very stuffy. (I can't open my room's window cos my room near the highway, it's very noisy and dusty.. ~sigh)

So there I go, on and off and on and off several times. That is when i came out with this thought, having more speeds for my fan such as half speed? 1 and a half speed? one third speed? HEY, don't laugh at me, seriously i really hope there's half speed. It's good when the weather is cold, or when you're having flu, when you need a little air but not too much. get what i mean?

So if you come across any half speed fan some day, remember to tell me ya.. :p

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

After calling and calling, complaining and complaining about the Public Bank's bad customer service, I'm still waiting for my debit card's application to approve. har? thought u said you don't want the card? ~sigh, Ya ya i know i know, i did mention that i do not want the card anymore, i'm so geram with their service and i'm gonna apply the Al-Rajhi Bank's Debit card. then? what happened?

well, I gave up on Public Bank (after submitting my application for 2 weeks and the HQ and the branch said can't find my application?) and decided to go apply for Al-Rajhi Bank, then suddenly someone told me Al-Rajhi Bank can't used to withdraw $$ from paypal. Some said can, some said cannot, i also not sure whether can or cannot. So that left me no other option than to wait for the public bank's debit card to be approved. Why? cos it seems like nobody got problem with public bank's debit card. WHAT??? Does that mean i have to keep calling public bank? Apparently, yes.. ~sigh...

So there I go, everyday calling the customer service and checked on my application status. This morning, after pressing 1(for english), 1 again (for new card application status), entered my IC No. and i heard this mesg, "Your card has been APPROVED"!! YES! FINALLY! immediately i pressed '8' to speak to the customer service.

I asked when can i get the card, she told me to wait for the letter, then i asked her when can i get the letter, she said in 1-2 weeks time. ALAMAK!! one letter from kl to kl also need 1-2 weeks time ar? really pengsan...

So how's ur application going on? hope yours is faster than mine lar...sick of waiting (and yet i got no other option!!!! arggggg!!!!)


During a meeting...
M ~ Manager, S ~ Staff
M: ok so for this xx project, can you guys finish it at the end of november?
S: including testing?
M: ya.
S: err, for this project, there's still a lot of change requests not included. although it's all minor minor changes, there's still a lot of changes need to be done. Therefore it's not quite possible..
M: ic, i do understand. ok lar, let's set the dateline for this project as end of november.
S: ????!!!!!!
One lesson learned, if ur superior asked you when can you finished the task, it doesn't means they really asking you when. What they want to hear from you is the answer Yes, if you provide them with some other reasons, they will still treat it as a Yes. So? next time, save ur breathe and said 'Yes'!

How many part time jobs you have?

A friend of mine (which i never see or chat for a long long time) msn me, after all the hello, how are you, where are you working and stuff like that, he started to go into the conversation, the conversation about what he's doing and if i'm interested i can contact him (haha, you should know what he's doing lar.)

This guy is doing IT sales as his full time job. As you all know, the time is very flexible when you're doing sales. He told me sometimes he used his working time to do his personal stuff, like wat? His part time jobS lor. Yes he got more than 1 part time job, direct sales from different different direct sales company, unit trust, insurance, credit card applications, water filter business, calling cards and many more.

WOW, WOW, WOW!! when i heard that, the only word i typed was WOW and WOW and WOW! i really don't know wat else can i say, he got more than 5 part time jobs!! He told me for 1 customer, he can introduce him to more than 5 different products, his company product, insurance, direct sales, unit trust, insurance, water filter and etc. Some customers loves him, one call you get can so many things, but some customers will think he's not that focus.

As for me, i'm in between, for products like unit trust, insurance i will prefer a more focus and professional agent to serve me. If 'touch wood' got anything happened, it's easier to find a full time agent than a part time one. As for water filter, direct sales products, i'm quite ok with it, as we don't need him to follow up that often..

what about you? how many part time jobs you have? or how many full time jobs you have?

I LOST $$$$$$!!!!

I always got no luck when comes to gamble. When I was young, i used to gamble with my cousins during CNY. dun play play oh, young young already knows how to gamble :p. we played black jack and I'm always the one who lost money, that is why everyone loves to play with me. hehe..When grew older a bit, i played mahjong with my friends, we're just playing for fun, no money involved, but still i'm the one losing..

During my genting trip, i went to the casino as well. Normally i will only play the "tiger machine", but dono why this time, i decided to try my luck on the tables. (perhaps i wrote too much posts on gambles? die lor..) I do not know how these things works, so i surveyed each and every table. After surveying for quite some time, i decided to try my luck on roulette. hehe... tried betting 4 times, only 1 winning out of the 4 times betting. Then FL let me tried the 3 cards, and it was sooo embarassing. U know 3 cards is those they total up and see who got the larget number. So i got 2 pictures and a 10 and i was sooo happy till FL told me.. hey, u got 0 lar, which is the smallest!! why u so happy some more? aiseh, 2 pictures and a 10 not equals to 10 meh? what lar....

so after almost 5 hours in the casino, i lost ....... RM60!!! hehe.. maybe u'll say, aiyar, RM60 only mar. well to me it's quite a lot leh. hehe. but it's a good experience though, it's fun to play, but don't ever get yourself addicted to it!!

Do you gamble?

p/s: don't get me wrong, i'm not encouraging ppl to gamble ya.. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holidays holidays where are you?

After on leave for 2 days (if includes weekends then it's 4 days!!) i feel so lazy to go to work tomorrow. hehe.. normal lar. rite.. I looked at the calendar and see when is the next public holiday.. hmm.. end of the year normally got a lot of holidays one mar...let's see..

8th of November, Thursday.. Deepavali.. hmm, which is next week, cool, but too bad only 1 day.. gov should be fair mar.. 2 days for cny, 2 days for raya, should also have 2 days for Deepavali rite? :p ok, after that.. no more holidays for November...

As for December, 20th of December, Thursday..Hari Raya Haji, not sure whether we got holiday or not..maybe only certain states? then the next holiday will be the Christmas, 25th of December, Tuesday. Hmm, not really a lot of holidays also wat, a day on November, and 2 days off on December...

Any plans for these coming holidays? I got an ex colleague even more geng, already start planing her 2008 holidays!! hehe...

The Yucky Buffet Dinner @ Genting Hotel

Everyone knows food @ Genting are expensive. Fast foods like mcD or KFC are all more expensive than the normal price. Other food also more expensive, like for eg, my ex colleague told me, the other day she had the Bak Kut Teh at one of the shop there, one person RM18, rice, RM2 per bowl, so one person need about RM20++ ...That is why I always tell ppl, the best thing to eat in Genting will be the buffet. Why? Price probably around RM30 per person, you can take ur time to eat slowly, more variety, include drinks, desserts and etc.

Before I go Genting, i browse the genting website, to see which buffet is cheaper. hehe.. long time nv go, so must do research a bit.. I always thought First world Hotel's buffet will be the cheapest, but apparently, it's the most expensive among all, RM34++ per person. Wow.. then i saw the Genting Hotel's buffet are quite ok, RM30 per person, if you go between 5pm-7pm, they got this early bird promotion which entitled for 20% discount. Hmm, not bad wat.. Therefore we've decided to have our buffet dinner at the Genting Hotel.

It's quite boring when the entertainment stuff closed (from 6am-6pm), since there's nothing much to do, we decided to have our dinner earlier, got 20% discount some more mar. hehe.. So we headed over to Genting Hotel to have our buffet dinner, RM55+ for 2 person after discount. We were quite happy for the cheap price..UNTIL..... we saw the food!!

There's very little choice, let's see, white rice, fried kuey tiaw ('yat pek yeh' like tat with no taste), pongteh chicken (yuck!! i think the one i cooked taste better!!), sweet and sour beef(i think this is the best dish among all lar..), kung pou Squid that don't taste like kung pou at all.. and toooo watery..., steam egg with lot's of water.., white porridge, chicken rice that don't taste like chicken rice .. and i think that's almost it. Fruits, very little, only water melon and honey dew and little bit of papaya, cakes & kuih also not nice.. Coffee taste like sugar, Teh tarik without the taste of milk...Anyway, i dun find anything nice there...

If you say, aiyar, cheap mar cannot aspect too much... well, one person including tax = RM30 is not consider very cheap also mar.. they should have provide us with better food lar.. at least more presentable food...

~sigh.. no more next time lar. i think if i were to go Genting again, i'll take fast food for dinner lar.. or else, go into the Monte Carlo casino, the food in the Hong Yun restaurant there quite nice.. buffet supper only costs RM13+ per person...maybe skip dinner and take supper lar. wuahahahhaha.. cheap and nice mar..

Machine Checked-In

We went to Genting on the 29 of october.. to attend Uncle Lim's funeral... :p no lar, just joking, we booked the hotel room few weeks earlier, can't cancelled cos already booked and paid..we're soooooo lucky rite?? hehe.. ~sigh, all entertainment stuff (theme park, casinos and etc) will be closed from 6am-6pm, must be super quiet lar without these entertainment stuff @ Genting..

we started our journey about 2:30pm, scared jam mar, cos funeral finished at 1pm. hmm, quite smooth and no jam, we passed by uncle lim's grave yard, still got lot's of cars and lot's of ppl there. Too bad we are not allowed to go in, else i think i'll go in and pay my respect to him.

We reached Genting around 4pm, parked our car at the First World's Hotel car park and went up to the lobby to check in. At first we wanted to book online, but all fully booked, we ended up booked through phone. We went to the counter, showed the staff the reference number, then she asked us to use the machine check in to get our keys.

Machine check in? wow, few yrs didn't go genting they already got machine check in ar? not bad wor.. let's see how these machines works...

these are the machines, there are 3 of them.

we are required to insert either the
world card or our myKad.

FL inserted his myKad.

After pressed pressed pressed, we got our receipt.
The receipt contains all the information,
your name, your room no, checked-in and
checked-out date & time,
and the free breakfast coupon.

lastly, the key to our room..
cool, we'll be staying on the 27th floor..

advanced leh, the machine checked in.. hehe. okok, maybe i'm just too outdated lar.. you probably already know about this, but this is definitely the first time i heard and used the machine. hmm, i feel it's quite good, they should have more of these machines... For those of you that haven't tried this b4, make sure you try lar when u go genting.. hehe.. must experience some new technology mar.. hehe..

the view from the 27th floor..
nice hor..

Do you take naps?

I've recently read an article about taking naps. Doctors are encouraging ppl to get enough sleep, well that's quite impossible rite, with the hectic lifestyle we're leading, therefore they encourage us to take short naps.

Do you take naps? of cos i mean on weekends lar.. hehe.. if you are working on weekdays how are u suppose to take naps rite? later kena 'fry sotong' ler...(hmm, that article mentioned some company allows ppl to take short naps ler.. how nice hor.. )

I seldom take naps. Why? There are a few reasons.. I woke up kind of late during weekends, so taking a nap is not necessary. Short naps are normally about 30 minutes to an hour, but for me, if i really take nap, my nap will be 3 hours (unless i set alarm clock to wake up earlier...i just can't get up earlier!) and there's also another reason, which is after i woke up from my nap, i normally will have headache... i don't know i guess that is why i seldom take naps, unless i'm really really super tired!

what about you? do you have this habit of nap-ping?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rebonding.. Berapa?

I was at the hair saloon this afternoon when this malay guy stepped in. Everyone looked at him and then he asked the lady boss.. Rebonding.. berapa ar? I was quite surprised to see a guy asking for rebonding.. anyway, the lady boss told him they will charged RM100 for his hair as it's quite curly. Then the guy said, rambut pendek saja.. kurang sikit lar... for your information, everyone still looking at him. hehe.. i think including the staff, there's almost 10 ppl there...

the lady boss then asked him to step forward and asked him to turn around to let her see how pendek is his hair. hehe.. i found it quite funny.. so this guy turned around and showed the boss, the boss still insists that she will charged RM100 for his hair, but she will give him one free treatment.. then the malay guy took out his wallet, i think he's checking how much he got.. then he said.. aiyar, tak cukup lar.. and said he will come back later...

haha, so funny... actually this is the second time i saw guys stepping into a hair saloon asking about rebonding.. both also malays.. well, i don't know they purposely permed their hair then wanted to straighten it or their original hair already curly... anyway, still feeling a bit weird seeing guys doin straightening..

how about you? what do you think about guys doin straightening?

What is this?

I received this as a free gift few months ago.
i really dono what is that.. decoration stuff?
i put it aside until today, when i was tidy up my
stuff, i saw this again...
i decided to open up and see what is this!!

i carefully take it out from the box.
why have to becareful?
cos of the silver powder (jing fen)..
it'll dropped everywhere...

oo, now i know what is this...
do you? hehe...

yes that's right. It's a candle!!
i wonder who is the one design this thing.. hehe...
it's actually quite.. erm... useless..
why? although it's a candle,
i dun think i will ever used it.
cos the powder dropped everywhere..
if you said it's for decoration,
i dun feel it's nice too..
just keep it aside lar.. till i find someone that
appreciate this.... i'll give it away. hehe..

Missing roof tiles..

Remember my 'Bye bye modem' post on the lightning that strike on the roof (saw something dropped from the roof, thought i 'ngan fa' tim..) and also kena my modem + router? Apparently the lightning really kena the roof!!

see the missing tiles? lighting strike it...
the 'thing' i saw it dropped were the
roof tiles!! It means my eye sight are really good. hehe..
cos at first i thought i 'ngan fa' ma...

Really very geng, this is the first time i see roof tiles kena lightning. Oh oh, i heard thunder again.. i need to shut down my modem & router d...

A card with 2 card numbers

I've always having problem paying this alliance bank credit card a.k.a Ikea Card. Why? I only have this one card with this bank, but this card comes with 2 card no. You will see one printed on the card, and another card no you will only see it in the statement of account. Pretty confusing right? Why 2 different no for 1 credit card? Apparently, they separate those bills i swiped at Ikea and those i swiped outside Ikea.

I do not understand why they need to split like that? So troublesome. The first time when i paid for the card, i didn't know about this 2 different card no, i entered the no on my card (at the cash deposit machine) and paid the total amount. when i received the statement of account next month, i was being charged? why? it seems tat i'm paying to the wrong account!! so since then, i looked carefully before i paid.

I seldom use this card except i buy things in Ikea, so i didn't touch the card for a few months till this month. They don't sent statement of account if we got no transation. It has been a few months i didn't receive the statement. I've been waiting for this month's statement (cos i bought something in Ikea) but i still haven't received it. I checked back my previous statement of account, and i totally forgot which number is for which account.. ~sigh.. end up i call up the customer service again to verify..

Can't they just combined everything together? It would be much easier for us when comes to payment.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweeping or Vacuuming?

I was telling my friend how dusty my house is (cos it's near the highway). I asked her how long she sweep her floor? She said, I never sweep my floor b4.. serious ar? never sweep? u just mop like that without sweeping it first? what about those hairs on the floor?

apparently she vacuumed instead of sweep. No carpet also vacuumed? Maybe i'm the old fashion ppl, to me vacuumed on carpet is ok but vacuumed on normal floors? strange lar.. sweep easier and faster rite?

When i asked around, it seems like nowadays more and more ppl choose to use vacuum cleaner than broom! They said only their parents used brooms. OMG, i suddenly feel i'm sooooo old.. cos i'm still using BROOM!!! I don't understand, what is so good about vacuum cleaner? it's cleaner meh? it's easier meh?

See, first u got to buy a vacuum clear, i think at least around RM100 lor..those normal ones.. then you need electricity, then it's very noisy, and then after vacuumed you need to clean it, and also u need a place to store the vacuum cleaner.. as for the broom, it's cheap, easy to get, you can use for a long time, no need maintenance, doesn't take a lot of space to keep it. I still don't understand what is so good about vacuum cleaner. hehe...

So tell me, you are the old generation type like me, use the broom or the new generation that use the vacuum cleaner?

Friday, October 26, 2007

How deep is my love to...LEMON???

Everyone around me knows i love lemon.. my family, relatives, friends, net friends and even my blog readers!! hehe.. well, i do agree that i talked a lot about lemon. If you tell me u got flu, i will start my lemon story, if you tell me ur fridge stinks? i will talk about lemon again (put used lemon in the fridge and it will get rid of all the bad smell!)..

Yesterday while i was brushing my teeth, suddenly i felt i am really deeply in love with lemon. Why? The toothpaste i'm using, is Darlie with Lime Mint (there's lime and lemon images on the toothpaste), and i'm using the Citrus Flavour Listerine (with orange and lemon). If i buy sweets, i'll choose the lemon flavor, drink? honey lemon or lemon tea. Dish washer, with lemon too.. no matter what i buy, as long as they got lemon, i'll definitely choose that one..

OMG.. i'm really toooooo LEMON!!!!! i think i'm 90% in love with lemon.. :p


Due to the long working hours. hehe.. we all have very little time for ourselves, especially on the weekdays. let say u leave the office at 7pm (this is consider early lar...), jam a while, reached home 8pm (i'm talking about normal jam lar.. not super jam. hehe..), after dinner, take bath (providing u got no kids lar..), it's already around 10pm lor.. so that means we only got 2 hours to do our own things...

when there's so little time but so much things to do.. how? multitask lor.. i wanted to watch my downloaded movie yesterday, and at the same time i also want so check email & chat with my friends a bit.... and i also want to work on my little knitting project.. if i give an hour for each, i also need 3 hours lar.. (some more i read books b4 sleep one.. that means i only can go to bed around 3am??) so how? multitask lor..

i use half of the screen to watch my downloaded movies(this movie is not that excited lar.. so dun need my full attention..:p ), then another half to check mail hehe.. so while watching movie, i work on my little knitting project... hehe... then if got friend msg me i can chat with them some more.. oh ya, did i mention i received a call from a friend and we chat thru phone some more. wuahahahahaha.. so that is wat i call multitasking lor..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The driver's attitude.

I drove out from the car park heading home, then I saw this car stopped in the middle of the road. I slowed down to see whether i need to turn to use another road or not.. There's no emergency signal, no lights, no nothing, the car just stopped there, in the middle of the road.

I was about to turn away when the car starts to move. There's nothing wrong with the car wat..why stopping in the middle of the road and blocked everyone else car? no parking? nope, there's a lot of parking places, just beside him some more!!

the car moved and parked at one of the parking lots, when i passed by, i saw him paid his full attention on his mobile phone. Apparently he's checking on the SMS!!! OMG, i don't belief it.. he can just stopped in the middle of the road to READ SMS????!!!!!! wow.. what an important sms!! HEY! that road belongs to you meh??

I really dislike this kind of inconsiderable drivers. They stopped whenever they FEEL like stopping without thinking of other ppl. Accidents happened becos of these ppl.. They parked anywhere they like as long as they are convenient. They stepped on the brakes whenever they saw something they interested, without realizing by just stepping brakes like tat, the cars behind might bang them...cos the car behind don't expect you to just stop like that when there's no jam or no traffic lights in front!

No wonder the gov reported, most of the accidents caused by the attitude of the driver!! yes, one thing that i do agree with the gov!!!

What's going on with the lift??

From monday till today, i've been using the stairs to get down to the car park. No lift? Lift spoilt? well, NO and NO!! ok, here's what happened..
I pressed on the button going down, and looked and the number appearing at the top of the lift. It's at P1, after 5 minutes it's still at P1. No sign that it's coming up, and the other lift, it just stay at where it is...

Not able to press on the going up or going down button. press, no lights indicate that it's been pressed. press up press down, it's still the same.. looked at the number above, no sign coming up...

Press button, ah-ha, lift coming up, but it did not stop on my floor, straight away go up to the top floor, so i thought, wait lar, when it comes down it will stop mar.. and NO i was wrong!! it did not stop, it just went down without stopping at my floor.. and it doesn't come up after reaching ground floor!!

aiyar..forget it, just take the stairs lar...

My unit is at the 6th floor, taking stairs down is ok for me, but when you are in a hurry, or you have a lot of things to carry, taking stairs is not OK anymore.. what's wrong with the lift? someone did something to it izzit? until it can go straight up to their floor and go straight down without stopping??!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm LATE for work!!!

I woke up late this morning.. how late? well.. very late. hehe.. i start work at 9am, normally i will go out of my house at around 8am+ a bit, but today, i only stepped out of my house at 9am. why? cos i overslept.

I hate morning rain (only on weekdays lar, weekends i love it.. hehe..), so nice to sleep but you need to get out of your bed, traffic will be super jam during rainy days... and so happened this morning it rains..waking up at 8:58 am (my clock 10 minutes faster one. hehe..) on a rainy day some more?? SHIT!!! i quickly jumped out of my bed and get prepared to go to work.

All this is because i have this habit, which is, alarm ring, i off it, then i told myself i will sleep for another 2-3 minutes.. normally i will wake up after few minutes, but sometimes i won't!! i just fall asleep and tah-dah... late for work (FYI, this seldom happened lar. :p)!!

Do you have this habit? or you straight away wake up after u heard the alarm? or you don't even need alarm????!!! i salute to you if u said you don't need alarm.. for me, if i got no alarm clock, i think you probably will only see me in office after lunch .. hehe..

Uncle Lim's Stories

Seems like everyone is talking about uncle Lim today. When i was on my way to work, the radio dj from 988 is asking ppl to call in. Those ppl which had heard anything about uncle lim, or those ppl that know him in person, to see what they think about uncle lim.

There's this guy, i think in his fifties said he once met uncle lim in year 197x. He was driving dono from where to KL, and he stopped by at a small shop to yum cha and eat 'bao'. A lot of ppl chose to peel off the 'bao' skin before they eat, so he did the same thing too. then there's one guy walked towards him and told him, "hey young man, 'bao' skin also can be eaten one ler, why waste?" After saying that to him, he walked away. Then this guy asked the shop owner who's that, then the shop owner told him he's uncle lim la!!!

Then another gal called in, said her grandpa knows uncle lim in person. So there's one yr, her grandpa went up the hill (genting) to gamble. He was quite lucky and won RM60.. at that time RM60 is quite a lot lar.. and then he met uncle lim, uncle lim asked whether did he win or not.. then the grandpa said ya, RM60.. then uncle lim told him.. got win then should go home lor.... uncle lim knows the more u gamble, the more u lose, so he asked the gal's grandpa to leave.. how nice.. he rather lose some business than seeing his friend losing money..

uncle lim, a legendary person.. you will always be remembered. Rest in Peace....

p/s: his funeral will be on the 29 of Oct (monday) at 10am.

Shopping Tips

I got tagged by keeyit for this shopping tips. I love shopping and i hate window shopping. hehe.. let's check out my shopping tip.. :)

~ Start copy ~

It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.

Choose stores offering some kind of reward program, e.g. purchase points, rebates or store coupons. Knowing how the program works and when to use them will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Always ask for a discount or bargain, especially when you pay cash for big purchase like furniture and electrical items, you will be surprised how much lesser you have to pay.

Buy in bulk or from the hypermarket. Hypermarket like Giant and Tesco has greater offer than places like Jusco or Parkson. (I’m referring to household stuffs)

Think again if it does really makes any different without having that, and if no, it means you don’t really need to spend on that.

Do not buy unnecessary things. Think twice before buying.

Do not shop when you're in bad mood, else.. haha.. say bye bye to your $$$.

~ End copy ~

Dear Valen, you got any shopping tip to share with us?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

White headlights?

I do not understand why the government allows cars to have white headlights. White headlights? ya, normally car we have yellow headlights mar, some ppl (normally rich one lar... heard need RM1k+ to change that..) changed their headlights to white color one..

ya i do agree it's very nice, especially on those luxury cars but when that car is behind you, you'll suffer. It's very distracting, it's too bright that it reflect on the front car mirror and caused the front car driver could not see properly..

when i was back from work just now, there's one car with white headlights behind me.. i can't really see clearly on the road, the lights are too bright. I had to switch lane just to avoid the car. I really do not understand why it's legal, previously i heard it's illegal then suddenly it becomes legal.. don't they feel some of these headlights caused accident? well ya, if it caused the driver in front can't see clearly, accidents might occurred!!

arggg....i hope the gov will banned this...

Genting Founder Dies

I got the news from my colleague that Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting just passed away this morning at 11:20am @ Subang Jaya Medical Centre, aged 90.

I like genting, love the whether there, not too hot, not too cold. Me and my friends always choose to go there for a short trip. Adults can go casino, Kids can go theme park, as for me, i just like to sit at the coffee bean / star bucks, preferably with my notebook, and enjoy the cool and nice whether.

I remembered a friend of mine, which is a tourist guide, told me the story about genting. He said Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong bought the hill (genting) with the price of RM 900 (i forgot it's RM900 or RM9, i think should be RM 900 lar.. cannot be that cheap mar right?) long long time ago. The hill from nothing to today's well known genting, he must have put in a lot of effort in it.

uncle lim... you will always be remembered. Rest in peace. Amitabha.

For more information, pls refer to The Star.

Monday, October 22, 2007

China made I-Robot

Remembered my post about the I-Robot? I am very interested in this I-Robot, no need to sapu your floor anymore wor.. of cos i'm interested lar.. but after i heard the price, my interest gone.. how much is it? u guesss.. well, i know it will not be cheap, but i do not know it's THAT expensive!! it costs RM 1600++!!! wow..imagine how many brooms u can buy with that amount..more than you need for your whole life!!

Then my friend told me, if you can't afford the roomba, buy the pirated version lar.. pirated version? ya, made in china one.. haha... so fast china copied already ar.. so last weekend when i was in one utama, i saw this china made i-robot...

i go thru the brochure trying to find the name
for this thing..but i can't find it.
I think they called it 'Vacumn Cleaner'
ya tat's rite.. i wonder why they don't want
to give it a 'geng chao' name..
it's kind of ugly, big and bulky.. i personally
doesn't like it..

How much is it? RM800++.. i was kind of surprised to see quite a lot of ppl bought it.. FL said if it's around RM500 then can me if it's RM200 i only will consider. hehe... RM800? no thanks, i'll use the broom lar... will you get one for yourself? i wonder how long it'll lasts.. let's bet, my broom lasts longer or this thing lasts longer.. hehe...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bye Bye Modem..

Did anyone tell you on a rainy day, you must unplug your modem and switched off your computers? Well, a lot of ppl told me that, and I myself also know but i forgot about it yesterday afternoon. It was cloudy yesterday, we planned to go out after lunch, but then FL said, wait lar, we go out at 3pm ok.. well, i know he missed his computer games.. ok lar, 3pm 3pm lor. so while he playing his computer games, i watched my downloaded movies...basically we both are not using the internet.

It started drizzling at around 3pm, since it's raining, we decided to go out later... then suddenly it started to rain heavily..and then i heard this 'BBBBOOOOMMMM', fire alarm goes off, cars alarm goes off, saw the lighting strike the roof, something dropped!! FL's computer restarted by itself, my notebook was still ok.. Immediately we both shut down the computers and unplug our's too late... my modem kena already... and the wireless router? FL checked and he said seems ok...~sigh..

got this modem free from telekom when
i subscribed streamyx 2 yrs ago...
it's time to say bye bye...
~sigh, i can't live without internet..
so after shutting down everything,
we went to digital mall to get a new modem.

we bought this for RM 90.
why aztech? well it's the cheapest we can find..

looks quite nice if compared to
the telekom free modem rite?
of cos lar. RM 90 wor...

we headed back home after we got the modem. FL started to configure the modem.. then he told me something. 'I think our router also kena strike!!!!!' what?? just now u said ok, now said not ok? he said the router kena strike but not completed KO, it still can work, connected to the internet ok, but after 15 minutes it will auto disconnect, then connect again, and it will lasts for 15 minutes..unless u keep restart and restart and restart.... ~sigh... so how?

bought another wireless router lor..
what to do? bought this at Kepong, Jusco for RM140..
it's more expensive to buy at kepong jusco if
compared to digital mall...

Aztech took away RM 230 from us in
2 days time.. :(

The moral of this post is, remember to unplug the modem, switch off your computers when rain!! else, you will end up like me.. oh ya, did i mention my TV also kena strike? ~sigh..although still can watch, but with multi color. it's like u're watching the incredible hulk, every face is green color.. and the rest of the color all lari... red becomes green, brown becomes green, green becomes other color, blue becomes dono wat.. ~sigh.....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday???

Woke up this morning, received an sms from an ex colleague. surprised!! he left the comp before me, since then we did not keep in touch.. so wat's the sms about?

"Hey Joyce, Happy Birthday!! ....."

HUH? happy birthday??? today is not my birthday wor ... i replied him "Thanks!! but today is not my birthday. hehe...." This makes me remembered one incident that happened few years ago.. a month before my birthday, i received a call from my aunt.. when i answered the call, she's singing 'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you......" i was like.. har? so i waited her to finished the birthday song, then i said Thank You, but today is not my birthday.. my birthday is next month!!! hahaha... anyway, thanks for all this wishes.. although u guys got the date wrong.. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Petrol!!! 90 USD!!!

Read the night newspaper just now and saw this header on the front page, "Petrol hit 90USD!!!". The first thought..OH NO!! our government kept saying.. Do not worry, the gov will not increase the price of the petrol within THIS YEAR!! yes, they kept emphasizing THIS YEAR. now it's already mid of October, does that means we can still enjoy RM1.92 petrol per litre for 2 months only??

Think about it, when i started driving 5 yrs ago.. petrol was only.. i forgot how much.. i only remembered i never thought petrol as a burden.. then after that the gov increased a few cents.. which is still ok.. then they increased 10 cents.. which is STILL ok, and then they increased 30 cents. That is when i started to feel something.. Petrol had now become a burden to us, the car owners. A LOT of burden!!!

I believe next year definitely the gov will increased the petrol price. When? hopefully not 1st of Jan 2008 lar... increase how much? well, i don't know.. since the petrol is so high now.. do you think they will increase at least RM0.50???? OMG!! i think i better go buy a bicycle and start cycling to work lar.. :(

Fitting Rooms

I love to shop for clothes, which girl doesn't rite? hehe, but when i shop for clothes, i will first check out their fitting room. Fitting room? Yes, why? Well, i hate fitting rooms without doors, nor, those with a cloth covering one.. I felt very unsafe changing clothes with that kind of fitting room.

I guess this is because of this incident that happened few years ago when i was still studying in college. I was at this shopping mall, the ladies department, then suddenly i heard a gal screaming!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Everyone looked around to see what's going on. Then i saw this girl in the fitting room (the one cover with cloth one lar..) screaming.. why? someone pull off the cloth, thought nobody is in the fitting room. That lady was half way changing, only with bra and underwear..and yes, everyone saw her wearing that, although she tried to cover up with her clothes.

Since then, i felt very unsafe trying clothes in those fitting room without doors. I wonder why they have such fitting room, saving $$$? What about you? are you ok with those fitting rooms?

The RM300 Air Asia Gift Voucher ~ Part 2

I finally received the air asia gift voucher from my brother. The 'JB Express' courier service that my brother used is not express at all!! My brother sent to me on 8/10/2007 but i only received it on the 18/10/2007. 10 days!!! other courier service probably only take 1-2 days but this took 10 days to deliver.. ~sigh.. maybe they charged cheaper gua.. else how to compete with other courier service??

Let's see what are the terms and conditions.
  1. Cannot book online, only can book seats through Air Asia sales offices or airport sales counter.
  2. Cannot used to pay airport tax, insurance, administration fees and other surcharges.
  3. Must book seats by Feb 2008.
Book @ sales offices normally more expensive one right? if compared to book online..and if cannot used to pay airport tax and etc, that means i still need to spend a lot cos airport tax & other surchage normally are more expensive than the ticket itself!! Must book seats by Feb 2008? does that means i need to fly before Feb 2008 as well? Where can I go???!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Public Bank? No THANK YOU!!! ~ Part 3

After I spoke to the customer service at the public bank branch yesterday, I decided to call the customer service hotline again, to double check on my card application status. They confirmed HQ received my application what, so nothing to do with the branch anymore lar..

Again after waiting and waiting, pressing and pressing, another rude customer service answered my call, when I told him the situation, he said, checked with the branch lar.. then i said i ALREADY checked with the branch, then he said checked with the HQ lar.. it makes me wonder, if got things happened i have to check with the branch or the HQ, why public bank hire you guys ar? just to tell me to check with the branch or check with the HQ??

I decided to gao dim this thing once and for all (sounds serious hor. hehe..) sick of wasting my money to call these customer service that doesn't help at all. I will gonna used my one hour lunch time to go talk to the branch customer service, until they gave me a satisfied answer. hehe don't worry, i'm not skipping my lunch for this.. :p i brought my lunch box... hehe..

I went there at 12pm sharp (less ppl ma..) there's 2 ppl before me.. i go pressed the number (ask ppl to press number, but end up they served those cut queue ppl first...what la...) so after being cut queue twice, i'm being served after half an hour later.

I explained the whole situation again, then again she called the customer service, enter my IC No. and yes, it's still not in their record. So she called someone, from the HQ i guess, to check. The HQ ppl asked her when she sent in, by who and blah blah blah.. and end up, asked me to wait till next week! i don't want to wait till next week!! i want everything to settle by today!! either tell me wat's my card application status, or i'll withdraw my application!

She seems happy when i said i want to withdraw my application, maybe becos she doens't need to follow up for me anymore gua.. So she told me, if you want to withdraw, and IF the HQ found your application, they will sent me a letter asking me to deposit RM 25. So what i need to do is ignore that letter and don't deposit that RM25. My card will be terminated automatically.. (dono when la..) So this is the solution she gave me.. so that i stop bugging her...

ok la, since u said so... i'll go apply from the Al-Rajhi Bank on monday.. I'm so glad that I don't need to call the public bank customer service again!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Public Bank? No THANK YOU!!! ~ Part 2

After my conversation with the rude customer service yesterday, I went to the branch during lunch hour, to check about my debit card's APPLICATION status.. When i asked the customer service there, what she did is to call the number i called yesterday and asked me to enter my IC No. I told her i already called yesterday and they asked me to check with the branch. She ignored me and insisted me to enter my IC no TWICE.

After hearing 'Your Ic No is not in our record' twice, she decided to flip through the files. She showed it to me the date HQ received my application, which is on the 9-10-2007, last tuesday. So she said my application is with the HQ now.

HQ said checked with the branch, the branch said checked with the HQ, where the hell is my application?? I told her i just want to know the status, if confirmed HQ received it, then i need to know the status, if my application is not submitted yet, then i want to withdraw the application. I don't want that card anymore!

where's my application? middle of no where? lost in space?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Public Bank? No THANK YOU!!!

I hate to call the customer service of banks/credit cards. I always complaint about the maybank customer service as i called that quite often cos i have both maybank account & credit card. I thought maybank have the worst customer service until recently i called the Public Bank customer service.

I applied the public bank visa electron card 2 weeks ago. Got the application form from the branch and submitted it to the branch as well. ya, I applied it for PPP. So after submitted for around 2 weeks, i heard no news about it, so i decided to call up the customer service and asked about it. I tried to call last friday around 7pm+, but after waiting for around 20 minutes, i gave up. I pressed 1 for English, then press for operator, waited for 2 minutes, i heard ' All our operator are busy, pls wait' for 3 times, then they requested me to press's like they want to make sure whether i'm still interested to talk to the operator or not. HEY!! i'm calling the customer service, and nobody had talked to me yet, of cos i STILL want to talk to the operator!!! So every 2-3 minutes i need to press that stupid number to make sure i'm still on the queue to talk to the operator!! That is why after 20 minutes i gave up!!! Very frusfrating...

Today i tried calling again, around 6pm++, same thing happened, i kept pressing and pressing, so i decided to try later after i waited for 10 minutes. About 10pm, i tried again, pressed the number for checking the card status, then i was required to enter my IC no. I entered but my IC no was not found. So i decided to talk to the operator to see why after 2 weeks my record is still not there...I waited for 2 minutes before someone answer the phone, and this guy, is very very very rude..

C~ customer service
J: Hi, I'm Joyce. (I have to greet him first!! and see how he answered!!!)
C: hmmm.... (not even greeting me back.. just said hmmm... so now who's the customer service????!!!!!!)
J: erm, i would like to check on my card status.
C: card no pls..
J: (if i got the card, i still need to check status meh?? what kind of status i need to check if i got the card with me????) erm, i don't have the card... (and i haven't finished my sentence..he said with a very RUDE voice!!)
C: if you don't have the card, you should say you want to check for the card APPLICATION STATUS!!!
J: (wahseh, how am i suppose to know when i got the card i still need to check for status? other bank doesn't requires me to check the card status when i got the card!!!!) ok, then i need to check for my card APPLICATION status...
C: IC pls..
J: xxxxxx-xx-xxxx
C: not in the record
J: ya i know just now i entered to the system and the system said doesn't have my record, i just want to know why after 2 weeks i submitted it still not in the system yet..
C: it means ur application haven't reached the HQ yet, check with the branch!
J: 2 weeks also haven't reached the HQ?
C: yes checked with the branch!!!!
J: ok, thanks.
see how rude their customer service is? public bank doesn't pay him? or he's still in holiday mood? don't feel like picking up calls? I'm going to public bank branch tomorrow, if they said don't know where's my application, i will tell them i DON'T WANT to apply for that card ANYMORE! I am the customer, and I some more need to pay RM24 for the annual fees, am i suppose to be treated like tat?? sorry lar, if you don't treat ur customer well, i believe some other banks will treat their customer well.

now i understand why 5xmom kept promoting al-rajhi bank instead of public bank!! I TOTALLY agreed with her!!!

Smooth Traffic

This morning the traffic is very smooth, i came out of my house at 8:45am, and reached office at 9am. haha.. apart of me is feeling very happy as no jam mar, sometimes jam makes me feel very 'pek chek' and spoilt my mood for the rest of the day!! then another part of me feel very sien..cos so many ppl not working today but i still need to work!!! hehe.. ya ya i know i'm a strange person with 2 different behaviours. hehe..

anyway, think about it, if everyday i can reached office in 15 minutes time, it really saves me a lot of time leh.. i can sleep till 8:30am, then come out of the house at 8:45am, reached office 9am. Then when after work, 6:15pm i can reached home.. can slowly prepare dinner, then take a bath and relax and watched the 7pm nice!!!!!!

ok i know, let me just dream for today lar.. :p

Monday, October 15, 2007

The spreading diarrhea

We've got some visitors visiting during the raya holidays, but I shall say it's not a pleasant stay for them. Why? becos during their 3 days 4 nights stay, the only place we brought them is to the new sunway pyramid. yes, that's the only place, what happened? why never bring them around??

hmm, they arrived on friday afternoon, the minute they stepped into our house, FL's niece vomit and had diarrhea. They brought her to see the doctor, but the medicine doesn't really helps, if she don't eat anything, she's ok, but once she starts eating, the next minute she will need to go to the toilet...

The next day, another relative had diarrhea.. what's wrong? the food? the water? then later that day, another 2 relatives had diarrhea. wow.. and was quite serious, again, we brought him to see the doctor and luckily he seems ok after resting for the whole day.

the holidays turns out to be a diarrhea holiday.. almost every minute the toilet is fully occupied. till now i still don't know what's wrong, the food? we all eating the same food, if it's really the food, then all of us should have diarrhea, and not just 3 adults and 1 kid.

then one of the relative mentioned, hey, diarrhea will spread one ler.. huh? really? this is the first time i heard diarrhea will spread. according to her, they are all using the same toilet, thus it'll spread!!

any of you heard of this spreading diarrhea before?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bye bye night life

Are you a night owl? Do you sleep very late everyday? Do you get more alert when the night comes? If you are, do not worry, ur life will changed entirely when you have baby..

My brother was a wet kaki, everyday pub, disco, having drinks with friends, although need to wake up early in the morning, he still go out till late at nite, only sleeping approx 4-5 hours everyday. But after his first child was born, his lifestyle change. Well, he still go out with friends, but only once or twice per week at most. and when he's at home, he sleeps at 10pm!! I'm so surprised when i see him sleeping so early. Why a sudden change?

Apparently my little nephew sleeps at 10pm everyday, and if you want to ask him to go to bed, both parents have to be with him, sleeping beside him. My brother said sometimes both of them already fall asleep but my little nephew still wide awake! haha...and of cos, they sleep early, they wake up early too!

Not only my brother, i've seen a lot of friends with baby, all sleeping very early. Well, i guess it's good rite, sleep early makes us healthier..hmm, i am a night owl, even if i sleep 2-3 hours, i'm still very alert when the nights comes, i wonder will my life changed when i have kids....

Do you have kids? are you sleeping early too?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My little knitting project

It had been a week since i started my little knitting project. I don't have much time to knit during weekdays, approx 1 to 2 hours everyday..seriously, i feel i had quite a good progress on this, but ar, i'm doing this all by myself, nobody to ask, only some website to refer... that is why i kept having this feeling that somehow some where is not right. hehe.. so end up how? redo and redo again...~sigh..

besides the feeling of i'm doing it wrong, another reason i redo is because the scarf is getting wider and wider. let me give u an example, i started with 15cm, after knit knit knit now it become 20cm!!! why ar? can anybody tell me why? I don't mind wide, but i scared my 4 yarns not enough la.. i don't want to spend another RM50+ for new yarns le.... and i feel 20cm wide for a scarf is really a bit too wide rite? dun tell me i need to redo again lar..cos i already knit till 30cm long already.. hmmm...maybe i shall just close one eye and keep on knitting, make a short and wide scarf lor.. :p

Friday, October 12, 2007

Enjoy your long holidays!!

Everyone is very excited about their raya holidays, sure mar, so many days off.. At first i also feel that it's a long holiday, but after hearing these from my friends, i feel that i'm actually having short holidays. What did they say?
Friend A
A: Wah, so nice lar, long holiday ..
J: haha..yalor... (still very happy..)
A: u off till when?
J: monday lor..
A: me too lar, but i got one day added to my annual leave, replacement for saturday mar..
J: ..... (i dun have.. *sob sob*)
A: ok la gotta go lar, today half day only, comp letting us go home earlier..
J: ..... (my comp dun have.. *sob sob sob*)

Friend B
B: Wah, happy, off till tuesday..
J: tuesday? wah so nice.. (not so happy already..)
B: ya tuesday replace saturday mar.... ur comp nv replace meh?
J: .....

Friend C
J: ei, now only online?
C: start holiday mar..
J: u on leave today?
C: no lar, comp closing from today till next tues ma..
J: wah....

Friend D
D: halo..long holiday go where?
J: no where wor..
D: 6 days off wor, not goin anywhere?
J: 6 days??!!!!
D: today onwards till next wednesday ma... thurs only start work...
J: walaoeh....
well my friends, enjoy ur long holidays lar.. i will try to enjoy my SHORT holidays tooo lar.. :p

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Vacation? hahaaaha, nothing is free!!

I was in the kitchen busy preparing my cough remedy when my phone rings. Unknown caller? hmm...
J: Hello..
C: Hello, selamat malam cik.. (he don't even know my name..where he gets my number?)
J: yes?
C: Saya daripada xxx nak offer kamu free cuti package ke kedah..
J: oh, saya tak berminat. (I hate this kind of calls...)
C: tak berminat? percuma wor?
J: ya tak berminat. (I don't belief got such free stuff flying around.. 'gam tai zek kap la chui gai tiu')
C: atau pun free cuti package ke china?
J: tak berminat, tak da masa nak pergi. (haha, china also got, u really think i belief u giving it to me free?)
C: tak apa, valid untuk 3 bulan ma..
J: I'm really not interested, kind of busy now..
C: percuma wor!!!!
J: Ya i know, but i'm not interested, thanks a lot. Bye.
C: ok, bye.
I really hate getting these kind of phone calls. How can they CON ppl that they are giving out free holidays? FREE? sure or not? in this world, nothing is free!!!! I got an ex colleague, had this experienced. She said she's interested, then they asked her to go listen some seminar.. ya free.. so she went.. and that seminar is all about the some kind of membership. So you want the free package? can.. but join as member first!! see i told u, nothing is free!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

38 Questions!!

I got tagged again! This time by bokjae. He wants me to answer 38 questions!! Wow, that's really a lot of questions. Let's see...

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Nobody
2. What were you doing at 0800? Driving
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Blogging
4. What happened to you in 2006? Do not remember
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? OH NO!!
6. How many beverages did you have today? 3
7. What color is your hairbrush? Brown
8. What was the last thing you paid for? Nasi Lemak
9. Where were you last night? Home
10. What color is your front door? Dark Brown
11. Where do you keep your change? Wallet
12. What’s the weather like today? Hot
13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Vanilla
14. What excites you? $$$
15. Do you want to cut your hair? No
16. Are you over the age of 25? Always 25. haha..
17. Do you talk a lot? Yes and No
18. Do you watch the O.C.? O.C? What's that?
19. Do you know anyone named Steven? A lot
20. Do you make up your own words? Yes
21. Are you a jealous person? Maybe
22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Amy
23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. Kok Keong
24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? FL
25. What does the last text message you received say? Some ads from Maxis
26. Do you chew on your straw? No
27. Do you have curly hair? No
28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Not going anywhere
29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? Colleague
30. What was the last thing you ate? Nasi Lemak
31. Will you get married in the future? Errrr...
32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? None
33. Is there anyone you like right now? too many. hehe..
34. When was the last time you did the dishes? Just
35. Are you currently depressed? Sort of
36. Did you cry today? No
37. Why did you answer and post this? becos too little questions? haha..
38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey. cbenc12, sean, keeyit, Felix Ooi, Wayne Liew

Medicine with side effects

I was not feeling well yesterday, went to the clinic to see the doctor. The clinic is very near to my house, looks quite new too. After I went in to see the doc, he said he will give me some medicine and asked me to wait outside. I was the only patient at that time, but it took them around 20 minutes before they asked me to go get the medicine. (3 nurse working there!! one chinese, one malay, one indian!!)

A lot of medicine meh? no lar, only 2 types. why so slow? apparently they use printer to print the label for the medicine. first time i see clinic doing this, printer to print? wah, 2 types of medicine take 20 minutes, what if they gonna give me 5 types of medicine? i need to sit there for an hour already lor? not very practical lar..

so when i reached home, i looked at the label and saw there's a side effect printed on the label. huh? take this medicine and got this side effect? let's see, medicine 1, side effect, stomach ache. Medicine 2, side effect, stomach ache. wah seh..does that means after i took these 2 medicine i will have stomach ache? like that how? they should give me another medicine for stomach ache mar. hehe... and guess wat? i think i really have stomach ache now lar.. ouch...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shop Till You PK!!!

If i go shopping when I'm not in a good mood, wow.. i will shop like i'm a millionaire. haha.. okok , too 'kua cheong', i probably will shop as if i earn 10K per month!! serious? :p let me show you an eg..
Item A(most exp) - love it, Item B - like it, Item C(least exp) - not bad
  • On a normal mood day, Which one will i choose? i probably will end up with Item B, buy something that i like with the affordable price. ya, think before buy..
  • On a bad mood day, which one will i choose? i will buy all 3!! haha...

i found that most gals are like that, of cos when our mood back to normal, we will probably feel very 'sam tung' with what we've spend, but at that moment, buying things can really makes us feel better. don't asked me why, i do not know why. haha... are u the same like me?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Marks & Spencer

I don't like window shopping, so whenever i go out shopping, i will make sure i buy something. wuahahhaa... no lar.. when i was at the new midvalley, i went into the Marks & Spencer, their food section is totally different like what we normally see in those hypermarkets. Biscuits all arranged nicely at the rack, sweets, chocolates all nicely arranged. so tempting to buy it. End up bought a packet of sweets, the ginger biscuit, and 1 box of instant Latte!! and it's not cheap leh.. sweets, RM10 per packet, the ginger biscuit, RM8, and the instant latte RM20 per box!!!!! so all the three above = RM 38!!! wow.. when inside there dun feel expensive, when reached home felt damn expensive.. how ar? very sam tung..

Seven years itching (七年之痒)

Seven Years Itching is a direct translation from these chinese word, 七年之痒. This normally refers to a relationship, either pak tor, or after married. It means after 7 yrs of pak-tor-ying, or after getting married for 7 yrs, if everything remains the same, you might have a relationship crisis, which may end up with break ups or divorce!

So if you tell ppl that you already pak tor for 7 yrs, ppl will normally say, huh 7 yrs already, still dowan to get married, never heard of 7 yrs itching (七年之痒) meh?? hehe.. I once asked a friend, if a couple already have problems on their relationship, after married everything will be solved meh? it might get worst! my friends said, after u get married, then you will have baby, having a baby is a change to the relationship. together the couple will take care of the baby and then this 7 yrs itching thing won't happened lar.. oo... ic ic.. got such thing ar..

well, i do agree on part of it lar. when you get together for a period of time, everything seems very boring, one of them might go out to look for more excitement. therefore in order to prevent this happen, besides having changes, the couple must also make an effort to go rescue the relationship, not when the wife having baby, the guy go out and 'sa sa guan'!!

so as a conclusion, if you pak tor 7 yrs liao, faster get married and if you married already then faster have baby. hehe..if u already have kids? err..then maybe another baby? :p

Sunday, October 7, 2007

My expensive new hobby!!

Remembered I posted something on my new interest? All talk no action? Don't worry, i'm not this kind of ppl. hehe, so after i researched, asking friends where to buy where to learn how to learn (not much ppl knows about it.. and not much shops selling too, had a hard time to find the shop), i finally decided to go get something to start on my new interest!

Last time when i was still in college, i stayed around Damansara Jaya, I got no transport back then, so Atria is the shopping centre that i always lepak. within 10 minutes walk can reach ma.. so i remembered there's a shop there selling knitting stuff, i decided to try my luck there. haven't been there for at least more than 5 yrs.. dono that shop still there or not. hehe...

wow, i'm very lucky! the shop is still there!! i walked in, there are a few ppl learning knitting there.. then was very surprised that the boss is a young man! wow.. so i told him i'm interested to learn knitting, and asked him what i need...

the boss is very nice and patient, told me wat kind of yarn i should buy and also taught me how to knit.. i very 'lun chun' keep doing it wrong. haha.. i stayed there for around half hour, learn how to knit. He started for me (he said if i learn starting and knitting at the same time it would be very confused, so asked me to learn knitting first.) and asked me to continue, after i'm sure i know how to continue, i bought all the things i need and headed back home.

guess wat, after i reached home, i accidentally pulled out the yarn that had nicely started by the boss!! oh my god.. how how how? i dono how to start leh... luckily there's a thing called internet, i go search for a site to learn how to start knitting. after trying for 2 hours.. i finally managed to make it similar like what the boss taught me (i think it's similar, i also not sure whether it's correct or not. wuahahahahaha...) so here's what i bought..

trust me, it is VERY EXPENSIVE!!
one yarn = RM 26.90, the needle set, RM 18.90.
so altogether 4 yarns & 1 needle set = RM 126.50!!!!
no matter i like it or not
i will definitely force myself to finish this scarf!!

this is the work done for 2 hours, everything by my own ler..
starting, knitting.. wuaahahaha..
very proud of myself. :p
(wait till i finished the whole scaft only proud lar. :p)
well, hopefully i'm able to show you my finished scarf.
of cos, i dono when will that be.. hehe..let's wait and see..

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The New Midvalley (Midvalley Gardens)

I read from the newspaper the other day about the opening of the new midvalley (behind the midvalley office block) at the end of September. I don't really like to go midvalley because it's hard to find parking, far from my place, bad job experienced there.. (i've worked with 2 comp at the midvalley office block, bad bad experience till i hate midvalley as well. hehe..), parking expensive, 1st 3 hours RM3 (for weekends), subsequent hour, RM1 (one-u only charging RM1 for the first 6 hours!!).. and etc etc etc.. but i've never been to the new midvalley garden so i decided to go ma, have to go see see one.. :p

I think they have not finished their work on linking the old and the new midvalley, therefore we need to walk out of the old midvalley, passed thru the midvalley office block in order to go to the new midvalley garden. First impression? wow..nice!! classy interior, all branded stuff, it's like another KLCC to me!! Besides the branded shops, they have Robinson, Isetan, Marks & Spencer. All expensive stuff...

nice!! they still dun allow ppl to walk
on these so call bridges yet!!

the touch screen information board.
ppl are all very excited, touch here touch there.
hehe..i also got no chance to touch lar...

finally it's my turn!!
see got keyboard for u to enter the
keywords you want to search!!

very nice interior design.
these are on the right side..

these are on the left!!
will change color one leh...

nice hor!!

very classy lar. but i think i won't go there often, cos the stuff there are all very expensive.. i think the cheapest brand i can see is Levis! haha, Levis to me also expensive already how to buy?? :p they still have not finished their work, they will have a very big cinema there, opening end of this yr, and also the linking bridge to old midvalley, so i guess i will go there again when they finished these stuff..

Friday, October 5, 2007

Raya is near, BEWARE!!

When festive seasons like cny or raya is near, besides busy cleaning house, buying new clothes, we also need to be extra careful with our belongings and house. Why? this is the time where everyone come out cari makan!! Snatched cases, break-ins, even our dearest "ma ta" also come out cari makan.

When you drive, drive slowly, don't break any rules (well you shouldn't break any rules no matter wat lar.. hehe..), parked your car at proper place.

When you walking on the street, be careful with your bags. I got a friend got snatched twice in a week, she was so scared that she did not want to carry bag with her when she go out and guess wat, she got robbed again, with a knife pointing at her, asking her to remove her necklace and money in her pocket!! so, just be careful lar.. look around you, make sure there's nobody following you..make sure there's no motor cycle near you and etc. better still, don't walk alone lar, even during day time!!

when you are at home or not at home, make sure you lock your doors and windows, put a few more locks, ask your neighbor to help look out for you, on your alarm, dun put anything valuable at house..

~sigh...anyway, just becareful lar.. there's really nothing else that we can do besides be careful.. but sometimes be careful also no use.. aih..

Saving vs Travel

I have a friend who loves travel. She's around my age, but she had been to a lot of countries, Australia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and etc. I always asked her, where do you get all these money to go travel? Almost every year you go for a trip. She said from saving lor.. saving? wow...

normally ppl say gals are better in saving. Some can save more than half of their salary. (too bad, i'm not one of them..hehe) So my this friend, she told me she hardly go shopping, besides all the basic things that she need to spend, she saves all her money. Save save save, then one shot, go travel, and spend it all. Then when she's back, she start saving again and plan for the next trip.

WOW, if i can save that much of money, i think i will not 'seh dak' to use it. So difficult to save money, then spend it all in maybe 1 or 2 weeks time? then she said, hmm, no wonder u didn't get to go travel lar.. hehe... well it's true.. i probably will only take max 20 or 30% of my saving for a trip.

:p what about you? are u willing to spend all your saving on one trip?

My very first party @ McDonald!!

Yesterday FL told me that we are being invited to a bithday party @ Mcdonald. Har? we're invited? Don't tell me your friend is having his bday party @ mcdonald ar.. hehe.. (canot be lar, so old liao, nowadays even teenagers also seldom celebrate their bday at mcdonalds la..)

Apparently is his cousin's daughter's birthday. 3 yrs old having bithday party? so young already got friends to invite? or izzit all the mother's friend? hehe.. I never had my bday @ mcDonald before lar.. i think when i was 3 there's no mcD around.. :p so how would it gonna be? we adults wearing hats and play with the kids at the small little mcD playground? or we adults just sitting there and eat and eat and eat? hehe..

oh ya, can anybody tell me what should i get for a 3 yrs old little girl for birthday present?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Money come, Money go..

I always love the beginning of a month, why? I can get my salary mar.. hehe.. last time, when i get my salary, i am able to be happy for a day or two. only a day or two? ya, cos that's the one or two days that i can spend my salary freely, after that, have to pay rent, pay bills, pay this pay that, no more money mar.. hehe..then have to 'ngai fan hap' for the rest of the month... (got so cham or not?? :p)

Now, it's even worst. I'm only happy for an hour or two, becos all i can see is a bunch of digits in my account for a few days, then transfer here transfer there, issue cheque here and there, and tah-dah, the only digit left is 0.

How kesian.., the more you earn the more you spend. well, it's true lar, living standards getting higher mar.. so does that means next time (if i got the chance lar. hehe..) to earn RM 10K per month, i blink my eyes, the money will be gone?? hehe..

See something you like from Ikea? Wait, don't buy first!!

I just received the Ikea brochures just now, when I opened it, I saw the vase that i bought for my aunt last week were on sales! aiseh, rugi lar.. i bought 2 vases last week, each for RM19.90, now it's only selling RM 11.90? I can almost get a 3rd one free already if i bought for RM 11.90.

super 'sam tong' lar..Why can't they have their sales earlier? This is not the first time happening to me. 2 years ago, i bought the poang arm chair from Ikea, RM 300+ and last year the price DROPPED to RM 299!! and then there's this bookcase, before july it's selling at the price of RM 185, after july it dropped till RM 165!! (luckily i not yet buy, hehe... else...i'll be super duper sam tung again lar!!) Does that means when we see something we like from Ikea, don't buy first, wait wait and wait till the price drop then only buy?

Time flies!!!

I went to a book store to look for some magazines this afternoon after lunch. I saw the book stores full with 2008 diary! Can you believe it? They are selling 2008 diary now! It's only October, it is even too early to talk about Christmas but 2008 diary? WOW!

Time flies, really flies... It's like we just finished celebrating cny and now it's almost end of the year. when i was 21 yrs old, ppl told me soon i will feel time passed very fast, yr by yr, without even realizing it, i will be already 50 yrs old! At that time, i was thinking 'har? so kua cheong meh?' and guess wat, i'm actually agreed with it now. It's really SO FAST!!!!!

oh no, i have to stop blinking my eyes now, who knows if i blink a few more times, i'll be 50 already??!!!! one blink 30 yrs old, another blink 40 yrs old, another blink 50 yrs old.. OMG!!!!

see signals? vRooooommmmmmm!!!!!

A car driving at about 40km/h, keeping a distance with the car in front. Then suddenly, he saw this car at another lane, signaling trying to get into his lane. Immediately the car from 40km/h changed to 110km/h.

Does this sounds familiar? I've seen this on the road almost EVERYDAY!! If the car was on his full speed and he doesn't want to step on the brakes, still understandable, but all the while he's driving slow, then when he saw the signal, he doesn't feel comfortable and he doesn't want ppl to overtake him! so strange la these ppl.. maybe all the while he's following a red car, so he doesn't want to change to follow a black car? what you think? hehe... no wonder a lot of cars choose not to put on signal when they decided to switch lane..

Bad Receptionist!

I called the company that loan me my car loan, ya it's not a bank, why don't borrow from a bank? well, it's really a long long long long story. Anyway, i called the comp this morning on my way to work to ask something...

R: ... (can hear someone picking up the phone but no voice?)
J: Hello? Hello?
R: ya?
J: Good morning (i'm the one greeting her.. apa la..)
R: ya? (and she's not greeting me back!! :p)
J: Saya nak tanya tentang payment.. (haven't finished my sentence then i heard the sound..)
R: (tu tu, tu tu,... wat the hell, she transferred me to the person in charge without even informing me!!)

Being rude i already don't mind, but is it sooo hard to just inform me that you gonna transfer me to another line? or can u just let me finished my sentence? or is it i called too early and you have not get ready to work? pls la, be polite a bit!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pictures or Words?

When you read people's blog, which one you prefer to see? more pictures or more words? When i started this blog few months ago, a friend told me i should have more pictures attached. He said if you want to attract more ppl to visit your blog, you must have more pictures. why? because a picture is worth a thousand words! wow, really? but seriously, i prefer more words wor.. hehe..

Soon, i found out what he said is not completely right. yes there are ppl who preferred more pictures (normally these ppl will just go thru your pics and they won't read what you type, how i know? from their comments i know lar. hehe.. sad lar.. shouldn't ignore the words mar..:p) but there are also people that preferred to read (like me!!). Pictures are good in describing certain things like food. You can't really described a dish with words, can you? well, maybe you can, but only those with good imaginations able to understand. hehe..

So tell me, which one you prefer?

What's wrong with my new interest?

I told my friend i'm interested in learning knitting. The reaction she gave me, totally disappoints me. what kind of reaction? well, she laughed, she laughed really hard, really really hard. HEY!! what's wrong with my new interest?

frankly speaking, if you know me in person, you probably will have the same reaction too. why? because i don't really look like a gal that will do such thing, it's tooooo 'lady'.. get what i mean? well, sad to say, i actually agreed on the statement above. ~sigh..i really dun looked like someone that will love knitting. hey wait a minute, did i say i love? no i don't love, i just have this thought of learning knitting few hours ago. hehe.. i'm not even sure i will love it or not.

ok, u laughed lar..i don't mind..hehe... let's see when i will start knitting (maybe very soon, maybe i never will..). :p am doing some research now, of cos i didn't think that i'm able to knit a sweater some day, but at least a scarf maybe? long long square square, can be long can be short, hehe...

oh ya, don't worry, i will not invest a lot in my new interest (i heard knitting can be quite costly), cos i scared it's a 3 minutes interest! :p


I got quite a lot of friends added as my msn contacts, 100++.. some of them i grouped it up nicely, but mostly i just leave it as it is in the original group 'Other Contact'. When i expand the Other Contact today, i realized that the list got very long.. so i decided to tidy up a bit moving contacts to the correct groups.

so i moved and moved and moved, create new groups, so on and so forth, then suddenly i found that all the contacts i moved, now exists in two groups. One in the original group, another one in the new group!! I chose MOVE contacts not COPY contacts, why is it appearing in both places?

arggg.. so MESSY!!!!!! so i decided to delete the duplicate contacts in the original group and guess what, when i delete in the original group, the contact also got deleted in the new group. wuahahahahahahaha so instead of tidy up my contacts, i'm actually deleting them!!!! oh my...

so friends, if u see me in msn, mesg me lar.. you might be the one i accidentally deleted. :p sorry sorry...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


A lot of people said, whenever you want to do something, plan first. sometimes i wonder, does planning really helps? well, if nothing happens, of cos plan works, but what if something happened?

Let me give you an example.. a group of friends planned for a trip, plan when to go, plan where to stay, plan where to go then suddenly, 3 out of 5 of them can't go. one said company don't allow her to take leave, one said got some urgent project to rush and another said no budget. the rest can still go according to plan? no no no, if you planned for 5, that plan won't work. let's say at first they planned to squeeze in 1 room, save costs mar.. but now? the 2 of them need to pay more, and maybe becos of that, they got less budget in visiting some of the places that they planned to visit earlier. therefore the whole plan changed.. and wat if you are only planning the trip for 2? if one last minute said not going, you probably got to cancel the whole trip, unless you willing to travel alone, or find another back up friend..

as a conclusion, planning does help..but in order for a plan to work, it needs the cooperation from all participants. got plan to go somewhere with a friend? make sure you FORCED your friend to apply leave in advance. apply earlier is always better than last minute telling u cannot go cos leave not approved!

When a public holiday falls on Saturday.

If you do noticed, this year, there's a lot of public holidays falls on saturday. I don't work on a saturday and therefore, all the public holidays that falls on Saturday, rugi la.. no replacement, no nothing.. just a normal saturday....

like the raya holidays.. we will only have monday off, for some comp that replaced public holidays that falls on Saturday, they probably will have friday off, or tuesday off. or maybe add another day to their annual leave. i even heard some comp off till wed!! wow!!!!!!!!!

are your comp like mine?

Monday, October 1, 2007


My aunt gave this to me and my sister.
we both asked? what's this?
she said it's a water and food store
for plants containing all the necessary
plant nutrients found in soil.
the small gel will expand when add water.

my sister then told us that now she understand what her son meant when he came back from school the other day with a plastic can with him. Inside the can there's 2 little round round gel thing. My little nephew told my sister that his friend gave him this. It's MAGIC!! This two round round gel will born BABY!! My sister totally do not understand what he meant by born baby? Since then, my nephew kept looking at the can hoping to see more BABIES! haha.. so now my sis knows.. that round round thing that can born baby is this gel!

when i came back to KL, i decided to
try it out myself!

i poured half packet of the gel
into an ice cream box.

the instructions says add water
and leave it for at least 8 hours.

i very 'gan cheong', after 15 minutes i go
checked. see, the gel expand!

after 4 hours i checked again.
wow, it's very big now, i think no
need to leave it for 8 hours lar..

see? cute leh.. hehe...

put it all in my vase.

nice or not? hehe..

oh ya, and my new plant!!
i'm going to put this in my kitchen!! :p