Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye Bye 2007!

Today is the last day of 2007. Time really flies ya.. Besides it's the last day of 2007, it's also the last day of non jam day, wednesday everyone starts working already lar i guess. ~sigh, i definitely will missed these day where i can leave my house at 8:45am. :( No more waking up @ 8:30am la!!

Looking back, did I finish all the things i planned to do? Well, i'm not sure cos i dun plan things ahead. wuahahahahaha. ok, just joking lar, Some of the things, i did accomplish, some of the things, failed to accomplish. But it doesn't matter lar... I just hope year 2008 will be a good and fresh start for me, for you and for everyone.

If you did not do well this yr, no worries, try again harder next year. If you do well this yr, then hope for the better next yr.

Bye bye 2007!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bou Bou Gou Seng (步步高升) Plant

A lot of ppl like to place this plant that looks a bit like bamboo in their house or around them especially when Chinese New Year is near. I'm not sure why but if i'm not mistaken, this plant is believed that it will bring good luck and by having this plant, you will 'bou bou gou seng' (步步高升)! What plant is that?

tah-dah!! nice ar? RM7.90 each from
Ace Hardware @ Ikano Power Center

I don't know what is the real name for ths plant. As for me, I don't really believe by just placing a plant, our luck will turn good. hehe. but then i like this plant lar. looks cute mar right? I have one in my house, a big big and tall tall one, and just bought another one to place in my office.. one for me, one for FL. So hopefully it will really help us to 'bou bou gou seng' (步步高升) la!! (hopefully it won't die in a smoky environment lar.. ~sigh.. be strong, my plant!!)

Do you have a problem with bread crumbs???

I am so so so so so geram. My images were gone again. Last month, I posted the 'Fried Dory Fillet' on my yummy blog, 2 days later, all my dory fish images were gone! It's like you can see these images for today, for tomorrow, but all of a sudden, all the images go missing. I was very frusfrated back then but there's really nothing much i can do and i don't backup these images as well.

Few days ago (27 dec), I posted the 'Pork Chop With Red Sauce (红汁猪扒)' on my yummy blog, I can see the images on the 27 and 28 dec, but this morning when i checked, all the images were GONE AGAIN!! I just don't understand why it will go missing just like that!

I posted this on the blogger's help group, a person replied me asking me to check on the picasa web album to see whether all my missing images were there or not. I checked and i don't find it there. Well, if i can see these images for 2 days, that means I did successfully upload these photos to the picasa web album mar right? But how come all of a sudden it goes missing?

I tried to compare to see what these two posts had in common, then i found something. Firstly, both posts are about frying stuff, then both i used bread crumbs to fry. So ar.. do you have a problem with bread crumbs? that's y both my posts images go missing? (ya i know nothing to do with bread crumbs.. ~sigh.. but WHY??????)

Pls pls pls tell me why they go missing.. i want my images back!!! spend a lot of time taking pictures one leh.. some more these pictures looks damn nice one.. :( so sad..

Friday, December 28, 2007

You won't be able to con me this time!!

I received an sms from The Body Shop again this morning. After kena conned last time, I don't really trust these sms anymore lar.. Anyway, it says there will be a sales on this coming weekend and if i bring a friend with me to the One Utama's Body Shop, we both will entitled for a 20% + 10% on the gift packs, if my friend also sign up as a member la..

How to become The Body Shop's member? You have buy something lor.. and only gift packs got discount lar... Christmas already over, buy gift packs for what? can't give these on chinese new year also mar. hehe...

This time, they can't con me lar..

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big font mobile phone?

I am currently looking for a big font mobile phone, any recommendation? The font, the bigger the better. I'm going to get the phone for my aunt. She stopped using her current mobile phone becos she said she can't see all the numbers. That is why I'm looking for a big big font phone for her.

It doesn't need to be an expensive phone, as she's gonna used it to receive and make calls only. She don't even know how to send or read a sms. Not that i dowan to teach her, she said she can't see clearly lar..

So u guys got any recommendation?

What kind of magazine is that!!

I was at the Starbucks the other day, enjoying my hot Caramel Mocchiato and reading the magazines they provided. I was flipping through one of the famous chinese magazine (this magazine already exists when i was a little gal), why i said flipping instead of reading? Well, cos there's really NOTHING to read.

Page 1, advertisement, page 2, ads, page 3, 4, 5, 6, .... all ads! Ei, saw something got words, alamak, still advertisement. I can say 90% of the magazine are advertisements!! Got ppl buy meh? all advertisement punya magazine? It's not cheap leh, I think it's about RM10 for that magazine. Last time it's quite nice to read one leh, how come now become like this? So disappointed lar..

Encouraging or Discouraging?

This morning I heard from the radio that if we buy SmartTag now, we can get a 10% discount. If i'm not mistaken SmartTag costs about RM 100 right? with 10% discount that means we still need to pay RM 90 lar!

Sometimes I really don't understand what these toll companies had in mine. They want to encourage ppl to use smarttag and touch n go. SmartTag so damn expensive, and the thing that really pissed me off is, when you want to buy it, they tell you out of stock. If you wanna encourage ppl to use, stock more lar, aiseh.. As for the touch n go, instead of giving discount, we need to pay for extra 50 cents when we reload our card (unless we reload at the tolls).

Hey, if more ppl use SmartTag & touch n go, that means you can hire less ppl at the cash counters, we are helping you to save money and yet we need to pay extra for that? I wonder, are you encouraging ppl to use or discouraging?

No more holidays for year 2007!!

Did you realize that there's no more holidays for this year?? Of cos, if you are on leave till next year, you probably don't care, but for ppl like me who didn't clear leave, no more public holidays sounds terrible!!

ya ya, i know, there's another public holiday on next Tuesday, but then again, next Tuesday's holiday is considered year 2008 ma... hehe, forgive me, too many holidays makes me feel lazy to work.. when we have a day off, we wished we have 2 days off, when we have 3 days off, we wished we have 1 week off...that's human!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

To sleep or to work?

I feel very tired and sleepy today. I wanted to sleep early, but I got lot's of things need to be done. Of cos, I can do it tomorrow, but then again, my school teacher taught me to finish the things that needs to be done today, not tomorrow ! (今日事今日毕) dun play play oh, i can still remember wat the teachers taught me.. :p

Anyway, I was really having a dilemma, whether to sleep or to work, to sleep or to work. I ended up, BLOG!!! hahahahahhaa.. no lar just joking, i know i can't finish the work today, so i tried my best to finish as much as i can, tomorrow will be a busy day as well. phew~

My 2nd set of small small novels..

I bought another set of 'Jin Yong' (金庸) novels last weekend. 1 for RM 8, 5 for RM 40. It's true that I just bought a set not long ago, but then I finished reading already mar. 2 little small books like that can lasts how long wor. hehe. That is why when I passed by Popular bookshop the other day, I faster went in and bought another set. :p

FL asked me is there any difference, these small books with the normal size books? erm.. actually i think there's not much difference lar.. :p then why you buy some more when you already got a full set of Jin Yong's novels? Well, I got the normal size one mar, not the small size one. hehe.. it's different one.. wuahahaahaahha...

On the back of the book, it's stated there the selling price in China, is 8 dollars. China they sell it for 8 dollars, here in Malaysia they also sell it for RM 8. wow, these book shops earn so much lar.. 'sek shui sam'!! If I were to go China one day, I think i will go buy back these books from there!! can save a lot!! :p

The truth about the Air Asia gift voucher!

My RM 300 Air Asia gift voucher will expired in February 2008. For the past few weeks, I had been busy doing research on these gift vouchers. At first I plan to go somewhere near, then i changed my mind and planned to change flight. Due to the expensive change fees, I changed my mind again. Maybe instead of changing flights (which i need to pay the expensive change fees), I shall book a new flight? Will it be cheaper? I did a lot of mix and match, calling and submitting questions online. So finally I got all my questions about air asia gift vouchers answered. For those who have these gift vouchers, check these out!!
1. Can it be used to book online tickets?
NO (e gift voucher can be used to book online tickets, but not gift vouchers)

2. Since I can't book tickets online, where can I use these vouchers?
Book at the counter @ LCCT/KL Central..

3. Can it be used to change flight?
No, only for new bookings!

4. Can it be used for all the taxes?
No, only for air tickets.

5. When it stated there expired in Feb 2008, does that means i need to fly by Feb 2008?
No, you can fly later but you need to book before Feb 2008.
I heard booking tickets at the counter are more expensive, is it true? When there's promotions online, we can't use these vouchers. If booked at the counter, we might end up paying the same amount with the one we booked online plus we need to go through all the hassle to travel to LCCT or KL Central to make the bookings! argggg.. why can't they just give us e-gift vouchers?

Gift exchange in the office ~ Part 2

Did you guys guess correctly what i buy for my company's gift exchange party? We have company lunch, gifts and lucky draw today. The lunch so so only, i didn't expect much on catering food, here's our gifts...

presents, presents presents.
which one is mine?

we have only 3 prizes for lucky draw, the 1st prize worth RM 300. Did i get it? well, no lar, i normally don't have this kind of luck one.. hehe, I'm not sure what is the 2nd and 3rd prize, but the 1st prize is....

woo-hoo, nice mp3/mp4 player worth
RM 300!! Congrats, SH for being
so lucky!!

As for the gift i prepared, I wanted to buy something useful, something that can be used by both guys and gals. I do not have any idea what to buy at first, when i was shopping at ikea, i saw something which the price is ok, and it's suitable for both guys and gals. what's that??

a throw blanket from Ikea!!
hopefully my colleague, teh,
likes this gift lar..
so what did i get?

my gift!! before i opened it,
i already know what is it. hehe...
by looking at the size, are u able to
guess what is it?

Ferrero Rocher!
a lot of ppl likes to buy chocolate
as a gift, especially Ferrero Rocher! hehe..
not bad la.. everyone is happy with their gifts!
Did you have gift exchange party in your office too?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gift exchange in the office

My company will have a Christmas lunch in the office tomorrow, ppl got company dinner but my comp got company lunch? haha, anyway, we are going to exchange gifts as well. Each of us will need to prepare a gift, minimum RM 10. What can we get with RM 10? well well well, i guess a lot of ppl will buy chocolates lar.. cos we don't know who will get the gift, don't know it's a guy or a gal, so you don't really have much choice.

I prefer to buy something useful, I don't like buying decorative stuff and also food. Why no food? well, after eat no more already mar. hehe, so i prefer buy something that ppl can use lor... I bought my gift last last weekend, didn't know wat to buy at first, but when I was in the middle of shopping, i saw this, price ok, guy can use, gal can use, not bad not bad.. hehe...

After I bought the gift, I was hoping there's this wrapping service provided at the shopping mall. A lot of shopping malls provides that service mar, but the one i went to doesn't have this service. So end up I have to wrap it myself. I hate wrapping stuff lar, cos i will wrapped until very ugly one.. :p ~sigh, hope the person who gets my gift doesn't mind..

tah-dah!! are you able to guess what's this?
hehe, i let you guys know tomorrow lar (just
in case my colleagues read my blog. :p shhhh...)

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!! Are you currently enjoying your Christmas? haha, what about me? Well, I didn't celebrate Christmas lar, but I do enjoy my Christmas holiday. hehe..

So did you get a lot of gifts? How do you celebrate? Where did you celebrate? Tell me tell me!! :p

For those who celebrate Christmas, hope you guys really enjoy Christmas and get lot's of lot's of Christmas presents (get those presents you really wished for lar, hehe.. no point getting those you don't like. but then again, if someone gave you something that you don't like, just keep it in your heart lar. hehe.. dun make that person sad ma.. hehe..) and for those that not celebrating (like me..), make sure you enjoy your holiday lor..

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! May all your wishes come true!

Christmas Decorations @ One Utama

I finally went to One Utama last Sunday after my friend, ws told me the Christmas decorations @ One-U are the best among all! Serious ar? Let's see..

took this from 3rd floor..
not bad hor..

got stalls beside..selling all kinds of things.

few Christmas trees at the side of the stage.

This is the star of the day, so many ppl
requests to take photo with him. hehe..
There's actually 2 person one, but when i came down,
the other guy dono go where liao..

ws ar, i still think Pavilion one nicer wor. hehe... :p what about you? which Christmas decorations you prefer the most?

Monday, December 24, 2007

When everyone else is not working...

Today is a working day for me but not for most of the people. How does it feels like when everyone else is not working but you? Hmm, well, the only thing i feel good about is there's no jam, traffic smooth, very smooth, and that's it.

What else I feel? Well, I feel sleepy, I feel bored (although got things to do), my office is kind of empty and quiet. No phone calls, no emails, nobody to chat to...~sigh..

Are you working today? If yes, Happy working on a Christmas eve to both you and me...

a little gift from one of the manager,
hehe, at least got a bit Christmas feel
in the office..

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Singapore's Christmas Decorations

I remember when I was a little girl, my father used to bring the whole family to Singapore, to see the Christmas decorations there. Almost every year we will be there. Their Christmas decorations are really nice, all in front of the shopping malls along the Orchard Road. Each and every shopping mall will have nice nice Christmas decorations, they are competing with each other and hope to be the winner of the competition.

I can still remember very clearly their Christmas decorations although after so many years. Their decorations were nothing like our country's decorations. You can really enjoy the Christmas feel when you walked along the Orchard Road.

I wonder this Christmas decorations competition thing still going on in Singapore? I heard from a friend that went to Singapore during Christmas few years ago, she said it's no longer that nice. They just simply put up a few Christmas trees and that's it! Did you visit Singapore recently? Do you agree with what my friend said? I do hope they can continue this Christmas decoration thingy..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrong dates!!

Received a letter by mail today, hmm? from who? I don't know, it's a small white envelop. There's only a piece of paper inside the envelop. Ei, it's from HSBC wor.. let's see what it says..
"Dear Sir/Madam, Please take not that the dates for some public holidays have been changed in your Limited Edition Daily Planner 2008. The Correct dates for the public holidays listed below are:...."
haha, like that also can ar? public holidays printed wrongly on the diary? wesak day wrong, king's birthday wrong, deepavali wrong, hari raya haji also wrong.. so many wrong dates ar...geng!!

Happy Happy Dong Zhi!! (冬至快乐)

Are you a chinese? if yes you definitely know what day is today.. Today is the 'tong yuen' day!! haha.. Do you know why we need to eat 'tong yuen'? It is because.. erm.. I also not very sure. :p What i know is we need to eat 'tong yuen' with our family, something like family getting together (团圆). Did i explain correctly? haha..

anyway, not every family got eat 'tong yuen' on this day, my family doesn't have. But i think, it's good to continue this kind of chinese festival celebration, else our next generation won't know about this anymore lar. right?

I did try to make my own 'tong yuen' last yr, yes I made it myself with glutinous flour!! haha, unbelievable? It's true lar, my very first time with glutinous flour, made those plain one, inside kosong one. This year, i do not have time to make, so I decided to buy those ready made one, saw a lot at Carrefour the other day, a lot of flavour some more..

So have you eaten any 'tong yuen' yet? I had mine already!! hehe.. if you haven't eat, I belanja you lar, can see cannot touch that type. :p

Happy Eating Tong Yuen!! Happy Dong Zhi!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Change fee RM 150 to change flight @ Air Asia

I booked the air ticket to Bangkok from Air Asia few months ago during the Air Asia promotion, when they give out free air tickets. I got two tickets for free but I still need to pay for the tax, so for return tickets, for 2 person, we need to pay RM 400+.

We plan to use the RM 300 voucher to change our flight, as we wished to extend our stay in Bangkok since we also not sure how to use that RM 300 air asia voucher (voucher can only be used to pay for the air ticket, tax and etc all cannot use). So i login to air asia and change the flight, change from monday to tuesday, have to repay the tax, and also have to pay an extra change fee (Rm 150 for 2 person) to Air Asia. The total that we need to pay is RM 500+!

I bought 2 return ticket for only RM 400+ but to change the flight i need to pay another RM 500+?? wow, that is very expensive. Even i used the RM 300 voucher i still need to pay for another RM 200!! Totally not worth it!!

Why they need to charge so much for the change fee?? RM 75 per person leh!! 'eat water so deep' (sek shui sam)!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nice TVB drama, 寻秦记

I've watched the TVB drama, 'cam chun gei' (寻秦记) few years ago. It was a nice drama, I feel like reading the book after watching it. Finally I bought the books @ The Bookfest in may, the books are really expensive, costs RM 180+ for 7 books!

The books are even more interesting that the drama cos the drama had changed almost the whole story. When i finished reading the books, i felt like re-watch the drama again. hehe.. since after so long i also cannot remember ma..

For those of you who haven't watched the TVB drama before, you guys should really watched it. It's really nice. I like all the actors and actresses in that drama except one, who? The one who act as the princess, (雪儿). If you got watch the drama, you sure know who am i talking about. In the drama, she's a very kind hearted, good and pretty girl. Normally when such a nice person die, we will be very sad mar, right? But when I watched the episode where she was being killed, I was kind of happy, hehe, cos I will never need to see her again in the rest of the episodes. She should really die earlier lar. :p

My friend asked me, will you re-read the books again after you finished the drama again? haha, why not? I think i will!! But the books now are not with me, ~sigh... Hopefully the person who borrowed faster returned to me lar, hehe, already a few months oh, still haven't finished reading meh?? :P I feels like re-reading it again wo!!

Clearing leave?

I so so so so envy my friends lar, why? Almost all of them started to clear their leaves, which means, they are taking long leaves. Some will be on leave till next wed, some will be on leave starts from today till next yr, some even more 'kua cheong'!! took the whole December off!! How i wished i could be one of them..

I never had the chance to clear my leaves. All these years, all these companies that I've worked for, all allowed us to bring forward our leaves, so if can bring forward, no point clearing leaves mar right? hehe, but then i still envy ppl who will be on long leave la..

Are you one of these ppl? Are you currently on leave too? Oh pls, don't tell me, don't make me envy la...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I can't sleep without...

I love books, I can't sleep without reading. Serious? yes, i need to read before i sleep, else i can't sleep. haha.. what books i read? well, all sorts of books, but my favorite? the Chivalric fiction novel (武侠小说) and my favorite author? Jin Yong (金庸)!

I think i got 80% of all the books written by him! hehe.. quite some time ago, he had rewritten some of his books, I wanted to buy but then afraid it'll end up the same. When i went shopping last Sunday, i stopped by the Popular bookstore to have a look. A look ended up taking back with me. No lar, i did not buy the whole set, slowly lar, one at a time..

i love these small books, it's around the size
of my palm. easier for me to read and carry
around... RM 8 per book.
Are you a fan of his too?

Monday, December 17, 2007

First test on the Panasonic Lumix

Last Sunday, I finally got the chance to go try out my 2 weeks old Panasonic Lumix. ya ya, till now i have not test it out. well, i'm not a big fan of camera.. I'm not a person that loves to take photos and also not a person that knows how to take photos. hehe.. What I need is a simple to use camera..:p hopefully this one is simple enough for me lar. :p

While i was at The Curve last Sunday, I took a few photos, how's the quality? not bad not bad.. I'm satisfied. hehe..but my colleague says i got shaky hands. hehe.. maybe maybe.. i forgot to turn on the anti shake thing.. :p

you can compare these photos with the one i took using my camera phone. 8 megapixels vs 2 megapixels. hehe.. can spot the difference or not?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Decorations @ Ikano Power Centre

The Christmas decorations @ Ikano Power Centre are really nothing if compared to the one in The Curve, The Pavilion or Mid Valley. It is probably not something adults will like but kids would probably love it.

The red castle, with a Christmas tree
and a big ugly gingerbread man.
this gingerbread man looks sad right? hehe..

the giant candy stick

Christmas gift.
you can actually climb into the box
and take pictures.

when you spend more than RM 50
@ Ikano, you can exchanged for these
coupons, which allows you to play games
at these little booth. not sure got prize or not..

Saturday, December 15, 2007

No keyboard and mouse?

I told FL about the Citibank promotion, buy a HP desktop worth RM 1399 for only RM 290 the other day. After he looked at the specs, he said, hmmm... they never mentioned got keyboard and mouse wor. haha, well, even without keyboard and mouse still worth it mar, right? A keyboard and a mouse doesn't cost that much also wat.

Then he said, most probably no network card, no speaker, no this and no that. hey, you can't really aspect that much for a RM 290 desktop lar. I think it's still good for normal use. If i know about this earlier, i think i won't go buy a 2nd hand monitor to replace my current one and straight away apply for this card to get the desktop la... cos after replaced the monitor i found that the pc also got some other problems.. ~sigh..

Oh ya, if you are interested, better call to ask whether the promotion still valid or not. Cos my colleague told me, the citibank ppl told her the promotion already ended (although the website stated till 31st December 2007).

Anybody looking for a job?

I always thought year end got less job offers, why? cos everyone is waiting for the bonus then only cabut mar, hehe... but it doesn't seems like this for this yr, why?

First, i got a call from jobstreet asking me to update my resume cos there are currently a lot of job offers there and by updating my resume, they can sent me the matching ones. Then an ex colleague of mine asked me whether got friends to intro or not, his company got a few job vacancies available. Then, a friend's friend head hunters looking for IT ppl, another friend's friend headhunter also looking for ppl, so it's like everywhere is also hiring wor..

who say year end no job opening?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Should i switch?

My colleagues and I were talking about the car park increasing after getting the letter from the car park management yesterday. We were all not very happy about the increasing price. Therefore we went to check out another car park (there's another new office block beside my office block, one left, one right) during lunch.

Wow, that car park is really much nicer, it's brighter, the floor is nicer (like those in the curve, hehe, a bit 'kua cheong' but very much nicer than our current car park lar...), got cctv, lot's of security guards guarding. I really like the car park as compared to my current one as the current one quite dark, the lights were dim and they closed at 8pm. If you're working late that day, you got to make sure you drive out ur car, else your car will have to stay over night there. How much is the new one? it's RM 100 per month, RM 10 more than my current one.. hmmmm... if they charged the same price i will definitely switched over lar..

should i switch?

No more illegal/modified white headlights!

Remember my post about the White headlights? If you are like me, hate white headlights, then i got good news to share. This morning i heard from the radio that actions will be taken to those illegal/modified white headlights car owners next year!!

They said there are cars originally comes with white headlights, mostly expensive cars lar, those white headlights will not distract the cars in front, but those illegal or modified ones, will actually caused the drivers in front not able to see clearly and thus very easily caused accidents.

So what action will be taken? Fine RM 200 and will forced them to change to normal headlights within 14 days. Hmm, saman RM 200 only? these ppl so rich, RM 200 they not scared one wor, should saman RM 2000 and within 3 days have to change to normal headlights lar.. aiseh...

anyway, it's still a good news to me, don't you think so?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some feng shui tips for your home!

I've read about this feng shui tips on a magazine. Well, don't worry, not those asked you to buy this buy that one lar.. I don't belief in that kind of feng shui. :p

If you want better relationships with your partner or family, you should have live flowers and plants in the house. The live flowers and plants represent the communication. REMEMBER!! Don't place any artificial flowers in the house as it will affect the communication between you and your partner. Hmm, i got live plants in the house, although my live plants were all half dead (hey, half dead means half live also mar. hehe..) and I don't like artificial flowers...

If you want less misunderstandings, try to place a green plant between the stove and the kitchen sink. Let's see, i have a plant beside the sink, if i moved it between the stove and the sink, a bit 'zor deng' leh.. hehe...

If you want a healthier life, your bed must not face the toilet directly. Hmm, i've always heard about this... it will affect the woman's bladder system and the man's kidney function. wow, tat serious??

try it out lar, no money involves one.. so no harm trying. :p who knows it really can change the feng shui? right?

Drive under interruption(S)?

We all know that we will kena saman if we drive and use hp without handsfree. If i'm not mistaken, we also can't drive and eat. Eat chewing gum or sweets of cos ok lar, but i've seen ppl eating nasi lemak while they drive leh, dun play play, super geng! that nasi lemak some more were those wrapped with banana leaf one, that guy really got skill lar!!

Besides this, I've also seen ppl applying their make-ups while driving, u know, using the rear view mirror to apply their mascara, blush and etc. Some also likes to drive while reading lar, driving while sleepy la.. (my friends actually drive during his sleep, end up? accident lar, wat else!!)

For me, i won't answer any calls if I don't have my hands free with me. I do eat chewing gums or sweets while driving but definitely not nasi lemak!! hehe, I do sometimes read while driving, actually when the car stops lar, during traffic jam..ya i know it's not good.. :p

what about you? did you do any of these things mentioned above while you driving? or you did some extra ordinary stuff?

Sorry, nothing can be done!!

FL told me about this, he heard it from the radio this morning. There's this caller staying in a condo, called to complaint about her neighbor. What's wrong with the neighbor? This neighbor likes to play drums and listening to the music LOUD during midnight. It seems like he got this habit to only do these things when the clock reach 12am!!

She complaint to the guard, the guard went up and knocked on the neighbor's door but the neighbor did not answer the door. Not sure whether he can't hear it or purposely doesn't want to answer. She even called the police, the police told her they can only warned and advised the neighbor, nothing more can be done.

Finally she complaint to the management, and the management promised to get the owner of the unit to tell the tenant not to do so, which i dun think the owner cares (owner only cares when they can't get the rental!!).

I'm so surprised about the police part, when they said they can't do anything. Can't they arrest the guy if he continuously ignore their warning? The police really cannot do anything? I think i'll go crazy if i have a neighbor like tat!! park increasing!!!

My company car park is going to follow the gov's foot step, on what? Increase price lar!!! The person in charged passed me a piece of paper with my name and car no on it when i was about to leave the car park. While passing me that piece of paper, she kept saying sorry to me.

I looked at her trying to figure out why she said Sorry to me.. she said the car park management had decided to end the promotional price (we were entitled for the promotional price, RM 63 for about 9 months becos we're the early birds, the first batch of customers who registered with them) and increased it starting from Jan 2008. Increase from RM 63 to RM 90.

~sigh, petrol increasing, tolls increasing and now car park also increasing.. when is my salary gonna increased????

Road tax reduced RM 10 , but petrol???

My insurance agent just passed me my renewed road tax this morning. Hmm, road tax had been reduced again by RM 10. I remembered when the gov started to reduce the road tax, that's when they started to increase the petrol price.

Reduce RM 10 per yr to you, but burden you with a few hundreds or more with a higher petrol price, so clever hor.. Even they free road tax for us, i still think it's not worth it. I rather they not reduced the road tax and NOT increase the petrol price!!

Talking about petrol, i guess we can still enjoy the RM 1.92 per liter for another 2 weeks only.. ~sigh

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm 18/21/24 yrs old!

I was in the middle of a chat with a friend in msn, then suddenly he put his status as 'Busy'. busy? as far as i know he's quite free wor.. So i purposely go kacau him and keep msn him asked him why he changed his status to 'Busy'!

He asked me don't kacau him as he's concentrating in 'kao lui'. In where? in ICQ!! Haha, now still got ppl used icq meh? I laughed at him and said he so old liao still got 'mui mui chai' wanna talk to him meh? He told me got tactic one.. If the 'mui mui chai' said she's 21, then he will said he is 23 or 24 yrs old, if the 'mui mui chai' is 16 yrs old, then he will said he's 18 or 20 yrs old. The real fact? he's already 30 yrs old la!!

walaoeh, no wonder ppl say don't trust your net friends ler.. so 'mui mui chai' out there.. beware ler!!

I'm calling from %$#^@#...

I was still in office when my phone rang. It was about 7pm that time. It shows as unknown caller..
U: Unknown Caller
J: Hello..
U: Hi, is this Miss Joyce?
J: (wah-seh, super geng lar, his Indian slang..) Yes speaking.
U: I'm calling from %@$#%$#%#.
J: Sorry? calling from where?
U: from, asking about $@#@#^%^#@#%@#
J: (walaoeh, i don't understand leh.. very geng the slang..) ...
U: Hello?
J: ya ya, i'm listening (although i'm not sure he's calling from where and calling for what.)
U: ^#%# jobstreet? %$#@#@^$^ resume?
J: oh, you calling from jobstreet?
U: Yes, are you currently looking for a job?
J: oh, not really..
U: %#$^#@%#$#$%^# update your resume?
J: har?
U: how long %#$#^%$#^#%$^# ?
J: oo, i cannot remember. (i guess he's asking me when was the last time i updated my resume)
U: $#$^#%&*#$#^
J: ...
U: $#%$^# update and passed the mesg to your friends?
J: .. ok sure.
U: Thanks, Have a nice day.
J: Thanks. Bye.
~phew....I was guessing what he's trying to tell me, I think he wants me to update my resume and tell my friends about it as there are currently a lot of IT related job offers in jobstreet. Haha, geng leh.. this is wat i guess only lar.. :p so wat are you waiting for? faster go update your resume lar!!!

hmm, since when jobstreet start calling their members to ask them update their resumes? u guys got calls from jobstreet before ar?

Buy a HP desktop worth RM 1399 for only RM 290!!!

My brother called me the other day and asked me.. Hey, RM 290 for a HP desktop, worth to buy or not? I was in the middle of nowhere (hehe, no la, i'm working lar) when he called. The first reaction i gave was, 'huh? wat you talking?'

He then asked me to go check out the citibank website, look for the Citibank Air Asia Credit Card. Ooo, that one ar? Must read all the terms and conditions wor.. I already kena con so many times by credit card companies, sure got to be careful lar. hehe..

"Buy HP Compaq Presario PC worth RM 1399 for only RM 290!!" These words were in bold, blind also can see la. hehe.. Anyway, it's quite attractive, RM 290 for a desktop wor, a monitor also worth more than that la. right? Wait, i saw something, they will charged another RM 150 for delivery charges.. hmm, RM 440, still worth it what... How's the specs like?
AMD Sempron
256MB memory
17" CRT monitor
Microsoft Vista Starter Edition
Free 1-month StreamyX(Hotspot connectivity)
Ei, not bad mar, for a RM 440 desktop, right? Even better than my desktop at home ler. hehe... i told my brother to go ahead and buy it lar, should be ok one, not unless there's some extra terms n conditions that they never showed it to us as i've read every single word!!

Anybody got apply this card? Got any other extra conditions or not??

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Argggg!!! So noisy!!!

Today is a public holiday for Selangor. I planned to rest at home, writing blogs, doing some of the stuff i love to do at home, for eg, sleep, BUT unfortunately I can't! What happened?

Early morning, i heard 'ngee ngeeeeeeeee ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee' the drilling sound coming from the above unit. Besides the drilling sound, there this' bong bong bong' coming from the unit beside or above (i also not sure where the sound coming from) that is doing renovation. Then got 'tok tok knock', the hammering sound, 'bing bing bong bong, ngeeee ngooorrrrrrrr, eeeeee' different different kind of sound. You see, how can i rest in such a noisy environment? I want to write blog peacefully also cannot.

~sigh, it's not really good when only one state got holiday...

Apa ini?

FL brought back this heavy, big, square present last weekend. He got this from the lucky draw from his company annual dinner. Hmm, normally big gifts means cheap gifts. hehe... But then again, got gift better than no gift la, not every one got ler. :p So are you able to guess what's that? Big, heavy, thin, square....

It's a mirror from Ikea!! haha no wonder so heavy lar... I checked the Ikea brochure, this mirror worth RM 55! Hmm this gift is definitely better than the gift he got last year lar, last yr he got this cheap hamper with all tidbits inside. :p haha, he really got not much luck with lucky draw, not only him lar, me too. hehe..

Bye bye RM 1500 ....

My friend told me he lost RM 1500 in a few hours, what is the first thing that came into your mind when you heard this? Must be gamble!! Or being robbed or snatched (nowadays seldom ppl carry that much of money around lo..)!

My first thought was, must be gamble lor, give some pocket money to uncle lim's son lor.. what else? I really couldn't think of any other thing that can caused him losing Rm 1500 in just a few hours. Then he said, no no no, not gamble lar..

He said he put the RM 1500 into his pocket (not sure is seluar or baju), then he forgot about it and took the clothes to dobi.... HAR????!!! like that also can? RM1500 is not a small amount leh, like that also can forget? Some more it's so thick, even all are RM 100 also got 15 notes lar.. aiseh..

He said when he realized his money is in the pocket, he rushed back to the dobi but it's too late, the money had already gone!! He talked to the boss, the boss said nothing can be done, nobody took the money, nobody saw the money! He threatened to call the police but still the boss said he didn't see money.

Seriously, i think even he reported to the police also no use. How can you proved your money is in the pocket? He can't proved anything!! But i still don't understand why he choose to put the RM 1500 into his pocket instead of his wallet, and how can he FORGOT about it!!!!

The only thing he can do now is.. to blame himself... So remember to check all the pockets whenever you take ur dirty clothes to dobi!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

White Christmas @ The Pavilion, KL

We took the opportunity to go to The Pavilion after we finished our mission @ the pc fair. The Pavilion opened few months ago but I do not have the chance to visit it. It's quite far from my place and I heard a lot of my friends said the things there are expensive. So this would be the best chance to go since we were already in KL, save petrol mar. hehe..

My first impression was, wow, nice.. it's classy, all the shops already opened, and the things there are not as expensive as the one in The Garden, Midvalley. There are expensive branded shops but at the same time, they also have some not so expensive shop for ppl like us to shop. And how's their Christmas decoration? Impressive!! let me show you some of the pictures i took.

This is their Christmas Tree. Basically it's
something that looks like a Christmas tree. :)
It is something different, and classy.
The color will changed, blue, red, pink...



I still prefer the blue one.
Super nice!! Very very class!

these are very nice too!

at about 8pm, got ppl sing Christmas songs
some more!

Before this, my favorite Christmas decoration is The Curve, but now? hehe, I prefer this classy white Christmas @ The Pavilion! What about you? Which one you prefer? The Curve, The Pavilion or Mid Valley?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Panasonic Lumix FX 33

After much research about digital cameras, we've decided to get ourselves the Panasonic Lumix FX33. Why? The price is within our budget, the specs are good enough and it looks nice! We went to Mid Valley last week and asked around, most of the shop selling @ RM 1299, free 2Gb memory, tripod and etc. There will be a 4% charged if we paid with credit card. Harvey Norman is selling at a cheaper price, RM 1199, but only free 1Gb memory and no extra charge paying with credit card. We decided to go see see look look at the PIKOM PC Fair to see whether we can get it with a cheaper price or not.

We were there around 4pm.
All the car parks were full!
Finally we managed to get ourself a car park,
RM 6 per entry!

see..really a lot of ppl wor...
we're just looking for the booths
that sell panasonic cameras.
didn't really look at other things.
oh, but i did manage to help my colleague
to buy a 4Gb pendrive with RM 79!!
really really worth it!!

Finally we saw the Panasonic booth, selling all Panasonic cameras. We asked about the FX33, they are also selling at RM 1299, free 2Gb memory, tripod and towel. Towel? strange right? why free towel? what towel got to do with digital camera? Anyway, we asked whether there's any further discount or not. The sales person said if we paid by cash, they can sell it for RM 1188, but if paid with credit card, then RM 1299 will be the final price. But there's no extra charge if we opt to pay with credit card, and there are a few banks (HSBC, Maybank and etc) for us to choose if we want to apply for the 0% interest installments. After a short discussion with FL, we decided to get it here.

so here's our Panasonic Lumix FX 33 with
all the free gifts. the mini tripod, the towel
(nor, the green color one, they called it towel. hehe..),
the car organizer (the black black thing below,
i also not sure wat's that for) and the casing.
We also opt for the 12 months 0% interest free

still got no chance to use it lar, battery
need to charge for 8 hours.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Diaries diaries, 2008 diaries.

I received a note from PosLaju the other day. I was at work and nobody at home. I'm only expecting the HSBC credit card, so it's 99% from HSBC. Therefore, i went to collect my credit card @ Pos Laju this morning and I'm right, it is from HSBC. :p

It's a big package, there's something else in the package besides the credit card and brochures. what's that? oooo, a free gift. hehe.. I love free stuff, especially something useful!

the credit card, brochures &
a small little diary. cool!

Till now, I already received 4 diaries. Cool! Some one gave FL 2 diaries, I got one from my insurance agent, and another one from HSBC! I remembered there's one yr, i didn't even get 1, nowadays a lot of companies want to cut cost and doesn't want to spend money on diaries already..

1 for me, 1 for FL, 1 for my aunt.
the small one? hehe, i think i gonna
use it to plan for my coming trip or
trips. :p

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The reason I'm late to work today!!

No! I did not overslept! No No No! Then what makes me late? Let me explain... I woke up at 8am+ this morning, as usual, i made myself a cup of lemon + warm water, then go brush my teeth, wash my face, change clothes and etc. Hmm, just nice, even earlier 2-3 minutes than usual.

Happily i go out of my house, locked the gate.. then walk towards the lift. Then i realized i forgot to bring a yoga book to my colleague, i promised her to borrow her. So i walked back, unlocked the gate, go inside my house to take it. Then i walked out, locked the gate and then again, i realized i forgot my water tumbler. Aiseh.. so again, i went back into the house to take my water tumbler. already a bit late than usual la..

After I locked my gate, oh shit! where's my hp??? ~sigh, unlocked AGAIN and go take.. so what time i left my house this morning? 9am! what time i start work? 9am! hehe..

How much do you willing to pay to use the washroom?

RM 1? RM 2? RM 5? Free? I bet most of us will choose those FREE one, right? Have you guys heard about The Garden, Midvalley washroom, that charge ppl RM 5 per entry?

I first heard about this from a relative of mine. She went to The Garden, Midvalley few weeks ago with her family. Before she and her daughter enter the washroom, she saw a digit '5', straight away she thought it was RM 0.50 and she gave the person RM 1 for two person. The person in charge of the washroom then told her it's RM 5 per person, not RM 0.50 per person!!

My aunt got a shocked, what kind of washroom need RM 5 per entry? gold toilet bowl? She then asked whether there's any other FREE toilets available or not and the person asked her to go upstairs! Got free who wants to pay? Free one also very clean and nice mar...

Then this morning i heard the radio dj talking about this incident too. Seems like it's on the newspaper too! How many ppl willing to pay that much to use the washroom when you got other washrooms which is FREE?

What about you? Do you willing to pay? Maybe someday i should try going in and take some pictures to post in my blog. haha!! I bet a lot of ppl are interested to see how the washroom looks like!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HSBC credit card application? I got the card in 10 days!!

I applied HSBC credit card on 25th November (Sunday) when i saw their booth at Carrefour. 2 days later, which is a Tuesday, I received a call from HSBC to verify whether I did apply the card from them or not.

Yesterday, (4th December) I received the pin for my HSBC credit card. That was really fast. If we minus out weekend, it only took them 7 days to approve my card! and guess what? I received the HSBC card today!! So 10 days altogether including weekend to get my card approved and to get the credit card!!

That's really the fastest credit card application I've ever seen. You guys got any application that is faster than this?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oops, sorry! wrong card!

I was at the touch n go lane, one more car to go before me. I saw the driver in front me, slowly open his car door, and trying to touch with a light blue card that looks like our MyKad. He touched a few times but not successful, then only he realized he got the wrong card! haha! I think he really used his MyKad to scan!!

Did this ever happen to you? I guess it's quite easy to take the wrong card. Why? we got too many cards with us! For eg me, I have a touch n go card, an access card to go in to my condo, an access card for my company car park and an access card to go in to my company. see..access card also got 3 already. hehe..

how many cards do you have?

Department Hopping

Sometimes I kind of envy my friends that work in big companies. Why ar? Everybody knows working in big companies means good benefits, bonus and etc. But i don't envy them because of these things. The thing i envy is the chance to transfer to departments, different departments.

For eg, my friend was in dept A when she just joined the comp, a yr later, she felt boring and requested to join dept B. She got 0 knowledge on the things she needs to do in Dept B but still they accepted her. When she transferred over to dept B, there's an increment for her, it's still the same old working environment BUT with new and more challenging work! How nice!! Then she can keep on requesting to transfer dept whenever she feels bored and keep on learning new things. This is the thing i envy!!

Job hopping is no fun, but dept hopping sounds fun! Don't you think so?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Don't ever borrow your car loan with the car company!

I got very frusfrated when I need to issue cheque for my car loan every month. Why? Well, I'm not borrowing from the bank, I'm actually borrowing money from the car company itself. Why? Thanks to the sales person, I was unlucky to get this kind of sales ppl to serve me. After I found out he lied to me (about when can i get the car, borrow from his company in order to get the car faster), i lodged a complaint to his company to complaint about him!

Anyway, what makes me so frusfrated? Issuing cheque is ok, the problem is whenever i need to pay for the car loan, besides the cheque, i also need to fill in some details on a payment coupon book. I need to send that together with the cheque to the car company. What do i need to fill in every month? I need to fill in my name, my addresss, the amount i paid, my cheque number, my cheque issued place, my agreement no, my vehicle no and etc. Yes i need to fill all these EVERY month!!

When everyone is talking about online payment, they are still using this traditional way to keep track of the payment from us, the borrower. I was so so so so so regret why I believed that stupid sales man and go apply the loan from the car company instead of the bank. If i applied from the bank, i will not need to go through all these hassle and i can just pay online! #$&$#@$(%#(&%#&#$.. yes you are right, I'm issuing the cheque and filling up the stupid payment coupon now!!

Facebook's email notifications.. arggggg!!!!

I have been receiving email notifications from Facebook, everyday at least 5 to 10 emails. Ppl poke me lar, hug me lar, x me lar, bite me lar, all sorts of information. It's quite annoying! I decided to login to Facebook to see whether I can disable these emails notifcations or not. I clicked on the 'accounts' then there's this tab 'notifications'. There were this on and off radio button for us to select whether which are the ones we would like to have notifications. So what i did is to select off for all kinds of notifications and saved!

Am i free from facebook's notifications? NO! i'm not! At first i thought i will not be receiving anything from facebook but a few minutes later, i started to get notifications on someone poking me AGAIN!! OH MY GOD! then of cos, if i can received the poke notifications, for sure i can received the hug, bite, x notifications!!!

Anybody knows how to switch OFF these notifications?? ^#*$#$#(%$&%($*&%($&

What happened to my blog??!!

I sent my colleagues the url which i posted about the Marche for Cc's farewell. A colleague told me, hey, i can't seems to see anything, only can see some weird weird characters. Weird characters? Ei, my site here looks pretty ok mar, what browser u using? Firefox seems ok wor..

He told me he's using IE, and when i try to open with IE, OMG, it's true! I can't view both of my blogs in IE. What happened? I might lost a lot of visitors that used IE wor.. The first thing i check is to go visit other blogspot blogs in IE, ei, ppl's blog seems pretty ok wor, what's wrong with mine?

my yummy blog when view using IE.

my Jys blog when view using IE.
asked me to save? save what?

I thought all IE can't view my blog till Ah Yan told me she can view my blog with IE. Hey, why some can some cannot? I used IE 7 cannot, my colleague used IE 6 also cannot..Izzit the links? the ads? I really got no idea. Any of you guys have the same problem? or any of you know wat's wrong with my blog?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Decorations @ Midvalley

When I saw the Midvalley's Christmas decorations, I was kind of disappointed. It used to be the best among all shopping malls, but now? It seems to me they are just simply decorating, with a few Christmas trees and with a few leaves. Totally cannot compared with the Christmas decorations in The Curve!! Don't believe me? Take a look yourself, I took a few pictures.

this is their Christmas Decorations!
It looks quite ok if you haven't seen the one
in The Curve. hehe, but trust me, their past yrs decorations
were definitely much better than this!!

I only took 2-3 pictures. There's really
nothing much for me to take!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shell Citibank Card? Not worth to apply!

FL took a brochure back from the Shell petrol station when we were filling up petrol. What brochure? The Shell Citibank Credit Card. I did write a post about the Shell Citibank credit card last month, I wasn't sure whether it is worth to apply or not.

I flipped through and see whether i can find anything. you know.. I still don't believe these banks will just simply gives cash rebate to their customers, us! Well, u can't blamed me for that, after kena con by so many credit cards companies/banks, I have learned!! learned what? learned to read between the lines, learned to read the small small tiny little terms and conditions!

There were not much of information about the card, basically said upon successful application submitted between 15 November 2007 and 13 January 2008, you get to enjoy DOUBLE rebates within the first 60 days from your card issuance. Well, this is attractive!! Let see what else, they will only give us the good details and hide the bad. OK, for gold card holders, you will entitled for a 5% rebate on shell fuel if you have carried forward balance of more than RM 4K! wait a minute, does that means I have to have at least RM 4001 outstanding balance in my shell card to enjoy that 5% rebate?

5% rebate for > RM 4K outstanding balance, 2.5% rebate for <= to RM 4K outstanding balance for gold card holders. As for classic card holders, 3% rebate for > RM 2K outstanding balance and 1.5% for <= RM 2K outstanding balance. Ah-HA! told you!! banks won't be so nice to give us these cash rebates. The more outstanding balance you have, the more cash rebate they give you, of cos the more interests you got to pay them lar, so who wins? you say leh???

Nice Christmas Decoration @ The Curve

We had a farewell dinner for CC at Marche, The Curve yesterday night. Oh my, they have such a nice Christmas decoration there. I remembered when i was there last Saturday, these decorations were not up yet. Oh wait, maybe because I went there at about 12am to the Redbox karaoke, that is why i missed all these decorations? Well, nvm it's not important. I have not been to other's shopping mall yet to see their Christmas decoration, but seriously i feel the one in The Curve are very nice, very Christmas feel!!

these Christmas trees are along the
restaurants street. I took the picture
before I went to Marche, already very
nice right, even the sky is still bright!!

At the main entrance, you will see this
cosy Christmas house! I purposely went up
to 2nd floor to get the whole house in the photo.
Nice right!!

beside the house, u'll see snowman!!

one at the left, the other one at the right
of the house.

It's even nicer when the night had come!

I wonder how many Christmas trees
are there? really a lot leh...

actually i prefer these more than the
Christmas trees!! hehe...

When ppl busy taking photos for their friends, kids and families, I'm also busy taking photos for my blog!! haha... It is very nice, you should really go see it for yourself. Remember to bring your camera ya... I bet you kids will love these decorations too!