Sunday, September 30, 2007

A screenshot of my desktop!

Just came back from hometown, after unpacking stuff, on my notebook and ONLINE!!! well, didn't online for almost 2 days wor. hehe... So when i checked my email, i noticed that i got tagged! tagged by a leng lui!! hmm.. let's see what i'm being tagged for...

haha, a screenshot of my desktop? You serious? really wanna see my desktop? wuahahahahahhaha, you will regret lar.. u definitely will. :p u wanna see? ok, i'll show it to you!!

tah-dah!!! my desktop!!
i dislike to have icons on my desktop
except for the recycle bin, and for the other folder,
it does not allow me to remove it, that is why
it's still there. hehe.. so where's my icon/short cuts?
well, all under quick launch!

My Desktop Free View Instruction:
A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop.It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:
[1] Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
[2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
[3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.
B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.
C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.
D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants
People who have already pimped their desktop: , Francine of La Place de Cherie, Chez Francine , In A Class By Itself, Bloggishi, Sweet And Spicy Life, Unchained Melody, Life’s Roller Coaster~, Jys ~ Blah Blah Blah, add yours here after doing this tag.

hehe, let's check other's desktop!! who's the lucky ones?
1. Valen
2. HcFoo

Saturday, September 29, 2007

How far can you go for Charity?

I login to friendster yesterday, didn't login for a few weeks, so decided to login to see if there's any new photos uploaded from my friends or not. I browsed around my friends lists then suddenly something caught my attention! one of my secondary school mate, posted a shoutout, "I shaved my head for Charity!!" WOW!!

I'm from an all girls convent school. My this secondary school friend, of cos, she's a girl lar... a girl with long hair. I'm not really close to her, we are not even in the same class (if i'm not mistaken lar. hehe, too long lar, sudah lupa!!) but we were in the same math tuition class. She's a pretty girl, shy and quiet (maybe we are not that closed that is why we didnt talk much. hehe..)

and yes, there are picture of her, the whole process of shaving her head! it really needs to take a lot of courage to do this. When i cut short my hair, A LOT of ppl asked me, wah, ur hair so long, u really want to cut that short? see ppl, long hair go shaved leh!!!! Even asked a guy to go shave botak they also need to think twice lar.. some more she's a gal!!

For this charity, she collected almost $10K (sg dollar) from her family, relatives, friends and colleagues by shaving her hair. I salute to you my friend!! GENG!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

No hubby, No life ~ Part 2

OK, "dai wok"!! what happened? the friend that i'm talking about, actually do read my blog!! Actually when i post that up, i do know that one day she will read that (cos she knows about my blog existance). Frankly speaking, i felt bad after the conversation with her the other day. Why? Well, i felt she had changed a lot, i know her for so long and all the while she's quite an independent lady. why changed totally?

and yes, becos of the post, we had a little argument.. hehe, not really an argument, should say it's a discussion. she was quite unhappy after she read it.. well, i'm really truly sorry for that, as when i posted that, i also feel very unhappy, cos it seems like i no longer know her, the friend that i know is not like tat!!

so during the discussion, i found out that i actually misunderstood her!! when she says outside food not nice.. doesn't means she does not go out tabao at all!! it means she still go out tabao, but she felt the food she tabao is not nice!! well, that is a huge difference, between not going out tabao, and going out tabao but complaint food not nice!! get me?

~sigh, it makes me wonder, how many of us misunderstand each other thru msn chat? chat is still chat, can't beat talking face to face ya.. probably next time when we type a sentence, we should follow by a longer explanation.. hehe.

well, to my friend, if u read this (hopefully she visit my blog again after that post. :p), i really want to say sorry for the misunderstanding. At the same time, i'm very happy to know that the friend that i know did not change and still is an independent lady with a husband that loves and take care of her well. and i also hope you understand that all the while i'm emphasizing about the food, and NOT other stuff... :p

well, we're good? seriously, i don't know.. i'm good but... anyway, i hope you're good too.

The RM300 Air Asia Gift Voucher

Bro: Hey, you wanna take plane back to jb for cny?
J: har??!!! then how am i suppose to go to mlk if i dun drive?
Bro: nor, u can fly back to KL, then from kl u drive back lar.. KL is nearer mar..
J: har???!!!
My brother called me yesterday and asked me whether i wanna fly back during cny or not. Normally I will drive back for a day, then the next day i'll drive to mlk. If i fly, there's no way i can go mlk, and there's no airport in mlk too. Why suddenly wanna fly?

remember the free RM300 air asia gift voucher, free when purchased the compaq notebook? the gift voucher expired on feb 2008, but his wife is going to deliver soon, therefore he can't go anywhere. so mar asked me whether i interested to fly back or not lor..

well, if the car park @ airport is not that expensive (RM10 per hour rite? i dun remember, all i remembered is expensive!!), i probably will really consider flying back leh...cos driving to JB from KL is really very tiring... then he asked whether i got plans to go anywhere or not...

hmm, with RM300, where can i go? i think the RM300 not included tax lar..a friend of mine suggested Langkawi, but i just went few months ago leh..i don't have a lot to spend, few hundreds for 2 person, where can i go? although air ticket is half free (need to pay tax some more mar..), but accommodation, food all need to spend also mar.. any suggestions?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gas Man ~ Part 2

After waited for an hour, the gas man still didn't show up. ~sigh.. I asked FL to call again, i don't want to call as i really dono what's he trying to say. When FL hung up the phone, he said, it's a chinese wor, you don't know what he said?? hey..speaking chinese or speaking indian i still know how to differentiate lar.. aiseh..

i think the chinese is the boss, and he said his staff is on his way. Finally the indian man arrived after 15 minutes. RM 27 for a 14 kg gas. wow, quite expensive wor.. last time i remembered when i bought 12kg only RM20+ a bit, then the last time from 12kg changed to 14kg, the guy charged me RM28.50 (the gas + the tong, he said 14kg tong more expensive ma..). so now 14kg changed 14 kg also need RM27??

actually how much is a tong of gas?

The Gas Man

The gas finished while i was cooking yesterday. So today i rushed back just to order gas, the number stated from 9am to 7pm mar.. when i reached home it was already 7:10pm. aiseh, over already, but nvm lar, i just try my luck la..

Gas: HALO (very fierce voice!!)
J: halo, ada hantar gas ke?
Gas: ada!! lkjsdlfs sdkfjsl fjs
J: ????!!!!! har? (totally don't understand what he's talking, his tamil slang very geng!)
Gas: alamat?
J: oh, xxx, xxxxxxx
Gas: ok ok . jdkfsjkdhfksjdhfkjshfs d sjdflsj skdj
J: ???????!!!!! apa???? 14 kg (i do not know what's he's trying to say, so i simply say 14 kg, my gas weight.)
G: bukan bukan!! spare ada?
J: spare? apa spare? tak da!
Gas: oh, tak da spare, nanti saya hantar baru punya.
J: suddenly i understand what he meant by spare, it means do i have a tong in my house!!) oh bukan bukan.. ada spare, tapi sudah habis lar..
Gas: kllf sdfslk fksjd fs lksdjf sf
J: ??????!!!!!!
Gas: ok ok (he hung up!!)
J: ????? !!!!!!!
wow, i don't even know he's going to deliver to me or not..let's wait and see....

No hubby, No life???!!!

I had a little chat with a friend yesterday, a short one cos i was kind of speechless after chatting with her for a few minutes. Her husband went for a business trip for a month. She was telling me that she's very happy as the husband is coming back soon, and she no longer needs to eat bread and maggie mee!!

That surprised me! eat maggie mee & bread for the whole month? She's a working lady, with a car, she can go anywhere she wants and buy outside food to her is nothing difficult. Why she needs to eat maggie mee everyday?

Here's how our conversation like:
j: me, F: friend

J: why dowan to go out tabao?
F: outside food not nice lar..
J: not nice? then go to some expensive place to eat lor..
F: eat alone meh.. nobody to talk to..
J: ya it's kind of boring, but no choice lar, if u wanna eat nice food, sometimes alone also ok mar..
F: dowan lar, why u likes to eat alone?
J: NO, i did not say i likes to eat alone, but sometimes when our friends or partner are busy, we have to eat alone lar, else, if nobody accompany me eat i dowan to eat meh??
F: dowan lar..
J: then cook for urself lar..
F: i'm not that rajin like u lar.. my house dun have fridge..
J: last time my place no fridge i also got cook lar.. buy something that you don't need to keep in the fridge lar.. cook something simple..
F: i'm not like u lar, always go shopping..
J: .... (speechless, really speechless)

It makes me wonder, how many gals out there, dont' have their life of their own? It's like everything also depend on hubby, when hubby not around, no shopping, no eating, totally no life? OMG!! I didn't know till now, 21st century, still got this kind of woman wor.. funny...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where do you placed your car stickers?

If you have a car, you definitely will have at least ONE car sticker, which is the road tax. Most of us will have 2 -3 car stickers, one of it, the road tax, then maybe another sticker is for your car to enter your housing area, then probably will have the insurance car sticker, the parking lots car sticker, club membership car sticker, the 'P' sticker and etc.

Where do we normally placed these car stickers? Well, normally people will placed it on the left bottom of the front screen, one by one from down to up. I've seen ppl placed it at the middle of the front screen, although it looks a bit weird to me, but as long as it doesn't blocked the driver's sight, then it should be ok.

BUT today, i saw someone placed the car sticker on her right side of the front screen. Not right bottom but right middle!! although the sticker is transparent, but still it's blocking her sight!! I wonder why she did that!! road tax on the left middle, then that car sticker (should be her housing area one) just directly in front of her!! What is she thinking? trying to see how good is her eye sight?? I wonder will police stopped her for that.. hmm..

Doctor Jys

Last last weekend, i woke up early (i SELDOM wake up early one..) on both saturday and sunday. ya, early as in earlier than weekdays.. 7am++..unbelievable right? y? well, i had itchy throat, itchy till it wakes me up from my sleep!!

I HATE itchy throat, it's sooo uncomfortable. itchy throat is a signal to me, a signal to inform me to get prepared as i'm going to go thru this SICK CYCLE, itchy throat, flu, fever, sore throat, cough!! sequence may not be the same but definitely will not missed out any of them.

that is why when i first got itchy throat last last saturday, the first thing i did is to go to my fridge and find lemon. lemon gives me vit c and vit c can prevent me from sick!! i had a whole lemon + warm water, and the itchyness gone. thank god.. but who knows.. the next day, again i got the same symptom!! and of cos i took lemon again.. then i seems ok for a while, till last friday, one of my colleague got sick, flu, fever, cough (and yes, he is so hardworking and still come to work. hehe..), i guess i kena some virus from him then last saturday, throat itchy again, damn it.. i took a whole lemon, but too bad, lemon couldn't helped much, on sunday, i got sore throat!!

I know if i go see doctor, he will sure give me antibiotics, and i HATE antibiotics. I told myself i will try not to go see doctor? how? wait for it to cure by itself? of cos NOT, it won't just cured like that.. i have to do something one.. i'll be the doctor.. my own doctor. :p

i started to drink lot's of water, and boiled 'liong shui', of cos i continue to have a lemon everyday and also i drink 'yong sam sou + salt' (洋参须) in office, it's very good when you feel very heaty. On tuesday, i cured my sore throat!!! how i know? see my throat in the mirror lar. hehe.. besides that i dun feel pain anymore...

although my sore throat gone, but now seems like i'm having a little flu.. ~sigh, i guess if i'm still like that for the next 2 days i really need to go see a real doctor lar.. i guess all the things i do should have done earlier, when i first had my itchy throat. then probably can prevent me from all these... ~sigh

if you are not a doctor, it means you cannot be your own doctor. wuahahahaah...

Company Trip

My friend ah yan is now in taiwan, and she will be there for a week and guess what? It's a company trip, all expenses(actually i'm not sure whether is it really ALL, hehe, but i assumed accomodation, air tickets, all the entrance tickets and food will be paid by the comp la..) Soooo envy....

I've job hop a few times, i remembered when i was in my 2nd comp, we did have a company trip (becos NO BONUS!!!!!!) to Pulao Pangkor during the raya holidays. Actually all the staffs (it's a small comp, less than 10 ppl) doesn't want to go. I even asked whether can I NOT TO GO. hehe but boss said cannot, all must go!! ~sigh.. so my raya holidays gone there we go, sitting in 2 cars, headed to pangkor.. It was not a very pleasant trip, i remembered we some more got discussion everyday, ya to discuss about the FUTURE of the company!!!!!!!! then also one of the partner (small comp also got partner one mar. hehe..) brought his gf along, and there's an argument between two of them, and then one of the partner's wife dislike another partner kind of thing, so end up, we, the staff suffered. bad experienced!!

Then my 5th comp did organise a trip too, to Port Dickson. I hate PD lar.. why always go there one?? some more, it's not fully paid by the comp, we have to share the cost 50-50. Luckily they did not force us to go, and i had something to do for that weekend, so i did not follow. hehe..

why all local trips? no oversea trips one? to taiwan lar, to china la, to australia la, to england lar. why don't have????!!!! why why tell me why....

Do you have company trips? Or ur comp are like mine?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival

this pic was taken @ my place, around 7.30pm.
wow, see the moon? so round...

A lot of people went home early today. Some rushing back buka puasa, hehe, for malays lar, some rushing home to have dinner with family, some planning to go out makan with family, some even need to 'bai bai' and pray (actually not sure what to pray, pray for health and wealth?). As for me, I see people go back early i also follow lar. wuahahahahahaha, my family never celebrate mooncake festival, so it doesn't seems like a very big festival to me. but i do know that it's a very important day for a lot of ppl and i know i definitely won't be able to sleep early, as probably will hear a lot of 'bing bing piang piang' out there. (doesn't matter lar, everyday i also sleep late one. :p)

So for this mooncake festival, what did i do? errr, tried a lot of mooncakes lor.. :p this yr consider quite a lot la.. hehe... and of cos, this is solely based on my personal opinion, and only compared with the mooncakes i've tried for this year.

The BEST mooncake I've ever had for year 2007 - FuShan
The 1st Runner up - Kam Lun Tai
The 2nd Runner up - HYT
The WORST mooncake I've ever had for year 2007 - Eu Yan Sang Mooncake


Auntie Driving!!

When you see a car, keeps cutting lanes, speeding, what will you think about the driver? First thought, definitely will assumed that the driver is a guy, most probably in his twenties.. (normally young ppl drives that way one mar. hehe..) well, yesterday i saw something different!!

I was on my way home as usual, driving with a normal speed. traffic considered quite smooth, then suddenly i saw behind me, there's one kembara on full speed, coming towards my direction. I'm quite afraid of this kind of cars, i scared they dun have good brakes, if they can't brake in time, means i will kena.. secondly, i scared after if really 'touch wood' they 'kissed' my car, they got no money to pay for it.. (maybe u think i think too much, but there's such case happened b4 to my father, a bunch of young malay guys, drive fast, but dono how to brake, bang my father's car, no money to pay...said the car is someone else's car, and blah blah blah.. cos it's not a major one, so my father didn't want to report to the police, end up, fix himself lar. wat else!!) therefore normally if i can 'sim' (avoid) this kind of car, i will, but too bad there's only a single lane, so i can't really avoid, so this car is following me lar.. when stopped, you can see the car is sooooooooo close to my car.. out of curiousity, i looked my the mirror to see how the driver looks like..see what kind of driver drives like that?

I was kind of shocked when i saw it's a woman driving the kembara, ya ya i know it's normal to see woman speeding, but let me finished first.. hehe.. she's a woman in her sixties.. the baju she wore is like those baju that our grandmother wearing, perm short hair, typical grandma type, frankly speaking, i never see someone in that age driving like tat before!!

As soon as I was in the LDP, i faster switched lane, cos i don't want her to follow me.. then i saw her start cutting lane, 1 minute right, the next minute left, wow!! really 'dai hoi ngan gai'!! then drive fast fast, then emergency brake!! cool man.. of cos, after a while she was already out of my sight, so i continue my journey back.. drive drive drive, and out of a sudden, i saw her behind me again!! alamak...

luckily after a while, we went different way, i turn left, she go straight.. so as a conclusion, woman in their sixties can drives very fast too. hehe.. but cutting lanes here and there doens't makes you reaching your destination faster, see she always behind me also u know lar.. so don't cut lanes lar..

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hospital Visiting - What to bring?

Last weekend FL got a call informing him that a relative went through an operation and is still in the hospital, therefore we decided to pay him a visit @ Seremban. FL called and asked is there anything that he can eat so that we can bring over, fruits? they asked us not to bring anything as everyone brought fruits and now there's too many there, can't finished. So we ended up brought books for him to read, to pass time..

Saw our relative, he looks good after operation, should be able to go home in a day of 2. He then showed us the fruits he got, wow really a lot, grapes, oranges, pears, apples, almost 100 biji if added all up. luckily we didn't bring fruits over.. hehe.. then he showed us something which brought by his friend.. a hamper with mooncake && red wine???!!! ya, believed what you read!! got ppl bring moon cake and red wine when they go hospital visiting...

what's wrong with these ppl? got hamper from somebody else, dono what to do with the hamper so just simply give it out? you give to normal ppl still ok lar, but give to a person that just finished operation and now resting in the hospital???? what the hell? totally inappropriate lar..

i think its even better if he don't bring anything rather than bringing red wine & moon cake!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finding a relationship on the Internet?

It's actually kind of common for people to get a gf or a bf from the net. It started as normal conversation, after chatting for some time, they asked each other out. Soon, from chatting becomes dating, and tah-dah... they get together!!

Why ppl tend to find relationship online? well, there's a few reason, after u start working, you probably hardly got chance to go out to meet new friends, if you did not meet new friends, and all your friends already a pair pair, how are you going to get a gf/bf? Another reason is probably, ppl are too shy, when face to face, they are shy, but when chatting online, wow, a totally different person. ya, i know a few ppl like tat, TOTALLY different, the way they talked when you see them face to face, and the way they talked when chatting to them online.

I also have quite a lot of friends found their partner online, some of them even got married! who says can't find true love online? haha.. but recently i heard something different.. well, maybe i'm a bit OUT and not able to accept la.. so here's wat i heard...

my friend's friend, got a friend (ya i know.. friend's friend's friend. hehe.. it's always like tat wat..) well, let's refer him as C. C was in US for around 10 yrs, then something happened (dono wat happened lar, but this is not important. hehe..) he came back recently. He told my friend that he got a gf in KL. My friend was kind of shocked, as he's quite close with C and he never heard that he got a gf, and he is very sure that C does not have any gf before he go to US. so how can C know this gal?

He then asked C about this, then C told him that he knew this gal from net. Well, normal right? ya, pls continue reading.. ok so my friend asked C, wow, u two so geng? distance relationship wor, really not easy to maintain, how many times you two met? and the answer from C? well. we NEVER MET BEFORE!!!!! shocking rite?

never met before, probably just exchanged photo only, and like tat can consider as bf/gf for almost 10 yrs? walaoeh.. u say i'm auntie lar, but i still not really able to accept that. hehe.. and not only that, they are planning to stay together, WOW!! never met each other, first time see each other and now living together???!!!!!

wow.. i'm really OUT liao la..

Jys Yummy Yummy Experience

On 21st of September 2007, I've made a BIG decision, which is to split my current blog, Jys ~ food & recipes category to a NEW BLOG!! Why? well, if you do noticed, I have a lot of categories listed on my sidebar..

Blah Blah Blah - the category with the most posts
Complaints - posts that i wrote to complaint certain ppl or certain shop
Make Money - posts that helped me to make some $$
Recipes - all the recipes i tried
Yummy Yummy Food - all the food i tasted in different restaurants / shops
.... and etc

Recipes & Yummy Yummy Food contained the second most posts in this blog, that is why i decided to split it out to my another blog, Jys ~ Yummy Yummy Experience. 'Dai Go Zhai' (big boy) already lor, got to be independent lor... hehe...

that means, you won't be seeing any food related posts here anymore.. so, see you there!! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

I hate this!!

(phone rings...)
J: Hello..
Unknown: Hello, how are you?
J: Fine. Who's on the line?
Unknown: aiyor, so fast you forget me meh?
J: don't have ur number in my phone, who's tat?
Unknown: aiseh, hurt my feelings lar, u changed phone meh?
J: no. who's tat?
Unknown: u guess la..
J: (i told myself to relax..relax..) dowan to guess lar. u just tell la, i'm not really free right now..
Unknown: guess la, don't be so action..
J: sorry, really busy now.. talk to u some other times..
Unknown: hey, so fast angry? really dowan to guess?
J: (guess ur head la!!!) BYE!!!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Steamed Dong Guai Gei Ji Chicken (当归枸子鸡)

As promised, this is the continuous post for Eating Raw Chicken. hehe.. so now you know what i am going to cook with this marinated chicken.

These are the chicken marinated yesterday,
with 1/2 teaspoon of salt &
1 teaspoon of corn flour.

Besides the chicken, we'll need some ginger,
1 tablespoon of gei ji ~ good for our eyes (枸子) &
around 10 pieces of dong guai (当归) .

heat up the wok with 2 tablespoon of
sesame oil.

saute the ginger for a few minutes.
then add in 2 tablespoon of soy sauce.
turn off the heat.

pour the ginger on top of the marinated chicken.
with all the dong guai & gei ji.

then add in 3 tablespoon of
Gourmet Cooking Shao Shing Hua Tiao Chiew.

steam for 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and
simmer for 5 minutes.

Ready to be served.
If you like dong guai you will definitely
love this dish. tasty!!

How many cards do you have?

My wallet is very very thick. NO it's definitely NOT $$ that causing the thickness,(i wish too!!) it's the cards. Last time we probably need 1 credit card, but now? UOB & real rewards card when shopping at Carrefour, Citibank when go coffee bean, air asia credit card when purchased air asia ticket (rhb & citibank if i'm not mistaken), sony credit card la (maybank...not sure what is this for, when buy sony products cheaper??) go eat sakae sushi use mbf card lar (last time got promotion, free voucher if swipe with mbf, now don't know still got or not.)..dono what shop use HSBC got discount lar, so ar, make sure you apply all the cards from ALL banks. hehe.. kiasu ppl are like tat lar.. :p

Besides credit cards, we have Bonuslink card when pump petrol at shell, mobil card when pump petrol at mobil..what else? there's this Club Tesco card when you shop at tesco, jusco card when shopping at jusco...

so how? buy another wallet just for cards lor. wuahahahhahaha..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Looks nice or not? FL ordered ABC when we had our dinner at the malay stall. It took them around 15 minutes to prepare and it does looks nice, doesn't it? There's so many colors, white, yellow, black, red, green.. you named it, i can find it!! hehe.. I was kind of surprised when i saw this as normally those malay stalls won't prepare in such a nice way. (normally is 'yat pek yat pek' one mar...:p) that is why i faster took a picture before FL starts eating it...


Don't judge a book by it's cover and Don't judge an ABC with it's COLOR!!


it's totally 100% tasteless, NOT NICE at all!!!!! how can an ABC tasteless? ya i also want to know how they make this tasteless ABC. GENG!!! Basically you taste nothing other than the ICE!!! what's the point of presenting it in a nice way but the food is not nice? i rather you give me 'one pek one pek' one la...

Eating raw chicken?

I'm going to eat this raw!!!

haha, do you believe me? well, of cos i'm NOT gonna eat this raw!!! In fact i wanted to try a new recipe today, but due to going back home late (you know y la.. weekdays going home late...wat else can it be?), due to many many reasons... hehe.. i've decided to marinate it first.. So i chop chop chop the chicken and marinate with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of corn flour. What am i cooking? hmm, check back my blog again then you will know lar. hehe..

to be continue....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ayam Percik

Was chatting with my colleagues this afternoon, don't know what lead us to food, malay food, chat chat chat then we started talking about ayam percik. one told me bangsar one very nice, the other one told me the other stall very nice... ended up my whole brain was fully occupied by ayam percik!

when you can't stop thinking about the food, the best is, to go hunt for it!! hehe... at last, i found ayam percik some where near my place, the malay stalls there..

hmm, doesn't look very nice, but it was already 7pm+,
most of the stalls closed..don't have much choice..
RM2 each, and some more buy 2 free 1, RM 4 for 3!
wanna close shop already gua...

and the sauce!!

hmm, not very nice, it's already cold, and the chicken got not much taste, but the sauce was good, spicy enuf.. will definitely go hunt for more ayam percik!!

A ZzzZzz Tuesday

Really feel very sleepy today, feels like wanna draw two wide open eyes and paste it on top on my eyes, so that my REAL eyes can close and sleep. hehe. like the stephen chow's movie.. Almost everyday i will faced the same problem, feeling sleepy in office. Ya i know, sleep earlier lar.. i tried lar, but when reached the night, i'm alert..very alert.. and ended up sleeping late again!! only sleep for around 6 hours like tat...

This doesn't make sense right? If you not enough sleep, no matter wat time you also will feel tired and sleepy one mar.. why day time i feel sleepy but night time i won't? Can it be, i'm not feeling sleepy but feeling boring at work? so that is why when reached home i'm all alert? Or izzit i'm still feeling sleepy but because there's so much interesting things to do at home, such as playing games, surfing and etc that makes me feel not that sleepy?

hmm, i don't know wat i'm talking about.. hehe.. do you?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Coffee? Anybody?

I'm a coffee person. I'll drink at least/max 2 cups per day, normal working day, morning one, afternoon one, weekend, lunch/tea time one, dinner one .. Why limit to 2 cups per day? well, as we all know, coffee is not good for our health la, so cannot drink tat much, and also my friend told me there's a case where this guy drank 6 cups in one day and died!! ya.. DIED!!!

Although i like coffee, but i don't like those coffee @ coffee bean / star bucks and etc. Those coffee smells good but taste not good. hehe.. I like coffee with milk one, yes, sweet condensed milk. hehe.. and my favourite is nescafe, but i heard ppl say nescafe is the worst among all, so i limit myself to one cup of nescafe per day. Besides that i also like those from kopitiam, nor those kopi powder then add milk one leh.. nice nice...

What about you? Do you like coffee?

A good year to deliver baby?

A lot of chinese believes, baby born in the year of pig (especially this yr, the golden pig) brings prosperity and luck to the baby. Well, it's true, look around you, those ppl that born in the year of pig normally have a better life. hehe... better life means, maybe don't need to work very hard but got money to spend, or even rich and etc. Easy life in other words. There's 4 among my relatives, and yes, they all really don't need to work hard but got lot's of money to spend..

But i'm quite surprised to see there's even more ppl going to deliver baby in the year of mouse, which is next year. Well, some accidentally one lar. hehe, but some, they really purposely wait for the year of mouse!! Yesterday when i was out shopping, i saw a lot of pregnant woman, ya, really A LOT. more than 10 within 2 hours!! Besides that, my brother's wife, gonna deliver baby next yr jan, then another friend of mine will be in feb, then another friend, will be in march, and ANOTHER one will be in april!!! wow wow wow!!!!

I understand if ppl want baby in the year of pig, but the year of mouse?? why? Can anybody explained to me??

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Servicing car.. kena chop chop chop...

I spent around RM 200 servicing my car. Luckily I brought enough money with me as I thought it would be less than RM150 for changing the engine oil and also the break pads.

I kept all my receipts on car servicing, when i checked back, i realized that servicing car in KL is much more expensive than @ hometown. Same engine oil, RM10 more expensive, the break pads RM20+ more expensive.. ~sigh... he some more told me he didn't charge for the labour fees. sure lar, you already added it in mar...

oh ya, he said got free gift for me some more...
guess what is it?

the most ugliest cup i've ever seen.
anybody wants ar?

Ice Fire Polo Bun (冰火菠萝包)

I've been to Oldtown Kopitiam so many times (Kepong, Aman Puri, Puchong, Ipoh and etc) but i never tried their famous chef recommended Ice Fire Polo Bun (冰火菠萝包) before. So today i decided to try.. instead of ordering the same thing every time mar.. hehe..

definitely very much smaller than the
pic shown in the menu..
but good thing is, it's still hot..
and smells nice too!!

see the butter melting!!
not bad, will order again next time..
hmm, but quite expensive lar, RM 2.20 each
for a small bun.

Kam Lun Tai Moon Cake (锦纶泰)

I remembered last year i bought a dragon fruit moon cake and it tasted good. I decided to buy that one again this year. I do not remember what brand is that, then i saw this...and i bought it..

Dragon Fruit In Black Currant Paste
(龙果紫罗兰) from Kam Lun Tai (锦纶泰).
RM 9.67 (i think got discount lar,
cos i saw the price is RM10+)

I'm already regretting when i removed the plastic.
y? well, this is definitely not the one
i tasted last yr, the black currant smell
is too strong!!

it's actually pink in color, and the middle part
is purple, looks a bit greyish..
FL told me the one i bought last yr
was from Hoi Nyoi Tin (海外天)..
$%#^^#&^#*$#, why can't u tell me earlier?
you were there when i bought this mar.. aiseh...

So how it taste? The skin is quite oily, erm, it's nicer than the one i ate from HYT but it still can't compared with the one i ate from Fu Shan. hehe ..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend = Housework Day

What's ur weekend like? For me, my weekend can be one of the following:

  1. Spending money Day ~ shop shop shop till my pk!!!
  2. Housework Day ~ sapu sapu, mop mop, wash wash, iron iron... boring...
  3. Sleeping Day ~ sleep till 3pm, makan breakfast + lunch, then continue taking a nap, till 8pm, bath, eat again, watch tv a while, then sleep. hehe. have to recharge one mar, if not how to work next week??

My favourite? of cos spending money day la!!! shop shop till pk, very syok one.. hehe.. This weekend is a boring one, cos it's HOUSEWORK DAY!!!!!! i just sapu floor, mop floor twice, washed 2 toilets!! tired tired....

what's your weekend like? hopefully it's much interesting than mine la..

Sambal Ladies Finger with Minced Meat

I don't really like ladies finger, cos no matter how you cook it always very sticky. till i got a little tip from my aunt, she said, steam, stir-fry, ladies finger will still sticky, the only way to make it less sticky is to boil it. ooo.. really? let's try..

Sambal Goreng, Ladies Finger & Minced Meat

boil it for 5-6 minutes...

Cut into small slices and put it on a plate.
let's prepare the sambal minced meat.

stir-fry garlic in hot oil.

add a bit of soy sauce,
then toss in the minced meat.

fry fry a while, then pour in the sambal.
add a bit of water.

ready to be served.
(i think i used too much minced meat la..
can't see the ladies finger also.. hehe)
oh yes, ladies finger really less sticky after boiled it.
try it for urself!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Why do you like to cook?

"Eh, why you like to cook ar?" A question raised by a friend through msn after she read my blogs about Recipes. hmm, let me think, why i like to cook? actually hor, i do not think i like to cook leh.. cooking is not something that i like to do on my free time. "then, why posted so many recipes?" another question pops up.

well well well, let me made myself clear. i cook, not becos cooking is my hobby, i cook for 4 reasons (cooking also got reason ar? hehe..yala, abuhh-then??)

  1. Save money. $$ always not enough mar, wat to do?
  2. Don't know wat to eat. Pan mee, Wan tan mee, mixed rice, chicken rice, all very jelak leh.. if you eat outside food for 10 yrs (both lunch and dinner), i bet you also will be like me..
  3. It's healthier la.. homecook food, at least you know you washed and clean all the ingredients properly.
  4. got nice kitchen, don't want to cook meh, then spend so much on kitchen for wat? (hehe, actually i did not spend a lot on my kitchen lar, it's just that kitchen is the only place i renovate mar, :p)

If you do notice ar, the recipes i posted, all very simple one. I only cook those easy to prepare food, those very susah one, go outside eat lar, it's worth to let them earn the money since so many preparation needed, right? hehe..

As a conclusion, No lar, i do not categorized myself as a person who loves to cook, i just doesn't hate cooking only.. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

what's wrong with me today??

At around 6pm, I've already decided not to cook tonight, no mood. hehe.. decided to go mamak to have my dinner. While i'm driving home, i suddenly remember there's pasar malam today, i changed my mind and decided to go pasar malam.

Around 7+, FL called and said he's stuck in the jam, won't be able to reach home so soon. At that point of time, i still did not change my mind, i told him i'll wait for him and then we will go pasar malam and find food. but somehow, 15 minutes later, i decided not to wait for him. hehe.. (hmm i'm not always like that, changed my mind that often...something is not very right with me today..) anyway, i sms him and told him i decided to cook something simple, maybe meehun soup.. so i started to prepare the ingredients needed...

While i'm cooking, i suddenly feel like eating stir fry meehun.. so immediately i changed my mind to start frying meehun!! oh no!! what's wrong with me today??

Roll Roll Roll

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Nasi Lemak!!! Where are you??

I love to eat nasi lemak, especially those from the malay stalls. Normally they only selling in the morning, from 7+am to around 10am. The rice is wraped by using banana leaf, add in sambal (sambal lebih.. hehe..), telur goreng, kacang and ikan bilis i dun like, so i won't asked them to put in, costs about RM1.50 (cos i add fried egg ma.).. makes me feel very satisfied after i finished that packet of rice!!

There's a few stall which i feel really nice.. one is somewhere near KDU, when i was still in college, they were selling one packet for RM 0.70 (biasa la..), now don't know still selling or not. and another one is at the megan avenue 2, that one also nice.. and the third one is somewhere near my office, kelana jaya (opposite old giant, there's a lot of malay stalls, dun go to the wrong stall. hehe. this stall that is nice normally they bring their kids with them.. small small kids.. husband and wife selling..)

From monday i was trying to look for them as i know once they start puasa i won't be able to eat it.. monday, tuesday, wednesady they also not selling, and today start puasa already..i guess i'll only able to eat again after raya...

oo.. i missed their nasi lemak!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Perfect Life?

This is something that happened to my friend's colleague. I'm feeling kind of down after I heard this, ya i know although i don't know that guy, and there's nothing i can do to help him, but hearing these kind of news really makes me feel sad.

Let's refer this colleague as Mr.A. Mr.A is in his thirties(below 35), quite good looking, considered very successful in his job, high position, good salary. Besides that, he had his own business as well, few houses and recently just bought a BMW. Basically financial wise, stable, can consider rich also...

As for relationship, he just got married few months ago, the wife is a pretty lady. Everything seems perfect to him, relationship is good, financial wise, good, job, good...then one day he went for a blood test. It's not that he felt sick, it's just something he do every year, to have a yearly blood test. Results came out, some results seems abnormal, doctor requested for further checkup and then...

he was diagnosed with CANCER!! he didn't feel the pain, didn't feel uncomfortable, to outsiders he's still looks very strong and healthy. The doctor asked him to go for an operation, to remove the cancer part and operation is not the end of the story, after removing the part, that part need to be further tested, to determine what stage of cancer he's in. and it's considered as a major operation, need at least a few months to recover..

His life seems to be perfect to most of the ppl until a month ago. I felt really sad after hearing this, money is important? job is important? i think, health is the most important thing.. without health, money/job all is nothing...

praying for you, hope you get well soon. Amitabha!

EPF to offset your housing loan

Seems like all my 3 wishes on Budget 2008 did not come true. ~sigh, no choice lar...but there's one thing which caught my attention, which is, to withdraw EPF for housing loan installment. hmm, sounds interesting...

For those that have no idea what i'm talking about, it's something that had been annouced on Budget 2008. We can now withdraw our EPF to offset our housing loan. The EPF monthly withdrawal will directly credited into our personal account.

So if your monthly housing loan is RM1K, you can withdraw RM1K to pay off your loan. haha..u wish!! just joking only!! :p You can only withdraw 30% of your EPF contribution (from u & from ur employer).

Let's say your monthly salary is RM2000, you contribute RM 220 (11%) and your employer, RM 240 (12%), total contribution = RM 460, 30% of RM460 = RM 138. So you can withdraw this RM 138 to offset your housing loan.

hmm, if we can do something like this, then i'm quite interested...say for eg, this month i want to withdraw, (probably need to renew car roadtax, insurance and etc) this money is very helpful, but after this month, you probably don't need it anymore, so might as well keep it in EPF so that you can have more $$ when you retired. sounds good hor.. but i think won't be that flexible la..

Interested? hehe...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How do you categorized??

Reading blogs had become one of my habit, a daily habit. Besides visiting my own blog, hehe, of cos have to support my own blog mar.. there are a few blogs that i will visit everyday, without failed.

Besides the daily visit blogs, there are also some other blogs which I found quite interesting. These are the blogs that i will visit only after i visited all the daily blogs. Of cos not every day i have time to read all these, but I will make sure i visit them weekly. (if at work no time, weekend only read lo...)

Apart from that, there are also some blogs, which I know their existence, some of their posts attracted my attention, but not every post. As for these, i will visit at least once a month. Then of cos, when i'm super free i will browse randomly, to explore some new and interesting blogs.

So tell me, what do you think of my blog? How do you categorized it? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly????!!!! hopefully not yearly lar.. :p

Monday, September 10, 2007

What's this?

Are you able to guess what's this?

Let's removed the plastic bag..

opened up the newspaper..'s clearer now.. tupperware, yellowish..
do you know what's tat?

TAH-DAH!!! it's DURIAN!!!!!!
wow, each and every one is wrapped
using cling wrap!!!

see? let me opened it up..

wow wow wow.. thick thick flesh...
super nice smell....
totally can fight with the one i ate 2 months ago
(Durian Is Back)

what's all about this? why wrapped like tat? well, let me tell you. This morning when i'm in office, ms Q told me she brought something for me. hmm, when i looked at the square square thing she's holding, i totally have no idea what is that! she then asked me to smell it. Although it's wrapped in so many layers, i can still smell, the smell of DURIAN!!!

Immediately and secretly we put it into the fridge. luckily you can only smell it when you put near to your nose, else the whole comp will have this durian smell... :p so how it taste? no need me to say u also know it's nice lar. it's actually VERY nice, sweet with bitter, my favourite!! and the seed? wow, can't really see the seed.. hehe.. envy leh...

p/s: thanks Ms Q for such great home plant durian, don't worry i will bring some lemon to get rid of the smell in the fridge. :p

How to get rid of tea stain from thermal mug?

I have a habit of drinking green tea everyday (working days only, hehe..) using my thermal mug, can keep warm mar.. drinking is good, but the tea stain makes me feel very headache, the whole mug looks so dirty, yellowish!! and to clean them is not easy, you need to scrub (i also dono whether can scrub or not. but i cannot tahan the tea stain, so dun care lar...) real hard to get rid of those tea stain..and it will come back again after 2 weeks, no matter how u wash everyday.

I decided to google about it and i saw some ppl suggested that used lemon juice or baking soda to clean it. Well, not really sure wat is baking soda, but i have lemons in my fridge!! haha, it's experiement time!! i cut lemon into half, 'hmm seh dak' to use the whole lemon. hehe.. squeeze it and pour it into my thermal mug. then i add in hot water and soak over night.

the next day i checked, hmm, although it's not 100% clean, but it does helps, perhaps i need to use the whole lemon la.. hehe... i should try baking soda next time, see which one is better!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Simple Dinner for 1 in 15 minutes

You are alone at home, lazy to go out, what would you have for your lunch/dinner? maggie mee? well, think about it, if one month once it's still acceptable, but one week once? not good for health ya... you need about 5 minutes to cook maggie mee, let me show you something which u can cook in 15 minutes... more healthy and delicious..

The ingredients depends on what you have in your fridge, be creative!! I have some chicken breast, cabbage and abalone mushroom in my fridge. So these will be my ingredients.

Chicken breast cut into small slices,
seasoned with soy sauce,
little bit of sugar & little bit of pepper.
(here's a little tip for you,
chicken can be seasoned in advance,
keep it in tupper ware and refrigerate.
it'll be very convenient for working ppl like us,
come back home, can start cooking right away!)

cabbage & abalone mushroom

dao qiam ~ 豆签 (soak in hot water)
(meehun/mee/mee sua, up to you.)

stir fry garlic in hot oil.

pour in chicken and saute.

add in cabbage, saute and add a bit soy sauce (or salt).
i only have cabbage in my fridge,
it would be better if i have some green leafy vege.

lastly, add in the abalone mushroom.
saute saute, add in some oyster sauce (a little bit will do..)

add in some water. I have a lot of vege & abalone mushroom
so i added a bit of water, if you prefer more soup,
add more water.
let it boil for a while, and add in the dao qiam ~ 豆签.

dinner is ready!!

Did you write it yourself?

A friend sent me a few url of some artists' blog. While i'm going thru it, I can't help to wonder, are they the ones updating the blog? well, what makes me think that? u see, they are so busy, they always fly here fly there performing, they have to prepare for their albums, for their movies/advertisements/interviews and i bet they do not have 8 hours of sleep everyday.. so do they really have the time to update their blog everyday??

I just hope they are the original writers and don't let their supporters down.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Just ONE (or many) word (s)??

I've been tagged by Sean for this. To answer a long list of questions, by just one word. Originally is one word, but then Sean decided to change the rule a bit, we can answer it by using more than one word. Well, since Sean is the one that tagged me, so i shall just follow his rules!! Here we go...

Where is your cell phone? no idea (in the room gua.. hehe..)
Relationship? Yes
Your hair? Shoulder Length
Work? Sien
Your sister? 1
Your favorite thing? $$ (who doesn't like $$?)
Your dream last night? Errr, don't remember
Your favorite drink? Coffee
Your dream car? nope, but if i can afford a Nissan Latio Sports Hatchback, i would be happy .. for now la..
The room you’re in? living room
Your shoes? Vinci, Hush Puppies, Scroll, Nike, Fila, Nose
Your fears? siu-keong
What do you want to be in 10 years? no need to work
Who did you hang out with this weekend? myself
What are you not good at? company politics
One of your wish list items? Nissan Latio Sports Hatchback
Where you grew up? Malacca
Last thing you did? yawn
What are you wearing? Pyjamas
What aren’t you wearing? socks
Your pet? nope
Your computer? Acer
Your life? Boring
Your mood? not so good
What are you thinking about right now? to take a nap
Your car? Made in Malaysia
Your kitchen? modern
Your summer? our country got summer meh? hehe..
Your favorite color? Purple
Last time you laughed? 2 hours ago
Last time you cried? last week while watching the super sad movie
School? APIIT
Love? Sleep

haha, so now it's my turn to tag ppl.. see who are the lucky ones.. :p have fun!!


Kerepek Taufu (豆腐饼)

I believe all of you out there tasted taufu before, but have you tried Kerepek Taufu? haha, no leh... let me present you the taufu chips...

when SH asked me to try, i was like.. huh, what's this? then he said kerepek taufu.. i looked at him, and asked again.. taufu? he said, yes, taufu.. try lar... then i took one to try..and guess what? it's really nice!!! 4 out of 5 colleagues asked him where he bought after they tried. I'm one of them also lar... he told us he bought at this stall at giant, kelana the next day (which is today..), i go buy...

Seaweed Soy Crisp Kerepek Taufu (Vegetarian)
one packet RM 5, 3 packets RM 13

it's green color, becos of the sea weed gua..
very tasty!!

Soy Crisp Kerepek Taufu (With egg)
one packet RM 4.50, 3 for RM 12.

yellowish... this one less salty..

i pour into a big tupperware,
mixing the two of them.
hehe.. yummy yummy!!!
taufu also can make chips!! geng leh!!!
i wonder how they fry.. hmm...