Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to buy things worth RM 357.70 with just paying RM 77.70!!

I wanted to buy the Braun toothbrush long long time ago but I always feel that RM 200++ for a toothbrush (ya, although it's automatic) is kind of expensive! Finally, I managed to come up with a brilliant idea where I can get the toothbrush without paying for it. hehe, yes, without paying, don't worry, i'm not going to steal it!!

So how am I going to get it without paying it? First, I used my Bonuslink points to redeem the Parkson vouchers, so with the points I have, i'm entitled for RM 110 Parkson voucher, cool! Then, I found out that I can also redeem Parkson vouchers with Maybank treatpoints (points collected from Maybank credit card), and with the points i have, I can get Rm 150 Parkson vouchers. Woo-hoo.. oh ya, both bonuslink and maybank treatpoints can redeem on the spot at the Parkson customer service counter.

With Bonuslink, I redeem 1 Rm 50 parkson voucher and 6 RM 10 parkson voucher (approx 10K points) and with Maybank credit card, I got myself 3 RM 50 Parkson vouchers (approx 24K points). A total of RM 260 cash vouchers!! Let's go shopping!! yay!!

The Braun Professional Care
RM 249 for non member and RM 224 for members.

besides the toothbrush, i also bought
the iron cleaner, RM 25.90,
a door mat, RM 12.90,
and a cd holder, RM 15.90.

Of cos, Rm 260 cash vouchers is not enough for all these, so i need to pay another RM 18.7 lor... and no, i'm still not done with my shopping yet.. why? Apparently, Parkson is having their member sales day and if you purchase Rm 120, you are entitled to get a RM 10 voucher. My total bill is RM 278.7 which means i'm entitled to get Rm 20 cash voucher. Cool!! So i ended up getting myself a...

Philips toaster, RM 79
with the RM 20 cash voucher, i need to pay
RM 59 for this!!

So this is how i bought things worth RM 357.70 with just paying Rm 77.70. Did i mention I managed to collect another 1000 points for Bonuslink, ya, Parkson is giving away 3x points on their member day. what a great shopping experience, don't you think so?

Finally, it's going to end soon!!

The last match of the Euro cup is on tomorrow morning, i guess a lot of people is going to watch this. Some might take leave, some might not...

I'm actually glad that the euro cup is over. Why? Because I won't see dreaming drivers on the road, sleeping colleague that does nothing except fishing in the office, friends that falling sick because of not enough sleep...

I'm glad, glad and glad that this is going to be over soon!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Want more sales? Don't hire part timers!!

When I was still studying in college, I found myself a part time job. Not as a waitress serving food, not promoters selling clothes, so what's my job like? I worked part time at a terracotta tile shop, yes, selling tiles. Do I know anything about tiles? NO, i have zero knowledge on tiles, why they hire me? well, i don't know....

I only work once a week there, they did not really brief me on the tiles, basically they just ask me to look after the shop. I remembered it was a really nice shop, i think they aimed for high end customers, nicely decorated and looks high class too.

Well, at first i thought it was a pretty easy job, not much ppl go shop for tiles one mar right? but i was wrong!! There's actually ppl shopping for tiles, and they asked all kinds of questions (how to install these tiles, izzit suitable for outdoor, how many roof tiles i need for my roof and etc) which i don't know how to answer, and mostly these customers are rich, ya, only rich ppl can afford these kind of expensive tiles. When the customers asked me until i 'hao nga nga', i felt so embarrassed.

If you walk into the shop, the sales person don't know anything, will you buy from them? no right? well, don't blame me, i was paid RM 4.50 per hour, i got nobody to ask, no brochures to read, the only thing i know is the price of the tiles. I guess if they willing to spend a bit more to hire a full timer, i believed they will get more sales.

So if you want more sales? no part timers....especially when your product is not something everyone familiar..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Said NO to plastic bags?

Recently I saw a lot of articles from newspapers, magazines, the web, forwarded emails, all talking about recycle. How to recycle? No lift (I used the stairs more than the lift nowadays hehe..), no plastic bags, split the glass, cans, papers(yep, i do split), bring your own tupperware (tried this as well) when you go tabao and etc.

Among all the different ways, i found that the said no to plastic bags is a bit difficult to achieve. Well i can bring my own shopping bag, totally said no to plastic bag but if there's no plastic bags, what am i suppose to use for the rubbish? Just throw inside the rubbish bin without plastic bag? then how to throw?

Any idea? Tell me if you have any idea so that I can really said NO to plastic bags!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pek chek means what?

I was having quite a bad day yesterday so I typed this message, "Super PEK CHEK!!!" at my msn there. Then a friend of mine asked me what is "pek chek". I was quite surprised that he doesn't know what is pek chek. I learn this word from KL ppl and he's a local. Anyway, he asked me what language is that. Seriously, I also dono what language is that, I thought is cantonese?

I asked another local friend about this and he told me pek chek is actually hokkien. I didn't know it's hokkien as my hometown there nobody used pek chek wor... So what does pek chek means? I told my friend it means you are frusfrated + angry + geram. Did I explain correctly ar? hehe..

So, have you heard of "pek chek"? What is your understanding about "pek chek"?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever talk to someone that is EXTREMELY forgetful? How forgetful he is? Well, I told him two things yesterday morning, in the afternoon, he acts as if I never say anything to him before. So again, I repeat that two things and he said yes and understand what i'm trying to say. The next day, again, he forgets, then again, i repeat and this time, I asked him to repeat what i said.

Later that afternoon, when he said he's done, I realized that he only managed to do the first thing. What about the second thing? Again, he act like this is the first time I mentioned to him. OK fine, again, I repeat this whole grandmother story again and request him to write down. He said ok ok ok but i didn't see him writing down anything. Whatever, as long as he remember...

and guess what, he forgets again. Argggg.... can you imagine a 22 years old can be that forgetful? If you said he's not listening, it's not true also, cos he can repeat what I told him, it's just that he forgets after we finished our conversation.

I wrote him an email today and will ask him to print out. If he forgets again.. I think i will ask him to burn that piece of paper and drink it!!! Sooooooo pek chek!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey, please park at your own place!!

I hate ppl simply park at other ppl's parking lots. I hate even more when these ppl had their own parking place, it's just that their place is far from the lift, so they parked at other ppl's place. This morning when I was about to go to work, I saw this car. She stopped at the car park for a while, look here look there and then parked at the car park behind me. she knows the owner went to work and won't be back so fast so she parked there.

In fact, i've seen her parking at different places. Sometimes here, sometimes there, all at other ppl's place. At first I thought she probably doesn't own a car park but then I realized this car actually own a car park at the lower level! Why can't she just park at her own place? So damn selfish, what if the owner came back from work early and found that his place were being taken by some unknown cars??

If you have your own place, just park at your own place lar, even if you don't have a place in the car park, you shouldn't just simply park at other ppl's place mar, so unfair. I just hate these kind of unconsiderable and selfish ppl!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is this an apartment or condo?

This is not the first time I heard ppl asked me this question. Is this an apartment or condo? I got family, relatives and friends asked me this question when they first came to my place. Seriously, I also think my place here doesn't look like a condo, and yes, it's a condo.

My place here, looks like an apartment to me, no fancy hall, square square simple outlook, no big pool, but yes, it's a condo. So why it is called a condo then? Well, firstly, the price we paid is definitely much more than what an apartment would costs, the water rate is based on the condo rate, the maintenance is also condo rate as well and the word condo is everywhere, the S&P, the water bills and etc.

I believed there are certain rules that said that wat a condo must have, so the CLEVER developer based on these rules, build everything so that they can sell it at a higher price. If you need a pool in a condo, then i give you a pool, a small pool, if you need a gym room in the condo, cool, i give you a small gym room with a few equipments, if you need a badminton court, i give you one, a multi purpose hall, you got it, security and stuff like tat, all you have it!! So with everything there, it's a condo, although it doesn't look like one..

So .. again, ya it's a condo, it's just don't look like one!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally finally It's FRIDAY!!

I've been waiting for this day to come. It has been a long long week, working late, lot's of things happened, I just need a weekend to recharge. Sometimes I wonder, if we need to work from Monday to Sunday without any rest day, don't know what will happened to us. Maybe you'll see zombies around in the office? Or vampires? haha..

Alright guys, I need to go enjoy my weekend now.. Hope you enjoy urs too.. leave all your work stuff behind and pick it up again on Monday.

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How much is your company's mileage claim?

How much is your company's mileage claim before and after the petrol price increased? Izzit still the same? Erm, i think my comp is still the same, 50 cents per km, there's no announcement made that they already increased, not very sure, i seldom claim.

Anyway, if you think your company mileage claim is high or low, then don't be surprised, there are companies offers higher or lower!! Yesterday while i was driving to work, i heard some ppl called in to the radio station and told them about their mileage claim. A lot of companies are paying in the range of 50 cents to 80 cents before the petrol increased and a lot of companies not yet adjust the mileage claim. Then there's this caller that said his company's mileage claim is RM 1. Wow, high right, then got another caller called in and said his was only RM 0.25!! (If i were in that company i will not want to drive!!!)

Anyway, while we were envying the RM1 claim, another caller called in and said before the petrol price increased his company mileage claim was RM 1, so wat about after the petrol price increased? RM 1.70!! wah seh.. wat company is that?? RM 1.70 per KM, that's really very good leh...

what about you? how much is your company's mileage claim?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You are interested in the Euro Cup or the bet?

I didn't watch Euro Cup but it seems like people around me, family, friends and colleagues are all into it. Because of this euro cup, i have friends start sleeping as soon as they reached home after work and set alarm to wake up at 12am, watched till 5am and sleep again. and i've seen ppl purposely take leave just to watch their favorite match. oh yes, believe me, my house got one, purposely take 2 days off to watch!! Well, this is still acceptable, at least taking leave will not affect his work.

Unlike my colleague, according to him he only get to sleep approx 2 hours each day because he watched the match that started at about 12am till 5am!! You might wonder, 2 hours enough sleep meh? How to work like that? Ya, no problem, cos from day 1 Euro cup started till now, i didn't see him do much work. Morning after breakfast, will surf and research about the next match and plan which to bet on, then after this, he will start sleeping till noon, then after lunch, continue to sleep and went back home when it reached 6pm!!

Do you have ppl like this around you? I'm just wondering, is the Euro Cup that attracts them so much or izzit the bet?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We were all having a discussion on the project time line yesterday afternoon. The project team want us to finish faster, we, the developer hope to gain more time to do the work. So after the discussion, we all decided that both parties will step a step backward and agreed to the time line that is reasonable (actually it's NOT really reasonable, but ~sigh, what to do..).

So you think that's the end? No, it's NOT. Later that afternoon, i got a call from the project team and they said the client was not free for the walk thru on that particular date we've decided. So what does that suppose to mean? We have to push it earlier! Earlier? How many days earlier? 11 days earlier!!

so there comes again, discussions, arguments, fights, hehe, no fights lar, maybe some cursing.. Anyway, the top management wants to be fair for both parties and decided that we're going to push the deadlines 7 days earlier!!

Does this sounds fair? Well, seriously, i don't really think it's that fair. It's like no matter wat, the developers are the one that suffer!! So you know why it's called deadline? cos by then we're all DEAD!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saves Fuel Up to 28%? Sure or not??

Well, it's about petrol again. Before the petrol increased from RM 1.92 to RM 2.7, my aunt gave me a few bottles of Fuel Enhancer. She bought it from Cosway and there's a promotion at that time, something like buy one gets one free. You know, woman, when got these kind of things, they will tend to buy more.. so, she gave me a few bottles to try. Free wor, why not? hehe.. some more last time i tried the Nulon - Performance Engine Treatment from Cosway and I felt it's really good. So i guess this will really help in saving petrol!

AutoMax, NanoTech, Fuel Enhancer.
(super duper geng punya name!!)
RM 20++ per bottle, if i'm not mistaken..

Take a look at the picture above and you will see it says that this will help to save 28% of fuel, increase engine power, extends engine life and blah blah blah. well, we can't judge a book by it's cover, so let's try it out!! Alright, so how to use this thing??

Remove the cap from the long neck measuring chamber,
squeeze gently, raising it to the desire dosage
(1ml to 5L of fuel) .

Pour this to the fuel tank
before you go pump petrol.

So does this thing really works? Well, NOPE it doesn't work!! it doesn't help at all!! In fact, I can't believed that this doesn't work (at least should help a little bit mar.., it says there help to save petrol by 28% wor) and i tried twice before i post this post!! I tried it on both auto and manual cars, adding this is like never add anything before. Just like normal!!

Well, i guess, the performance engine treatment work doesn't means the fuel enhancer work as well. Maybe i have too high hopes. So have you tried this before? Does this work for you?

Friday, June 13, 2008

You are NOT allowed to buy Smart Tag if you don't buy touch n go!!

I always wanted to get myself a Smart Tag cos I need to pass the toll everyday but trust me, it's really not easy to get. I remembered there's one time I travel from KL to Kedah, I stopped at each and every toll tried to buy a Smart Tag but each and every one also no stock!! got money also hard to buy!!

I finally gave up searching for Smart Tag since then until last week. The toll that I passed everyday suddenly reduced a cash lane and increased a smart tag lane. Can you imagine? It really affect the cash and the touch n go lane. Why? Well, when cash too jam, ppl will go buy touch n go lor, so affect those original touch n go user like me!! Super super jam every morning and every evening!!

Smart Tag, RM 90

That is why I finally go get this after 2 weeks stuck in the jam every morning!! FL helped me to buy this when he was at Subang. He told me he doesn't understand why they got such rule, what rule?

We are NOT allowed to buy the smart tag alone, we HAVE to buy the touch n go as well. So what happened if we already got touch n go? You HAVE TO reload at least RM 50, else you are not allowed to buy!! Can we pay credit card? Yes, only when you reload RM 100 on your touch n go then only you can pay by credit card!! What kind of rule is that? FL was so geram when he told me he was forced to reload RM 50 on his touch n go just because he wants to buy this smart tag. wuahahahaha.. really, how come they got such rule?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You got a water problem?

I saw this notice about the water disruption yesterday night. Normally water disruption are during the day but this one is at night, from 8pm to 6am the next morning. Oh god, normally 8pm I still not yet reached home, how am I going to take bath without water? I don't have much place to store water, definitely not enough to bathe.

I decided to get home early today, when the clock reached 6pm, I rushed home. I reached home about 7pm, without any delay, I go take a shower. Well, i'm just afraid that they gonna start early. So after I shower, I went out for dinner. Can't cook mar right, wat if half way cook no water? I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink, so better not to cook.

When I was back at home at about 9pm, I tried the tap and guess what, there's still water. Even till now, 10+pm, I still can get water. So wat happened to the water disruption? ya, i know i should be happy that there's still water, but I'm just afraid that out of a sudden, they decided to stop the water. u know lar.. our country, anything can happened mar.. So let's just hope that WILL NOT happen!

So your place there got water problem?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A cool, B cool, C cool...

I was stuck in the jam for about 1 and a half hour when I drove home from work just now. I was so boring and I started to look around. I saw the car in front me had this tinted glass from V cool. I know V cool is kind of expensive, if i'm not mistaken, it costs about 1k++ and normally i only see v cool on expensive luxury cars. I was kind of surprised that the kancil in front of me had V cool.. then when I take a second look, I realized that it's not V cool, it's V GOOD!! wuahahahahahaha...

V cool is the branded one, but when you see cars around, you will see, air cool, c cool, this cool that cool.. our country is really full of pirated stuff, from pirated cds, softwares, to tinted glass!! Malaysia BOLEH!!

Not everyone is unhappy about the increase of petrol price!

My aunt called me the other day, told me that she can get rebate for her car when she renew roadtax. She sound very happy over the phone. i told her, the petrol increase that much, even if they rebate to us, it can't cover the amount that we need to spend on the petrol. We have to pay even more.

She told me she only need to pump twice per month, RM 40 each. So after the petrol price increased, instead of RM80 per month, she may need to pay approx RM 100 or so per month, since she seldom drive that car. Then her road tax per year is RM 390, so after rebate is RM 190. So to her, it's nothing. In fact, she felt quite happy as she can probably earn a few dollars more per month (if 200 divided by 12). wuahahahahahah..

Well, i guess she still haven't realized that with this increase of petrol, a lot of other stuff will increased as well. No, I haven't point this out to her, let her happy a little while lar.. wuahahahahaha..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear Advertlets, when are you going to pay me?

On 25th of March 2008, I cash out the very first time from Advertlets. Ya, their minimum pay out is RM 100 and I only able to reach that amount after 1 year ++. Anyway, I cash out and after a month, I checked back the status and it still showed as 'Unpaid'. I sent them an email, asking them about this and very quickly they replied me and said it takes about 30 to 45 days for them to process the payment.

Alright then, I will WAIT. So on 26 of May 2008 (definitely more than 45 days), I checked the cash out status and it's still showing 'Unpaid'. Again, I sent them an email to ask them about this and guess what? Till now I still did not get a reply from them and also the status of my cash out still remained as 'Unpaid'.

I waited patiently for more than 60 days, sent them email but they never reply, so what else can I do? The only thing I can do is to remove their ads from my blog (since they are not paying me, why I still put their ads to advertise for them right?). I google a bit and found out that Advertlets got really bad reputation on this cash out thing. A lot of ppl claimed that they didn't received their money, some cash out since last august but till now still received nothing!!

I'm not that kind of person that believes everything ppl said but this thing really happened to me, so now I believe them. So dear readers, any of you had cash out from Advertlets before and had actually received payment from them? Let me know, let me know how you get them to pay you! RM 100 maybe means nothing to you, but to me, it means A LOT. I can feed my car full full using that RM100!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

No more lunch mates!!

Why no more lunch mates? Well well, usually I go out lunch with these ppl, sometimes others will join us or we go join others but most of the time with these group of ppl. So what happened to these ppl?

Colleague 1
The very next day after the gov had announced the increase of the petrol price, he started to bring lunch box to work. Yes, the very next day! Well, I don't really know how this petrol thing affect him that much becos he don't drive to work and he's not taking public transportation. He tumpang the other colleague's car to work. Maybe he already bored with the food around our office? (err, he's only here for about 2 weeks!!)

Colleague 2
Anyway, there's another new colleague that just joined my comp, she doesn't eat breakfast or lunch. Ya, super GAL!!! no breakfast and no lunch, only dinner!! geng!! She must have save a lot by skipping these meals. hehe.. I really very 'pui fok' her.. can skip both breakfast and lunch!!

Colleague 3
he's leaving soon, to another comp..

so after he left, i got no more lunch mates... sad sad... I guess i will start bringing lunch box to work also.. or.. i will learn from colleague 2, then i can keep fit and save money. wuahahahahaha.. Erm, most probably, 99% i'll stick to lunch box lar!! :p

When is the last time you wash your own car?

It has been, well, I can't even remember when is the last time I washed my own car.. hehe... one thing not good about living in condo is that, it's very inconvenient if you need to wash your car. Some condo provide place for you to wash but some doesn't. Of cos you can still wash your car if they don't provide you, bring ur own water down to the car park and wash lar.. so troublesome!!

Normally I will bring my car out for ppl to wash and I only got to wash my car when I go back to hometown + i'm free when i'm back. So it's really had been a long long long time since I last wash my car.

My place here, got a spot for ppl to wash car. I'm pretty sure that's not a facility provide to us, it's just that that spot happened to have a water pipe, so everyone goes there to wash their car. I've been staying here for 1 yr ++ but I nv wash my car there before. Since today weather is good, no sun, windy, and my car is dirty, i decided to go wash it.

It's kind of good to wash the car myself, at least you know is there any new scratches and you get to really clean it, outside and inside, add water, add battery water and etc. So now my car is as clean as brand new. hehe..See a shiny shiny clean clean old car out there, BEWARE! Cos that MIGHT be my car. wuahahahaha...

So when is the last time you wash your own car?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Petrol price RM 2.70 or RM 2.74??

FL came home telling me this, ask me to beware when I go pump petrol. Beware or wat? Well, a friend of him told him that a few of his colleagues went to different petrol stations to pump oil after the petrol increased. They were shocked to find out that the price of petrol, instead of RM 2.70, it's RM 2.74. When they questioned the staff there, the staff said it's that price.

A few of his colleagues had encountered this and they had lodged a complaint at the consumer website. I've not been to the petrol station since the petrol price increased. Any of u encounter this problem?? The petrol price is RM 2.70 or RM 2.74?

Are you interested in changing car?

Received a call yesterday during work..
P: Hello? Is this Ms. J?
J: Yes, who's on the line please?
P: I'm xx and I'm calling from Perodua.
J: Perodua? (why is perodua calling me?)
P: Yes.
J: What is it regarding?
P: oh, I found that your car loan left RM xxxxx, I was wondering whether you are interested in changing car or not.
J: change car?
P: ya, if you change car, we will deduct RM 1000 from your car loan. Of cos we will also provide some discounts on the car you purchase.
J: oo, ic, but i don't have plans to change car for now. (perodua change to perodua? what for? right? hehe..some more petrol increasing leh..)
P: oh, ok. Just to let you know, if you are interested, give me a call.
J: ok thanks. Bye.
This is the first time i received phone call like this. Hmm, hard to do business ya..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's all about petrol AGAIN!!

I'm going to talk about petrol, petrol again? Ya, i'm not bored with talking petrol yet. It makes my life more difficult, why should I stop talking about it, right? :p ok, so back to petrol.

If you read the papers, you will see they showed us graphs how much petrol costs in other countries. Of cos, we are the cheapest! They compared us to countries that doesn't produce oil & gas. Why don't they show us graphs that compare our petrol price with countries that produce oil?

wah seh.. can you imagine? RM 0.16 per litre!!!

What level of education is required to understand my blog?

Got this tag from Dora today. So what level of education is required to understand my blog? Hmm, my blog, simple and easy to understand lar.. see..

blog readability test

So what about yours?

Here are the rules:

1. Check out your Blog Readability Test here then post it.
2. (OPTIONAL) Stop asking yourself regarding the results of the test (LOL!)
3. Add your blog from the list together with the results.
4. Tag as many friends you like.

1. Big Eyed Gal - High School 2. The Chronic Shopper - Elementary 3. Vital Sighs - Genius 4. moms….. check nyo - High School 5. Nyumix’s Blog - High School 6. Zooropazoo - Junior High 7. Jys - Junior High 8. you?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol increase, what's ur plan?

Everybody is talking about the increase petrol price. The one that gonna increase in another 50 minutes time, from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70, and the floating petrol price in August.

A friend of mine said he's gonna sell off his car and get himself a motorcycle. Then another friend said he's gonna car pool with the colleague that he's not really get along with. haha, becos of the petrol price, not ngam also become ngam. hehe.. then another one said she's gonna take public transportation. Well, i belief public transportation will also increase lar, just that we still don't know how much they gonna increase..Then another one said she's gonna skip lunch to save some money..

As for me, i'm going to get myself a BM.........X. Abu-then, you think i'm going to get a BMW? of cos BMX lar, the bicycle!! What about you? What's your plan?

ok, so it's RM 2.70 per litre!!

Finally, the time has come. Our PM had finally made an announcement that starting from tomorrow 12am, our petrol will increased Rm 0.78, from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70!! That means i need to pay more RM 20 for a full tank, from RM 60 to RM 80!!

Most of my colleagues left sharp at 6 today, why? to pump petrol lar. A colleague of mine left at 6 and after 10 minutes, he sms and asked us no need to go pump petrol, why? becos we won't be able to SQUEEZE our car in to the petrol station!!! WOW!!

I don't plan to pump as i just pumped full tank on Monday.. So have you pump your petrol yet? Or you are now stuck in the queue waiting to pump?

For more information, check out the NST.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Petrol 1 litre RM 3.80?????

Just watched the news from Astro, in August, petrol might go up from RM 1.92 to RM 3.80!!!! Almost increase RM 2!!! Wow, can you imagine if the petrol really increase that much, how our lifes will be affected???

The last increase was RM 0.30 and I had to pay extra RM 10 for a full tank. So if it increased till Rm 3.80, let's RM 60 more!! Oh My GOD!!!! My small little car's full tank will costs RM 120!!! One week i pump once that means 1 month I need to pay RM 480 for petrol, that doesn't include if I balik kampung!!!!

Wow, not only that, when petrol increase, every other things increased too!! I really cannot imagine.. I guess I will need to change to BM already.. no no, don't get me wrong, not BMW lar, it's BMX ~ the bicycle!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting old .. am I?

I heard from someone that when you start to eat bitter gourd, then you're getting old. Haha, is it? Well, most of the old people likes to eat bitter gourd but that doesn't mean eating bitter gourd makes you old right?

Then someone told me, if you started to eat things that you don't eat previously, then it's a sign that you are getting old. Well, i don't like to eat tofu, but now i started to like it, i don't eat bitter gourd but i'm eating now, i don't like milk powder but now i'm drinking it! so does that mean i'm getting old?

well, i don't think so.. i'm still young! hehe.. i'm just more health concious.. :p

Sunday, June 1, 2008

S stands for? R stands for?

No no, don't get me wrong..i'm not teaching kids ABC... then what is it about? Well, let me tell you what is it about.

Normally when we name a file, we will name it to something meaningful, something that ppl will understand. Say like if this file is to search user, we probably will name it as "searchuser", easy to read, easy to understand, and easily we know what this file is for. But one of my ex colleague, he prefer to name his file differently, how different? like just now the search user right, he probably will name it as "su". For him, sure no problem, cos he knows what the files are for, but for other ppl, by looking at the file name, we totally have no idea what "su" means...

He likes to name his file by character, one character represent one word. Say if it's search, he will use "s", if view, then he probably will use "v", then what about "r"? well, seriously i really don't know. "r" can stands for a lot of words, "repeat", "reject", "report" and etc etc etc.. scared wanna make changes to his modules.. have to spend a lot of time in GUESSING what he mean by all those single character file name and variable names...