Thursday, November 29, 2007

The world had changed! Rat is now bigger than the cat!!

Remember my post on the 'Rat chased cat? Cat chased dog?'. I mentioned that the world had changed. Cats no longer afraid of dogs and rats no longer afraid of cats. Size doesn't matters anymore!!

I just received a forwarded mail from a friend, and guess what, there is really a rat that is much bigger than the cat! Check this out!!

the rat is very much bigger than the cat.
see the cat so scared of the rat!!

wow, it's really VERY BIG and FAT!!!
so GELI la!!!
the world really changed!!!!

Get rid of the cupboard smell ~ Part 2

Ws called me yesterday...
Ws: Hey, I saw your post on the 'Get rid of the cupboard smell', I want to ask you ar, does it work? If yes i also want to try leh..
J: erm, actually it doesn't really work leh, i can't smell the perfume also when i open my cupboard. but i can still smell it from the cotton balls lar. hehe..
Ws: Har, really ar? aiyar, i thought if it works then i also want to try ma..
J: but then again, maybe i used the light scent perfume lar, maybe you should try a stronger perfume.
Ws: like that ar? ok lar...
Another lesson learned, don't trust everything you read from the magazine unless you've tried it out yourself. :p but then again, maybe a stronger perfume may works, who knows.. you try lar, and let me know. hehe..

Oh Shit! Chewing gum??

When i reached my office, parked my car and wanted to get down of my car, something caught my attention. I saw some pink color stuff on my car bonet. What the hell is that?? Oh my god!!

some no moral ppl sticked his/her
chewing gum on my car bonet!!!
so angry lar me!!!

Early morning made my mood bad only. Chewing gum is nice to eat, but make sure you know how to throw it properly. Arggg...luckily i can still get rid of it..... No wonder Singapore banned chewing gum lar, there's just too many these kind of ppl around!!!!! %&%#$#&$#&^*&#*#

Can you fill in the blanks for me?

My friend told me about this funny incident happened at his company. He's working in the sales / customer service dept and they always need to submit claims for mileage, expenses and etc.

These claims needs to be approved by their manager before they handed it to the accounts dept. So this girl colleague of my friend, submitted her claims to the manager. When the manager flips through her claims, he found that there's one part where she filled in 0. Claims with 0? What's that? So the manager asked the girl, hey what's this?

The girl said, oo, this is for the xx claim lar, i don't know how many km i need to put mar, so i just leave it blank and let the accounts ppl to fill it up for me lar!! The manager stared at her and told her, accounts ppl will NEVER fill that column for you one, they will treat it as 0 and gives u RM 0!! If you want to claim, you have to go figure it out how many kms you need to claim!!!

Wuahahahaaha, funny lar this girl, leave the whole claim sheet blank and let the accounts ppl to fill it up for you lar.. :) saves time mar. wuahahahahahahahahaha....

Ants brushing their teeth?

I believe everyone's house have ants. We always try our very best to avoid these ants comes attacking, but seriously, i don't know how their taste like and what's their favorite food!!

I noticed besides sweet stuff and dead stuff(dead lizards, insects), ants like peppermint stuff too. Peppermint? Like what? For eg, toothpaste! I feel so geli whenever i see ants surrounding my toothpaste. Toothpaste is not sweet, why they go near it? Don't tell me they need to brush their teeth also? Oh ya, besides peppermint, they also like my citrus flavor (orange + lemon) Listerine too. So i guess they wants to gargle their mouth to prevent having mouth infection from eating too much dead stuff?

~sigh.. pls go away lar.. i don't want to kill you..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where's your gas tank? Left or Right?

I received an interesting forwarded email this morning from my friend. What is it about? It is about our car gas tank. Do you remember which side is your gas tank? Mine is on the left. hehe..A lot of ppl tend to forget which side is their gas tank. When they wanna fill up their car with petrol, they probably will stop at the wrong side.

So this email is to teach those that always forgets where's their gas tank, to check on their dash board before they go in to the petrol station. According to the email, there's an indication on every car dash board. Let's see..

you can refer to the gas icon at your
gas guage to find out which side
is your gas tank! Interesting!!

I've been driving my car for almost 5 yrs now but i never noticed the handle of the gas pump. My car gas tank is on the left, so that means the handle of the gas pump must be on the left lar. If this is true, then it really can help those that always forgets which side is their gas tank.

So on my way back just now, i looked carefully on the gas icon to check the gas handle, to see whether it is on the left, and guess what, it's NOT!! The handle is on the right and my gas tank is on the left.

Well, i guess we can't trust forwarded email 100% lar, have to experiment ourselves first before trusting every word in the forwarded email. Or maybe that icon only for imported cars? My buatan Malaysia car no such indication?? Well, then i guess i need a favour from you guys. If you're driving an imported car, check the handle, i wanna see if this is true. Let me know ya!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Biscuits! For display purposes!!

When I went to The Body Shop member sales on last Friday, I saw biscuits! Biscuits? Yes, lot's of lot's of lot's of Jacob's biscuits. har, what am i talking about?

nor, this is wat i'm talking about lar...
the Eiffel Tower, made of biscuits.

what's this? A bridge made of biscuits!!

the biscuits Twin tower!!

and this? a mosque izzit? hehe, not sure..

Actually I've seen these from a forwarded email. It's different when you see it with your own eyes. I do agree that they had put a lot of effort in building all these, and it is very nice but.. what's the purpose of this? I'm not really sure, but i seriously think it will be more meaningful if they donated these amount of biscuits to the poor ppl, the ppl who needed it. Biscuits is for us to eat, not for display purposes! ~sigh..

The fun of changing nicknames.

In msn, we are allowed to change our nick names. I dun changed my nick name often as I'm lazy. hehe.. some of my friends, they like to change daily. Maybe today they're sleepy, then they will changed their nick name to 'I Am Sleepy' or 'Yawn' or 'Good Night' and etc. Some will changed according to the food they ate such as, 'yum yum nasi lemak' during morning, then afternoon will probably changed to 'yummy burger' and etc.

It's fun to see them changed nick name but if you changed too often, ppl will kind of lost track of who you are especially when you email is not ur name or ur initials. This happened to me just now, I have my msn all sorted out with a lot of categories, ex colleagues from company A, ex colleagues from company B, friends met online, school mates, college mates, current company and etc. So there's this contact in my currrent company category, I looked at the nick name, hmm i don't regconize leh, then i checked the email, wow, i also cannot guess who is this from the email and it's not good to mesg ppl to ask, 'hey who are you ar?' 'why you in my list ar?' like tat mar, rite?

So i asked my colleagues around to see whether they know who is this contact or not. Nobody knows who is this? and we start guessing here guessing there and end up one colleague said, aiyar, she's so and so lar. .... oooooooo.. ic ic....

So ar? don't changed ur nick too often lar, else ar, ppl will have problem knowing who is who ler.. :p

Monday, November 26, 2007

When you are looking for something...

Have you ever encountered this before? When you looking for something, that something will not appear in front of you. But when you don't need it anymore, it will keep on appearing in front of you!! arggg!!!!

For the whole last week, I was looking for this HSBC credit card sales ppl to apply the HSBC credit card. I need the card to buy something in order to get the 0% interest. All the while, I can see the HSBC booth at Giant, and they always come asked me whether i want or not. I was kind of confident I can find one easily, but who knows, I walked around the whole Giant and can't find a HSBC booth! Where are they? Where are they when I needed them? Aiseh...

When I went to One Utama for The Body Shop Member Sales last friday, I went around and try to find this HSBC booth as well. I remembered whenever i came shopping here, i will definitely see them, but that day, i can't see any of them! only some other credit card from other banks!!

You may wonder, why don't I apply online? Hmm, apply online more troublesome lar, first you have to key in the details yourself, then you have to photocopy all your pay slips, IC and etc and then you have to fax it over. I once tried applying Maybank credit card by faxing the application form together with the supported documents but end up they said they did not receive my form. So no more faxing over application...

So finally when i went grocery shopping at Carrefour on last sunday, i saw their booth! I applied and everything settled. Just now, my colleague told me he saw this HSBC booth at Giant.. %^#$#$#(*#$#@#@%..

see lar, when you dont need it anymore they will appear in front of you!!

You want Munny? or Money?

When all my colleagues started having a pet in Facebook, I decided to get one for myself too, to see what makes them so interested. So i login and get myself a pet named Pretty Intelligent Girl a.k.a. PIG. When you have a pet, you have to feed it, when you need to feed it, you need to have Munny(in facebook they called it munny), so how to get munny?

You can either pet other ppl's pet, or you can do surveys to earn some munny. Wow, surveys? Ya, they are so clever, we can earn about USD 3 for a 15-20 minutes survey and now they asked us do survey so that we can earn some Munny to feed our pet? Our surveys will make them the real money and what we get is the Fake munny!! how smart!!

So you want Munny or Money? I definitely want MONEY!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aiseh, kena con again la...

What happened? Remember i told you about The Body Shop member sales? So finally i went. Ya, i left my office at about 6:30pm, traffic was quite smooth, i reached One U at about 7pm and I got a nice car park. Everything went smoothly. So at about 7:10pm, I was already in front of The Body Shop.

I peeped inside, ei, not much ppl wor, then I looked around, I can't find anything that said they were having member sales. But i'm already there, so i have to go in and look see look see no matter what. So i walked in, walked around the shop, and finally i asked the promoter whether there's any sales or not.

When the promoter said, yes, we're having the member sales now, I asked her again, so which are the items that are on sales? She then told me those item with a 'star' were those that on sales. and how many discount for those with stars? 10%! WHAT????!!! 10% only? If i knew earlier I wouldn't come! aiseh...

I told myself, ok lar, 10% 10%, let see the body butter that i wished to buy got discount or not. Apparently, those that i had in mind, those that i wanted to buy, all were not on sales! ~sigh.. ok ok , since they were not on sales, let me try their new product, the Rich Plum body butter! and what happened?

I think you know wat happened!!
I bought the new product, the Rich Plum Body Butter!
Why? I just can't stop smelling my hand
after i tried the tester! haha, it's true leh,
it smells so nice, i feel like eating my hand
after applying it!! So how much is this?
The original price is RM 69.90 and got a
10% discount lor...

In the sms that i received, they said if we bring empty body shop bottles for them to recycle, we'll be entitled for a special gift. I brought two empty bottles, but they said only can redeemed one for each customer, so i gave them one only, the other one can use to store things lar.. What kind of special gift?

The special gift from The Body Shop.
What's inside?

A 3ml of the Oceanus Perfume Oil.
hmm, not my type of perfume, hehe,
but it smells ok lar..
The Oceanus Perfume Oil comes with
a 20% off for a full size 15ml of
perfume oil discount coupon.

and this!! err, i think is some make up
for the eyes lar. hahaha, i don't make up one
ma.. how i know wat is it? :p

I didn't manage to get what I intend to buy and I ended up buying expensive things. No wonder ppl said gal's money very easy to earn lar.. ~sigh.. A lesson learned, don't trust those sms!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Not every Body Shop got member sales today!!

I decided to go ask The Body Shop at giant during lunch, to ask them whether they got participate in The Body Shop Early Bird Christmas Member Sales or not so that I no need to purposely go to One Utama later today at 7pm!

Guess what, it's not every body shop got this member sales!! Only selected branch!! Aiseh, that means I need to go buy at One Utama lor.. Hmm, still considering whether to go or not to go. I'm not sure the thing i wanted to buy are for sale or not. If not for sale, i purposely drive there dono for wat!!!

aiseh.. aiseh aiseh, why not every branch participate???

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Like food in pasar malam? Look carefully before you buy!!

Heard this from the radio this morning. It was in the newspaper. A reporter went to pasar malam, not sure whether he went there to do his job, or just go walk walk . Anyway, he was standing in front of the stall which sells fried stuff like fried chicken, fried meat balls and etc.

When the stall owner fry chicken, she put in piece by piece, one by one. But when she fried meat balls, she just throw the whole packet in with the plastic bag into the hot oil!! The reporter thought he saw wrongly, he stood there and observed. Yes, he did not see wrongly, the stall owner threw the whole meat ball together with the plastic bag into the hot oil. Several minutes later, she took the meat ball up, and where's the plastic bag? already melted in the meat ball!!!

The reporter took a few pictures and then walked up and asked the stall owner why she refused to remove the plastic bag before she fry the meat balls. What did the stall owner said? No lar, where got? no lar no lar... hey, ppl see it with their own eyes, some more got pictures taken down and still she did not want to admit??

After i heard this, i felt so scary. Can you imagine? you are actually eating plastic bag with meat ball that can caused CANCER!!!! No wonder you see most of the stall, they don't eat stuff that they cooked.. maybe that's the reason!!

So next time, looked carefully before you buy!! Might end up eating something that is very bad for your health!!

50% Discount at Jogoya

Received a forwarded mail from my friend today about the Jogoya promotion. Wow, 50% discount for ladies? It's really very worth it. I remember i went to Jogoya on january this yr for dinner. One person RM 88 and with tax, one person = RM100!! it's quite costly!! but with this 50%, we only need to pay about RM50! Cool..

ya i know it's still expensive, but trust me, Jogoya buffet is different, very different from other buffet dinner, even buffet in 5 star hotels can't compete with them. They have japanese food, western food, chinese food, sea food, grill stuff, fried stuff, and lot's more. According to the brochure, now they even have Haagen Daaz and free flow of red wine & white wine. WOW!!

Why only ladies got 50% discount? hehe i also dono lar. although there's no discount for guys, they free one plate of prawns for guys. haha, u want prawns or you want 50% discount? so ladies, let's go jogoya makan makan!! Promotion starts now till mid of december. (if i'm not mistaken, only available on mon, tues, and wed, better call up and double check oh..)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get rid of the cupboard smell

Read about this tip from a magazine. In order to prevent towels and sheets from having the cupboard smell, spray your favorite scent onto cotton balls. Once dry, place them in the corners of the closet and on shelves. Dont' believe what you read unless you try it out yourself.'s experiment time!!

Favorite scent? hmm, i have lot's of perfume. You know ppl said perfume should not use more than 2 yrs as the scent will fade away, but how to finish all these perfume? even u spray when you go pasar malam also cannot finish lar.. maybe i can use these old perfume for this little experiment.

cotton balls from guardian, RM 2.80 per packet

take a few cotton balls and put in a bowl or box.
I made a paper box for this.

hmm, which perfume to use?
let's see, which is the oldest...
body shop perfume!!

spray spray spray and leave it dry.
then put into the cupboard.
i'll let you know whether it works or not later lar.

Citibank Shell Card, worth or not worth it?

I was kind of interested with the newly launched Citibank Shell Card. What is so special about this card? well, 5% cash rebate when you pump petrol at the Shell Petrol Station. 5% quite a lot ler, some more they now having promotion, from nov till jan, instead of 5% cash rebate, they are giving out 10% cash rebate! That means if you pump RM 60, you will get back RM 6! Attractive right??

Ya, all the things you hear and see definitely is attractive, they will always tell you all the great things mar, what about the bad things? all the bad things will only appear in tiny little words under the terms n condition lor.. Scared already lar, kena conned so many times... hehe..

so now i planned to wait first, wait till ppl around us actually used the card, see what they said about the card, and then only consider worth it or not. Do you have the card? Is it another con case?

I'm on the fast lane, but i want to drive slowly!! %^$&$#^&#$##

This morning, I was late to work again!! Luckily the school holiday had already started and the traffic was quite smooth. I was on the fast lane, don't worry, i'm not driving that fast lar. When i said traffic smooth doens't means there's no car on the road. hehe.. So there's this car, a wira, put on his signal and try to switch to my lane. I'm a good driver, hehe, since he on his signal, for sure i will let him switched lar.

So i slow down a little bit and let the wira switched over, and that's how my frusfration begins. What happened? After he switched over to the fast lane, he drives slowly, basically i think he just let the car move by itself without stepping on the brakes (if he's driving auto la..). what is wrong with him? driving 30-40km on a fast lane? hey, maybe you got 2 hours to reach office but i am rushing ler. All the cars behind me started to overtake him and of cos i did the same thing lar. I just do not understand why he purposely switched to the fast lane and drives slowly!! early morning want to get cursed by ppl izzit? ~sigh, speechless!!

You are not allowed to cancel the card!!

I gave my number to the customer service ppl to ask them to call me back regarding the cancellation on the visa card that they automatically apply for me. So this morning I received a call from the MBF, she asked me why i do not want the visa card that they gave me, it waived 2 years annual fees and does not have a combine limit with my current card.

Well, I told her i got too many cards already and i don't need another one. She said even you don't used it you can just put it at home what, it's free anyway. So funny lar, if i don't need the card what for i apply for the card? If leave it at home scared later kena stolen, then have to go through all the trouble to go terminate the card, right or not?

Then she said ok, will cancel the card for me, then i told her i wished to terminate my the other MBF card as well, the mastercard. She said, oh, they waived 2 yrs annual fees for me for that card, so i CAN't cancel it till year 2008. So keep it till year 2008. Wah, got such thing one ar? waived for me means i cannot cancel the card??? %&%&^(&$(#*^&^%#$#$

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Redbox vs Neway Karaoke

I've never been to neway karaoke, why? Hmm, let's see, first i'm a member of redbox, so if i go redbox i can collect points, if i go neway i can't collect points. Then secondly redbox is slightly cheaper than neway? right? then thirdly, redbox always gives out cash voucher, so if go redbox we can spend less lor...

One thing i heard most from my friends are the buffet. They said redbox's buffet sucks (which i also agree.. hehe..) and neway one nice. There are more variety and it's more tasty. Oh ya, and the songs are new and the service is much more better than redbox.

really that nice meh? i think i must really go experience myself then only i know lar, right? Have you been to neway karaoke? What you think about it?

Rat chased cat? Cat chased dog?

My colleagues and I were talking about cats, and dogs and rats during lunch this afternoon. SH said he once saw a cat ran away after seeing a rat. wuahahaha, rat bigger than cats? wow, tat's scary. Then I told them I once saw a cat chasing a dog. It is so funny. It happened when i was still in secondary school, my neighbor always feed the stray cats and dogs with left over foods behind her house. She will filled the plate with left over food everyday at that particular time.

So the cats and dogs all will wait for their food there. So one day, my neighbor brought fish for them. Ya, fish, not bone, it's fish. I do not remember why there's fish, i think they can't finished or the fish is not that fresh, so she decided to let the cats and dogs to eat it. So there's this cat, happily eating the fish, then here comes the dog. The dog is three size bigger than the cat, so we all thought the cat will ran away but who knows it's the other way round! The cat stares at the dog with all her fur standing up, wow, damn scary, then 'meowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!' and straight away the dog turned and ran away. wuahahaaha, i will never forget this scene, it was soooo funny!!

So it's no longer dog chased cat, cat chased rats anymore ya, the world had changed!

Oh No! Badminton racket broken!

This is the first time i heard ppl play badminton till the badminton racket broken. Geng leh. hehe.. I've seen ppl 'fly' racket, instead of hitting the shuttlecock, the player throw the badminton racket to the opposite player. I've also seen ppl hitting the partner's head with the badminton racket, haha, actually that's me lar. I joined the badminton club when i was in primary school, so we were playing double, i'm suppose to hit the shuttlecock as it's at my side, but somehow my partner crossed over to my side so end up hitting her head with my racket. Luckily I'm don't have a lot of energy that time .. haha..

Ok, back to this badminton racket thing. FL told me yesterday he broke his partner's racket!! wow, HOW?? He said there's this guy bought a new racket, so FL's partner borrowed the guy's new racket to play. So somehow dono what happened, two rackets collided and tah-dah, that guy's new racket broken into two!!! wuahahahhaahaha, so end up how? they both (FL & his partner) got to pay that guy for his new racket lor.. Hmm, does that means FL's racket are better quality as it's stronger and more tahan lasak? :p

The Black & Decker Hammer Drill

oo, the parcel had finally arrived.
FL used his credit card points to change for this.
what's this?

The Black & Decker Hammer Drill.
The box looks so old, it doesn't looks new
to me at all. It looks like a second hand hammer drill!!

Wow, i don't know how to use this lar,
hopefully FL knows.. finger crossed!

I never bought anything from Black & Decker before but I know it's an expensive brand. A friend told us the Black & Decker company in Malaysia closed shop already. Har, then if got problem how ar? There's a piece of paper with a hand phone number printed. That is the guy we need to contact if there's any problem with the drill. I wonder how this one guy can support the whole malaysia. Anyway, I hope there's no problem with the drill lar.

There's a lot of drilling needs to be done at the house, tat is why we changed this but hor, there's only drill, no screws (not sure whether is it called screws or not.), that means we have to go buy those screws before we can used it lar, should come with the drill mar, aiseh... hopefully the screws are not too expensive lar..

Full moon full moon, lot's of full moon party!

There are really a lot of ppl giving birth this year, especially end of this year and the beginning of next year. A relative of mine just had a full moon's party for his little baby boy last Sunday. He gave us a box of 'ang gu kuih' and a box of 'salt chicken' (yim kuk gai, ipoh famous one..).

The next day, which is yesterday, Monday, I received a box of cake from my colleague, which also celebrating her baby boy's full moon. Next month, or beginning of January will be my brother's turn, and another month more, will be my friend, and another month will be another friend of mine. WOW!!!! berturut-turut till April next year!!! What a good year to give birth hor.. hehe..

From my colleague, she gave each of us
one box oh...

A cake, with 2 red eggs and 2 'ang gu kuih'.
I love ang gu kuih. hehe..

Shut up wiper!!

It's raining again, luckily the school holiday had started, else i don't know what time i can reached home! I was on my way home, ENJOYING the jam while listening to my favorite singer's songs. I was quite sleepy so the volume i turned it quite high. But somehow, i heard some noise...'karakkarak-karak-karak' every half a minute. What's that?

I stopped my cd player and tried to listen carefully where exactly the noise came from. Then i realized it's from my wiper!! Oh my, it's so loud, and besides the noise, the wiper was kind of like jumping while it wipe out the water.

I was quite happy with the wiper 2 days ago, why? Before i cleaned the wiper, it can't really clear the the wind screen properly. I even had trouble driving when it's raining heavily cos i can't see clearly. I thought i have to change the wiper till last weekend when i washed my car, i used a cloth to clean the wiper. It's very dirty, my cloth turned black after cleaning it. After a few wipes, it's able to clear the wind screen clearly! How i know it works? cos after washing car i headed back home from my hometown and it was raining mar.. So how come it's ok two days ago and now it's not ok?

Perhaps it's too clean?? ~sigh...

Statement of account? Where's the credit card?

I received a pin from MBF 2 weeks ago, this pin belongs to a visa card. I only have a mastercard with MBF, since when i got this visa card? I called the customer service to check with them and apparently they AUTOMATICALLY apply on behalf of me using my details on the mastercard. I intend to terminate master card already, and now they are sending me another card? Oh my, i told the customer service that i do not want the card but he said i have to wait for my card to arrive then only i can request for termination. Ok fine, so i wait..

2 weeks later, which is today, i received a statement of account from MBF. At first i thought it's for my master card, but then when i looked carefully this statement of account is actually for my visa card. I don't even have the card with me and they are sending me statement of account already? What is wrong with them??

Immediately i called the customer service again, they checked for me and found that the card is still with HQ. So again, i told her i do not want the card, and she said she will asked the person in charged to call me during office hour about the cancellation.

I hate these kind of automatically apply cards. I do not asked for one so pls don't send me one. I have to go through all the hassle to go cancel a card which i didn't even ask for! Well, i'm going to terminate both master and visa card from MBF.

The Body Shop Early Bird Christmas Member Sales

For The Body Shop supporters out there, The Body Shop sales is here again!!! There will be an early bird Christmas Member Sales at One Utama on Friday, 23 Nov between 7-10pm. There will also be an exclusive 10% off on selected gifts/products, free makeover, pampering hand massage and many more! A special gift awaits you when you bring in their empty bottles for recycling! Oo, i got lot's of empty bottles ler..

This friday 7-10pm only? Hmm, can still go on my way back home from work. What about you? Are you interested in the sales? I'm hoping to get some body butter. Their last sales, i bought the body butter with 50% discount!! very worth it, if they are giving 50% discount again, i think i'm gonna buy 5!!! hahahahaha, not all for me lar, for my aunt lar, FL's mom lar and etc. I think i'm going .. i'm going.. i'm going...

p/s: my friend just told me she got the sms too about the sales, but hers is at KLCC/Pavillion. Then i guess most probably every body shop also got sales lar!!

Can't view with IE? View with Firefox la!!

A week ago, my friend sent me an url, a site which he developed. I opened it with Firefox, quite an impressive site. He then asked me to try to advertise the site for him. So i sent it out to all my friends including my colleagues.

After sending out, a colleague of mine told me she found a bug. Oo, serious? i don't see anything wrong wor? She said she's using IE and there are some links when mouse over, it shows javascript error and it can't clicked through.

So i told my friend about this bug that happened only in IE. Few days later, i visit the site again. At the announcement section, I saw this, "This site is best viewed and highly recommended to view with Firefox. If you do not have Firefox, pls download here!".

Wuahahaha, what a smart guy, he doesn't want to go figure out why the error only happened in IE so he asked everyone to go use Firefox. Good idea hor..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you online pay bills?

I've been paying bills online for a few years, maybe 5-6 years?. It's so convenient, simple and easy, no queues, no trouble and so far I did not face any problem. My telekom bill, tmnet bill, maxis, housing loan, credit card bills, electricity, insurance, assessments and many more, as long as there's an option for me to pay online, i WILL pay online. It really saves me a lot of time!

All the while i thought everyone(those who knows how to use the computer and also have internet access) also does the same thing like me, which is pay bills online, but actually it's not. There are still a lot of ppl out there doesn't trust online paying bills. Well, if you tell me your parents does not feel comfortable with paying bills online, i 00% understand. But if you tell me a person that works in the IT field, still queuing up paying bills, it's quite unbelievable rite?

I do have a few friends like that, i asked them why don't you pay online? They said, well, i just don't trust online stuff! Well, maybe we are the ones doing these online stuff, that is why they dont' trust? haha...What about you? Do you trust paying your bills online?

You want a baby? Check the year and make sure the baby won't clashed with you!

I heard this from the elder ppl, it's quite interesting. Let say if you are born in the year of goat, make sure you don't deliver baby in the year of cow. And if you are born in the year of snake, then don't deliver baby in the year of tiger! of cos there are many more, but why?

Chinese believes that goat and cow will clashed ('xiong cong'), if so happened that you are born in the year of goat, and so happened you deliver a baby in the year or cow, you will have a bit problem with the baby. what kind of problem? erm, let say maybe your kid won't listen to you, always argue and quarrels with you and etc. So it's better that you avoid these things.

Do you believe it? Or do you have a kid that clashes with you? If yes, tell me, i want to know how true are these Chinese believes.

How to withdraw money from ATM using the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

I finally received the pin number for my debit card from public bank last friday. Immediately I drove to the nearest public bank at my place to withdraw. I inserted the debit card into the atm, then entered the pin provided by public bank. After that i requested to change the pin, when i'm done, the atm returned my card to me.

Only 1 atm that is working and at that time, there's already 2 guys behind me, waiting for their turn. After changing the password, I insert my card again to the atm, i already heard the uncle behind me ngee ngee ngam ngam already. :p sorry lar, first time withdrawing mar.. So when i was at the screen, i did not know which option to choose. Why? Hmm, there's no withdraw option there? How am i suppose to withdraw? Which one should i choose? Cash Advance or Fast Cash?

Finally i picked the Fast Cash, but it didn't allow me to enter how much I want to withdraw, the atm returned my card and RM 200. Oo, so fast cash means withdraw RM 200 lar.. but i wanted to withdraw more!! ~sigh, so when i try to insert my card for the third time, i can feel that the 2 guys behind me cursing me la.. but dun care lar, so this time i picked the Cash Advance, and there's this screen for me to enter the amount that i wished to withdraw.

During the withdrawal, i saw there's a mesg saying RM1 will be charged, i did not finish reading the sentence carefully as i dowan to get beaten up by the two guys behind. After my withrawal, i decided to call up the customer service to ask about it cos from what i know there should not be any charges if i withdraw at the public bank's atm.

The customer service told me to withdraw using debit card, I need to choose cash advance and there's no charges if i withdraw at public bank's atm. If i withdraw at some other bank's atm, there will be a RM 10 transaction fees being charged. Phew, luckily i'm withdrawing at public bank's atm, else i'll kena charged for RM20 lor..

So if u want to withdraw using your public bank's debit card, remember to choose for Cash Advance ya!!

Can I go now? Ok, thanks for the free consultation!

I heard this from a relative, this happened to his son aged 20 yrs old when he went to see a doctor. Few yrs ago, he broke his leg, this specialist operate him. So now he wished to have the steel (i'm not sure whether is it called steel) to be removed from his leg. He went to see the doctor to arrange for the surgery.

So the father dropped him at the clinic asked him to register first. Who knows before he parked his car the son is done seeing the doctor. Ya very fast as he just asked the doctor a few question whether can he removed the steel, the doctor did some simple check up on his leg and that's it. So when they were at home, the mum asked him how much the doctor charged for the consultation fees. Here's their conversation.. very funny...
M-mom, S-son
M: so how much is the consultation fees?
S: har, must pay one meh?
M: see doctor sure must pay lar.. don't tell me you didn't pay??
S: no ar, i asked the doctor whether is that it? i can go or not? the doctor said i can go. so i just walked out the clinic lar..
M: the doc says u can leave means asked u to go out from his room and go pay outside! the doc won't collect money from u one..
S: har, i dono wor, i just walked out and nobody stopped me also.. some more the doctor just asked me to move my leg, he didn't do anything also..
M: aiseh, u dono see doctor must pay one meh? every minute counts one ler..
S: normally u are the one paying wat.. how i know... i thought don' t need to pay mar..
M: ..........
(we were all laughing very hard after hearing this..)

Friday, November 16, 2007

I got the PIN!!!!

After waiting for so so so many days, checking my mail box everyday regardless rainy or sunny day, finally i saw something i've been waiting for!! my public bank visa electron debit card's pin no. What's the pin for? to WITHDRAW money!!! yes yes yes, i got the pin i got the pin!!!

I am going to withdraw the money out and you won't be seeing me here over the weekend cos i'm going to spend my money!!!!!! hahahaha, just joking lar, i also wish i got that much to spend. I balik kampung la..

Enjoy ur weekend ya.. I'll definitely enjoy mine! :)

School holiday started???

I heard from my colleague that school holiday starts today. Oh, does that means no jam till school reopen? Seriously I'm not really sure about it cos i found that it's quite jam too. Why?

If it's a school day, parents got up early to send their kids to school. That means they will need to go out of the house before the school started which is maybe about 7am+? For ppl that go to work at 8am+ like me, it will be less jam lor, since everyone go out at 7am.

But during school holidays, parents don't need to go out so early, so they probably will wake up later and go to work by 8am+. If more ppl go out at 8, means it will be more jam to me lar...hmm, but year end supposed to be less jam one, cos a lot of ppl clearing leave, on leave to go for holidays and etc. Let's just see next Monday will be a jam day or a no jam day!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Propolis Protects. Stop the Cough!!

I bought a bottle of Bee Propolis-Plus Cough Nectar(蜂胶止咳露) from Eu Yan Sang today. What is it for? According to the brochure, the bee propolis-plus cough nectar is formulated for ALL kinds of cough due to cold or heatiness. Really or not? see that ALL in capital letters?

Till now i do not know my cough is cold or hot. haha, so if it says here suitable for ALL that means it should work for me lar, right? Well, you never know till you try it out! So there i go, bought a bottle to try lor, RM 33 per bottle, i'm a member so i got 5% discount.

Will it work for me? I don't know, will keep you updated, IF it cures my cough!


After a complaint from my friend, that i did not confirm her friend request on face book, i decided to login to check it out. It's not that i don't want to check the facebook, it's just that there are so many similar websites around, friendster lar, facebook lar, how many should i maintained?

After i login, i saw there's 5 pending friend requests, then there's whole lot of other requests (a whole page, 50 over requests), and some other stuff like ppl poked me, vampire bite me and dono who voted me for dono what, wuahahahahahaha, which i don't really know wat to do with it. I looked at it a while, then I go confirmed all the friend requests then i logout! :p I think i'm getting old as i do not have the interest to go explore it further. It's just seems so complicated la!

You got facebook? You know wat to do with the bite and poke and vote thing?

I ate GAS today for lunch!!

We went to ss2 for lunch today, after rounding the ss2, we decided to eat at the Wong Kok HK Restaurant. It's lunch hour, a lot of ppl, but we're lucky as we don't need to wait for our seats. Our place is at the back and the corner of the shop, so basically nobody can see us. We placed our order on the piece of paper provided, waited for 10 minutes, nobody served us. Then a colleague of mine go hand that piece of paper to one of the waiter.

He then come back to us and repeat our orders. Then he brought us the fork and spoon. After that, we started to wait for our food to arrive. After half an hour, our drinks still NOT served yet. The shop is quite big but there's only 4-5 waiters working. They saw us, but they choose to ignore us. So finally after we waved like a bunch of mad ppl, this waiter came to us and we asked where's our food and drinks? He said he'll checked with us, and guess what, they FORGOT to submit our order!!!

Damn! we were so angry and we rushed out of the restaurant!! At the end, we came back to eat at this mamak near our office, and our lunch hour today? 2 and a half hour!! When we told our ex colleague about this incident, she told us she had the same experience at the same shop too. This shop is famous in forgetting to submit customer's order!!

If you gonna eat at this ss2 wong kok restaurant (the one beside coffee bean), you must make sure you have plenty of time TO wait, just in case they forgot to submit your order!!!

Sleepy Friday?

I looked at my msn contacts just now, wow, seems like everyone feels sleepy today. Why? You can see all the sleepy signs appearing beside the contacts' names. One with zzzzz beside his name, one with i sleepy, another one with the sleepy emoticon, and another one, *yawn*, and this one is the most geng one, wuahahahaha, I am sleeping, please do not disturb!! :p

so what about me? well, u don't need to ask me lar, cos i'm always sleepy. wuahahahahahaha..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My theory on traffic jam!

I was telling my colleagues about my theory on traffic jam the other day. After listening, every one of them laughed and said, har, got such thing one meh? So what's my theory about?

Ok, here's what i observed. In the morning, if it's super jam, then you can go back sharp at 6pm or 6pm++ (if your boss let you go lar. hehe..) and if morning no jam, then you will aspect to be stuck in the jam if you go back early. That means, morning jam? go back at 6pm. morning no jam, go back later, maybe 7++. Of cos, these will worked on normal weather only, haha so rain not included lar, if rains means jam!

Like for example, this morning was kind of jam, when i went home at 6pm+, the traffic was very smooth and i reached home within half an hour time. Don't believe me ar? try to observe yourself lar. :p

My 7 photo albums!

I was arranging my books on the book case when I saw these photo albums. There are altogether one, two three, four, five, six, seven albums! Wow, since when I took so many photos? I'm not a person that likes to take photos.

i checked all these photo albums and then only realized that there are only 4 'REAL' photo albums. Real? yes, real means photo albums with photos inside. wuahahahahahaha, what am i talking about? well, let me explained, 4 of these photo albums contains photos. what about the other 3?

Apparently i used the other 3 to collect bookmarks! Yes, long long time ago, i used to buy lot's of bookmarks. I will not used these bookmarks as bookmark (hehe, what a good phrase! :p), instead i will keep all these in my bookmark albums. ah-ha, i got quite a lot of bookmarks there, nicely arranged in the albums.

What a waste hor.. hehe, ya i think i will leave it as it is for now, maybe next time can show it to my grand children, see ur grandma last time also likes to collect bookmarks ler.. I wonder that time still got bookmarks or not, maybe some electronic bookmarks? cool!

Oh no!! Pls don't do that in front of me!!

I was out for dinner at a food court near my place. The food court is at the road side and I'm sitting facing the road. I was so hungry and i ordered 'wan tan mee'. After 10 minutes, my 'wan tan mee' arrived, wow it does smells great cos i'm so so so hungry! When i was about to eat, i heard a loud loud sound..'luuueeeeekkkkkkkkkkk'.

What's that?? With the chopstick on my hand, i looked up, I saw this gal, squatting down beside the car and VOMIT!!!! OH MY GOD, i am not a person that can stand seeing, hearing or smelling ppl vomitting. Immediately i turned away, i can looked at other places but i can still hear her. Then another 'lueeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk' and another 'lueeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'!!!!

Oh my god, i totally lost my appetite! I wait for her to finish her business, then only i forced myself to eat my 'wan tan mee'. ~sigh, really spoil my appetite. Well, maybe still consider lucky lar, cos there's no smell, else....


I overheard a conversation between 2 guys that sits behind me when I was having my dinner at the mamak yesterday, ya the Bad food, bad service, bad price, bad menu mamak. Hey, i'm not eavesdropping lar, it's just that they talked so loud.

So this two guys, should be in their mid twenties, at first i don't know wat they are talking about, then suddenly one of the guy made a phone call, and started to talk very loud. He's asking his friend whether he got handle any divorce cases or not. Then i heard something like, har need to wait for 2 yrs so long? Is there anyway to shorten the time frame? and ... (was busy argueing with the mamak fellow, so nv heard this part. hehe..)

It makes me wonder, these two guys so young, so fast want to divorce? by looking at their age, should be just got married not long ago mar (unless they got married at the age of 18 yrs old lar. :p) some more dowan to wait for 2 yrs separation?

No wonder ppl said, don't get married so young, when you think about it, it's true lar in a way, when you're young you probably don't know wat you want, when you grew older then only u realized you've made the wrong decision married the wrong how? divorce lor...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad food, bad service, bad price, bad menu!

We went out for dinner just now at a mamak near our place. I don't know what to eat so I asked for the menu. FL ordered nasi lemak and I ordered nasi padprik. Padprik again? hehe, ya, i love padprik. Besides, i want to compare to see which mamak's padprik(the one i ate the other day or this one) is better mar.. Then at the menu Tom Yam section, I saw these..
Tom Yam
Ayam RM 4.00
Sotong RM 4.50
Campur Rm 4.50
suddenly feels like having tom yam soup, so we ordered a side dish, the tom yam ayam. The food there not very nice, and my padprik? totally cannot compete with the one i ate the other day, at another mamak named Sedap. and the tom yam ayam? not nice, not nice at all!!

when we were almost done with our food, one of the staff came writing down the price on a piece of paper. When i looked at the bill, everything is correct except the tom yam ayam. It stated there RM 4.50. I asked FL to double check the menu, the menu there is RM 4, but he's asking for RM 4.50!

we asked the guy why two different price, the guy said oh, menu one sudah lama, RM 4.50 is the updated one.. well, this excuse still acceptable. FL then asked him why they never update the price on the menu? This indian staff seems don't really understand wat FL said, so he asked another staff to come to talk to us. Again, we asked the same question, and the answer the second guy gave us, totally unacceptable.

He said, oh, the menu one is biasa one, the one we ordered is not biasa. wat biasa not biasa, menu stated tom yam ayam = RM 4, never said any biasa or not biasa wat. What the hell is he talking? I looked at him and said, menu one is biasa, then the one we ordered is SPECIAL ar? he looked at me and don't know what to say, and then he just walked away.

They were all so rude, we're not scolding them, we're just asking them why the price they stated in our bill is not the same as the menu? It makes us feel damn geram! Then they go asked another guy come, this guy, came, told us it's RM 4.50, asked him why? he stared at us a while and took our bill away without saying a word. What's wrong with them???!!!

Finally this guy came back, with the 3 other staffs that talked to us just now. They started to speak with each other in Indian (hopefully is not scolding us lar.. hehe..), then finally said ok lar, RM 4 lar..

Bad food, bad service, bad price, bad menu! definitely no next time!!

I am too sensitive with noise!!

I wonder why this thing happened to me now. When i was studying, i do not have any problem with sleeping. I mean when I sleep, you can shout, you can talk, you can scream beside me and i can still sleep soundly. Sometimes i even need a backup alarm clock cos i can't hear the alarm when it's ringing.

I'm not sure since when i started to be very sensitive with noise. Neighbours open their door can wake me up, footsteps from the above unit can wake me up, even when you walk beside me without any noise i also can feel it. It's driving me crazy, why? The problem is after i woke up, i can't sleep anymore! I will be alert for at least 2-3 hours then only fall asleep again...

~sigh.. how how how? maybe i should try to cover my ears with something before i go to sleep, so that i can't hear any noise and can sleep soundly. But how to wake up? later canot hear the alarm clock ler..

Anyone having the same problem like me? How you deal with it? teach me teach me!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

cny 15 days, raya 2 days, deepavali 1 day?

We all know we celebrate chinese new year for 15 days, from day 1 till chap goh meh. What about raya & deepavali? I always thought the duration of hari raya is just that two days, ya, the two public holidays until my malay colleague told me, the duration of raya is one month! That means raya just ended last saturday!!

I really didn't know that lar, do you? what about Deepavali, since raya also one month, i believe Deepavali should be more than that one day rite?

No more 1 cent. Good or Bad?

I heard from the radio this morning that the gov had decided not to use 1 cent anymore starting next year (not sure about the exact date). They are going to implement this rounding mechanism.

How does the rounding works? 1-2 cents, don't need to pay, 3 to 7 cents will be round up to 5, which means we will need to pay 5 cents for that, and 8-9 cents will be rounded up to 10 cents. That means if the thing you're going to buy costs you RM 1.02, you will only need to pay RM 1, if it's RM 1.03, you'll need to pay RM 1.05 and if it's RM 1.08 you'll need to pay RM 1.10.

Is is good to us or bad to us? no more RM 0.99 lor.. hehe..To me it's quite ok lar, i hate to keep 1 cent anyway. It's so troublesome and i hate it when my bills ends with 8 or 9 cents, i have to go korek out all my one cent to pay. You probably will say you can give them 10 cents and don't asked for the change lar, yes i can but i don't like to do that. hehe..

So what about you? Are you ok with this? I think guys normally dun keep 1 cent one right?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bank robs my hard earned money.

I noticed something during my frequent visit to the Public Bank. Their staffs wears a few tags, one tag says 'We deserve a 30%' and another tag have these words on it 'Bank Rob Our Bonus!'. It's quite funny to have these tags on them.

Today after i go through my debit card transaction using the ebanking, I feel like wearing a tag too, a tag which says 'Bank robs my hard earned money!'. Why?

There are two transactions, one debit, one credit. Debit is the one paypal charged me for verifying my debit card. Paypal charged me USD 1.95 and when converted to RM, it's RM 6.56, which used a conversion rate of 3.3+. Then the other transaction, which is the one i transfered from paypal to my account, and the conversion rate used is 3.27+. See when they charged me they used a higher rate, when they give me money they used a lower rate!!

~sigh, no wonder everyone says we actually worked for the bank...

Where's my Dory Fish Photos?

I posted about dory fish on my yummy yummy blog yesterday. Everything seems ok yesterday, this morning also ok but when i checked again just now, all the photos gone!!

The links are there, the urls are there but there's just no photo! Where are my photos? What happened? These had never happened before. I've posted few hundreds of posts with photos but none of these having this problem! What happened la...

I want my photos back!! :(

Successfully withdraw Paypal with Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card

Surprised surprised surprised!!! I went to the public bank this morning to apply for the ebanking for my debit card. I got the pin no on the spot but the customer service asked me to wait till tomorrow 7pm before i can used it. When i got home just now, at about 7pm+, i decided to try it out. Just try lar, maybe i can used it leh, no harm trying right?

And guess what? I really can used it!! wow, tat's pretty fast right? Ya, i'm already quite happy and wait, i got some more good news! What's that? I login and checked on my transaction to get the code to verify my debit card on paypal and i don't believe what i saw!! Am i dreaming?? I saw my money from paypal that i withdraw on last friday!! WOW, WOW, WOW that's really really unexpected!!

I withdraw on friday morning, and the transaction showed money being transferred to my account on that same day, which is 9 of Nov! I thought we need to wait for at least 7 days? I haven't even verified my debit card on paypal yet!! That is just soooo fast..Everything is just so perfect except one, which is the conversion rate was kind of low, only 3.27.

I am SO SO SO SO happy till i remembered i have not received the pin that can enable me to withdraw money out from my debit card through ATM. Aiseh, guess have to wait again lar!!

p/s: sorry ar, i mata sepek, hehe, forgive me lar, i'm just so happy mar.. see the wrong date from a different transaction. the correct date should be 12 Nov, withdraw from money from paypal on 9-nov, friday, and got the money in my account on monday, 12 nov, so it's 3 days!! :p

Hi, you got something i want, that's y i'm calling you!

I received a call from an ex ex ex ex ex ex colleague the other day. Don't get me wrong, we did not keep in touch AT ALL after i left the company and we were not even close when i was working there. Frankly speaking, I don't even remember how he looks like, what i remember is just there's this ex colleague working with me at that company, that's it.

I had a bad feeling when received these type of calls, calls from these ppl which haven't keep in touch for years, for many many years. There can't be anything good, and there's NO WAY they called to say hi. Trust me! I answered the call, he asked me whether i remembered him or not and etc and in less than 3 minutes, he started his 'real' conversation, the reason he called.

Apparently, he just joined public bank's unit trust and got something 'GOOD' to share with me and asked me out to yum cha. I just do not understand these ppl, we haven't seen each other for years and he still can be that thick skin to call me up to ask me to buy something from him? Come on lar, if i really want to buy, i rather go buy with a stranger than him. Why? i just hate these ppl that only remember you when they want to get something from you.

Chicken and Duck talk!

A phone conversation with my brother..
Bro: Hey, how to make the screen looks brighter?
J: ar? wat screen? u mean the monitor?
Bro: ya..
J: oh, u see the buttons on the monitor? normally there's 4 buttons. just simply pressed on it.
Bro: buttons? got meh? wait let me see..
J: (heard the sound pressing, heard someone's voice too, both of them are looking for the buttons. aiseh, cannot see the buttons meh? how big is the monitor wor, need to take so long to find meh?) canot find meh?
Bro: no wor, there's no button!!
J: har, cannot be what.. oh wait, you are referring to monitor or your notebook?
Bro: notebook.
J: aiseh, no wonder lar. ok for notebook.. (i myself also dono where, wuahahaha, was checking on my notebook and saw it at the arrow key there.) I think every notebook not the same one leh, for my acer rite, it's at the arrow key there, can you see something like a sun on your key pad?
Bro: sun? wait.. (again, they both finding the sun. wuahahahahahaha...)
J: got or not?
Bro: wait, i dun see sun, i saw something like moon wor... err wait, half sun, half black half white..
J: HAR??? wat moon? aiyar just pressed lar, see wat happens..
Bro: pressed already, nothing happened la! (then i heard the his friend's voice, hey i found the sun already lar..)
J: ...
Bro: ok lar, found it already.. thanks bye.

My friend were beside me when i was having my phone conversation with my brother. He heard the last part, where we talked about the 'sun'. He asked me, notebook got sun one meh? what brand is that? what sun is that?

~sigh..nevermind la.., no energy to explain..

The Spreading Yawn

Have you ever wonder why when someone nears you yawn, it triggers you to yawn too? Before that, why do we yawn in the first place? Because we are sleepy? or lack of oxygen? or just because by seeing someone yawning?

There are no scientific prove that what exactly caused the yawning, but i remember there's one time when i was watching this show 'Zheong Mun Yan' by Eric Tsang, he asked the exact same questions to the actor/actresses. He asked them why when we see other ppl yawn we will yawn too. There are 3 options to choose from:-
1. When someone nears you yawn, they took away all the oxygen, due to the lack of oxygen, you yawn too.
2. Because you are sleepy and tired.
3. Because when you see ppl yawning, your brain sent this signal to you telling you that you feel sleepy and tired and thus makes you yawn.
Which one you choose? I picked the first option but the correct answer (according to Eric Tsang) is the third one, something to do with the brain. Did you answer correctly?

What can you do to prevent your car get stolen?

Heard this from the radio and wanted to share it with you guys.. These callers called in and gave their opinions on what they did to make sure their cars will not get stolen. I heard the intro part only but found it's quite funny .. so there's this caller, he make sure his car is full of his used stocks, ya those smelly ones, so that when someone really did successfully entered his car, the smell also can caused him to give up. wuahahhahaa.. i scared not yet scared off the thief, we ourselves also pengsan already..

Then another called said she will tried to put a 'fake' snake beside the driver's seat, 'fake' snake? i think the car thief will be smart enough to differentiate whether it's a real one or a fake one gua.. Then another one said, remove ur car tyre. There's no way you can drive that car when your car left with 3 tyres.. well, he's right, this can definitely prevent your car get stolen. But i got one question, where should i do with that tyre? carry it around with me? damn funny lar..

What happened to gmail?

I've never encountered this before, NEVER! I've been trying to check my mail on gmail the whole day today, but i didn't manage to check any, not even one! When i clicked on my mail, I got this message showing 'Still working..' and guess what, it's forever there. I went to the kitchen, cooked my dinner, finished my dinner and the 'Still working..' message is still there!! What is wrong with gmail?

Something's wrong with my line? Nope, other websites seems pretty fast in loading, even hotmail, the one that i always complaint slow also loads faster than gmail!! Did anyone of you having this problem or it's just me?


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another RM 720 per year!!!!

After i heard about the news that petrol MAYBE will increased 70 cents per litre, I started to calculate, calculate how much more I need to spend on petrol due to this increment. Hmm, let's see, when the petrol increased 30 cents last time, i need to pay RM10 more for a full tank, so if the gov really increased 70 cents, i have to pay RM20+ more for a full tank!!

For now I pump petrol 3 times a month, that means 3 * RM 20 = RM 60, one month i will need to spend another RM 60 for petrol (didn't include if i balik kampung..), so for a year i will spend RM 60 * 12 = RM 720!! WOW, that's really a lot!!! Even if the boss increased our salary also cannot cover the petrol costs. well, u know lar, increment won't be a lot one mar, got RM 200 increment consider very good lor... rite?


Singing while doing the BIG business?

When i pushed the toilet door at Red Box Karaoke just now, I heard someone singing. At first i thought some gals sing while they are applying their make ups in front of the mirrors. I walked in but i saw NO ONE there!! It was 3am in the morning..dun scare me lar...

There are 5 toilets there, one of them was occupied. phew~ so there's someone in the toilet lar.. When i'm done, that toilet door still closed. wow, the gal sings while doing the 'BIG' business? geng!!

Some ppl choose to read newspaper or books or magazines when they are doing their BIG business but singing? hehe, there are two things that i can't really accept, one is singing and another one is talking over the phone while doing the BIG business. It just seems so weird.

There's one time i received a call from a guy friend. I kept hearing the echo sound so i asked him where were him and what he's doing. He then said he's in the toilet doing the 'BIG' business, immediately i put down the phone. Apa la, where got ppl called other ppl to chat while they were doing that thing one??

What about you? Can you accept when your friend calls you while they were in toilet?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

La la la.... La La la la la la...

I am going to Red Box karaoke later tonight. Erm, actually is tomorrow early morning because i booked the room from 12:30am - 4am. :) Haha, ya you are right, I don't want to waste my RM 10 Red Box cash voucher that I just korek korek out from my wallet just now.

Why so late? I don't want to but i got no other choice. It was around 7pm when I korek that voucher out from my wallet. From 6pm - 10pm, red box is serving buffet dinner. Their buffet dinner is not nice and it's quite expensive. RM 40+ per person (not including the titbits that they forced us to take and tax!) I do not like to eat and sing cos i feel that eating is a waste of time. hehe, We only got about 3 hours time to sing, if gonna eat some more, where got enough time, right?

So now you know why i booked so late lar.. :p hehe.. hopefully i will not keep coughing lar.. like my previous karaoke session, keep coughing only..can't sing properly also..

How old are you when you got your first hp?

I went out for dinner just now at a mamak near my house. While ordering, I saw a family walking into the mamak. What is so special about the family? Well, the first person that walks in, I believe is the father. He got his hp hanged around his neck. Normal lar, it's more convenient that way especially when there's no pocket on your pants/clothes.

Then the rest that follows him should be his children. The one after him looks about 15 yrs old, same thing, there's a hp hanged around his neck too. Then the third one, i assumed is the daughter, should be around 11 - 12 yrs old also got a hp hang around her neck. Then i saw this boy, around 6-7 yrs old also got a hp with him!! WOW!! Lastly, is the mum carrying the baby and guess what, the baby is holding a hp too!!!! (haha, probably belongs to the mum lar..)

I remembered my first hp i got it when I was about 20 years old. I used up almost all my savings to get myself a hp. But now you see the 6 yrs old boy also owns a hp, do you think he really need a hp? Don't tell me he used the hp to call up his kinder garden friends...~sigh, i'm really getting old la.. :p

When will it expired?

My wallet looks so thick, no, not because there's a lot of money inside, there's a lot of papers inside. Papers? Ya, atm transaction slips lar, credit card slips lar, receipts, vouchers, all these are making my wallet thick!

While i was clearing out these rubbish, i saw a voucher. This Red Box voucher was given to me when I went to sing K last month.

A RM 10 voucher from Red Box.
What's so special about this voucher?
wait wait wait, let's turn around and see..

can see what's so special?
it's valid till 31 Nov 2007!!!!
I didn't know there's 31st for this month.
hahahahaha, does that means it will never expired??

Will my paypal withdrawal failed? ~ Part 2

I still haven't got any reply from paypal regarding the ticket i submitted yesterday. The delay is most probably due to the weekend, they don't work on weekends. I still don't know what will happened to my withdrawal, will they proceed even though i did not have my debit card verified? or will they refund the money back to me and charged me for a fee? ~sigh...

I login to my paypal to check on the status, I just need to know! It's driving me crazy!!! I was so surprised when I saw the status of my withdrawal changed from 'Pending' to 'Completed'!! Completed? Does that means I can withdraw even though i did not verify my debit card? Does that means that everything will be ok? Does that means I will be getting my money soon??

Wow, this status changed thing really gives me hope lar.. I just hope the status will not changed from 'Completed' to 'Refund'!!! Choy choy choy...!!! Nothing much i can do now, will wait for the reply from Paypal and see what they said, and probably check with public bank few days later.

Potluck Lunch

We are going to have a potluck lunch next Monday in the office. For those of you who doesn't know what is potluck, here's the explanation from Wikipedia..
A potluck is a gathering of people where each person is expected to bring a dish of food to be shared among the group.
Why suddenly having potluck? Well, there's 2 reasons, 1st, one of my colleague's birthday and the 2nd reason, all bosses are not around. wuahahaahahahaha...

There will only be 10++ of us, what we gonna have then? There will be japanese soba (i nv tried this before, they said it's a kind of japanese mee and it's cold. wow, mee which is cold.. must try must try!!), alfafa sandwiches (damn healthy rite. haha.. i love alfafa), kuih-muih, fried meehun, salad, kfc (this one not sure, cos ar, this colleague of mine, kept changing his mind, one minute he said he gonna buy chips, but then he's worried nobody gonna eat the chips during lunch, then he said maybe will buy some kfc, so i don't know wat will we have on monday. haha..), fruits and etc (i forgot wat else we have. :p)

So what i'm going to bring? I'm not going to cook, cos i don't know how to cook for so many ppl, scared dono what it might turned out. so better play safe, i'm gonna make crystal jelly!!! At first i planned to make herbal jelly + crystal jelly, but then too long nv make herbal jelly already, put too little water(cannot follow the instructions one lar..), turned out to be 'yat gao gao', so better don't bring lar. crystal jelly should be enough gua.. hehe...

my Ribena crystal jelly!!
one person can only eat 2 pieces at most!

Friday, November 9, 2007

How to get rid of tea stain from thermal mug? ~ Part 2

I've tried using lemon juice to get rid of the tea stain on thermal mug but it doesn't work. This time i decided to try to clean with baking soda.

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
80g for RM 0.80.
I bought it at the shop that sells bakery stuff.

thermal mug that full with yellowish tea stain.

I tried to google to see whether I can find any instructions on how much baking soda to be used to clean the thermal mug. unfortunately, I can't find any. Since there's no instruction, i shall just try it out myself. I used two teaspoons of baking soda, mix with warm water and soak it over night. The next day i used a sponge to clean it. Some part can be cleaned easily but some still not able to clean. I think maybe i didn't use enough baking soda. Therefore, i used another 3 teaspoons of baking soda + warm water and soaked for another night. This time, i am able to clean every part easily.

see the difference? the before and after?
baking soda really works but make sure you used
enough baking soda.
(5 teaspoons of baking soda + warm water
for a 0.5 litre thermal mug)
try it out yourself!!

Will my paypal withdrawal failed?

I knew it!! My first paypal withdrawal using my Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card won't be that smooth. ~sigh... I was happily waiting for the money to be transferred to my debit card till i saw the comment from tenthofmarch. Don't you need to verify your debit card before the withdrawal??

Oh yes!! i totally forgot about that. ~sigh, i think i probably got too excited when i got the card this morning. After I got the card, i login to paypal to do the withdrawal. I did not click into the 'Add or Edit Credit Card' page to add my debit card. Instead, I clicked on the 'Withdraw' link, and then the 'Withdraw funds to your card' link. At that page, I was required to enter my visa debit card's detail such as the card no, expiry date, security code and etc. When i'm done, i was redirected to another page where i'm required to enter the amount that i want to withdraw. There's no message said that I need to verify my card before I can withdraw!!

The status of my withdrawal transaction is still 'Pending'. Although it's under 'Pending', the amount had already been deducted out. I wonder what will happened next, will paypal refund my money to me after they found out that my card is not being verified, or they still allowed me to withdraw? Please please please let me withdraw lar.. ~sigh.. I've submitted a ticket to paypal to ask them what will happened but I still got no reply from them. Oh god..~sigh.. no eye see..

For junk/spam mails, pls send it to this email add.

My very first email address created is from Hotmail and it used to be my primary email address. Then later on I created yahoo and followed by, and etc. Although i have over 10 email addresses, the most i used is still Hotmail. I make sure i check every day.

Then the arrival of gmail changed everything. Ever since i started to use gmail, i felt it's really really much more better than Hotmail. It's faster, the space given is bigger and it's more user friendly! The more i used gmail, the more i love it. Slowly, my primary email add become gmail.

What happened to hotmail then? I still checked everyday, but it seems like it's full of junk mails. Friends all sent mails to my gmail account, only junk or spam mails sent to hotmail. Maybe hotmail should be happy, as i still check hotmail everyday but i no longer used yahoo mail.

Well, after all, Hotmail is still my primary email add..... for JUNK mails. wuahahahahaha..

Petrol increasing 70 cents???!!!

I got a forwarded email from OL this morning with the title "Petrol increasing 70 cents". The government kept emphasized that they will not increased the price of the petrol for this year although the price of the petrol keep increasing. We all know that they will definitely increase the petrol price by next year. Some even said most probably will be on the 1st of January 2008, a New Year gift for all of us!!

A lot of guessing around on how much they will increase. Now the petrol is Rm 1.92 per litre. Hopefully they only gonna increased it till RM 2 lar. I guess that is still acceptable and affordable. But when I saw the email that stated they MAY BE gonna increased 70 cents, i was shocked. 70 cents???!!! I remembered the last increment 30 cents, we also feel quite 'sun fu' already, if they really increased 70 cents that means we need to add RM 20 to our current price for a full tank. WOW, that's really a lot.

I am not sure how true is the news, for those of you that knows how to read chinese, you can get more information here at hopefully it's not real lar.. else.. i'm gonna get myself a bike!!

FINALLY I got my Public Bank Visa Eletron Card!!

I got a letter from Public Bank on Wednesday informing me that my Public Bank Visa Electron Card is ready for collection. Hooray!! I requested them to withdraw the card from Pos Laju and sent it to the branch on last friday. Not too bad, this time I do not need to wait for that long.

So this morning i went to the branch at 9:30am to collect the card. Yes, you can see how desperate I am. After so many complaints, so many calls, and so many delayed, waiting and etc of cos I want to get the card and close case lar. Calling the customer service can be very frusfrating one.

What is the next thing I do after collected my card? Haha, you're right. It's withdraw money time!!! I added my card, then withdraw everything i have in paypal. Well, I don't have much there so don't worry it will over the paypal's limit. Now my transaction status is under pending.

After I've done with the transaction(status still shows pending), only I realized that i do not know how to withdraw the money from the ATM. I don't have any pin with me, how to withdraw? I called the customer service AGAIN.. and they said the pin will be sent to me in 2 weeks time. By that time the money should be in my debit card already gua?

~sigh, I don't know. Let's pray and hopefully everything will go smooth.

Should we allow pets in condos?

Is there a rule that forbid owners to have pets in condos? I am not sure about this, but I remembered when i was renting a room at one of the condo in Kelana Jaya few years ago, my neighbor has a pet dog. So should we allow pets in condos?

Seriously to me, i don't really mind as long as the pet is clean and not noisy. Unless your pet is a fish, else i doubt it will be quiet. Units are very close to each other in condos, therefore if your pet make a lot of noise, all units around you will definitely hear it.

What about you? How do you feel if you're living in condo and one of your neighbor has a pet dog/cat?

Is it dead or alive??

I always see lot's of unknown insects in my house especially when it's going to rain. I first saw this (i think it's a beetle but i'm not sure. hehe..) about a month ago. I remembered it fly here and there. I'm quite afraid of flying insects as you won't know when or where they are going to stop. So after a while, i saw it stopped at the curtain there. Well, if it don't come kacau me, i also won't kacau it. So let it be...

A week later (I totally forgot about this insect), I was using the desktop in this room and when i looked up i saw it, still on the curtain. It's already one week and it's still there at the exact same place? Is it dead? I don't know.. I then continued with my work and again I forgot about it. Just now when I was in the room, i saw it again!! It's still at the exact same place!! Wow, can it survived without eating or drinking for a month?? If it's dead, why won't it fall?

I think I wanna go find out. How? By touching it!! of cos not with my hand lar!! OK, confirmed it's dead! It fell off from the curtain after being pushed by a long ruler. Hmm, is it dead a month ago or 3 weeks ago or 2 weeks ago or few days ago? :p who cares!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Did you ever lie about your salary?

I heard this incident from a friend of mine, it's quite, erm.. educating. If you did that before, then you should be glad that no one found out and don't do it again! So what is it about?

It is about the salary. You know when we go for interviews, normally we were required to fill up an application form. In that form, there will be a place where you have to state all your past working experience including the current one. The name of the company, the address, the phone number, the salary, the position and etc.

There's this guy, he went to a company for interview. When he filled up the form, he lied about his current salary. He's earning about 2.5K per month, but at the column where required him to fill up his current salary, he put down 3.5K. Yes, he added extra 1K. Why he do that? So that he can asked for a higher salary in this company.

If you put 2.5K as your current salary, your expected salary you can't asked for 4K! But if you put 3.5K as your current salary, then it's quite reasonable if you asked for 4K. So this guy went through the first interview well, giving a good impression to the interviewer. He was asked to go for a 2nd interview, which is good, cos normally 2nd interview will discussed about the benefits + the salary. So during this 2nd interview, they required him to bring his current salary slip.

Oh No!! current salary slip? If he bring, that means they will know he's actually earning 2.5K and not 3.5K!!! if he don't bring, what can he give as an excuse? So how? He gave up the job because he can't possibly showed them his current salary slip.

That is why, we should not lie about our salary, in case you don't know, some companies (especially big companies) will call and asked your current company's HR about your salary when they decided to hire you, or like this guy's comp, they will asked him to provide his pay slip. That is why, better don't lie else you'll lose a great job, like him...

Besar besar atau Kecil kecil?

I bought a whole chicken at Tesco Extra when i was doing my grocery shopping there this afternoon. The staff there asked me whether i want it to be chopped into pieces or not. Of cos, else i don't know how much time it will take me to chop a whole chicken myself.

I said yes, and then he asked me, nak besar besar atau kecil kecil? I was quite surprised he asked me this, cos normally they will just chopped without asking you. Immediately i answered, kecil kecil. I prefer smaller pieces than big pieces, easier to cook mar. So happily with the small pieces chicken, i headed home.

I normally will split the chicken into few packs before putting them into the fridge so that i won't need to take the whole chicken out to defrost when i'm gonna cook it. Instead of looking at the chicken that supposed to be chopped into small pieces, I saw BIG pieces. how big? basically i think they chopped the whole chicken into 3. Yes, that big!! If like that is considered kecil kecil, then besar besar is wat? ~sigh... where's my big big knife? I want to chop chop chop chop ....

Roof Leaking AGAIN!!!!

I have this roof leaking problem since day 1 i moved into my unit. We complaint to the developer and they came fix it few days after we complaint which is very good. BUT the problem they having is, they can't seems to fix the problem!

First time, roof leaking, they came look see look see, climbed up and down, fixed for hours, then they said done. When raining, the roof (yes exactly the SAME place) is leaking again. So we called second time, and they came, and they fixed it again. Then it rain again, then it leaked again. Third time, fourth time, fifth time, and the most recent one, which is about 10 days ago, the sixth time. This time, they spent a longer time in fixing. I saw them remove the roof tiles, then go to the roof there, knock knock, hammer hammer for like 3 hours. I told FL, wow, this time fix so long, sure ok already.

Ok? haha, maybe in my dreams!! because the roof is leaking again and this time it's even worst, you can see water dripping!! OMG, how many times they need to fix? for the exact same spot they need to fix for 6 times and yet they did not get it fixed! Why can't they fix it properly? Is it sooo hard? or they don't know how to fix it?

I'm soooo frusfrated, i hope i can hire someone with EXPERIENCE to come fix it and sent the developer the bill! (of cos i know i can't do that..) Maybe we should climb up to the roof and see what they doing up there? are they really fixing or they are just snaking up there??!!

Tesco vs Tesco Extra

What is the difference between Tesco and Tesco Extra? There are getting more and more newly open Tesco Extra, if there's no difference, then why they called it Tesco extra? There must be some difference.

Well, i myself don't know what's is the difference, but i heard these Tesco Extra are orginally Macro. They bought over and changed it to Tesco Extra, so i guess maybe the difference between Tesco and Tesco Extra is you need to buy in bulk when you shop in Tesco Extra.

That's just my guess, so the best is to go find it out! Since today is a holiday, I took the opportunity to go to the newly open Tesco Extra at Selayang. When i saw the jam and the crowd, only I know this Tesco Extra just opened yesterday. No wonder lar.. so jam and so many people!

Hmm, it looks a lot bigger than the normal Tesco. Not bad, i like it better than Tesco, why? cos it's bigger, things are nicely arranged and there are more space for customers to push their trolley around. And i'm wrong, we don't need to buy in bulk. We can shop like normal buy in small qty but we have the option to buy in bulk too. Those items you buy in bulk are normally much cheaper.

See, no need to guess here guess there, go find it out yourself, you probably will like it too.

How do you squeeze your toothpaste?

I was chatting with a friend of mine through msn, he always have these weird weird things to share which i found it's quite funny and yet interesting. In the middle of our conversation, out of a sudden, he pop this question to me, Hey, how do you squeeze your toothpaste?

Har? squeeze my toothpaste? Well, i squeeze systematically from the back of the tube. Why? He said you can see how neat is a person from how they squeeze their toothpaste (seriously, i'm not sure his theory is true or not lar. haha. but no harm listening also..). He said if one squeeze systematically from the bottom of the tube, it shows this person is a neat and tidy person (that's me that's me!!!! haha..). If you squeeze anywhere from the tube inconsistently, then it shows you probably will be a bit messy. Interesting right?

I'm neat? well, i agree part of it lar, i'm not a very neat person, but i'm not a very messy person either. In fact I think this squeeze toothpaste thing we inherit from our family. If you don't believe me, see how everyone else in your family(ur parents, brothers & sisters) squeeze the toothpaste. I'm sure they are the same. Like my family they all squeeze from the bottom.

So how do you squeeze your toothpaste? Are you a neat and tidy person like me? :p or a messy one? haha...

Happy Deepavali!!!

I saw my ex colleague online on msn just now. I took the opportunity to wish him 'Happy Deepavali'! Who knows, he told me he's not celebrating, cos he's a Christmas boy! Oh well, that surprised me. Why?

Hmm, because for chinese, even though they are Christian, they still celebrate Chinese New Year. At least for those that i know lar.. So why don't he celebrates Deepavali? Perhaps that depends on individual? Some opt to celebrate all festive seasons like Chinese New Year & Christmas, where else some just opt to celebrate Christmas.

Anyway, Happy Deepavali to those that celebrate and Happy Holidays for those that not celebrating!! :)