Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear ancestors, do you know how to use?

This morning, the radio dj was talking about 'qing ming'. They interviewed the shop owner that sells those things that we burned to our ancestors (纸扎铺). According to the boss, they have everything, yes, everything you can think of. Such as what?

Paper Car is kind of common nowadays, but the petrol price getting higher mar right? So what to do? Burn your ancestors a petrol station lar. wuahahahaha, they can get unlimited petrol and at the same time can get some money from that business. so funny right?

Sometimes I was wondering, let say we burned them a mobile phone, but our ancestors time don't have mobile phone wor, do they know how to use? And also, we burned them a mobile phone but without charger, how ar if no battery? and also, we never burn them sim card also, how to make calls? Maybe we should burn them a building called Maxis, else got sim card also no use lar. right?

Ya ya, i know i think too much...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Festival/清明节)

To Chinese, the Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Festival/清明节) is a very important festival. It is a day to remember and honor our ancestors at grave yards. Normally on this day, all the family members will gathered and together they will go to the graves of the departed relatives.

Qing Ming always falls on 5th of April (leap year = 4th April) but normally ppl will go on the weekend before or after 5th of April. This year, we will go before 5th of April, which is tomorrow morning.

I always go with my family members since I was a little girl. But sad to say, due to some reasons, now only me and my brother will go and clean up the graves. My brother will go get the "money" (金银纸) and etc (they said guy must buy wor, gals cannot buy.. got such rules? hmm...) As for me, I will go buy flowers and fruits. Ya, we go for vegetarian. hehe..

It is getting easier to clean the graves nowadays, last time the grave are full of grass, weeds and etc but now that grave yard ppl will clean up most of the weed and collect money from us. It really save us a lot time and energy.

"清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂" This is a Chinese saying that says it always rain during the Qing Ming Festival. This is so true as nowadays it always rain, hopefully tomorrow morning won't rain. I remembered last year when we reached there it rain heavily. We all sit inside the car and wait for the rain to stop. Finally my brother decided to go clean the grave with umbrella. So hopefully this year we won't have this problem!

18 Flowers, RM 22
Why so many flowers? For 4 graves mar..
Tomorrow morning i only separate
into 4 and wrap nicely, now
let the flower drink some water first.. hehe..

Red apple, green apple, pear, china pear,
oranges and banana. 5 pieces for each kind of fruits.

What about you? Did you balik kampung for Qing Ming? What have you bought?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hmm? What are they doing?

It was 8pm+ on a wednesday night, I was in the kitchen washing plates and then I saw something.. Hmm, very curious lar.. what are they doing down there?

A group of young guys and gals with flash lights and camera, a gal sitting inside the car. Taking pictures? For school project? For work? Hehe, ya ya, i admit i also very 8. well, things happened around my place sure i have to 8 a bit mar right?

TOMORROW, is the day!!!

I've been telling myself that I need to do some exercise, at least once a week since last month. I wanted to go jogging during weekend but kept delaying it. Sometimes I outstation, sometimes it's raining, sometimes i'm just so lazy!!! ~sigh..

I dowan to drag anymore, TOMORROW is the day, the day where i start to jog. I will go no matter rain or no rain. hehe.. ok ok , if rain canot go lar aiseh.. so hopefully tomorrow evening no rain lar. u guys pray for me ya.. :p

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How to reduce your income tax?

Again it's about time to submit our income tax. Ya ya, probably not so early, still got a month's time, I always do it last minute, the very last week before the due date. hehe, but i think a lot of ppl submit on the last day, so i guess i consider very good already.

Anyway, some ppl told me, they are happy when they need to pay tax. Why? Becos it means they earn more that is why they need to pay tax lor. As for me, I DO NOT think this way, as long as I need to pay, i'm not happy. When you earn more means you spend more mar, right or not? So how to reduce our income tax? I also not very sure, but i know buy books and magazines can reduce lar, so last year, i 'pok meng' buy books and magazines. hahahaha, dun play play, i really bought a lot leh! hehe...

Hmm, what else? If i'm not mistaken, buy computers can claim also right? And also insurance lar, oh ya, for those that are married, faster deliver more babies lar. wuahahahaha, that can reduce also. What else? Erm, EARN LESS LAR!!!!! wuahahahahahaha...

You got any tips to share on how to reduce your income tax?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey, which is which?

How many remote controls you have in your house? I guess the least is 2 lar, one is for tv, one is for dvd player, right? If you got astro, then you will have another one. Then maybe your HIFI set, also got one, your fan, air con another 2, so end up you will have lot's of lot's of remote controls..

I only have 3 (that i put together) and i can still get confused. Yesterday for 3 minutes, I keep pressing on the dvd player's remote to try to on astro. #%&#%$#$#&$#.. Ya ya ya i know, the size also different, but ar. sometimes you really don't realize you are holding the wrong one mar.. aiseh..i felt so stupid lar, standing there, holding the dvd player remote, pointing to the astro decoder and keep pressing .. ~sigh..

Late for work again!

It's already 9:10am and I was still stuck in the jam. Accidents seems to happen everywhere and most of the ppl are very busybody, when pass by will purposely slow down to take a look...~sigh.. I'm late to work but who cares, looked around me, so many ppl also late for work mar. wuahahahaha..

I guess it's really common for ppl that lives in KL always late for work. If you really want to be sure that you will reach office before 9am, then i guess must go out really early, say maybe.. 7am? Wow, so early, i think i rather choose to be late for work lar.. :p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you like to read newspaper?

How long you need to finish reading one whole newspaper? 1 hour? 2 hours? Normally i can finished the whole newspaper within 15 minutes. hehe, yala, i'm not reading lar, i'm just flipping, browsing through..

I want to know what happened but I prefer to listen rather than read. :p Morning i listen to the radio to get latest news, at night i watched astro's evening edition to know what's happening.

This astro evening edition will summarized all news from all newspaper. By watching that, its like i'm reading 6-7 newspapers at one time. I can watched while blog some more.. me busy mar, have to multi tasking. hehe..

what about you? you prefer reading? or watching? or listening?

My very first Vacuum Cleaner!!

I never thought of getting a vacuum cleaner until i bought a small little carpet that i placed in my living room. I can't use a broom to clean my carpet, i need a vacuum cleaner. That is when I started to feel I need one.

I wanted to buy a cheap one, but the cheapest i can find also need RM100++ and these RM100+ vacuum cleaner are not bag-less. There's a paper bag inside, after u finished vacuum, you need to cut open the paper bag, throw all the rubbish out and sealed it to reuse. The paper bag is very small, you can probably cut for 3 times and you will need a new one. One paper bag = Rm12. So it's really not worth it in the long run. Therefore i decided to invest a little bit more to get a bag-less vacuum cleaner.

Electrolux Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner, RM 279

So finally, I bought this at Jusco, it's small, it's cute and it's powerful. Now i know how come ppl choose to use vacuum cleaner instead of broom. Well, trust me, vacuum cleaner is really much more CLEANER!! but ar, it takes more time to clean lor.. sure got pros and cons lar..

So will I stop using broom? of cos NOT!! I'm not those 'tam san mong gao' punya ppl lar.. Oh ya, if you don't know what i mean by bag-less, let me show you..

press to open...

inside no bag, so bag-less lor!!!

Not bad lar this vacuum cleaner, looks nice outside, looks good inside. hehe.. If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, can consider this lar..

When you have too many locks..

This morning I was rushing out to work, normally it took me 1 minute to open and lock the door, but after i added one more lock to the grill, it took me 5 minutes to unlock!!! When I was back after work, it took me even longer to unlock the door!

I wonder how long it takes if i added one more lock on my grill. ~sigh, maybe i need to wake up earlier next time ...

Ppl look for job or job look for ppl

It seems like now it's the time where vacancies are more than people who are currently looking for job. Why said so? My company (and a lot of other companies) seems to have a hard time finding ppl. After interviewing for a few weeks, finally I heard they said they found someone. GOOD!! We were all waiting for the arrival of this new comer but who knows on that day itself... she doesn't showed up!

~sigh, if you doesn't want the job, dun lar accept.. so now how? I also don't know how.. Pls pls, get me some new collegues!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

How many locks you used to lock your doors/grills?

FL told me his cousin's house ALMOST got broke in this morning at 4am. Har? What happened? His cousin lived in Cheras, a double storey landed house with his mother in law, wife and 2 daughters. This morning he was awake by some noise, he slowly walked down to peep and guess what? He saw SEVEN ppl trying to cut off his locks. Oh my god, SEVEN!!!!!

Immediately he turn on the car alarm to scare them off. He said luckily he had 3 locks on his grill, else by the time he walked down, these ppl probably already broke into the house!!!

I wasn't surprised he had 3 locks on his grill, my neighbor also got 3 locks!!! What i'm shocked is when i heard 7 guys break into the house! WOW, that was so scary!!

How many locks you used to lock your grill? I think I need to have 3 locks as well lar. scary scary!!

When your work place is VERY near to a shopping complex

I missed those days where I worked at the office block beside mid valley city. No no, don't get me wrong, I DO NOT miss my ex componies (my 1st and 3rd comp), I just missed mid valley. hehe... Why? Let me tell you why..

If you worked near a shopping complex, you get to buy good things at cheap price during sales without the need to rebut with other ppl. I used to see ppl queue up in front of MNG during their sales early morning at 9am+. I wonder why these ppl no need to work, as for me, go during lunch time lar. wuahahahahaha..still can get some really good stuff. Not only MNG, body shop lar, zara lar.. you don't need to queue for the fitting room, you get to choose all the nice nice clothes firstm you get to buy those special discounted items first...

Besides this, although u go back at 9pm+, the car park still a lot of ppl. So you don't need to be so afraid if compared to you parked at the parking lot besides your office building. Oh ya, and the food, you want variety? A lot of variety to let you choose lar, although it may be a bit more expensive. hehe.. and the best thing is, you don't need to walk and sweat under the hot sun when you go for lunch. hehe...

I hope I can work beside One Utama for my next job, hehe, where? IBM lor.. not bad hor.. so any of you working there? Got vacancy or not?

I want happy ending pls!!!

I was busy watching 4 different TVB dramas during the weekend. Ya, time to relax after a busy week at work mar. watched until no time to blog tim.. :p My friend asked me, you won't get confused meh, watched 4 different dramas at the same time, somemore some actors appeared in different dramas. Haha, yes, in fact, a bit confused also lar. One drama this 2 ppl are brothers and sister, the other drama this 2 ppl are lovers. wah seh!!!

Then there's this drama which i'm very geram with the story and the ending, first this Miss A got nose cancer, then Miss B got Aids, then Miss A nose cancer cured but found another tumor in the brain, then brain tumor gone then ANOTHER brain tumor found and at the end of the day, she died. ~sigh.. How come want to have this ending? Cannot have happy ending one meh?

Do you prefer happy ending or you prefer to see sad, crying ending?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The U and the O

I received a letter yesterday, when I looked at the name, damn, they spelled my name wrongly. U and O terbalik. This is not the first time, and NOT the second time and NOT the third time as well. Last few weeks I went to do blood test, I gave them my IC to register, and guess what, they spelled my name wrongly as well!! Yes, the U and O...

Few years back, I applied a credit card, they photo copy my IC and when I received the card, my name was spelled wrongly as well! This morning, I checked my mail, a friend sent me an email and guess what, she spelled my name wrongly as well. I know her for almost 20 years and yet she still don't know where to place the U and the O.

I just don't understand, U and O is 2 different character and they don't looked alike as well, how come ppl always messed them up? Arggg...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A very good impression with Harvey Norman's Delivery and Service!

Harvey Norman is having sales now so last weekend FL and I went there to look see look see. Before heading to Harvey Norman, we went ss2 to check the price at those electrical shop. If paid by cash, eletrical shop will be cheaper, but if you want to pay by credit card or do installment, they will charge you extra. That is why we went to Harvey Norman @ Ikano to have a look.

We did not plan to buy there, but the price was very attractive! Even if you paid by credit card or do installment, it's only a bit expensive (about RM 20-30 more exp only) than those eletrical shop which requires you to pay cash. The sales person that served us is very good, he answered all the questions we asked, and told us a lot of "inside" things that we don't know. Finally we decided to buy and he said will see can the arrangement made to deliver the next day! Cool..

So everything went well, I got the receipt, delivery time stated 3pm - 8pm. The sales person told me, if there's no sight of the delivery man at 6pm, can give him a call. So happily, we went home. So the next day, 3pm sharp sharp, my door bell rang and it's the Harvey Norman's delivery man!!

I was so surprised, I've bought so many things that needs delivery service from so many shops, furnitures lar, eletrical stuff lar, but NONE of them deliver on time. Some even need you to call and call and call and scold and scold and call and call to ask where's your stuff. But this harvey norman, walaoeh, sharp sharp one leh, dun play play.

I am so happy and glad that I've bought with them. It was really a great shopping experience. No no, this is NOT a paid post!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Air Asia giving out 50,000 Free Seats!! Again??

I received a newsletter from Air Asia that says they are going to give out 50,000 free seats!! Again??!! Last time they only give out free seats once a year, but now?? How do you feel if you had purchased with them earlier during their promotion period and now they are giving out FREE seats? Must be ^&*$^*#^$&#$)*%$*(&%(*#$$&#(&$ right??

So ar, if you are planning for a trip end of this year, no need to book so early lar..~sigh. book early you might get cheap air tickets but book later you might get FREE air tickets!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Do you need me to...

My manager and I was having a discusssion when I asked him this question, "Do you need me to...", before I finished the sentence, he said. "No no, don't need lar..." Then I said ok.

When I was back to my place, I started to wonder, hmm, he knows what I'm going to ask meh? I might ask him, "Do you need me to go meeting tomorrow?" or "Do you need me to do this thing?" or "Do you need me to come to work tomorrow?"..

wuahahaha, so he said don't need, which means I don't need to come to work tomorrow lar. :p

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matta Fair 2008 @ PWTC

After almost whole day struggling to go or not to go to the Matta Fair, finally we decided to go, at what time? at 5pm. wuahahahahhha.. The rain was quite heavy at first, luckily it became smaller when we almost reached there.

we were stuck in this road for 15-20 minutes.
not able to move at all!
till now we don't know what caused the jam!!

The Matta Fair @ PWTC

entrance ticket, RM 3 per person
not a long queue at 5+pm

You need these to enter the hall.

We were very clear about our mission, so we skipped hall 1 and headed to hall 2. Look see look see, found the booth we are looking for! Cool!! However, we did not manage to book any hotels or didn't manage to get any cheap entrance ticket. But I did take a photo with Aaron Kwok, aaron who? Aaron Kwok lar, nor the one that sing the song 'dui ni ai ai ai bu wan!!'

of cos not the real person lar, you really think
i will bump into him at matta fair meh? hehe..

In less than 1 hour, we finished hall 2 and 3. We did not book or buy anything, except for the matta fair entrance ticket. So the RM 6 is to just take photo with Aaron Kwok? Of cos not lar.. see what i get...

see, i got lot's of brochures and map
for my coming trip on July.
oh ya, the two black bag is free one..
So did you go?

Saturday, March 15, 2008


My plan for the weekend is to sleep, I felt so tired during weekdays that is why I have such plan. Who knows... When you know you can't sleep late, you will feel so sleepy and wanted to sleep late, but when you can sleep late, you wake up early pulak. ~sigh...

I woke up on saturday morning, couldn't sleep much longer. It seems like I only sleep for 7 hours. I plan to sleep for 10++ hours one ler. ~sigh...

Maybe afternoon take a nap. hehe, I WANT TO SLEEP!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Coffee, coffee...

I started to drink coffee/nescafe since I was in primary school, my whole family LOVES coffee. Although I love coffee, but I only drink one cup per day. I can still live without coffee. But since I started to work, my coffee intake increased. How come? I sleep quite late, and you know lar, working days have to wake up early, so end up not enough sleep. You can't sleep in office what, so what to do to make me alert? Coffee lor..

I don't know since when I started to drink 2 cups per day, one in the morning, one during lunch. You can really see a lot of difference, if i skip the coffee during lunch, you will then see a zombie walking around the office.

Recently I'm trying to reduce the intake of coffee, ya, old liao mar, cannot take too much coffee. :p I'm trying to skip the lunch coffee and I tell you, it's so hard lar. It's like the left side of your brain tells you not to drink not to drink, and the right side of your brain said, drink drink drink!

~sigh.. if can .. don't let your kids touch coffee la..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Chat with me lar...

Did you guys notice I actually added something NEW on the top left of my blog? Do you do you? Aiseh, I think nobody notice that lar.. I added last week one leh.. So what I add?

What's this? This is a real time chat lar, if you see my status as 'Available', you can actually chat with me leh, real time leh!!! I very excited when I added this thing, thought will have a lot of ppl chat with me, who knows.. aiseh...didn't have the chance to try this thing out also!! Come chat with me lar...


You love travel? You planning for a trip? You wanted to go somewhere and need some more information? Then you must go Matta Fair this weekend lar...

Date : 14 March 2008 - 16 March 2008
Venue : PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

I've been to Matta Fair a few times, but seriously, I never joined a tour and never booked a ticket there. Then what for I go Matta Fair? Erm, there's one time I went there to buy entrance ticket, oh ya, the entrance tickets that I bought at Matta Fair (for Langkawi trip) were really cheaper lar.. Then another time I went there to book hotel..

This time I think i most probably will go also, to see whether i can get cheap entrance tickets for my next trip and also see whether I'm able to book hotels with cheaper rates or not. You going?

Newspaper? Finished lo!!

For those of you that don't have newspaper delivered to your door step every morning, do you have problems in getting newspaper? Since 8 of March, our election day, that night onwards, newspapers are hard to buy. I heard a friend of mine that lives in Cheras said, he went out to get newspaper on that night and when he reached the place that sell newspaper, he saw a lot of ppl waiting there, wow, everyone is waiting for the motorcycle that carries the newspaper. When the motorcycle arrived, before the guy can move the newspaper on his motor cycle down to the floor, ppl already start rebut-ing.. damn scary lar..

The next day, which is 9 of March, my brother try to find newspaper as well. We went here went there, petrol stations, 7 elevens all dun have newspaper. At last we found a place that sells newspaper, that person very clever, he knows newspapers are very 'HOT' so he used his waja to go fetch these newspaper, the whole car is full of newspaper.. damn scary also...

Even till now, normally the newspaper guy will need to wait till 10 or 11pm before finished selling all the newspaper, but yesterday night.. 8pm+ already finished!!! WOW!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Neway definitely A LOT better than Redbox!!

Remember I blog about Redbox vs Neway Karaoke, I never been to Neway but I always heard ppl said the buffet is nicer lar, the room is nicer lar, even the toilet also nicer than Redbox. Of cos, the PRICE also nicer la!! A friend of mine told me she went to Neway with her bf on a Saturday night and the bill = RM120!! Wow, that is very expensive!!

I was on leave on Monday (at first thought wanna rest at home but then decided to go sing K, hehe..) and decided to go Neway. Weekday go Neway should be cheaper gua. Without booking, we headed to Neway at One Utama. Oh yes, weekday go sing K is definitely nicer, no need to book in advance, easy to find parking, and it's cheaper.

It's RM 18+ per person and we can sing for 4 hours!! Woo-hoo!! The room is nice, got LCD (redbox one still using those big big bulky tv), wireless mic (redbox is NOT wireless, wire all over the place!), a lot of new songs, easy to navigate menu.. Nice!! and guess what? Toilet also nicer ler!! wuahahaha and much cleaner!!

For weekday, RM 18+ per person, you can opt for 2 drinks or 1 drink + 1 tea set. Tidbits = RM 9 per plate, if go weekend they will force you to take the fruit plate which costs RM 20 per plate! wow!! Our total bill = RM 51.80. Really don't feel like going to Redbox after I've been to Neway. Yes it's cheaper, but the environment, service, food, all better!

Next time if weekday wanna go karaoke, go Neway lar, but if weekends... erm.. if you can afford.. then Neway, else Redbox lor.. :)

Wash two toilets within 5 minutes!!

There's a cleaning lady comes in to my office everyday to do cleaning. Vacumn la, wash cups lar, wipe tables, throw rubbish, wash toilets and etc. Sometimes I found that although she washed the toilet everyday, but the toilet seems like never wash like that. Then one day I saw she went into the toilet to wash it and within 5 minutes, she's done and she went home.

Wahseh... less than 5 minutes can wash 2 toilets? Damn efficient wor.. Then later on I found out that the toilet doens't look like got wash wor. What's the difference between before and after wash? Well, before wash the toilet = dry, after wash it's wet!!

So how to wash 2 toilets within 5 minutes? Easy lar, spray with water lar.. 2 minutes also can gao tim!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Notify when got new comments.

I love to surf around and read other ppl's blog, see what's going on with these bloggers or see if there are anything useful or not. When I saw some interesting post, I normally will give comments, and ticked on the notify when got new comments checkbox in order to see if there's any new comments or the blog owner replied my question.

So there's one time I went to a blog, well, it's a quite famous blog but i don't want to mention the name here lar. Anyway, I saw something interesting and I left my comment there and of cos, I checked on the check box so that I will be notified if there's any new comments.

A few minutes after I submitted my comment, I got email notification. Wow, so fast got ppl commented on that post? I checked my email and realized that the comment is actually NOT from the post I'm interested. Strange lar, I only checked on that post leh.. I ignored it, and guess what, there's new email notifications every few minutes, all on other posts!! What the hell? I'm only interested in THAT particular post and not OTHER posts, and also I only agreed to be notified for THAT particular post only, how come I kept getting email notifications from other posts???? I don't get such notification from other blogs which have the same feature.. What is wrong with this blog?

Immediately I went back to the post, (actually i don't remember there's an option for me to uncheck or i need to leave another comment to uncheck the notify check box) to uncheck it. Phewwww... I never visit that blog since then...

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a GOOD citizen!!

How come I said I'm a good citizen? Well well, purposely spend RM200 (toll + petrol), travel 4 hours back to hometown and used ONLY 3 minutes to vote.. So you say I'm a good citizen or not? hehe...

I guess a lot of ppl vote this yr. Why? Jam lar.. I went back on Saturday morning and stucked at Seremban there for almost an hour!!

see, aih.. stucked there for almost
one hour!!

I didn't expect will jam cos during CNY also not jam at all, luckily after Seremban no jam. ~sigh, 3 lanes also will jam... I was so afraid that I will missed the voting time!! Luckily I reached at 3pm+, straight away go to the school to vote. Guess how much time I used to vote? Walked in, showed them my IC, took 2 pieces of paper from them, draw 2 X and tah-dah!! I'm done. 3 minutes!!! My brother make fun of me, said I travel 4 hours but only used 3 minutes to vote. Well well, as i said earlier, i'm a GOOD citizen mar.. hehehe...

If balik kampung jam, travel back to KL also jam lar.. ~sigh.. It's even worst when I travel back to KL. Before Seremban already jam, after Seremban still JAM!!!

2 hours jam!!

So what about you? Did you travel back to vote? Ada jam kah? Oh ya, and i'm also very surprised of the result, are you? Well well, the power of all Malaysia citizen, dun play play oh.. Hopefully we did the right thing lar!! Hope for the best!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

BAD BAD BAD BAD after sales service!!

Before you buy, you are the king, everything also yes yes yes, can can can. After you buy, you are useless, ignore ur call, ignore ur sms, didn't even plan to carry out the things that they promise to you.

All these sounds familiar? I'm really very angry with sales ppl that got this kind of attitude. How are they gonna make more money if they treat their customer like that? Ok, let me tell u my experience, which till now I still NOT YET get the gift that they PROMISED to give me.

2 weeks before cny (end of January), me and FL were at this Jusco, Kepong and we bumped into these bunch of sales ppl promoting Diamond water. This guy, F, explained to us, tried to persuade us to buy. Yes, of cos, his attitude is very good lar... Actually even before he explained I already intend to buy, but due to the price I need to think think a bit lar. So after he finished his talk, I told him we need to consider, so this guy go asked his supervisor, a lady to come talk to us. This lady, J, try to persuade us by giving us some free gifts (filters). I told her I still need to consider. Then J intro me to her superior, S, the lady that in charge the whole team. So this S, very very good in persuading ppl, after she talk talk talk and she promised to gave us another gift, which is another more expensive filter, filter A (RM 100+).

Then FL decided to buy since we already intend to buy long long time ago and there's also installment plan. So happily we bought the filter and few days later, some guy came installed for us together with the free gifts (except the RM 100+ filter A). So we asked the guy that do the installation where's the filter, he said this filter will be sent by the sales person to us. Ok lor, since he said that, so we wait lar.

We wait wait wait but got no call from them. Then after CNY, we tried to call the number printed on the receipt. Some lady answer the phone, we told her our problem and she said will passed the message to the sales person. So again, we wait and wait and wait and wait again, and still no news no phone calls from them!!

After waiting for so long, beginning of March I called again. This time another lady answered the phone, I told her my problems and I asked her to ask the sales person to call me. Finally the sales person, F called me. He said the filter should be delivered by the installation guy. (installation guy said him, he said the installation guy, what the hell!!) He said he will checked for me and get back to me.

OK lar, so i WAIT again lor. After one week, still no news. I decided to call him and asked him again. You know what he told me? Oo, ur filter is actually handle by another sales person, S one, so I give you her number and you call her lar!!

Come on lar, can't you just tell ur colleague to call me. What kind of after sales service is this????????????? Promises to them is like NOTHING? Before buy one kind, after buy another kind. Scary lar these ppl..Want me to intro more business to them? ya ya, WAIT lar!! I some more must tell me friends NOT TO buy from them ler!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

You need to work today?

I was surprised there were no jam this morning when I was driving to work. Normally Friday will be very jam one mar, how come today no jam? Don't tell me many ppl take leave to go back hometown to vote? Erm, i don't think so wor. hehe.. When I reached office, one of my colleague told me that today no school, cos they need time to prepare for the election and gov sector also holiday. What?? How come? Tthe gov decided to let their staff balik kampung earlier to vote!!

Wow, so nice .. I also need to go back hometown to vote one leh, my hometown also very far one leh, how come I no leave one? How come gov never force employer to give us leave one? hehe...

Your company got off today or not?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not enough blood??

When FL went to collect the blood test report at Pathlab today, the person told him that I need to go there again. Why? Said my blood taken was not enough for all the tests!!

What?? How come the staff so in-experience? So many ppl come do blood test, they should know how much blood needed for all the tests mar...

Sien lar, have to go again this saturday.. Pathlab ar Pathlab.. I really got bad impression on you lar..

My dear alarm clock, don't play play lar....

I've been having problems setting the alarm on my hp. Normally what i do is i will set the alarm to ring on working days, monday to friday, and the first day of the week is Monday. So? Sunday morning the alarm rang and monday there's no alarm???!!! Strange, then I change the working days to tuesday to saturday and guess what? Tuesday and Wednesday the alarm also never ring!!! OMG!! Luckily I got SPARE alarm clock, else ar.. you won't be able to see me in office for monday, tuesday and wednesday already!!

I decided to test the alarm yesterday night. How come it doesn't ring? Then only I found out something, if you off the phone, then there's no alarm, if you don't off it, then got alarm.. APA la.. off phone no alarm? that susah la..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Proton? Think twice!!

If you are looking for an affordable car, what's in ur mind? If it's 10++ years ago, I bet your answer will be Proton but if you are talking about now, then your answer will be Perodua. Am I right?

Most of the ppl will go for Perodua if we are talking about 30-40K cars. The outlook is nicer, the price is ok, and the quality of the car is MUCH MUCH more better. You might say, maybe proton now better quality leh? Nobody buy that is why nobody know mar.. Well well, you are wrong then.

A friend of mine bought Satria before cny. One of the reason he chose Satria then other cars was because he doesn't need to wait long. Anyway, he got the car before cny and a week later, he drove back to his hometown for cny. When he reached his hometown and stop when the traffic light turns red, his car 'die fire' (sei for). Immediately he start his car again but whenever he stop his car, the engine will die again. What is wrong?

He brought his car back to Proton service center and the ppl there said oo, something wrong with the engine and need to service for a month. A one week old car need to fix for ONE MONTH!!! OMG!

Few days ago, a friend of mine told me his car, Gen 2 (less than a year), suddenly broke down, cannot start at all. Luckily the engine still under warranty, so he brought the car back to Proton's service center to see what's wrong.

~sigh....wanna buy proton?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lelong lelong, vacancies available!!

Any of you are looking for job? or friend's friend's friend looking for job? What kind of job?

1. Programmers - senior junior all want. (got a lot of positions wor..seems like very difficult to get a programmer nowadays)
2. Business Analyst - must be girl!! english MUST be good.
3. Marketing Exec
4, IT Support - salary not bad wor...

Since when I become head hunter? Erm, I also dono.. wuahahahaha, any of you interested, leave me a mesg lar.. will let u guys know in details.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't ever say your wife or husband is not good looking!

I don't remember where did I read about this, the article is about perfect match. According to the article, when we are looking for our partner, we will automatically try look for those that look like us. The more alike, the relationship are better.

When I read about this, I laughed. How come? Well, we always complaint that our husband or wife, or boy friend or girl friend are not good looking or pretty. So in other words, we are saying ourselves not handsome or beautiful as well.

Wuahahahaha, so don't ever say your husband/wife/gf/bf are not good looking/pretty. :p

Vote also like no vote?

After my conversation with OL, it makes me wonder. If my area really only got one party ar, then should i go back vote? I vote also like no vote like that right?

Anybody know how to check the area got what party? Can we check through the Internet? How ar how ar?