Friday, February 29, 2008

Get lost!!!

After continuous attacked by the bird, my plant finally left nothing but soil. Yes, 5 little small plants, all eaten by the bird. Not only that, the bird ate all my pandan leaves too, just that the pandan leaf's root very strong, the bird not able to pull it out, else i think they will pull out the whole plant and take it with them.

You know what makes me angry the most? These birds, they eat there and SHIT there!! OMG!!! Don't let me see you.. else....

What will happened if I don't go vote for 3 times...

I recently found out that there's really a lot of ppl never vote before (although they are already very old, hehe..i'm also one of them..), some even didn't register!! There are rumours that said, if you didn't vote for 3 times, you will lose your citizenship. Is this true?

This morning I heard from the radio, they too asked about this question. Some said yes, we will lose our citizenship if 3 times nv vote, some said no. So the answer is yes or no? It's NO. The gov will not force us to go vote, but if we nv vote, it's like we ourselves giving up our citizenship. We have the right to vote but we are ignoring the right.

So if you have not registered, or never vote before, don't worry you are not going to lose your citizenship, it's just that u are giving up the citizenship lar. hehe..

As for me.. I'm going to vote this time. yay yay..with my 1 vote, hehe, hope the party can win lar. (err, wait i still don't know that party got participate in my area or not.. :p)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

If like that, how ar?

I was having a conversation with my friend, OL regarding the election. She pointed out something that I never thought of before. So if that's the case, how ar? Here's our conversation.
OL: So you going back to vote?
J: ya i guess so
OL: U know who to vote meh, since you not staying that area..
J: errr.. i dono who to vote lar. just vote for xxx la..
OL: that ar.. if xxx didn't represent that area leh?
J: Oh ya wor, i never thought of that.. erm... then i think i vote for zzz gua...
OL: if zzz also not represent there leh...
J: ......... that meh..then have to check the newspaper first... see who represent that area lar. what about you? you going back to vote or not?
OL: me ar.. not sure yet, cos my that area hor, only one party lar..
J: har, got such thing one ar..only one party?
OL: yalor, no need to vote also they win lor..
J: really ar.. wow, i didn't know got such thing wor..
I really didn't know if that area only got one party, that means that party will win no matter got ppl vote or not. Does that means, those ppl staying in that area no need to vote? Since vote liao also like no vote like tat..

How come like that one? Why other parties dowan to go represent that area? Anybody can answer me ar?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beware!! Old phone = new phone!!

I wanted to trade in my phone and I was quite surprised when they gave me such a high price. My phone, new one only sell it at RM 500+ (AP), i only expect them to offer me RM 300 at most. Who knows he offered to give me RM350!! By adding 100+ i can get a new phone, who wanna get a 1 year++ phone? If they buy from me, they got money earn meh? Can sell it off meh?

Yes, if only they sell it as a new phone, then they can earn lar... Why i said that? Because when they see my phone, they look very carefully to see if there's any scratches. I'm very proud to say I used phone very gentle one.. hehe, so no scratches at all. Got one stall asked me to give him the whole box, including usb cable, charger and etc. That is why i suspect they are going to sell it as a new phone lar...

So becareful lar..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Got Internet = No Internet

After a few days with the Internet up and down, I finally got Internet connection yesterday night. I was so happy at first, but then I found out although Internet is connected, I can't seems to load any of the web sites. The line is just TOO SLOW!!!!!

Argggggg!!!! What is wrong with the stupid streamyx!!! Sometimes i find ar.. the more maintenance they do, the slower the line lar.. dono what they do also..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Blood Test @ PathLab

After a long delay (before cny plan to do it, drag drag drag till now..), finally FL and I went to Pathlab last Saturday to do the blood test.

We decided to take the Platinum Healthcare Membership Program. RM 720 which includes 4 free Platinum Health Scan worth RM 260 each, a membership card (entitled for 20% discount on any Pathlab Health Screening at usual price) and a RM20 cash voucher. The 4 vouchers are valid till year 2011, which means we gonna use two of these vouchers for now and we can keep the other two for next year's blood test. Why don't we take the normal package? Normal package costs RM 220 per person and includes less tests.

The Platinum Health Scan includes a lot of tests..which I don't remember what are they and also free two cancer tests. Besides the blood, they required our urine too.

I was horrified with needles, i know it's not that painful but i'm still very scared. hehe..luckily everything went well for me, except my blood flows very slow. According to the ppl there, it's becos I seldom exercise and thus my blood circulation are slow and caused the blood flow slow. hmm, really need to exercise more lar..

Mine went well, very fast within 5 minutes, everything is done. It doesn't went so well with FL. They are having a hard time finding the right place to poke the needle. Poor FL, kena poked 3 times, and yet the blood was not enough for the test. They required him to come back again some other day as they said even they tried some more no blood will come out. Asked them why like that, they said some ppl are like that.. hmm... I wonder how come FL got no problem when he go donate blood, does that means these ppl are not experienced enuf?

first time, tried on FL's right hand,
no blood come out.

second time.. wow..
this is very painful... little bit blood ..

third time, also little bit..

Now waiting for the report. Pray hard, hope everything gonna be fine.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Look like who?

I was a bit afraid when ppl asked me a newly born baby looks like who, the father or the mother. Frankly speaking, I don't know how to see the baby looks like who. hehe, to me, all newly born babies looks the same.

I normally will just tell, erm, i can't really see looks like who yet, but i think looks like.. then i simply say father or mother. :p Well, actually i'm not lying also mar, a newly born baby is either looks like the mother or father mar right? hehe...

You dare to backpack?

Sometimes I really 'pui fuk' those backpackers. They carry a big big bag, with a map with them, without much plan, without pre-book hotels, they went country by country. With the map, they go places by places, asking ppl around them for directions. When they are tired, they will start finding accommodations at the place they stopped.

If you are lucky, you probably can meet a lot of new friends, a lot of other backpackers which you can exchange your travel experiences, or you can probably travel together. You might get really exciting experience which you will never get if you follow a tour.

Wow.. I think i will never be one of them. I need to know where am i going, where am i staying before hand. What about you? Can you be one of the backpackers?

Can't afford a nice car? Buy this lar. hehe..

How many of us can afford paying a few hundred thousand for a nice car? Can you? I definitely cannot afford lar.. If you really want to get yourself a nice car but you really can't afford, buy this lar..

RM300-400 gua... not sure about the price.

My brother bought this car for his 2 yrs old son. Dun play play, very nice lar this car. You can really sit in and drive it. oh ya, if you lazy to drive, there's also an option for you to use the remote control to control the car. nice leh... who said we can't afford nice car? haha, you and me also can afford lar..:p

My cute cute small small plant..

My friend gave me a small small cup, a souvenior she brought back for me from Australia. I actually got one from another friend who came back from Ireland, besides using it as decoration, I can't think of anything can be used with the cup.

Then my friend told me, can use to plant money plant mar.. Ya wor, what a great idea. Immediately when I came home, I tried one, see...

nice or not? not bad hor.. hehe..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My friend, your house very nice la!!

I went to a friend's home today. She moved in quite some time ago but I didn't have the chance to visit her. She do not have any complicated renovation done, most of the thing was done by themselves. When i stepped into the house, I can feel very warm and comfort.

It doesn't matter how much money you spend on your house, it doesn't matter if you don't have interior designer to design your house. If you decorate your house with heart, it is more than enough. Ppl can really feel it when they stepped into your house.

my friend, i really feel you have a nice and comfortable house. You have done a really good work!!

Nice ads.

I on computer more than the tv. There are time when I did not on the tv for almost 2 weeks. hehe... Recently I kept having problems with the Internet, when there's no Internet.. nothing to do, so on tv lar..

I found a few interesting advertisements while I was watching tv. One of them is the Ribena and the Lemon ad. haha.. A lonely lemon with a lonely ribena, and when they saw each other, it's like a love at first sight. So funny, so cute and it actually delivers the message to us too. Nice!! oh ya, and the kit kat one, a thin gal doing some recycling work stepping on the soft drink can then the big guy jumped on these cans when there's a cockcroach on his body...

Keep it up, i love these advertisement.. These kind of ads good mar, dun show us those 'wong lou kat' ads lar.. pls...

BBQ Steamboat pot?

Recently I was looking for a electrical bbq steamboat pot. At first I thought it would be easy to find, but I was wrong. I went to Jusco, didn't see any. Parkson, Metrojaya, Tesco, all also don't have. Strange lar, nobody do steamboat at home one meh? So hard to find one?

Finally few days ago, I saw ONE at Giant. Only one brand, and I only saw ONE, which is the display set. Few days later, I saw the same brand same model at Carrefour. and there's only one brand, 2 units left.

Strange strange strange..ppl prefer to eat out? So hard to find one?

My Internet is DOWN again!!!!!!

geram geram geram...Internet go up and down, 1 day ok, the next day not ok, another day ok, another day not ok. Yesterday night ok, this morning ok, this afternoon ok then at night NOT OK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Called the streamyx customer service and they said will lodge a report for me. What else can i do? basically NOTHING can be done!!!!

How come i still can post blog? Purposely go mamak to online leh... ~sigh...

The blah blah blah about the Malaysia's General Election 2008

I'm not into politic stuff, and also not very interested. Recently heard a lot about the general election that is going to held on the 8th of March from the news, radio or newspaper. Some politician suddenly said wanna quit, then suddenly said wanna join again. Some say wanna quit but started to push their family members out to join...

It makes me wonder.. are these politicians trying to make some news for themselves? So that they are famous and the public knows about them? This is just so much like those actors/actresses lar.. when you are not that famous, try to make yourself on the newspaper and you will be on the papers/magazines again..

what you think?

Bird Attacked!!

I have 3 plants at my balcony, one is the pandan leaves, one is the leaves that is very good for flu (to eat it raw) and one more a plant full with leaves, hehe, dono what is that plant called. These 3 plants were at the balcony since I moved into this house.

During cny, i added some soil to the plant, korek here a bit, korek there abit.. and i cut cut cut the plant that cure flu to 5 little small plants.. to let it grow. The next morning, I saw one plant being pulled out, and the soil is all over the place. what is wrong? Even my pandan leaves also the leaves can see being eaten. Then only I found out that there's a bird that is attacking my plant everyday.

The bird pulled the plant out, i put it back, but no use lar, cos the bird ate all the leaves. So my 5 little flu plant being eaten all, and now i'm hiding my pandan leaves.. hope the bird doesn't see it and don't ever come back again..

~sigh..poor plant...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye bye CNY...

Time flies, 15 days of chinese new year already over. Before chinese new year, we happily decorated our house, so now it's time to remove all the decorations. ~sigh.. putting up very excited, removing it very sien.. hehe...

Have you remove all the chinese new year decorations? All the tanglungs lar.. 'ding ding dang dang' stuff lar..I not yet remove lar, gonna do it tonight..or.. tomorrow... :p Make sure you keep properly so that next year can use again ya...

Bye bye chinese new year, see you next year!

Did you go throw mandarin oranges?

Wow, really got ppl go throw mandarin oranges one wor..heard from the radio this morning, the dj went to Bandar Tasik Selatan to interview ppl that go throw mandarin oranges. The entry fees is RM12, and each gal will be given 3 mandarin oranges, as for guys, each guy will be given 2 bananas. hehe..very funny lar..

So gals got to write down their name and tel and etc on the mandarin oranges and throw it to the lake. Guys will go down and picked these oranges. Oh ya, guys can also write down their name and etc on the banana and pass it directly to the gal they like. Sounds fun right?

for those of you still single ar, next year should go join these kind of activities, who knows..u might get to know someone there. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Edison Chen - Stepped away from HK entertainment industry

Is it true that Edison Chen declared to step away from the HK entertainment industry after all the porn photos taken by him being published? Received this url from a friend, it's a clip which Edison Chen announced that he's going to step away from the HK entertainment industry and do charity/community service work. He also admit that the photo were mostly taken by him and apologized for what he did.

hmm, what a waste ya, bright future.. what he gonna do after stepping out from the entertainment industry? 早知如此, 何必当初?

p/s: hmm, stepped away from HK entertainment industry, that means can still be in China or other country's entertainment industry lar.. clever clever!!

Cds Cds..Should I buy?

There's a time where I'm crazy about Cds, yes, original cds lar.. 3 cds every week. Hahahahaa, it's true lar, that was when I was still in college, buy cds until i pk and go find part time job. Now I only buy Cds when my FAVORITE singer, David Tao got new albums. As for other singers.. Internet can find mar. hehe..

But recently I have the urge to buy Cds again. listening to mp3s can't satisfy me anymore..There are a few singers that I really like their songs, singers like Gary Chow, JJ ... If i buy sure i will buy from the 1st album to the latest album.. that's a lot of money wor... Should i buy should i buy?

Happy Chap Goh Meh!!

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year, the Chap Goh Meh. The chap goh meh is also the chinese valentine's day. A Malay colleague asked us, do you guys celebrate the Chap Goh Meh, i said no and all others said yes. I was surprised, got ppl celebrate chap goh meh one ar? hehe..

I know it's the chinese valentine's day, a lot of ppl go out throw mandarin oranges (actually really got ppl go throw ar? I never see before leh.. just throw like that or have to write ur name and tel and add on the mandarin oranges? haha, must be very interesting..) but i didn't know there's celebration? What kind of celebration? Something like the hokkien's 'bai tin gong'?

Sorry lar, my family never celebrate chap goh meh one how i know.. :p you guys tell me lar..

Happy Chap Goh Meh, Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Life without Internet

I am having problems with streamyx for the past few days. It started last friday night, I have difficulties in connecting to the Internet. Then I was away for 2 days, when I'm back on Sunday night, still can't connect to the Internet!

Called the streamyx customer service, they asked me to wait. Monday, was so happy the line ok, then Tuesday, again, having problems. Called the streamyx ppl again, and again, they asked me to wait, not sure when they can fix it. Wednesday morning, line seems ok, but at night, it's NOT ok again. What is wrong with the line? Called again and they asked me to wait...

Argg...when can i get my line back????

Haze coming back?

This morning i woke up with a very itchy throat, and a very serious flu, oh my, am i going to sick again? Luckily after I had a lemon, I feel better. Now i can die but i cannot sick wor...hehe..

When i looked out at the window, i saw haze.. no wonder lar.. the haze at my area was really bad.. smells bad too... Don't tell me the haze is coming back lar.. i want clean air clean air!!! pls pls go away...

when i told my colleague about this, he said, har, got haze meh? i thought today sky dark only... *faint*...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fengshui for the better or worst?

I just got to know that before we moved into this new office, my boss actually find a feng shui sifu to check which seats is the best for us (the staff). That is why we are not allowed to simply change places, each and everyone of us have to face one angle.

I don't know what is the purpose of this feng shui, to make us stay longer in the comp? to make us more hardworking? but what i can see is, before this we have 10 programmers, but now only left 3. It makes me wonder, this feng shui thingy is for the better or for the worst. wuahahahahahaha...

Streamyx customer service..

My streamyx at home is very unstable lately. Friday night I have problems connecting to the Internet, Sunday night ok, and yesterday night not ok again. I called the customer service and after waiting for 5 minutes, someone answered my call. Here's our conversation..
J: Hi, I have problems connecting to the Internet.
C: What's your login id?
J: xxxxxxxxxx
C: ok.. what's your contact number?
J: xxxxxxxx
C: hold on ar.. help you to check..
(wait for 2-3 minutes)
C: ok, we currently having some problems in your area.. hold on ar.. i check again...
(wait for another 2-3 minutes)
C: ya, some maintenance work is going on.
J: so how long will it be up and running again?
C: err. i'm not sure.
J: so you don't have any idea when i can use the Internet again?
C: err.. i'm not sure.
J: so what i can do now is wait?
C: ya.. maybe you can try again.. later, or tomorrow morning or tomorrow night..
J: ^*^*&#$#$#(#*$#
Wasting money calling these ppl lar. everything also dono...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lydia Sum (沈 殿 霞) passed away!

Heard the news from my colleague just now before lunch that Lydia Sum passed away this morning at 8am+. It's so sad to hear this kind of news. The first thing i can think of when we talk about Lydia Sum is her famous laughter. Aged 60, not an old age, but i guess she had suffered quite some time already.

Sometimes i wonder, when someone got cancer, is it better to have money or no money? If no money, you probably will die earlier, suffer less, but if you got money, you will try ur very best to get cured, you have to go through a lot of pain and etc, you might get cured, BUT you also may end up.. u know la.. ~sigh... life life life...

May you rest in peace, lydia...

Click here for more info..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Are you able to guess how much is this soap?

Guess guess guess, guess how much is this soap.. How much? RM 3? Give you one more chance.. How much? RM 6? haha, give you another chance lar.. Ok ok , i tell you how much, this soap costs RM 10!!! Yes, RM 10, unbelievable right!!!

When FL told me he bought this soap, I looked at it a while, then continue to do my work. When he said, this soap costs RM 10 leh.. I stopped and looked at the soap carefully. of cos mar, what kind of soap need that expensive, normal soap 3 pieces only RM 2++ leh.. Even you buy a bottle or a refill packet of shower foam also don't need that expensive lar..

He told me he bought it at a tea farm at Cameron Highlands. According to his cousin, this soap is very good especially if you have sensitive skin. His cousin purposely go to the tea farm to buy this soap. She bought 10 pieces of this soap. That is why FL bought one to try.

After FL tried, he told me his skin very itchy.. wuahahahahahhaa.. Maybe this soap is good for people who have sensitive skin, but not ppl that don't have sensitive skin. :p

Sunday, February 17, 2008

When you habit destroy your career...

You have a bright future, a very good career, suddenly, because of your habit, you lost your job.. Yes, i'm talking about the actor/singer, Edison Chen.

I read from the newspaper this morning that his career as an actor/singer might end after the pictures with all his sex partners that were taken by him were being published. I wonder did he regret with what he had done after all this damages to him and all his sex partners, one of the sex partner, Bobo had to postpone her wedding (heard will call off as the bridegroom is from a rich family, rich family normally very want face one mar..) and Ah Kiu (from twins) were having problems with her career as an actor and singer, seems like ppl now had a bad impression of her after her nude photos were being published. If I were Edison, I will definitely hate myself for having this kind of weird habit and thus destroyed mine and others career. nowadays.... sometimes ar, it is not a good thing when you earn a lot of money when you were very young. Why? You don't know what is called hard earned money and you will not know how to appreciate what you have now.

For those that who have the same habit like Edison.. beware know what's the consequences...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yan Zoi Gong Hu, San Bat Yao Gei (人在江湖,身不由己)

You don't feel like going, but you have to go. You don't feel like doing this thing, but you have to do. Have you been in any of these situations? I found that recently, I'm always into this kind of situation, there's a lot of things which I don't really feel like doing, or don't really feel like going, but I know i cannot say NO.

~sigh.. yan zoi gong hu, san bat yao gei (人在江湖,身不由己) lar.. wuahahahahhaa.. someone will gonna kill me when see this.. :p

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"Are you lonesome tonight? Do you miss me tonight?..." How come I start singing? This is a very beautiful song from Elvis Presley. Don't tell me you don't know Elvis Presley lar.. :p Anyway, today is Valentine's Day, so hopefully you are not alone tonight.

From what i observed, those that are more realistic one, never celebrate valentine's day. hehe, of cos mar, roses suddenly becomes so expensive, go out dinner also expensive... that is why when my friend asked me, i told them, i celebrate v day 364 days, only on feb 14 i dun celebrate. wuahahahahaha, just joking...

So are you going out dinner with your partner? Going where to have your candle light dinner?

Happy Valentine's day to all of you. Have a wonderful and romantic Valentine's day ya!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Selamat Hari Orang!!

Today is the 7th day of Chinese New Year. 7th day is called 'Yan Yat' (人日) which means it's the birthday of all human being. On this day, Chinese will use 7 different vegetables to cook porridge or soup, it is believed that this will bring us good fortune. As for Malaysia and Singapore Chinese, we will have 'Yu Sang' to replace the 7 vegetable porridge.

Oh ya, do you know the 1st day of Chinese New Year is the Chicken's birthday, 2nd day is the dog's birthday, 3rd is pig, 4th is goat, 5th is cow, 6th is horse and 7th is human? hehe, I google only I know lar.. :p How come chicken first? Well, they said Chicken was created first then followed by dog, pig, goat and lastly human, that is why human's birthday is on the 7th lor.. Interesting right?

So, Happy Birthday to All of us and Selamat Hari Orang!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Edison scandal continues...

Did you follow the Edison's news? I follow from time to time lar, when I got read newspaper. :p During Chinese New Year, read that some guy released another 400+ (some said 1000+? not sure got who la..) photos of Edison with other gals. Wow, i guess this Edison really know what lar..

Anyway, heard from radio this morning that Ah Kiu (twins) finally stepped out and admit. She did not really say 'Its me!!' kind of thing lar, but she said something like, last time I was very childish and not matured, now i will be more matured and life still goes on..So i guess this is also considered as one of the ways of admitting these photos are real lar, right?

It has been so many days now and this edison's scandal is getting hotter and hotter. Last time you can only read it at the entertainment section but now it's on the main section already. I wonder how long these thing will go on. hmm... more photos will be released? I wonder what is the purpose of the guy releasing these photos, because of fame? because of money? or revenge?

Monday, February 11, 2008

When is the best day to start work after Chinese New Year?

I bet you guys have heard either from the radio or read from newspaper that there are days which it's good for us to start work. Which day? These so called good days are the 5th day of chinese new year, which is today lar.. (except for.. ppl that born in, errr.. oh no, i forgot.. hehe..sorry sorry..:p, i know it's good for me lar. :p), then 7th day of chinese new year and 12th day of chinese new year.

So since today is a good day to start work, i start today lor. haha, no lar, actually i plan to start work today one. :p According to a friend of mine, last year he did not start work on a good day, so his work for whole year not so smooth. Therefore this year, he decided to start work on a good day. hehe..

Do you believe in these things? When you plan to start work?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hi Hi Hi! I'm Back!!

Hi Hi Hi, I'm back. Miss me? Haha, how's your chinese new year? Time flies ya, very fast I got to come back to work. Hmm, how's my new year ar? Well, all I can say is tired, tired and TIRED. haha, travel to the south, travel east, travel west :p, how can I not be tired right?

Oh ya, got jam or not? I went back to JB on the chinese new year eve, went back as wat the newspaper suggested (read from the newspaper, the best time to travel was on the new year's eve, 9am-12pm), 9:30am. In fact, every year i also went back around that time lar. hehe, but every year also damn jam. There's one time it took me 7 hours to reach JB from KL. This time, traffic smooth, only took me 4 hours from my place, to my brother's house. Cool... My brother also very surprised when he saw me arrived that early. haha...

I came back to KL on Saturday afternoon, before toll quite jam, everybody rushing back? no lar, it seems like a lot of ppl likes to go to zoo (which is near the toll) during holidays and that caused the traffic jam. Highway no jam, only a bit bit jam at Seremban. Consider quite ok also lar...

What about you? When did you go back to your hometown and when you come back? Got jam or not?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Happy Chinese New Year!!

Gong Xi Gong Xi, Gong Xi Fa Cai. I bet this is the thing everyone want to hear most. haha, right or not? A brand new year, a brand new luck, want to see your luck good or not? how? Wednesday evening buy 4D lar. RM100 big, RM 100 small. wuahahahahahahaha... just joking lar.. :p

My Chinese new year holiday starts now, what about you? Still working tomorrow? Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your holiday and have a very Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Gong Xi, Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

What do you think about Edison's scandal

I bet you guys have heard or seen the Edison Chen (陳冠希) scandal with Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐), Bobo Chan (陳文媛) , Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and etc. It's everywhere, the newspaper, you tube, forwarded emails, it's all over the Internet. I first read about it on last Thursday, from the newspaper. The newspaper did show us a few pictures, when I looked at it, I thought it's probably some fake photos lar..

Then later on, I saw those real photos from the forwarded emails. Wow, it does looks real. These ppl some more go analyze these photos, tells u how come these photos are real! I wasn't surprised when I saw Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) photos, what surprised me is Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) as she looks so innocent and she always act like guai guai lui like tat...

I think if you allowed ppl to take these kinds of photos, you should expect some day some time these photos might be seen by other ppl, especially when you are famous. So, if you don't want these things to happen, don't ever allowed ppl to take this kind of photos lar!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

What a day!!!

I went to Bumiputera Commerce bank to deposit cash during lunch time, I see lot's of ppl in the bank. no place to sit, almost no place to stand as well. Luckily there's this cash deposit machine. It was quite a long queue. When it's my turn, all my cash that i wished to deposit were being rejected. Not one, not two, but ALL. arggg...

Later that day, I went to maybank, wanted to withdraw some money. Again, it was a very very very long queue. I do not have time to wait so I decided to withdraw some other time. Then i headed to this hp shop where they helped ppl to reload touch n go. Guess what, they told me NO MORE!! no more means what? I guess there's a limit for them when help ppl to reload, so most probably they've reached that limit. Arggg... rushed here and there but none of the things being done. so geram!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Malaysia's Niu Ze Xui (牛车水)

I've been wanted to visit this Niu Ze Xui (牛车水) ever since I saw the sign boards that says it had opened. I know it's in Kelana Jaya, I know it's opposite the Giant @ Kelana Jaya, but where is the exact place? I don't know.

After my colleague visited the place, she told me it's opposite the Crimson Apartment. Ooooo, now i know where's the place. How to get there? After you pass by the Kelana Jaya Medical Centre (on your left), keep to your left and...

you will see these sign boards, turn left
then turn into the housing area,
you will see the niu ze xui sign boards
along your way.

after a few turning,
you will need to pass through this terowong.

follow the direction...

You don't need to park your car along the street, (saw some cars kena saman oh..). There are a lot of car parks in the new shop lots area. Don't worry, don't need to pay yet. still free...

No wonder some of my friends told me it's like the petaling street, just that it's more high class. hehe.. it's true la.. Luckily there's no sun, else it will be super hot lar.. better go at night.

wow, nice.. i wonder how much per pot.
must be expensive..

a lot of ppl buy...
i think these will be cheaper if you go at night,
cos today is the last Sunday before cny mar..

There are only a few outdoor stalls, mostly selling dried meat (肉干), flowers, cny decoration stuff and etc but there's quite a lot of indoor shops selling clothes, food, cny decoration stuff, bags, accessories, shoes and etc. It's just like a small shopping complex.

Did i buy anything? Oh yes, the reason i came to this place is to buy a plant. hehe.. actually i'm not sure what this plant called, some told me it's water lily (水梅), some told me it's snow lily (雪梅), anyway, I always wanted to buy this for cny, so this is the first year i moved to my place, so i decided to buy lor..

so what this plant called ar? hehe..
bought this plant for RM 20 at Niu Ze Xui.
Bought some decoration stuff from there too..

FL said it's too red, I also feel I hang too much decoration stuff, but already bought mar, so i have to hang all lar. else keep for next year meh, right or not. hehe..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The WaterFront @ Desa Parkcity

Do you know there's a newly opened Jusco at Manjalara? I think about 2 months ago, if you are heading towards to Kepong toll, you will see sign boards that direct us to the newly opened Jusco at Manjalara. I always go hunt for food around Manjalara but I never see any Jusco before. I totally have no idea where is that Jusco and the funny thing is, the sign boards does not really gives us direction to Jusco. You know that it's in Manjalara, but where?

FL told me yesterday that a friend of his told him exactly where is the new Jusco. So he brought me there. Wow, i never expect the jusco is located inside the luxury housing area. Where? Ok, let say you are heading towards the Kepong toll, turn left to go to Manjalara. Go straight and you will see a roundabout. Take a 3 o'clock turn. That will lead you to Desa Parkcity. Don't need to stop in front of the guard house, just go straight, the guard won't stop you as well. hehe.. Then you can follow the signboard there to get to The WaterFront. Along your way, you will see lot's of double storey, or is that triple storey? Anyway, you will see those nice nice, big big, expensive houses along your way.

we were there late, about 9pm+. Luckily they opened till 11pm. Took this picture at 11pm++, they off the lights already, else you'll see that it's really nice. I was attracted to it immediately. No wonder FL's friend said The WaterFront is like The Curve.

Maxvalue, which is Jusco lar. There's a lot of other shops too, but all closed already. Not all shops were occupied though. There are Secret Recipe, Kluang Station, Coffee bean and some other restaurants there.

nice? a bit like the curve right?

there are some really nice
cny decorations too!

After we shopped at Maxvalue (Jusco),
we headed to Kluang Station to have a drink.

If you want to meet your friends, chit chatting, this is actually a good place. The environment is very nice. Not too crowded too. Check it out!