Friday, January 23, 2009

Today or Tomorrow? Morning or Night?

I still haven't decided whether to go back today or tomorrow, morning or night. So far I've asked around to see who is going back tonight and who is going back tomorrow and most of them said they will go back tomorrow morning. Hmm, if most of the people will go back tomorrow, that means... going back tonight will have less car, no jam and got 10% discount (after 12am) on toll?

hmmm, but I have not pack my things yet and there's still some house work that i wish to do before the CNY wor.. how how how? hehe...Have you made your decision yet to go back tonight or tomorrow?

I'm still thinking...

Anyway, I wanna wish all that celebrate CNY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR and we all hope for the best to come (stop thinking about the bad economy during this period...hehe..). And for those who don't celebrate CNY, hope you guys enjoy your holidays!!

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy CNY, EAT more, WIN more and TAKE more (ang pow lar.. if u're not married.. ) !!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everything also NOT GOOD lar!!!!

As usual, I was listening to the radio while driving to work this morning. They were talking about the zodiac, which is good and which is bad for year 2009. After finished listening to what they said, I felt totally no mood.. it's not that I believe 100% lar, but normally it's nice to hear GOOD stuff rather than the BAD stuff mar, right?

So what they said? They said I'm not advisable to change job, my money will find it's way out of my pocket (damn teruk man...), relationship wise also not good, always got arguments, not advisable to go far far places (means cannot travel?), cannot go hospital for visiting, cannot attend funeral... and i forgot what else lar.. Anyway, there's no one good thing, all not so good things..

Hope yours is better than mine lar.. ~sigh...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wash wash wash, scrub scrub scrub, clean clean clean..

These few weeks I had been busy, busy doing spring cleaning. Normally I will complaint my unit is small but when comes to cleaning time, it seems sooooo big!!!!! Before I start cleaning my unit, I split it to 3 sections and each section probably will take up a day.

The first weekend (I took one day to clean, the other day to go shopping. hehe..) I clean the rooms first, wash curtains lar, clean the grills, the windows, vacumn the ceiling, clean the fan, the aircon, the bookcase, wardrobe, mirror and etc etc. Then the following weekend (which is last weekend), I proceed with section 2, which is the living room + balcony + half kitchen. How come half kitchen? Believe it or not, if you do cook from time to time, kitchen will be the hardest part to clean. There are oil stains everywhere and you will need to scrub really hard to get rid of it. That is why I split the kitchen into half.

Finally yesterday (y yesterday and not this weekend? not around lar this weekend, no time to clean, so have to do it after work lor..) I did section 3, which is the other half kitchen, the stove + the hood + the surroundings. Oh my.. it was tiring, spent a few hours just to clean the stove + the hood!! So am I done with the spring cleaning? Hmmm, well, actually 80% done lar, still got toilet not yet wash, tables and cabinets still need to wipe often as it's very dusty and the front door + grill forgot to clean. hehe.. But I think I'm ready to hang the CNY decorations up already...hehe....

What about you? Are you done with your spring cleaning and have you hang all your CNY decorations stuff?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bonus..Increments....depressing lar..

Hearing your friends talking about their bonuses and increments can be pretty depressing. One friend said, I got 1 months bonus, another one said got 2 months, another said got 3 months, and yet I don't know whether my comp will give bonus or not. As for increment, even worst.. i'm already very satisfied if I can get 10% increment (normally only 5% leh..), so this friend told me, she got 20% increment.. then the most geng one is this friend..he told me he got RM 2K increment!! oh my.. that was like.. he got more than 50% increment leh.!!

U say lar.. depress or not..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I bought a magazine just because got free table calendar!

Since I start working, I will placed a table calendar on my desk to make sure I won't miss any holidays. hehe.. Joking lar, table calendar is useful when I need to plan the project ahead or even when I want to apply my leaves. Every end of the year, I will get at least 2 or 3 table calendars from friends or relatives and I will then placed one on my working desk, and another one at home.

But this year, I get 0 table calendar. Seems like a lot of companies want to cut costs and decided not to print so many table calendar. This morning while I was chatting with a friend, she told me the magazine she bought got free table during lunch time, I went to buy the magazine just becos of the table calendar...hehe...

For magazines out there, if you want to increase your sales on January, can consider this lar.. free table calendar...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy shopping, busy cleaning...

Wow, my very first post in 2009!! I had been pretty busy lately and have no time to update my blogs. Busy with what? Well, with all the public holidays and Chinese New Year around the corner, I bet you roughly have an idea what i'm up to. Yep, I'm busy shopping and also busy cleaning my house!!

CNY is around the corner mar, besides shopping for new clothes for myself, I also need to buy new clothes for my nieces and clothes ar.. even more expensive than adult's clothes lar.. but one year nvm lar...I also did some shopping for my house.. hehe..cny mar, must decorate a bit.. then of cos shop for groceries lar. have to buy something back home during cny...So many things to buy but so little money to spend... ~sigh..

As for the cleaning part, so far I only managed to clean 3 rooms.. normally we will said the house is too small, but when comes to housework time, we felt our house is big!! hehe.. still got the living room and the kitchen to clean..then we can start the CNY decorating already.. hehe...

So are you the same like me? busy shopping and busy cleaning?