Thursday, May 31, 2007

The termination notice period

I'm still at the top of the list(among my friends) when comes to job hop-ping. How many jobs i've changed? erm, more than 5 less than 10 lar.. hehe, for a 6 years of working experience.

When a company offers me a position, i never really read through my employment letter. got lar, just briefly read through lar, the thing that i care for that time being is, the salary they offer (who doesn't right?? :p), job scope, have to work how long only can resign.. hehe.. sure mar, if i work not happy then how to continue working rite? as for others, i just quickly flipped through, u know lar, normally the HR will stared at you hoping you faster sign and faster get out of his/her office.

So after working for some time in a company, hmm, when i started to feel a bit bored, i will then read through the employment letter again for the 2nd time. This time, i will concentrate on the, u know which part, the termination part lar. hehe..

so yesterday, while i was clearing my files, i accidentally saw my employment letter, hehe, really lar, the letter just suddenly fly out from the file and fell onto my hand. wuahahahaha....

not really convincing right? haha!! anyway, i read through and found that my current company doesn't write down what is the termination notice period that we have to give if we plan to resign. strange, cannot be what, it must be somewhere which i missed out, so i read the letter for 3 times, and yet i still can't find it, what it says is within 24 months if i were to leave i have to give how many months of notice and blah blah blah, but they never mentioned AFTER 24 months how many months we need to give... hmmm... does that mean we don't need to give ar? hehe.. u wish..

ok lar, real one lar, i'm not planning to leave for now, but still it's good to know how many months of notice need to give mar. rite? hmm, must go korek korek from my colleagues..


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The 2 in 1 Dish

I prepared the choy sam & minced meat for dinner, thinking of cooking a 2 dishes dinner,
a vege & minced meat with potato. After preparing everything (except the potato), i suddenly
feel mood-less to cook. but i'm stucked, dowan to cook, canot lar, all prepared already,
if cook, ~sigh, really no mood how?

well, that leaves me with no option but to cook. yes to cook in a shortest time.. haha...
so i mix all that i've prepared and made a 2 in 1 dish.

the capalang onion sambal choy sam with minced meat,
ya, probably doens't looks very nice but it taste good.

so next time if u suddenly feel no mood to cook, and yet dowan to waste all the food that you've
prepared, mix everything together!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Notis Kenyataan Pindaan Senarai Nilaian

I received a letter from Datuk Bandar about this, stated how much money that i need to pay and is there any rejection on the amount that i need to pay. My first thought.. what the hell is this?? Need to pay one wor. few hundred dollars some more.. sure need to read carefully lar..but basically there's nothing much there for you to read ~sigh..

After some googling, i found myself getting more and more confused! So there's cukai tanah, cukai pintu, cukai taksiran, quit rent, assessment and etc. some english, some bm, quit rent i thought is english, but it turns out to be BM (y i say so, becos i'm reading a doc on the gov website, they have something like this, cukai tanah, cukai pintu dan quit rent, so i guess that's malay gua), walaoeh... a lot of question marks popping out in my head..

after reading and reading and reading from forums, articles, documents, gov websites and etc, i finally found out something (correct me if i'm wrong, still not 100% sure, hehe..)

The common taxes that we need to pay are:
1. assessment = cukai pintu = cukai taksiran
Cukai Taksiran atau lebih dikenali dengan Cukai Pintu ialah cukai yang dikenakan ke atas semua hartanah di dalam kawasan Majlis Perbandaran.

Cukai taksiran perlu dibayar dua kali setahun iaitu dalam bulan Januari dan Julai.
2. cukai tanah - only for landed properties, condos/apts are included in the maintenance fees (if i'm not mistaken lar!!)
3. quit rent (not sure wat is this)

So.. the one that i received is a notice to inform me that starting from 1st july 2007, i will need to pay this amount for cukai pintu, and if there's any objection, write a letter to the Datuk Bandar within 10 days.

How they calculate how much you need to pay?
1. Estimation of your property based on the rent value per annum
2. Percentage to be charged (every 2 yrs adjust once)
For Eg:
Your unit can be rented out for RM1K per month, and the percentage they charged for the yr is 5%.

RM 1000 * 12 = RM 12000
RM12000 * 5% = RM600
Based on the eg shown above, the amount of assessment that you need to pay per annum is RM600. 5%-6% is the percentage charged on residential land, as for commercial land it may go up to 10%.

As a conclusion.. STILL NEED TO PAY LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm staying in KL, house address also KL, but i got the assessment (Cukai Taksiran atau Cukai Pintu) issued by MBPJ - Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya?

Two of my friends staying in Sungai Buloh, same housing area, but one of them got from Gombak, and another one from Selayang..

strange huh..

Monday, May 28, 2007

The BookFest!!

Went to the bookfest at kl convention centre at saturday 4++pm.. on the way to buy ticket (RM2) i saw the malaysian idol, vick.. actually i dun recognize him one lar.. just stared at him
cos of the way he dressed, and of cos the super big sun glasses.. this kind of ppl sure i will stare one mar.. then FL told me tat he's vick.

the first hall i entered are selling english books, children books, stationary and etc.. walk walk only not really interested, then 2nd hall, here comes books from taiwan.. wow.. nice cover, nice quality and of cos the price also damn nice lar!!.. a lot of books wanted to buy but then too expensive, so just walk walk.. damn lot of recipe books.. yummy...

then i proceed to the 3rd hall, and on our way to the hong kong & singapore books, we saw vick, singing on stage...

then the last hall, CHINA books!! haha, here's the place i wanted to come, cos the books are CHEAP as compared to the previous hall.. i buy and buy and buy and buy.. and i think we spend around 3 hours in that hall!!

after choose choose choose, we bought 5 books & 7 recipe books. hehe.. RM80++

too bad lar.. the books that i want to buy, in this china hall dun have, so after paid we headed backto hall 2, which is the hall that sells taiwan books. and here, we bought another 7 books..
wow, ths is expensive.. 7 books for RM180++...phew...

here's all the books tat we bought..

7 recipe books..
hehe can become chef liao..
cook, fry, steam, watever also got..

this is one of my favourite..

journey to the west and
the other one dono about wat one.. history la i guess...

and this is the book tat i wanted to buy,
surpisingly so cheap..
but ar, it stated for student one.
wuahaha. dun care lar..
all these are from china one..

here's the expensive one..
but this is damn nice..
a MUST BUY book!!!
these books costs RM180++!!

My first Date with sea coconut.

Ms.Q helped me to buy this from pasar malam. 1 packet Rm2.50.

here's half packet.

after peel off the skin become so little..

cut into small pieces.

pour everything into slow cooker,
i plan to cook overnight,
the next day wake up can makan..

after 15 hours boiling in slow cooker,
hmm, smells so good.
add in huang feng tang (yellow bee sugar) and
READY TO MAKAN!! :)'s Friday!!

I'm in a very good mood to cook today, maybe becos today is FRIDAY!!

My 1st dish, sambal terung(EggPlant)+ minced meat.

this is the 1st time i buy this
sambal from maggi, dono nice or not.

cut terung into small pieces

stir fry it, then remove it from the wok.

stir fry onion

add a bit soy sauce,
then add in the minced meat. fry fry fry....

add in the sambal.. fry fry fry again...

here's my sambal terung+minced meat. yummy...

2nd dish..stir fry 四季豆
(direct translation from chinese - four season bean)

3rd dish, onion egg..
first time i cook this..but taste good.
hehe..simple and nice.

and the rice,
nowadays i take 糙米(Unpolished rice),
taste good, but expensive oh.. 5kg for Rm23++

last but not least, mango..

Friday, May 25, 2007

tennis at 11pm?

FL called the club to book the tennis court ..

FL: Hi, i would like to book the tennis court for today at 9pm.
S(staff): oh, 9pm fully booked. the court only available at 11pm. Are you interested?
FL: 11pm? err, no lar, it's ok Thanks.

fully booked on a thursday night for all 4 courts? strange lar, never happened b4. since when everyone so rajin exercise after work? hmm.. 11pm? if play at 11pm then the next day become 'giong xi'(vampire) at work lar. hehe..

My Poor Toilet

poor toilet.. downstairs ppl complaint water leaking on their toilet ceiling, so they come and DESTROY my toilet!!!! $^%$#*^#&^#$^*^#^$#^$*# ...

C'Care Contest Hamper

yay, finally i got my cleo C'Care contest hamper that i won for the month of march.. This hamper worth RM100++

3 facial cleaner,
1 sunblock,
1 lotion,
1 small sample sunblock,
1 dono wat glow skin sample ..

The Body Shop

after so many days of 'yan yan yan', i finally stepped into The Body Shop...

Not more than 5 minutes, i swipe my card for the amount of RM200++ ..

~sigh.. too bad lar, all the stuff i bought only got 10% or 20% discount..
here's what i bought..

this is very good if you have oily skin. Before this, i don't use
toner at all, becos everytime after applying it,
my face become very oily and
i will go wash my face again.
i started to use toner after i tried this product.
No oily face after use.. good!!

Time capsule.
after using this ur face will glow.. wuahahahaha..
Use for 28 days, then have to
stop at least 2 months..
very geng in vit c.
imagine instead of eating those vit c tablets,
u apply it on ur face. hehe..
something like tat lar...

a new product,
i've been looking forward to try this product
as i LOVE grapefruit!!
damn nice the smell,
it's like u're eating grapefruit..
according to some article,
the smell of grapefruit will makes u happier..

i don't plan to buy this one, but after trying it i felt it's quite
good, and smell nice too, some more got 50% discount..

facial mask,
the sales person intro one, dono good or not. hehe..

so there goes my RM200++ ....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Biggest Bookfest in Southeast Asia

From: 26-5-2007 - 3-6-2007
Time: 10am-10pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC, Halls 1-5

For more info:

very looking forward leh...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Unlucky Sunday

U know what is the worst thing happened when you're in the middle of cooking? yes, that's rite, NO GAS!! and what's the 2nd worst thing? yes, u got no number to call for gas...

~sigh, i prepared the food for around 2 hours already leh, then got soup half way boiling some more, how leh? go search ups and down my whole house and no number found! ~sigh...

then suddenly i remember there's one ad at the elevator, about gas delivery.. faster go check, they only delivered from mon - sat only.. well, i guess sunday is a family day gua..

no choice lar, drove out try to find a kedai runcit tat sells gas... go round and round my area, found one, but the boss told me gas no stock.. aiseh.. y no stock nv go reorder one...

go round and round further, found another shop, but he said too far dowan to deliver.. if want to buy have to carry urself.. to carry.. go round and round some more.. found one that agreed to deliver, but have to wait after he close shop, which is after 6:30pm..

2 hours of driving leh, can go back to hometown already.. ok ok , i give up.. wanna balik rumah, then found out there's a nail stuck in my car tyre ..


Monday, May 21, 2007

超级无敌扫把之王 ~ 的名字

原来啊。。超级无敌扫把之王 是有名字的!! 阿姨告诉我说,这个扫把叫做。。。风水扫把!!

酷吧!! 哈哈!!

My Saturday..

woke up 12:30pm, had my lunch, got some ppl come and fix things..

took a nap @ 3pm, woke up 7pm

bath, dinner.. then sleep @ 12am...

wuahahahaha, nv had so much sleep since start working. Thanks to the super duper cough medicine...

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Body Shop SALES!!

The Body Shop is having sales again, 10% ~ 70%.. woo-hoo!! for members there's an additional 10% discount (only on 18-20/5).

Sales starts from today 18-5-2007 till 10-6-2007..

just now went to giant saw the body shop full of ppl already.. did i buy anything? hmm, no la, didn't managed to squeeze myself into the shop, but anyway, it's until next month mar, so noneed to be so gan cheong lar.. (bullshit lar.. the real reason that i did not buy anything is becos i already pok-kai la.. :p)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Langkawi Trip ~ Day 3

Last day in langkawi, nothing much for us to do.

After breakfast, we went to the 'Teow Soon Huat', beside langkawi parade to buy liquor, already surveyed, this place is the cheapest. haha...

we bought 3 DOMs & 1 more chivas. 5 adult can carry 5 bottle only..

I tried the fruit sparkling juice with alcohol and it tastes good, therefore i decided to buy 3 cans to bring back to kl, curi curi lar.. at first i don't plan to bring back one, then the rest say it should be ok one if i put in the luggage, so at last i bring lar..

this is nice!! especially the grape one..

and of cos.. more chocolates...

after shopping , we headed back to hotel to pack our stuff, gotta check-out before 1pm if not the hotel will charged for extra RM100. $%^$*#%#^&^%$&^#%^..

i hide the fruit sparkling juice in my luggage, actually i dun think it's useful as when they scan our luggage sure they can see that 3 cans.. anyway, i just put in there..

packed all my chocolates.. wow, really heavy.. 2 big bags of chocolates.. got to hand carry some more.. buy too much liao la.. aiseh...

when we go to the counter to checked-out, saw a lot of policemen around the hotel.. the hotel staff told us that our prime minister & singapore's prime minister will be having lunch there, on this ship ..

lunch only also need to purposely go to this ship..

Flight @ 5:35pm, after lunch we don't know where else to go, whether is sooo hot so we decided to go wait @ the airport.

Return the car to the person in charge, wasted about RM20 petrol, should have just pump RM30 petrol la..

When checked-in our luggage at the airport, my luggage kena tahan.. ya.. it's the 3 can fruit sparkling juice lar.. the officer asked me what is it, then i said oh, it's fruit sparking juice (didn't mentioned about the alcohol thing lar of cos!!), then he said he wants to see it.. ~sigh.. so i took out from my bag and let him see, luckily he only see the pictures on the can, got grape got apple.. hehe, he didn't noticed there's this sticker saying that 'mengandungi 5% alcohol' .. hehe... phew~..

Besides shopping for liquor and chocolates, there's really nothing much in langkawi. All the things are exactly the same like my last trip (4 yrs ago), the underwater world, the island hopping... don't think i will come again .. hmm, maybe 10-20 yrs later la. hehe...

Bye bye langkawi...

Langkawi Trip ~ Day 2

We went for island hoping Rm40 per adult and Rm25 per child, 3 hours from 9:30am-12:30pm.

will be sitting in one of these speed boat.

First Destination, the Tasik Dayang Bunting.

Can you see the pregnant lady?

reaching our first destination..

Here we are!!

There's a lake inside the island, exercise time.. need to climb a lot of stair case.
There's a lot of monkeys along the way, becareful of your belongings.
The monkeys are very sensitive to plastic bagg/bags, they'll come and snatched it.

Besides swimming in the lake, there's a small pond with lot's of fishes. You can put your leg
in the water and enjoy the massage by the fish, actually the fish biting your feet lar. hehe..

a lot of fish..

fish massaging feet..

Second Destination, Eagle Feeding

The boat driver brought us to a place where there's lot's of eagle. He will then throw out the
skin of chicken, and the eagle will come and eat it.

Not easy to take a picture of the eagle,
as they fly very fast.

Third Destination, Beras Basah Island.

The sand of this beach is very halus, but too bad lot's of rubbish.

On our way back to the hotel, we saw this army ship.

We had our lunch at this restaurant at the road side opposite Aseana Hotel, if i'm not mistaken, the shop's name
is Restaurant Chiew. The food sucks!! We ordered simple dishes, vege (siu pak choy), fry egg,
tauhu, fish slice and chinese tea, altogether Rm60++ and NOT NICE AT ALL. we become water fish again..

After lunch we headed to Oriental Village. It's quite far from our hotel, and it's very near to Berjaya Resort.
The ticket, Rm15 per adult(malaysian), and RM5 for children (malaysian). For non malaysian it's RM25 & RM15.

Here we come, Mount Mat cincang!!

The cable car, very stuffy and hot inside.
There's 5 of us inside the cable car, all sweating.

There's 2 stops,
one at 652.5meter above sea level.
we are allowed to get down and take photos.

the final stop, taken from the first stop.

After that you may take another cable car and go further up, i started to feel scared, dare not looked down at all.

Beautiful scenary taken when we reached the top.

Curved Suspension Bridge
Overal Distance - 125m
Pylon Height - 82m
Pylon foundation above sea level - 605m
Top of pylon above sea level - 687m

This is so scary, i dare not walked on the suspension bridge. According to my friend, when the wind blows, the whole bridge is shaking, probably due to nothing supporting it at the bottom.

The scenery, taken on the bridge.

As for dinner, i simply picked one seafood restaurant. Lucky enough, it's delicious.
The name of the restaurant, Fat Mum's Seafood Restaurant. We ordered sambal sotong, steamed fish, mixed vege, prawns & tauhu, Rm134. We decided to go there for lunch the next day.

After dinner, bought some junk food and beer back to the hotel. Beer is very cheap, approx. Rm2+ per can.