Monday, July 30, 2007

The Best Char Kuey Teow in PJ

I seldom order char kuey teow when i go out for lunch or dinner, reason being? It's not that i don't like char kuey teow, it's just that i've tried so many char kuey teow since i started staying in kl, but none of them were nice...

So where's the place? It's at Kota Damansara, and the kopitiam's name is Restaurant D U Cafe. Well, i did not purposely go there to makan or watsoever.. Last month i went over to kota damansara is to pay my credit card bill, UOB bank. There's not many UOB branches around, so far the nearest i can find is kota damansara. So i went there, and i was surprised that it's quite happening there, a lot of kopitiams, restaurants, mamak around that area. So i cincai picked this kopitiam to have my dinner, when i walked passed, i saw a lot of ppl having this char kuey teow. wow and it does looks nice to me also, then i decided to try it out. and yes it's very nice..

Here's the char kuey teow..
got lap cheong, got egg, got see ham..

the best thing i like is the way he fried until the kuey teow does not appear as 'yat gao gao'.. with every bite u can taste the egg, the lap cheong, the 'see ham'..

So if you guys happened to be at that area, go try lar, first look for uob bank, this kopitiam is just 2 rows behind uob bank, corner shop, very easy to find. check it out...

A BIG decision!!

Last saturday, i've made a BIG decision.. which was to cut my waist length hair to above shoulder length. To those that got long hair will totally understand why i said it's a big decision. Even the lady that cut my hair also asked me 3 times, 'Are you sure you wanna cut your hair that short?' before she start cutting. Do you know how long it takes to have a waist length hair?

The last time i had shoulder length hair was 10 yrs ago. Since then i've been keeping long hair till now. why i suddenly wanna cut short my hair? well, if i tell you i wanna save money u believe or not? hehe...

I'm willing to spend money on a lot of things, but not on my hair. Don't asked me why, i also dono why. hehe.. i never perm my hair, never dye my hair, and the most expensive hair cut i've ever had, RM 18!! hehe.. and the reason i kept long hair is because i only need to visit the hair saloon once a year. yes, trust me, i only visit the saloon once a yr. hehe...

so with this shoulder length hair now, i think i do not need to visit the saloon for the next 2 yrs. wuahahahahhahaa....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still remember ICQ? when i was in college, icq is the most hit thing, everyone is talking about icq, and every night also icq...

after started working for a yr or two, msn / yahoo suddenly replaced icq, nobody talked about icq anymore, everybody start using msn / yahoo messenger.

I did not login into icq for many many years, at least 4-5 yrs, and when i login just now, my list got 0 user online. wow, i used to have many many contacts in my list, and none of them online?? I guess everyone else also stop loggin in to icq...

anyway, i was in for a minute, and i got an incoming message, clicked and open.. alamak.. there's this guy asked me whether 'are you horny?'... %^&(*&#^$##^$#&%&#

after so many yrs still got these kind of ppl in icq ya.. does this means that they never grow up??
~sigh, how pathetic... anyway, i log off after 5 minutes..

do you feel that icq fate is quite similar to proton, and msn is the perodua?? you get what i mean ar? hehe..

Happy City Steamboat Restaurant

I decided to have a nicer meal today after a hectic week i've been through. So finally i went to try this steamboat restaurant opposite carrefour kepong, always see a lot of ppl makan there whenever i go carrefour.

They offered different types of soup, porriadge, porb rib king soup, chinese herbal soup, all these they charged extra, so i took the FOC one.

the yin yang (鸳鸯) soup,
left - chicken soup
right - tom yam soup.

a closer look..

the chili and the sweet sauce.
the chili really spicy oh...nice..

i ordered the normal set only
1 person RM12.90

yee mee, meehun & 2 eggs

How it taste? hmm, normal lor.. the tomyam soup taste quite nice and spicy, but very oily. The chicken soup quite sweet, i think a lot of msg la, cos i'm quite thirsty now... but the things are quite fresh, so overall quite ok la..

total bill, RM28.30, nothing really special guess i won't go makan again la..

Friday, July 27, 2007

How to categorize ar?

Some websites requires me to categorize my blog when i register with them. I hate to categorize because i don't know which category my blog falls in...

If there's a category called ' personal blog' i definitely will choose that, but most of the time they don't have that.

My blog consists of recipes la, food la, travel la, relationships lar, make money lar, job lar, blah blah blah la.. hehe.. but if you check the labels, you can see that almost half of the post falls into blah blah blah, which means basically i talk nonsense!! hehe..

so from a user point of view, can you tell me which category my blog falls into?

A pain in the ass

It's really a pain in the ass if you are working with someone who doesn't want to cooperate or someone that doesn't fit to be in that position. Every time when you give a solution, he will say, this is the way ar, user will not want it one lar, very hard lar, very difficult lar.. after a while, you will find out that what he wants is NOT a solution, is you, to do exactly what the user wants!! hey, who is paying you salary? the company or the user?

If you want a project to run smoothly, a good project manager or a good project executive plays an important role. An experienced project manager will listen to what you suggested, and understand why the user preferred way can't be done, and then try to explain and persuade the user that this is the best way for both parties and try to find a way to make them accept what we proposed.

An inexperienced project ppl will always want us to follow the user's preferred way, he doesn't want to listen why it can't be done, all he cares is to do something the user preferred so that he won;t need to persuade the user, as he doesn't have the skill or ability to persuade the user!! Therefore when things happened, all he can do is to say yes yes yes to the user and say all sorts of stupid shit, asking us to do what the user wants.

~sigh.. I'm ..... speechless ...

something in RED flashing in front of me???

I was driving home last night from work around 8pm, it was drizzling and not much car on the road. My wiper a bit koyak and it's making my windscreen a bit blur. Anyway, I was not driving very fast also la, cos my brek also not very good. hehe.. ya ya i know it's time i go service my car :p

So i was driving driving, listening to the radio, then suddenly i saw further down the road, something in RED flashing it was quite dark and there's no street lights..can't see it very clear... am i seeing something which i not suppose to see? i asked myself.. hey, it's not even the month of 7 yet leh.. choy choy choy!!!

i slow down a bit and looked carefully.. oo, rupa rupanya, it's a red color wira. This wira, red color, signal lights, brek lights watever light also in red. no wonder i see everything in red when he pressed his brek, and turn on his signal and lights!! what the hell, he wants to match everything to the color of the car izzit..

the reason our signal lights and our brek lights are differrent is because we can straight away identify which is the brek, which is the signal lights from far, but when these ppl go change everything to same color, it's very hard for us to see it..

i wonder why he doesn't want to change his car headlights to red also.. then match the whole car lar!! %^&%&*&$%$

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Someone hacked my pc - Part 2

I told my friend that someone hacked my pc, and he told asked me to check this...

Go to one of my drives,
for eg, C:
right click and select sharing and security

I can see that my C drive is not being shared, but once i selected the sharing and security, i can see that my drive is actually being shared!! He told me if there's a '$' on my share name, it means the administrator can access my c drive and view all my stuff in there!! So he thinks that the admin uninstall the avg antivirus software for me...

hmm, this is something new.. I tried googling..and found this...

The system automatically creates hidden "administrative shares" for its logical drives C:, D:, an so forth which it names C$, D$ and so forth. It also creates the admin$ hidden share for to the \winnt folder. These shares are designed for remote access support by domain administrators. By default, if you delete these admin shares, they will be recreated when you reboot.

Read More..

It means by default we will have this hidden shared drives la, i thought the admin so free purposely come share my drive and see what's in my pc.. blek...

Still, i don't know why my antivirus is being uninstalled? the admin so free, remote access into my pc and uninstall it?

my own domain??

I'm thinking of MAYBE.. MAYBE la.. to get my own domain, so i go check which is available..

First i tried, short and simple mar, ok so it's taken.. then i tried, aih.. also not available.. i don't want cos it's more expensive lar..

so i told myself, why not just use ur own name lar.. so i tried, and guess what, it's taken as well.. wat lar...

my name is that common meh.... :p

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

someone HACKED my pc!!!

wah-seh... my AVG antivirus software just uninstalled by itself!! no kidding... i was doing my work and suddenly something pops up telling me that AVG had successfully uninstalled, please restart pc...

i did not uninstall leh, i didn't even touch it, why like that one??

somebody hacked my pc and uninstalled my pc for me ar? hehe, my colleague said i watched too much hacker's movie already.. nor, Die Hard 4 & Transformer lor...

WHY ar.. why why why why????

It's so near and yet so far...

Does any of these sounds familiar to you?

your office is just across the street, but you are stuck in the jam and probably need to wait for another 45 minutes just to cross the street.. It's faster if you leave your car and just walk, probably will reached in 10 minutes time.

there's so many opportunities out there, but it's either fully reserved or you are not qualified to grab it.. geram betul!!! PPP members, u should know what i mean right...

The dessert in front of you is soooo tempting, but becos you are in the middle of dieting, you can't even had a bite...

so near and yet so far away ya...

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls

Check this out... this song very nice oh...

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

Verse 1:
See it started at the park
Used to chill at the dark
Oh when you took my heart
That's when we fell apart
Coz we both thought
That love lasts forever (lasts forever)
They say we're too young
To get ourselves sprung
Oh we didn't care
We made it very clear
And they also said
That we couldn't last together (last together)

See it's very define, girl
One of a kind
But you mush up my mind
You walk to get declined
Oh Lord...
My baby is driving me crazy

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

Verse 2:
It was back in '99
Watchin' movies all the time
Oh when I went away
For doin' my first crime
And I never thought
That we was gonna see each other (see each other)
And then I came out
Mami moved me down South
Oh I'm with my girl
Who I thought was my world
It came out to be
That she wasn't the girl for me (girl for me)

See it's very define, girl
One of a kind
But you mush up my mind
You walk to get declined
Oh Lord...
My baby is driving me crazy

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

Verse 3:
Now we're fussin'
And now we're fightin'
Please tell me why
I'm feelin' slightin'
And I don't know
How to make it better (make it better)
You're datin' other guys
You're tellin' me lies
Oh I can't believe
What I'm seein' with my eyes
I'm losin' my mind
And I don't think it's clever (think it's clever)

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal, suicidal...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The age of 27 and above

If you do notice, when you reached the age of 27 and above, you will received a lot of invitations to weddings or to house warming, or to a full moon party. All these means ppl are settling down, setting up their home sweet home.

If you are also doing the same, you probably won't feel anything, BUT if everyone else is doing this but you, then you probably MIGHT feel something..

Let me give you an example, a friend of friend of mine, he is with his gf, Ms C for almost 10 years, Ms C is pushing him to get married, and they are planning to, then out of a sudden they broke up. This guy, very soon, found a new gf, where else Ms.C still with no one.

I've seen Ms C before, to me she's quite pretty and she don't look like she's reaching 30 yrs old. After she broke up with this guy, she seems very desperate in finding bf. I'm not sure whether she's competing with her ex in who will get a new partner first or wat, but her desperate-ness is very very obvious.

She started going out with different guys, regardless of age, but so far those i've seen is definitely younger than her, young as in probably just finished college and just started working. There's nothing wrong going out with younger guys, but younger guys normally don't plan to settle down so soon, they just finished college, wanna have fun, who wanna get married and settled down!

Her intention is to get married, but those guys she go out with just wanna pak tor first, so end up, broke up lor.. The more breaking up, the more desperate she is...

I just don't understand, it's 21st century now, she got the looks, she got a job to support herself, why she so afraid that she will end up alone? Just because everyone is doing the same thing (getting married, giving birth) doesn't means that you need to do so. If you didn't find the right guy, settling down will make your life worst!! probably end up divorcing...

~sigh. i just wanna say.. 女人不易做 (not easy to become a girl)!!

Cake Mania 2: Coming Soon!

From SandlotGames..
After spending most of 2006 working to re-open the Evans Bakery, sending her grandparents on an exotic Hawaiian cruise, and taking a much-needed break herself, Jill is getting ready to make her long-awaited, triumphant return to PC's everywhere in Cake Mania 2, an all-new, out-of-this-world adventure!

Read more..

HOORAY!!! I've been waiting for this until for sooooooooo long.....

I'm not a gamer, but i do sometimes play some chinese RPG games like 绝代双骄,楚留香 and etc. So how do i get to know about this game, cake mania?

well, it all happened last year, i was surfing the net, simply click here and there, and then i clicked into yahoo games. shhh...I used to play yahoo games in office, hehe, but long time didn't play cos quite busy with work.. so i was in this yahoo games website and i saw this cake mania. The screen shot attracted me to view more and ended up playing it. Once i started, i got addicted. Cake Mania itself i think i've played more than 3 times!! Then later on i found another version which is the Cake Mania - Back to the Bakery. Frankly speaking it has no difference to Cake Mania, just the story is different, but i still played another 3 times or MORE!!

After finished the game, i started to play all kinds of casual games similar to cake mania, like Diner Dash 1,2,3,4 lar, Delicious Deluxe 1 & 2 lar, Believe in Santa and etc. I'm totally addicted to all these casual clicking game. hey hey, don't say i'm too old for this lar, these kind of games helps to release stress okay... :p

So now they are going to release cake mania 2!! OMG, i'm so so so happy and can't wait for it to release.. please please please .... faster faster release...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Do you like Char Siu Pao?? Part 2

Ok, the cardboard char siu pao story is not true, a china reporter made up the whole story just to get higher audience ratings!!

BEIJING, China (Reuters) -- Beijing police have detained a television reporter for allegedly fabricating an investigative story about steamed buns stuffed with cardboard at a time when China's food safety is under intense international scrutiny.
For more info:
when i heard this, i'm happy but at the same time i'm sad.. happy because there's no such thing as cardboard char siu pao, that means we can still eat char siu pao safely.. where else sad, reporter made up the whole story? we trusted the reporters to report the REAL news to us, but ended up it's all cheating?

who else can we trust? can't even trust the things we see & heard in the news...

Finally, I've watched Transformer!!

Finally after the third attempt on trying to purchase transformer's movie tickets, i finally managed to get it, on saturday night, 12:10am. I totally broke my rules that i've set and followed for few years, which is, not to buy any tickets for the first four rows.

I once watched a movie in KLCC, bought the fourth row and after finished watching the movie, i sprained my neck!! since then i told myself not to buy tickets for the first four rows. But for this movie, ~sigh, i totally got no other choice because if i followed my rules, i will probably need to wait for ANOTHER week only managed to watch it.

Same thing happened, was there around 7pm, all the tickets for transformer were sold out, only left 12:10am which is still available, but with limited seats. and yes, Only left the first three rows, if i don't buy, the next show will be at 2:40am... so i decided to buy it, third row from the screen, with the risk of spraine my neck again...

I'm not sure is it every cinema like this or just this one, surprisingly i found tat it's not as bad as i think, the front seats, the seats are actually slightly slanted. it's like lying down to watch the movie.. hmm, great!! i feel that it's even more comfortable than seating in the middle of the cinema!!

ok, so back to the show, transformer, well, oh ya, i agreed with you guys, totally worth to watch.
but i feel the story line is a bit like Die Hard 4, trying to to the country's system, just that transformer one the hacker is not human where else Die Hard 4 hackers are humans.

'ee ee ngek ngek', and they transformed!! super cool.. i love it when the car is speeding and the next second they transformed!! and which one is my favorite? Bumblebee la of cos, he is so cute, the part where he changed songs when sam is trying to fetch the gal back to her house...totally love it..

oh ya and this part, when sam's father was taking him to go get his first car... Sam thought his father is going to get him a PORCHE!! haha...but to his dissapointment his father purposely drove passed the porche show rooms, just to kacau him only.. cute dad.. haha, damn funny lar..

After i've watched The Tranformer & Die Hard 4, i'll rate both of them 7/10. Storyline were great, and totally worth to watch. For those that have not watched either of them, trust me, watched it, in the cinema, with the surround sound systems, you will not regret!!

Squash Court in The Curve?

Ya, it's true. They are building a squash court in The Curve. Heard from my friend, this is the trend now, seems like ppl now prefered to watch it in shopping centres. Well, to attract more ppl gua.. can shop and at the same time watch the match, 2 birds in one stone, no no, it's actually 3 birds in one stone, shop, watch the match, and makan makan, oh ya, and don't forget can watch movie some more. So it's 4 birds in one stone.. ei one more, can sing karaoke leh.. so it's 5 birds in one stone.. wah-seh, so many benefits ya. hehe...

So who's gonna play here? Nicol David!! Don't know who is that? Me either.. :p my friend told me she's the best squash player in Malaysia!! So those that love squash, next weekend go The Curve ya...

Oldtown Kopitiam @ Kepong

I'm a coffee lover, can't live without at least a cup of coffee everyday. Therefore I won't missed any chance visiting any newly opened Kopitiams.There's a lot nowadays, oldtown, hometown, uncle lims, klang station and etc...

The first time i stepped my foot into this Oldtown Kopitiam is when I'm still staying in Puchong. I had a very good impression after my first visit there. Price affordable, food is nice, coffee is good and the staff there are very polite. Since then, i've been visitng that Kopitiam at least twice a week.

Very soon, that place is full of ppl, very good business, but the better their business, their food getting worst, especially their white coffee!! Was so dissapointed, i stopped visiting that branch. Then there's another branch in puchong near giant, but still, dissapointed with their white coffee.

After that, i've been to several Oldtown Kopitiam, Ipoh, KL, but none of them managed to serve good coffee, i guess due to their good business, they don't have time to make a good white coffee.

I stop visiting Oldtown Kopitiam since then, after almost one year, once again, i decided to give them another chance. Here I am, in the Oldtown Kopitiam @ Kepong, opposite carrefour.

Service wise, not very good. There's a lot of staffs working there, but we waited quite some time before we are served and I don't really know what language they speak, there's staff from china, from indonesia or maybe vietnam, not sure, then from malaysia.. I don't even know how they communicate with each other, seeing them talk is like duck and chicken talk.. haha, but yet they are able to understand each other well. impressive!!

Anyway, here's what we ordered.

my White Coffee, hot, RM2
hmm, nice... finally i'm able to taste back
the white coffee that i first had. great!!

FL's Enrich White Coffee - GAO, Ice, RM2.30
i think this is new in the menu, super nice!!
highly recommended for those that love coffee 'GAO'!!

Kaya & Butter Toast (Double), RM2
this one so-so only, maybe it's cold when it reached our table.

Kaya sticky Rice, RM3.20
hmm, this one is nice, i super love sticky rice,
this is still hot when they served us, so yummy!!
but quite expensive, so small for RM3.2

Total bill include tax is RM 10.46. The coffee is nice, i definitely will visit this shop again but I probably need to learn their multi national staff's language.:p

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Human Futsal Challenge by HitzFM

I saw this at Cineleisure, it's quite fun watching them play.

2 teams out there, the yellow & blue.

very 'gan cheong', the blue team trying
very hard to score.

GOAL!! yellow team failed to defense
and blue team score!!

The StarCeleb - Part 2

Remember i wrote a post about StarCeleb, i saw them today at The Curve, when i was heading to the Cathay Cineleisure.

The contestants, lots of leng chais & leng luis.

dono why one of the contestant not wearing baju,
showing off his muscles ya.. hehe..

Oh ya, i saw the host for this show, Daniel Tan, he's really gorgeous, although he comes with 2 tongkat(hurt his leg gua..), but it doesn't affect his outlook at all!! still very 'yeng' and very handsome!!

Sakae Sushi @ The Curve

One of my favorite dinner place, Sakae Sushi. Everytime will sure makan here if I am in The Curve.

2 Sakae Ocha (green tea), RM1 each.

the soya sauce and ginger. love these ginger.

Sushi Sushi, yum yum..

Chuka Hotate (sushi with seasoned scallop)
hehe, my favorite sushi!! RM3.90

Sakae, Sushi with raw salmon, RM1.90

Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll, RM3.90
yum yum..

Unatama Don, RM15.90
Unagi, Egg, Onion with Rice

Yakiniku & Tofu, RM19.90
It's a set, consists of beef, tofu, salad,
fruits & miso soup.

The salad sauce, taste a bit weird,
it's like adding peanut into the thousand island
& mayonese.

Miso Soup

Fruits, watermelon, got two pieces one lar,
FL makan one b4 i managed to take the picture.

Total RM 54.63 include tax, ok lar, so for many things we've makan.. hehe..

Friday, July 20, 2007

Can you watch it and tell me later?

FL send me a youtube link thru msn yesterday morning, i was pretty tied up at that time so i asked him what's that, he said it's the modified version of negara ku song, the one everyone is talking about now.. then he said it's very funny asked me to watch.

I didn't watch because I was busy solving bugs.. so later at night...

FL: Did you watch ar, the you tubelink i sent to you this morning?
Jy: aiyar, no wor, too busy so no time to watch. so wat is it so funny?
FL: hehe, i didn't watch also lar, cos i also very busy i thinking to ask u to watch so that you can tell me how funny la..
Jy: ^&*^%(&()%&^%&%

Thursday, July 19, 2007

When is the next holiday?

Was talking with my colleagues during lunch about when is the next holiday. It's very clear that our next holiday will be on 31st of August, our national day. Did you realize that after 1st of may we don't have any holidays till 31st of august?

To me this is the toughest period throughout the whole year. 4 months without any holidays, wah-seh... Of cos we can always apply leave, but apply leave is not the same as having public holidays mar.. leave is consider as ours but holidays are free!! get what i mean ar? hehe...

this year is the 50th anniversary that we go independence, such an important & happy day, should have 2 days off mar.. hehe, agree or not? :p

Nasi Daun Pisang

My colleagues and I went to the mamak for lunch yesterday afternoon. This mamak's food is quite nice, in a few months time they are opening another new mamak opposite their current shop. When we were few shop away, walking towards their direction, the mamak ppl started to shout at us.. ah moi, mari.. makan..masuk masuk.. hey boss, sini roti canai ada, nasi beriani ada.. macam macam ada...

hehe, anyway, we stepped in, then my colleague suggested that we go try their newly open mamak, just opposite, so we told the boss we are going opposite. then the ppl start shouting the opposite, of cos they speak in indian lar. i don't understand but i guess it's something like this.. hey, they coming over,faster faster don't let them go to the shop beside.. (there's a malay restaurant beside them.. hehe..)

normally they will first asked, boss minum? then followed by makan? but this mamak, kept promoting their new dish, nasi daun pisang, we got no chance to tell him what we want to eat and what we want to drink. 2 to 3 ppl standing around us kept asking us to try the nasi daun pisang...

here's the conversation between us..
m - mamak, c - us
m: bagus wor, nasi daun pisang, semua orang makan, cuba la.. mesti baik punya...
c: vegetarian ar?
m: vegetarian ada, daging ada, sotong ada..
(we still dono what is this nasi daun pisang)
m: cuba la, nasi daun pisang, bagus wo...
c: .......
m: baik la, cuba lar.. nasi daun pisang...
c: berapa ar..
m: RM3.50 sahaja.. ok ar boss..

then one of my colleague said, ok, actually he's the only one said ok, i'm thinking of eating something else..the mamak ppl super happy when one of my coleague said ok, 1 second later, another guy started to put the daun pisang in front of each of us.... I got this feeling like he's actually forcing us to try the nasi daun pisang, ok lar, nvm lar. try lor..

2 vege, then dhal, then plain rice.
You can add extra dish, but of cos costs more lor..

soup, no idea what is that,
the white one taste like santan that already busuk,
and the yellow one taste like sweet.. yuck..

so how it taste? the soup of cos. not nice lar i didn't touch at all. as for the rice, normal lor just like the normal mixed rice, nothing special lar. just because the rice is on the daun pisang, they called it nasi daun pisang, i wonder whether the daun pisang is being reused or not.. hehe.. where can they get so many daun pisang? RM 3.50 for the nasi daun pisang, i think if normal mixed rice with the exact same dish, probably only costs RM2++..

anyway, i won't stepped into their new mamak already.. cos i dowan to eat the nasi daun pisang again... blek...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do you know how to manage your salary?

I was listening to the radio when i was on my way to work this morning. The radio dj is talking about how ppl managed their salary. He said a lot of ppl, especially girls, after get their salary, they tend to buy something to pamper themselves after working hard for the whole month. This is true, i myself do this.

Every month, no matter how pok-kai i am, after i got my salary, i will buy something for myself. It's like a kind of motivation, to motivate me to continue to work hard. To repay my hard work. To me, you know how to earn, you must know how to spend.. that is called enjoy life mar..if work work work but no life, wat's the point right?

anyway, back to the topic, it's not necessary that i will buy something expensive, it could be a shirt, a bag, or a pair of earrings, it can range fromRM10-RM200.. but normally i'll spend around RM100 like tat lar..

so the dj said, it's nothing wrong to pamper yourselves, but sometimes we OVER pampered. hmm, we probably buy too many things for ourselves? eg, this month i get myself a hp, next month i got myself a branded bag which costs a few hundred dollars and etc..

A financial consultant in taiwan advised that we should split our salary into 3 - 2 - 1, a total of 6 portions. 3 is for your expenses (house loan, car loan, credit card, food, shopping, movies, entertainment, insurance, basically everything lar..). 2 is for savings and 1 is to invest on yourself (attend trainings, attend some classes that interest you and etc).

I started to split my salary into 3-2-1 and think, is 3 really enough to cover all my expenses? NOT ENOUGH!! then i changed to 4-1-1, hmm, still not enough to cover all my expenses leh...

and then i came out with my own formula, 6-0-0, and of cos 6 is for all my loans, expenses and etc. i think the taiwan financial consultant will faint when she see this 6-0-0, to her, this is probably a total failure in managing my salary!!

what to do.. salary little bit and everything else is so expensive...

Extra cash on weekends, anybody??

Anybody interested in earning some extra cash during weekends? Girls only.. nothing illegal lar... :p

Information from my friend...

Promoter wanted. in 1 U guardian-old wing
Number of girl : unlimited
Pay $$: RM80/day

Work 8hrs

Hav shift

Period: 6-12 august

Can work alternate day
Can work only weekend
Requirement: Must be presentable, English speaking, proactive

Interested ar? mail me lar..

Cancer cancer cancer

I've been hearing a lot of this 'cancer' word for the past few weeks. I just got to know that a friend of mine, his mum got breast cancer, then, another friend of mine told me the same thing, and THEN.. when i was watching the Desperate Housewives yesterday night, Lynette, (one of the housewife) got breast cancer TOO!! ya i know, that one is not real, but then, too much cancer already, don't you think so?

OH MY GOD, is cancer that popular nowadays? This is sooo scary, everybody is talking about cancer. when you asked around, what you fear of, in terms of sickness, i bet 10 out of 10 will tell you it's CANCER!!!! they are most afraid to be diagnosed with CANCER!!

ya, we all know that cancer can be cured if you discovered it early, BUT, the process of recovering, all the chemo therapy and don't talked about the money that you need to spend.

i shall say that having cancer is like living in hell. I understand how it feels when a family member got cancer, you can feel their fear, their pain and you can see it with your own eyes, how they suffer.. It's no longer one person suffering, it's the whole family!!

To my friends, please be strong, your mum needs your support.. and to my friends' mum.. I hope you will be strong too and you will definitely able to get rid of this! These will soon be over.

God bless.. Amitabha.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Autopay Machine that only accepts notes.

Remember i talked about the autopay machine that only accept coins and gives lot's of problems? When i was in Cathay Cineleisure Damansara, I saw this autopay machine that ONLY accept notes. cool!!

Instead of using ticket, they used tokens, a round token that looks like coins. Insert the token to the autopay machine and pay. Coins are not acceptable so i tried paying by inserting RM10 in and guess what, you can actually see your change flying out. wuahahahaa.. RM1 notes flying out one by leh...

Durian is BACK!!

Durian festival is back, almost everyday i can smell durian coming out from my neighbor's house. After smelling for many days, FL decided to go buy at this stall near my place.

presenting you, the D-24!!
2 durians for RM26!!
FL came back telling me the price.
wow, that's very expensive,
RM8 per kg, that guy said
'bao' eat.. means it's definitely worth to eat one..
each durian costs RM13.

FL, the not so professional durian opener
struggling to open one of the durian..

wow, nice...

can see the flesh? wow... super thick la.. yummy yummy....

after makan.. hehe..

this durian only got 4 inside,
meaning 1 is equivalent to RM3..
wow, that's VERY EXPENSIVE!!
abit 'sam tung' tim..

opening the second one,
wah this one looks nice, but it's actually still raw..
RM13 for raw durian?
some more that guy said 'bao' eat???
FL was pissed and decided to go scold that guy, immediately, with
the raw durian, he went and changed..

came back with these...hehe, the small one is free one...

my aunt once told me durian with weird shape
normally very nice one, seems like it's quite true..

there's only 2 in this small durian...
both also damn good!!

hmm, the third one, a bit wet,
just now raw, go change, now wet.. aih..threw 2 away, luckily
inside ones are quite good...

yum yum..very full...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blow Water?

If you know cantonese, yes it has to be in cantonese, not mandarin, you must have heard of this word '吹水' a.k.a blow water. So what does that means? It means you blow water lar... ahahaha, no lar just joking. It means chatting, gossip-ing, bullshit-ting with friends. This is a common word used by guys, seldom heard it from gals.

anyway, if you happened to go mamak one day, try to look around you. you'll find mostly guys, a bunch of guys sitting there chatting. Since when guys started to talk so much?

well well well, something that i observed among my guys friend. They might talk less in front of gals, but when a bunch of guys sitting together.. oh my.. all the saliva flying around.. and they can talk for hours.. totally same like gals...they can talk about how to make more money, talk about their wives/gf-s, talked about how other friends doing, then about their plans, what they plan to do and etc.. sounds very ambitious hor.. but hor, most of them talk only.. means all talk but no action one.

then my guy friend asked me, u gals also same wat.. yes we gals get together, we talked.. probably talked about where having sales, what have you bought, how much and etc, but then we got action one, after talked we go shopping mar. wuahahaha.. so that's our "action"... unlike guys, after talked, go home sleep and the next day totally forgot about what they said..

so what's the benefit of that? hehe, i know, after they totally forgot about what they said, they can soon come out again and have the SAME topic again. wuahahahaha, so now you know why guys can get together so often and 'blow water' for so long.. :p

Do you like Char Siu Pao??

Are you a char siu pao lover? I bet you've heard of the 'yan yuk'(human meat) char siu pao right? Human meat is nothing new already, so now what's the latest trend? tah-dah..the Cardboard Char Siew Pao!!!

Cardboard? yes, cardboard! How can a char siu pao made from cardboard? Well, you dono how, i also dono how, but in Beijing, China, they know how!! 60% made from cardboard and 40% from fatty pork. ewww.......

From cnn:-
Squares of cardboard picked from the ground are first soaked to a pulp in a plastic basin of caustic soda -- a chemical base commonly used in manufacturing paper and soap -- then chopped into tiny morsels with a cleaver. Fatty pork and powdered seasoning are stirred in.
For more detail:-

Bring you own food when you travel to china next time...

When can I watch Transformers????!!!!!

Unbelievable!! This is the second week i went to the cinema, wanted to watch Transformer. Last sunday i went, all tickets sold off, ended up watch Die Hard. then i tried to make online reservation on thursday, all fully booked.. so again, i went again on saturday to try my luck.

and again, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, all fully booked!!!!!!! The only available one is at 2am in the morning. why la.... this is the 2nd week already leh, still got so many ppl not yet watched meh? my friends all watched already leh...

why don't want to watch the 2am one? well, 2am too late lar, what am i going to do after all the shop closed? i need to wait for another 4 hours in order to watch.. wow.. if asked me to go home first, i feel like waste petrol, waste parking and waste tol some more...

i decided to wait for those ppl that didn't come and collect their booking ticket.. so i wait and wait
and wait, 10++ i asked again and guess what, there's 56 tickets available!! cool.. i quickly go queue up but when reached my turn, all SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! i started to wonder, will i get to watch this movie or not.. for those out there, if you already watched this movie, don't so fast go watch 2nd, 3rd time mar, give us (those that not yet watched) a chance to watch mar...

i did not come home with empty hands lar, took a picture of this..

ads on the Simpson's movie..cute oh..

Waltz Mini Poppers

After seeing the tv advertisement, yeah, another advertisement, i can't seems to learn my lesson hor, remember i posted about the pizza hut? hehe, anyway, i think we should give them a chance mar, not advertisement are like tat ...

bought this from carrefour,
wanted to buy the vanila flavour,
but all sold off.
so i ended up bought the chocolate flavour.
It says there there's 18 biji per box..
hmm the box so small, really got 18 inside?

ok, let's open it. only got 6 packet wor.

oo, 3 in 1 packet.

tah-dah, the mini(ya, it's really very small) poppers!!
the one in the ad looks bigger.
it's actually quite small,
a bit bigger than our 20 cents coin.
fererro rocher is much bigger!

hmm, RM6.95 per box, RM6.95/18, around 40 cents one.. you can easily finished up the whole box.. quite expensive...~sigh, i don't want to watch advertisements anymore lar!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th

I know today is Friday, and i know today is 13 of July, but when my colleague told me, oi, today is Friday the 13th wor, only i realize..yawor, Friday the 13th wor... unlucky day?

This is something i found from the Wikipedia.
A Friday occurring on the 13th day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English, German, Polish and Portuguese-speaking cultures around the globe. Similar superstitions exist in some other traditions. In Greece or Spain, for example, Tuesday the 13th takes the same role.

you telling me only Chinese are superstitious? haha, i think for them the number 13 is just like our number 4 ('sei' = die), everyone knows most chinese don't like the number 4. 13th is unlucky, friday is also unlucky (if friday unlucky then why there's good friday? *scratching head*), so friday + 13 equal super unlucky day?

I don't really trust these things. If you wake up in the morning telling yourself today is Friday the 13th, the unlucky day, something definitely will go wrong.. then, ya, this is the day, the unlucky day for you. But, if you treat it like just a normal day, i think everything will just be fine...

So, do you believe in friday the 13th?

The Online Reservation For Movie Tickets

After i failed to get tickets to watch the Transformer last weekend, I decided to make an online reservation. I google and found the website for Cathay Cineleisure Damansara.

This is the first time i make an online reservation for movie tickets. Normally i'll just go there and try my luck. The reason i don't book in advance is because I may suddenly feel NO MOOD to watch movie, or i may changed my mind to go somewhere else for movie.

The website is pretty cool, i chose the date, time and movie, and guess what i can even booked the seats. GREAT!! ya, i know i'm so outdated.. well well well.. clicked on the 'check seats' button, the page is loading, showing 'connecting to cinema...'. I wait wait and wait wait and wait, wow..that's kind of long.. After a few minutes, it shows me an error page! okie, let me try again, this time i don't clicked on the 'check seats' button, i tried the 'Auto select seat' button and guess what, i still get the error page!! Don't let ppl to choose seats lar if your site is not ready for that feature!! ^%&%*&^*#$*#$&*#$(&#(&$

FINE!! after trying 2 times at the cathay cineleisure website, i decided to try my luck at the GSC website. I selected the movie, the date, wow, it is showing almost every hour!! i selected 9pm, fully booked, tried 10pm, fully booked too, 11pm, 12am, and even 1am, ALL FULLY RESERVED!!! ok, i gave up. Guess i'm more suitable to queue and buy tickets.

I told my friend about this and she said, normal la, cos a lot of ppl they are not sure what time or where they gonna watch the movie, so they go all websites and booked all different time!! GSC, TGV, cineleisure.. booked it all...

%&(*&#&$(#^%&%$@#%@#^@!!! Thanks to all these ppl!!!! I guess later the cinema will start charing ppl for online reservation. If i'm not mistaken, KLCC already doing this. Blames who?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is working late making you fat?

YES!!! It's definitely a yes from me. Well, a lot of my friends told me, one thing good about working late is you get to lose weight. errr..NOT FOR ME!!

Some people can lose weight because, they worked late, passed their dinner time, when they got home, they were so tired to eat and straight away headed to bed. But for me, i'm not. Well, i worked late, ya passed my dinner time, then when i got home, i felt tired and don't feel like eating also, but once i taken my bath, i will feel fresh and alert. When i'm alert, my stomach will make noise and i'll find food. Then, after food, feel tired and sleepy and went to bed.

Let me give you an example, yesterday i worked until 10pm, reached home around 15 minutes, was really very tired and don't feel hungry at all. Then after i took my bath, i can start hearing noise from my stomach..grrrr...grroooo... grrrrrrrrr... then FL tabao this super delicious nasi lemak with egg with chicken drumstick for me, all the way from wangsa maju, BRJ. Thanks FL!! I start eating at 10.40pm, finished by 11pm, watched tv for 40 minutes, then went to bed.

So now you think i can lose weight or gain weight? If you say, you worked until 10pm only mar, maybe not late enough, if you worked till 12am then probably you won't eat. Hmm, you are wrong!! Let me give you another example...

I once worked until 3am in the morning in one of my ex company, that was really tired, i can hardly open my eyes when i drive. No matter how tired i am, i need to take bath before i sleep. So, the same thing happened again, after took bath, felt fresh and alert, and start finding food!!

So, working late is definitely making me fat!! Oh god, please don't let me worked late again today, i don't want to be over-over weight!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Will you stopped reading my blog?

I came across this interesting article, 5 Reasons I stopped Reading Your Blog when i was browsing through John Cow Dot Com, the blogging Cows. It makes me wonder, did I made these mistakes and stopped ppl from reading my blog?

1. Blog should be updated often, if 3-4 days no posts, readers cabut.
jys: hmm, i got update almost everyday, so should be ok gua..

2. Register to comment on my posts?
jys: no lar, no registration required, i don't even have my own domain. hehe.. blogspot don't forced ppl to register.

3. Copy someone else's posts?
jys: NO, i definitely won't do that!!

4. Click click click?
jys: nope, readers no need to click a lot to read my posts.

5. Updating posts too fast?
jys: hmm, one of my friend did say something on this, saying that i updated my blog a lot until she cannot finished reading... so probably this is the reason you guys stopped reading my blog?

ok lor... i shall posts less now... *sob sob* ~sigh, so difficult ya, post less also cannot, post more also cannot..

Pizza Hut - Cheesy Bites Dip-licious

I've been wanted to try this cheesy bite dip-licious after seeing so many times of the advertisements in the tv and also hearing so many times from the radio. So finally yesterday i went to pizza hut and try this tempting pick it, pull it, dip it pizza.

This is the picture from pizza hut..

and this is the REAL dip pull pizza taken by me!!
can see the difference? YES you definitely can see the difference..
advertisements cannot be trusted..

See how they pull the pizza? all the cheese coming out? i wanted to try to pull but when i start pulling, instead of pulling one, i got the whole pizza towards me. I need to use the knife to cut it..and the cheese that will come out when u pull? ya in your dreams maybe.. it's just plain bread. the cheese is inside the bread, very small little dot.

so how it taste? well, quite dissapointing. my first try and will be my last as well...