Friday, June 29, 2007

When your manager takes all your credit.

I do not have much luck in terms of working in good companies, see i change job so often also you know lar. this current one consider quite ok already, as compared to the previous ones. Although i don't have much luck with the company, i always got little bit of luck with the manager. All my managers are quite nice, nice in terms of they willing to teach you things, they don't simply shout at ppl, and most importantly they don't take all your credits and treat it as if they are the ones doing it.

My friend told me he don't have such luck. Let's refer him as A. A is an IT graduate, after a few years in IT, he decided to switch to some other fields to try out his luck. He joined the company 2 years ago and was put under this manager, Ms. C. At first he did not know anything about her, he just felt strange that everything he did, Ms.C requested him to send to her first. Her reason was she's going to go through the document and compile it. Who knows, during meeting, Ms.C presented the compiled document to everyone and tells everyone that she's the one working on it, where the real fact is, 80% of the document is being done from my friend, A.

He was very unhappy about this, but he just changed job and switched to a different field, so there's not much to do about it except to be patient and hope he can learn things fast and then changed job.

So one day, there comes this opportunity, someone in the other department left, and he was chose to replace that someone. He was so happy because he no longer under Ms.C. But it only took him a while to know that this new department will also be under Ms.C. There he goes, feeling depressed and unmotivated, and Ms.C again, always using this 'I'll compile everything, just send everything to me' excuse and takes all his credit!!

I told him there's only two things that can be done:
1. Keep quiet, continue let her takes all the credits, find job and cabut. (nobody will be able to see your performance if this is still happening)
2. Talk to someone that is in a higher position than Ms.C. This is a bit risky, it's either that person will help him or he's in a more difficult situation, u know la, when your manager knows you backstabbed him.. you think you can still sit safely in office meh?

so finally after he 'yan mou hor yan', he went and talk to the highest level manager!! and who wins the battle? HE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those out there, if you are facing the same problem, i guess you really should find a way to resolve it, else you will not get promoted in that company, cos all the credits will always go to your manager!! think about it!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Since when maybank2u start charging?? Part 3

Finally, the email had arrived!

Dear Ms Joyce

Thank you for your email.

The half yearly service fee is impose to a current accountholder with average balance less than RM1000.00. It should be communicated to you by the branch on the day the account was opened.

Should you require any further assistance, you are welcome to contact our Customer Service Executives at telephone number 1 300 88 66 88 or 03-7844 3696 (overseas) 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

Best regards,
Maybank Group Customer Care

Since when maybank2u start charging?? Part 2

I found that i'm the only person among my friends that is being charged for this RM10 half-yearly service charge. I decided to send an email to maybank to ask. (how good is their support, no reply from them for more than 24 hours!!)

Then VF gave me this link to clear my doubts. Thanks VF!!
Half-Yearly Service Fee (Current Account)
All accounts with an average balance less than RM1,000 for Individual/Joint Accounts & RM1,000 for Business Accounts each half year in June/December except for new accounts opened in June or December.

current account means money come and go one mar, if i were to remain balance in there then it's called a SAVING ACCOUNT la!!! What a good reason to collect money from ppl!

:( still very unhappy about money being deducted...

Files too large for sending as email attachments?

I've come across this site, BigUpload which allows files uploading, transferring and file sharing, maximum upload size per file for free account is 500Mb and 2000Mb for premium account. WOW!! 500Mb, that's a lot.

The best thing of this site is you DO NOT need to register to use it. Simply upload the file, then enter your friend's email and that's it. The link will be sent to your friend's email and he/she can then access BigUpload and download it. cool right?

You can also upload the file without entering any email address. After you finished uploading, a link will be given to you and you can keep the link for future downloads.

Try it out!!

Ring ring...

The phone rings, don't know who called by looking at the phone number on the screen. I answered the phone and guess what, it's my ex ex ex ex ex ex colleague. This colleague of mine had been calling me since january this year. I've no idea why he start calling me asking me out for dinner lar, lunch lar and etc, we never been close to each other.

When i was working in that company, i'm a fresh grad. U know lar, fresh grad always kena bully, and so happened this guy is one of them, ya.. bullying me. I still can remember..after so many year.. hehe tat's y ppl say don't 'tak zhui' gals. Anyway, i was in that company for 2 months only and he left earlier than me. so you can see how close we are. I thought i won't see him again, then one day i bumped into him around my work place (my 3rd job), few years ago.

We just say hi and exchange phone numbers, that's it. So we never talked, no chat, no calls since then. I totally forgot about this person then suddenly he start calling. yes, after so many years. strange right? well, from the way he talked and the way he kept persuade me to come out 'yum cha', first thought that came into my mind, OH NO, he's definitely into some part time jobs!! u know lar, insurance, direct selling, unit trust and etc. The first, second and third call, i did not say anything but politely turned down his invitation. Then yesterday he called again, so i decided to ask him directly, ARE YOU INTO DIRECT SELLING OR INSURANCE OR UNIT TRUST?

Don't say i'm rude la, this is all experience. When your long lost friend sudddenly calls you and keep asking you out, 99% they are into these part time jobs. TRUST ME!! i've KENA many many times. So i'm right, he told me that he wants to SHARE some financial experience with me. haha, a new term for insurance/unit trust/direct selling.

It is very sad that ppl think of you when they want to get something from you, for this case, they wanna earn your money. If you politely say you've bought this, then they will asked you which insurance company you bought from, and start telling you how good is their company and also how good is their plan. If you say you got no budget to get another insurance, then they will TEACH you how to manage your salary!! This is the one i HATE MOST!!! I don't need you to teach me how to use my money!!

I'm ok with having these friends, but if i say i'm not interested, please please please, do not test my patience. I don't want to lose a friend because of this. some ppl can earn money by doing this, yes, i do believe, i see successful cases before, ppl earn big money by doing this full time, but that is so NOT ME and do not think you know me better than myself.

To all my friends out there, just to let you guys know that currently i DO NOT have plans or budget to get another insurance. Don't start again by teaching me how to use my salary ya... :p

Collar Cleaning Tips

For those that used washing machine to wash your clothes, do you have problem cleaning the collar (especially for guys!!)? There will be dark stains on the collar if you did not soak AND brush the collar before you throw it into the washing machine.

You gonna thank me for telling you this and also hate me for not telling you earlier. hehe..

The next time, before you throw those shirt with collar into the washing machine, use soap on the collar. Any soap will do, May or Lux, whatever, befofre wash rub the soap on the collar. You'll see the difference!!

Of cos don't wait until it's super dirty only apply lar, apply it everytime before you wash your clothes, it's as clean as you soak AND brush. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and you'll thank me for that. No more hassle, clean as new. hehe...

The So Called Chicken Rice

Want to know how to cook chicken rice in 15 minutes? Try this.

Chop chicken into small pieces, seasoned with ginger, sesame oil, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce.
Leave it over night.

The next day, cook rice, when the water is boiling, pour in the chicken, stir well, and wait for the rice to cook.

easy right? I named it the so called chicken rice, hehe, not the original chicken rice mar, is just chicken with rice. wuahahahahahha, dono what i'm talking here.

here's my lunch box,
the so-called chicken rice,
with belacan. yum yum..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Since when maybank2u start charging??

I remember i read about this few months back, but after getting much complaints from all the users, they said they not going to charge. This time i heard nothing but they are already charging me!! RM10 for half yr service charge, means it's RM20 per year, wow that's VERY EXPENSIVE!!

Any one of you know about this? When did they annouce? How to terminate the maybank2u service ar?

For those of you that seldom use this service, better fast fast terminate it!!

The Election

I remembered i was told once by the elders, even if you don't read the newspaper, don't watch tv, but when you see road maintenance been carried out everywhere, fixing things going on along the streets and etc, then you know that there will be election soon.

How true is this!! We all know that we will be having an election soon, and guess what, the first thing i saw is road maintenance along LDP, kepong area and some other places. If no election, even there's a big big hole in the middle of the road also nobody cares (unless some motorists died because of that hole la..), but now, wow, all brand new..

how nice if we have election every half a year, then one thing we are sure is that our road will always be new and nicely maintained!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Forwarded Emails

There are 153 mails in my gmail's inbox. (gmail only, hotmail, yahoo and other email accounts not included) I'm accumulating it till it reached 1000 only i will start checking it. haha, no lar, just joking, not accumulating it, but there's really 153 mails that i yet to check.

It's not that i got no time to check mail, everyday i log in to my gmail to scan through my mails, i only read those important ones, then i log out from gmail. The remaining 153 are all forwarded emails.

It's undeniable that we actually learned a lot from forwarded emails, news lar, jokes lar, all sorts of strange strange stuff and etc. Used to be interested in reading it, but nowadays, a bit lazy to check. If gmail doesn't provide that much of space, i think i'll already delete it all!!

OH NO!!! i think i'm really getting old ..

Corelle Plum Dinner Set

It was a love at first sight when i saw this Corelle Plum Dinner Set at Parkson few months ago. I was totally attracted to it UNTIL, i saw the PRICE!!! One single plate costs more than RM50??? WOW, how to buy? I saw in a website they are selling this 20 pc Dinner Set for RM600++!!!

FL then told me his brother once told him, in US, corelle are selling very cheap, erm, not very lar, but if compared to malaysia's price, it's definitely very much cheaper. When i heard this my 'sam nyok nyok' (direct translation - heart move move), hehe, and when i got the news that his brother is coming back next month, i'm even more happy.

So now i'm hoping his brother can find this in US (cos i only found this in malaysia's websites, dono why..) and i hope the price is cheap also, preferably less than USD 100 (i know i'm dreaming here... :p), too expensive also cannot afford leh...

pray hard..

Buying Durians with credit card??

I was reading the blog My E-Commerce and this immediately caught my attention, Buying durians with credit card - new e-commerce business model!!!!!

wow, am i so outdated or what, buying durians with credit cards????

Imagine you go ss2 and eat durians, then the guy say we do accept credit card if you eat more than 5 durians, wuahahahahaha i think i will *faint* right away...

I think next time we can go pasar malam by just having a credit card in our hand, buy chili 50 cents? swipe.. buy vegetable Rm2, swipe... nice also hor..noneed to carry cash, no need to worry that ppl give you the koyak cash, no need to worry ppl calculate wrongly and give you back the wrong change..

woohoo, so excited, so when are we going to implement this in pasar malam??

Lunch Box

Everyday during lunch I'm feeling kind of boring eating around my work place after working here for 2 yrs +. Everyday my colleagues and I will start thinking where to go for lunch, but we all know that we don't have much choice here, it's either mamak, or the only one chinese restaurant or giant.

Therefore i've made up my decision, if i were to cook at night, i'll cook more so that i can bring to work the next day.

rice, brocoli, meat and belacan.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Saturday, it's either you go out and have fun aka spend money (save save save during weekday, then spend all during weekends!!), OR just rest at home. It's nearly the end of the month, so you know which one i picked. haha, ya i chose to rest at home. after attending the resident meeting, i straight away headed back to my unit and sleep!! my SHORT nap is from 2pm till 7pm. haha, what a nice nap, 5 hours, don't know still consider a short nap or not..

and guess what time i slept on that day? hehe, 6am the next day!!

so which did you pick to do for your saturday?

The Resident Meeting

After several broke ins within 2 months at my condo, residents decided to ask the management what are the procedures they plan to do in order to prevent this happen again!!

Some suspected that these are done by the contractors. Why? 3 broke ins in the month of april, on weekdays afternoon. Another 4 happened few weeks ago, also weekdays and also in the afternoon. It's seems like they know these units got valuable stuff and also nobody around during weekdays. Still got lot's of empty units here, and a lot of them are still doing renovation, therefore everyday there's a lot of contractors, coming in and out of our condo.

The management & developer invited a policeman to advise us on how to protect our units, extra lock la, this and that, the best thing from the talk is we get a list of police station's phone numbers. According to the policeman, some one complaint that when they dialed 999, nobody answer the phone!! I was shocked when i heard this, WHAT? nobody answer the phone? wow, very insecure lar.. so that's y he gave us the list of numbers, and asked to call the nearest police station so that we can get immediate help from them.

Police station's phone numbers,
interested to know what's the number nearest to your house?
ask me lar. hehe, i got all the numbers here!!!

It's very sad to know that the place you are staying is not very safe. Extra locks? I believe if i have 10 locks on my grills still they are able to break in, if they really want to. So neighbors really got to help each others!!

But it's good to have a resident meeting once in a while, this will give the management a little pressure and hope by having this little pressure they will do a better job, tighten the security, more patrolling and etc.

Let's cross our fingers...

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Should you say Hi to someone you don't know if that someone say Hi to you? Well, i think you definitely SHOULD!!

A lot of ppl think we chinese are very unfriendly, because we don't simply smile at strangers, or greet ppl if we don't know you. (even we know you but some ppl will still treat you as if you grew up eating glass) But to me, i think we chinese is not unfriendly, we are too protective, protect ourselves from being hurt and protect the skin on our face so that it won't turn red (embarass). we are just TOO SHY!!

Why i say shy? well, i think most of us don't want to smile or say Hi to ppl is because we are afraid that ppl won't say it back. For eg, you smile but the other party didn't smile back and looked at you as if you got something wrong.

I think we should really learn from western ppl, they are very friendly, even they don't know you, they will still greet you and smile at you. Imagine monday morning you are having monday blues, and suddenly when you're walking towards your office, some pretty girls smile at you and say 'GOOD MORNING'!! i bet you will feel much better for the rest of the day!!

So from now on, start smiling to ppl and greet ppl. be more friendly. ok lar, i dont' mean to ask you smile non stop lar, later kena tangkap to tanjung rambutan then don't come and blame me!! :p

smile :) :) :)

Cicak with 2 tails

Have you seen this before? cicak with 2 tails.
This cicak looks a bit weird, firstly the body got curve,
then look at the tail, it's splitting into 2!!

Tongue Cleaner

I took months looking for this and finally saw this in Tesco. Bought it with the price of RM 15.9. Ya, it's quite expensive, but you can used it for your whole life, not unless you lost it, like my previous one. i lost it when i moved house.

Tongue cleaning promotes fresh breath, a healthy mouth and restored tastes. Try it if you never used this before, you will feel the difference. Tongue cleaning will lead to a better oral health!


Friday, June 22, 2007

1GB Pendrive for RM15.50 ONLY!!!!!

WOW, i bought mine 512Mb pendrive last yr for RM90. Now 1GB pendrive is selling for RM15.50 only!!

Promotion Period 22-24 June, Digital Mall

Check this out

who going ar? help me buy one....

Sorry ar.. Yan

I should have asked for your permission before i do it. I now sincerely apologize to you and hope you will forgive me. SORRY!!

Pls forgive me ya.. Yan... *_*

Fried Rice

Too much outside food for this week, although no mood but i still forced myself to cook. Nothing much left in the fridge, only some cabbage, hot dogs and mixed vege, i decided to fry rice.

Cabbage, mixed vege, hot dogs, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, sambal (blend chili from carrefour)
Chop everything into small pieces.

1. Garlic, saute, add a bit of soy sauce.
2. Add in the cabbage, then the sambal, saute.
3. Add in the hot dogs & mixed vege, pour some dark soy sauce.
4. Add a bit of oyster sauce, saute a while and add in the rice.

for dinner (some said my fried rice is too black,
haha, personally i like black black fried rice, so if
you doens't like it, you don't add in the dark soy sauce!)

Honey + Lemon

Feeling thirsty, can't quench your thirst with plain water? Try honey + lemon.

Squeeze half lemon into a cup. Pour in honey and add hot water.

So tasty!! One of my favorite drink!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's my blog rated?

I come across this website that can rate your blog when i was reading 5Xmom's blog.

of cos i'm interested to know what's my blog rated!! so here it is!!

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

hehe, so now you can ask your father, your mother, your husband, your wife, your brothers and sisters, friends, kids, relatives to come visit my blog ya!! hahahaha...

Your Blog Has Been Rejected AGAIN!!!!!!!

wahhhhhh, i'm so sad, this is the second time kena rejected!! This time with a different reason..

Unfortunately, as per our terms of service, blogs must be live for at least 90 days in order to be eligible for our services. Blog age is counted from the blog's first post. Please re-submit your blog for review when this requirement has been met.

My blog not yet reached 90 days meh? ya wor, i started 27 of march, ~sigh, i will try again, by 27 of JUNE!!! hehehe...

Healthy Juices For Total Wellness

I love fruit juices, normally i will mix whatever fruits i have at home, partlyis to finish up all the fruits at one time. A friend of mine told me that it's not good when i mix more than 3 fruits together. hmmm, i think maybe that's true, as they might overwrite each other's vitamins & nutritions.

I got this 'secret recipe' from a forwarded email, not sure whether it's true or not, but worth trying!! I've tried none of the combination below, the most 'geng chau' combination i've tried is this!! hehe...So you guys can try it out and let me know which combination is the best!!(try the combination with ginger one lar, that one i think i wont' try lar.. dono how it'll taste..) hehe..

Recommend below are the secret recipe for healthy drinking.

Carrot + Ginger + Apple
Boost and cleanse our system.

Apple + Cucumber + Celery
Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and improve stomach upset and headache.

Tomato + Carrot + Apple
Improve skin complexion and bad breath.

Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk
Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat.

Orange + Ginger + Cucumber
Improve skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat.

Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon
To dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidney

Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi
To improves skin complexion.

Pear & Banana
To regulates sugar content.

Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango
Clear body heat, counteracts toxicity, decreased blood pressure and Fight oxidization!

Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk
Rich in vitamin C + Vitamin B2 that increases cell activity and Strengthen body immunity.

Papaya + Pineapple + Milk
Rich in vitamin C, E, Iron. Improve skin complexion and metabolism.

Banana + Pineapple + Milk
Rich in Vitamin with nutritious and prevent constipation


I am having gastric pain since monday, not those very painful one, but the pain is enough to make me suffer!!

Gastric is a very common sickness among girls, why, because in order to look pretty and good in shape, most of the girls they go on diet, skipping meals and etc, but this is DEFINITELY NOT ME!!

Sometimes i wonder how i get gastric.. I don't starve myself, I don't go on diet, I eat 3 meals a day(sometimes even more than that) but W-H-Y?????

why..why..tell me why....~sigh... gastric gastric please go away....

Working Late AGAIN!!

I do not understand why the problems always come around 6pm. See my colleagues going back one by one, but me still sitting in front of the pc and type type type! #%$#%^^^$%$#

Sometimes I do wonder, If my OT are claime-ble, i'll be a little rich girl by now. Probably i'll even stay back everyday!! haha, i know what you gonna say, i'm very money minded ma.. well, who doesn't like money?

For eg, if last weekend you over spent a few hundered dollars, u know you are not able to pay your bills by just getting your salary, so what you can do? stay back for a few days lar!! then u'll be able to pay off your bills with the extra money, and at the same time, your boss will likes you even more (especially those chinese bosses, they like staffs to stay back, dono why..) so it's a win-win situation..

ya i know i'm dreaming, there's NEVER a win-win situation, there's only a win-lose situation. who wins? of cos YOUR BOSS lar, he wins and u lose!!

So yesterday work until what time? arggggg.....10pm++!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kinder Garden Solution

C(Client): I got a problem (blah blah blah), can you please provide us with a solution?
J: Yes, there's 2 ways to fix this, Option A (blah blah blah) and Option B (blah blah blah).
C: Why you provide me with a 'kinder garden solution'?
J: Can one of these two option solve your problem?
C: Yes, but I don't like this solution.
J: Then do you have any solution in mind? Maybe we can change based on what you have in your mind?
C: You are the one that should provide me with the solutions what..
J: %^&%$%#*&*&$#*&*$#

I really don't understand what is on their mind. They can't make up their mind on what they want, and they asked for ppl's advise. But when you give them advise, they will complaint that your solution is a 'kinder garden solution'.

Well, for a kinder garden student for sure we need to give them a kinder garden solution mar, if not how can they understand? Am I Right??

Happy Dumpling Festival!!

Today is 五月初五(fifth day of the fifth month of the Lunar calendar), 端午节 (The Dumpling Festival/The Dragon Boat Festival). I believe everyone (chinese la) know this day, but do you know why we have this day?

I saw this tv program last sunday, they interviewed ppl asking them why we have this dumpling festival, apparently, a lot of ppl know that we going to eat dumpling on this day, but not much ppl know WHY!!

Some say, last time they made dumpling is to throw to the river and feed the fish ma...(^_^)
Then got some other ppl say, oh, is because that guy, forgot what's the name, so ppl throw dumpling into the river lor, forgot why throw la!! (^~^)

Among all the adults that they interviewed, all of them only know half or should i say, they know a bit, then add a bit of salt and pepper. Only this little boy who is able to tell the reporters the whole story about this dumpling festival!! GENG!!

So for those that knows a bit, or not very sure, or forgot why we have this festival, read the following:- (gotten from )

It is a day to remember the poet Qu Yuan, who was a loyal official in the court of the Chu Kingdom in old China. Other officials told the emperor lies about Qu Yuan. The weak emperor believed the evil officials and asked Qu Yuan to leave his court. Over the next 20 years, the Chu kingdom got weaker. Qu Yuan was very sad that his beloved country was controlled by another country, the Qin Kingdom. He decided to end his life by jumping into the river. Fishermen who heard that Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river set sail on boats to look for his body. When they could not find it, they threw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river so that the fish in the river would eat the rice instead of his body. The traditions of dragon boat races and eating rice dumplings on Duan Wu Jie thus began.
*_* ...... miss the nyonya dumplings made by my grandma...

Monday, June 18, 2007

20 Lemons

I bought 20 lemons when i saw the price, RM0.49 each at carrefour the other day. (normally is around 80-90 cents each) Ppl stare at me, because no one buy that much lemons at one time, unless you doing business or something.

I really can feel the benefit of drinking lemon with warm water every morning. If you did read my previous posts, Lemon + warm water, you'll know that i encourage ppl to drink lemon every morning before breakfast. It helps you to have a smoother skin, can ease heartburn, bloating and other digestion problems and etc.

I've been drinking lemon every morning for 3 months, frankly speaking i don't feel that my skin getting smoother or so, but one thing i realize is, it heals my flu FAST!!

I got a very sensitive nose, a little bit of dusts or smoke, i'll start sneezing and it'll leads to flu. I used to have flu every morning, my brother and my father also have this symptom, i guess it's something running in our family. After i start drinking lemon juice with warm water, this actually reduce.. the sneezing and the flu!! Even if i'm having flu, drinking lemon juice helps to cure it fast!!

So are you interested now? hehe, if you are, click HERE.

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference between this two? I'll give you 3 minutes!!

Can't find anything? yes, because both of them are the same. You must be wondering why
I bought two, well, thanks to FL. I asked him whether i got this game or not, and he replied

so now you know why i got two...


如果你认为你这样做会让你开心的话, 那你就做吧!

这是一句从你口中说出来的话, 是你逼我做这样的选择,是你逼我做这样的决定。我并不开心,而且我还十分失望。这么多年来的感情,却换来你这一番话。。

我想, 我以后会有所保留。对你, 我一样还是存有尊敬, 可是, 我们的关系再也不会那么的密切, 再也不会!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mamak? WIFI??

There's this mamak near my apt which offers wifi. I think they are so smart, they know how to attract ppl to come to their place. If you don't give, you won't get, by spending a bit on this internet thingy, they'll get more customers, how smart!!

When i told my friends that i online at this mamak, the first reaction will be.. WHAT!! in mamak?? really or not!! haha, yes, mamak also need to improve together with the world one mar, now everyting also wifi, internet, they also cannot 'chap shu' la!! It's definitely a win-win situation.

ppl comes in, purpose is to online. Order a drink and surf for an hour. Feel hungry, order more food! Meeting friends? Don't want to spend a lot on food, this is the best place la, can online, can meet friends, can eat & drink!!

To all mamak-s out there, you guys should really do this also, give a little bit, definitely will get more in return!!

Honda Fuel Efficiency Roadshow 2007

I saw the honda roadshow at One Utama today, wasn't planned to go near it until i read this:-

The Honda i-DSI engine can take you as far as 26.2km with a litre of petrol.
WOW!! my first thought, sure or not...

Honda City ~ selling price
RM 82,122.50 (Vtech)
RM 77,252.50 (i-DSI)

Interior.. nice..

From the back..

nice.. got the looks, got design, got technology, low interest(2.38%), interested?

actually there's lots of car with better looks/design, what attracts me is the tecnology. A 1500cc car, 1 litre petrol can go up to 26km, whole tank probably can go up to 600km. wow, how much can you save on your petrol if you're driving this car? simply amazing..


Was out whole day, so don't have energy to cook!! Decided to make spaghetti for dinner, easy and ready within 5 minutes!!

4 hotdogs, prego spaghetti sauce,
spaghetti, chilie sauce & tomato sauce

cut hotdog into small pieces.

pour the prego sauce,
chilie sauce & tomato sauce,
add in hotdog.
i decided to add some timun,
if not all meat no vege.

mum-mum time!! 4 minutes gao dim!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


I first heard about this from FL's colleague months ago. She showed this little thing to FL when

he went for her house warming party. She said this little thing can clean the whole house. yes, there's no need for you to vacumn your house. Just press this little button and it will do it all for you!!

amazing right? when FL told me this, i can't imagine how this thing works, totally unbelievable!!
what is that? a robot or something? too bad his colleague did not demonstrate how it works, but i heard it's quite expensive.

Yesterday, while I was watching the tv and playing games(multitasking la, hehe!!) suddenly this advertisement caught my attention.

Just press this little button and it will do it all for you!!

sounds familiar right? and there, i saw this robot thingy on the tv. It's something like a discman, when you press the button, it will move around and thus clean your house for you. wow.. amazing.. i wonder how much it costs.

Let me present you .... the iRobot

Roomba can cleans under the furniture, intelligent enough to avoid stairs and cliffs, prevent it from falling off stairs, good at picking up hair, clean along edges and etc.

Cool hor.. hehe, i also wish i can get one for myself, but i believed it won't be cheap la!! For more information, check their website

Working Late ~ OT

I never like working late (who doesn't right?), no meal allowance, no extra $$.. anyway, even sometimes you tried very hard not to work over time, but still some things may happened last minute.

Like today, everything went well. I was doing the change request, it's urgent, but still manageable, i'm able to chat a bit, check email, read blogs (multitasking ma..). then suddenly, something happened at 5++ and i had to stay back till 9++. why can't it happened earlier .. say 9am!! ~sigh...

nowadays our office is like our second home, erm NO, first home!! our house is actually our second home because we spend more time in office. 9am start work, 8am leave the house, worked till 6pm (can't go back sharp lar, if go back sharp sharp at 6, trust me, the next day you will get more work till you can't go back sharp!! haha..), worked till 7, took an hour to reach home, by 8pm. if u sleep at 12am, you only left 4 hours to eat, take bath, watch tv or play games. It's even worst if you work over time, like today reach home around 10pm, so how much time left??

As a conclusion, hmm...
there's no conclusion!!! work is work, if you need to stay back, you got no other option BUT to stay back. don't like it?? start you own business and be your own BOSS!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Your Blog Has Been Rejected

~sigh, they rejected my blog!! WHY???

Your blog has been rejected for the following reason(s):

we do not accept blogs whose posts are not composed of original, written entries (such as photoblogs, comics, or vlogs). Although some of your posts do have a sentence or two, we require 3-5 sentences per entry for it not to be considered a photo entry.

my posts are all original.. *sob..sob*, written by me leh.. i think they treat my blog as the photoblogs!!

~sigh, no more photos next time, you guys shall see all words words words words words and words!!

Wood Floor Oil

I did polishing on the wood floor before i moved in but too bad the contractors did not took care of my polished wood. They started to work before they should, end up i wasted my money on polishing and also it really looks ugly. You can even see the foot prints on the floor, not able to remove it no matter how hard you clean.

So one day when i was shopping at carrefour, i saw this product, on the label it says:-

Deeply moisturizes and
protects wood floor against cracking,
enhances natural shine, rectify
minor scratches and preventing cracks...

wow, for only RM14.9 but sooooooo good? why not give it a try, i said it to myself. so there i go
i bought this thing and hopefully it'll do great job.


spray spray spray,
wipe wipe wipe with a clean cotton cloth

got difference meh?

~sigh, this is to teach me a lesson, not to trust the sweet labeling so easily. where got such a big frog jumping around? (gam dai zek gap la chui gai tiu)

The Pepper Sweet

Have you tried b4? Next time if you go sarawak, besides buying pepper, can also buy this sweet. FL's colleague gave him these when she went sarawak for a business trip.

How it taste? hmmm, the yellow transparent plastic one taste like pepper+sugar, where else
the other one taste a bit like the sweet version of Hacks.

Conclusion? erm, better stick to the pepper lar, dun buy the pepper sweet. :p

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


昨天打电话给你,是想和你分享一些开心的事。哪知道话还没说完,你就说了一句,我就知道你有事情发生了!! 你这话就像当头淋了一盆冷水在我头上。我是给你报喜,不是报丧, 为什么你要用这种语气,说这些话呢?实在令我感到非常失望,伤心。

你是否能像普通人一样,拥有普通人一样的想法呢? 对于一般人来说,这是件开心的事,可到你口中,就像我在告诉你一个非常伤坏的消息, 让你无法接受。 有时候我真的不知道要怎样与你沟通, 怎样与你说话。


Monday, June 11, 2007

The Macau Gifts

Got a little something from a
colleague that just back from Macau.

a must buy candy from macau.
super nice!!!

fridge magnet, 3D one leh..

Wife's Biscuit (老婆饼)

Food chart that tells you what food
can be mix & match food.

Thanks ya, Ms.Q for all the nice gift!!:)

Why wear skirt ar?

C = colleague, j = me

c1: hey, j, today going client site ar? wear skirt one?
j: errr, no lar.

c2: ei, today wear skirt one? why ar?
j: i'm a gal leh, wear skirt also must ask why ar?

c3: later interview ar, y wear skirt ar?
j: .....

c4: wuahahaaha, u wear skirt wor..
j: #$#%^**#$^^#&$

~sigh, wear skirt also ppl must ask so much.. aih, must wear less t-shirt & jeans to work next time.

Lime with Sour Plum

Sour plum + lime

cut lime into small pieces,
blend it with juice extractor.

add in 2 sour plum & sugar.

Sweet & sour Chicken Wings

Seasoned chicken wings with soy sauce,
egg white & corn flour.

Fry it.

Fry onion with oil,
add in the pineapple,
tomato, tomato sauce, vinegar & sugar.
saute and add in the fried chicken wing.

Herbal Jelly (龟苓膏)

Pour 1 packet of 50g herbal jelly powder into a bowl.

Add in 250ml cool water and mix well.

Bring to boil 1 liter of water,
add in rock sugar and pandan leaves.

turn to low flame, remove the pandan leaves,
pour in the herbal jelly mixture and
continuously stir for 10 minutes.

Ready to be served!!

Chicken in Black

ginger in thin slices,
button mushroom and
chicken seasoned with sugar, soy sauce,
ginger, garlic & pepper

saute ginger in hot oil.

pour a bit of soy sauce,
then add in the button mushroom.

saute .. saute, then add in the chicken...

add a bit dark soy sauce & oyster sauce

this one is optional, some people doesn't like the taste,
if u are ok with the taste, you may add it in.

u may still use the wok to 'mun'
but i prefer to use a sauce pan
as i want to use the wok to cook some other dish.
boil for 15-20 minutes and served.

How to pick a pineapple

Pineapple is one of the ingredients that i need in a recipe that i want to try but i don't know how to choose one, hmmm....

Luckily two of my guy colleagues, teh & CC offered to help. CC told me he knows how to choose
a good and sweet pineaple after consulting his parents. So here's what he told me:

1. the smaller the better
2. the diamond shape on the pineapple, the bigger the better.
3. the heavier the better

At first i don't really trust him, but after heard him talked like an expert, i told myself, why not give it a try? no harm what.. right?

so there we go, after lunch on friday, we went to giant and began our journey to hunt for a good and sweet pineapple.

teh & cc actualy picked for me, teh went korek korek the pineapple underneath. and cc started
to give comments, this one good, this one black not good, that one shape not so nice and etc.

so basically i just stood there and do nothing, so finally we got a pineapple!!

the Josapine Pineapple,
costs RM2.49. hmm,
really nice smell and very heavy!!

I was not free to cut the pineapple so i waited till saturday. When i cut it, it's a bit too ripe, there's two parts already spoiled. should have cut it on friday itself.

after cut, become so small...

this one - to be makan

and this is for my recipe.

hmm, how it taste? apart from the parts there is spoiled, overall still sweet and really smells nice.

As a conclusion, guys also know how to choose a pineapple one.. hehe.. thanks ya, teh & cc!!