Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Counting down tonight?

Today is kind of a "big day" for a lot of people. For restaurants, today will be the day where they can change the price on the menu (I know quite a few restaurants that did that, mostly western food) and treat their customer like water fish.. hehe.. as for shopping centres, a lot of people are on leave today and most probably will spend their off day shopping. So again, this is the day for these shops to earn money... and not to mention those pubs and discos, today will be their happiest day..simply organise a count down party and they can see money flowing in by itself!! hahahahaha....

For most of the people, today is the day where they will gathered with friends and family, make plans for tonight to see where to go for count downs.. As for me, I do not have any plans tonight, I don't do count downs anymore (old liao mar.. and i scared crowded places. hehe..)...dowan to become water fish... hehe...I shall just sit at my balcony and looked up the sky, most probably I can see fireworks.. for FREE! hehe...

What about you? What are your plans tonight? No matter how you plan to welcome 2009, I would like to wish you guys..

HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy yourselves tonight!!

I will miss this week...

This whole week is rather quiet.. Schools still on holidays, a lot of people still on leave, traffic was so smooth when driving to work... even office also quiet.. less phone calls, a lot of colleagues are on leave....

But next week, things will be different! Schools reopen on next Monday, people on leaves will start coming back to work..we will start having traffic jams again...

I think I will miss this week....a lot....

Friday, December 26, 2008

To tell the truth or not?

I went out for lunch with a friend just now at a newly opened cafe. From the drinks to the food we ordered, none of it is nice, it's just ok only. When we were almost done with our food, a lady came forward and asked us how was the food. We both agreed that the food sucks but are we going to tell her directly?

Then I told the lady the rice is quite hard, then my friend added maybe is not enough water. Besides the rice (suppose to be nasi lemak but taste like plain rice) doesn't smells nice too. We planned to stop complaining because it may sound a bit rude but the lady continue to ask what we think about the curry. Seriously, I don't think it's nice lar but I said 'OK'...

If I were to tell the truth, I have a lot to say. The rice too hard, the curry tasteless, the chicken tasteless, the sambal too salty, the toast too thick and the coffee tasteless. hehe.. that's the truth...If this happened to you, will you tell the truth?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bye bye Christmas, ei, Christmas not over yet lah...

I got no lunch mate today (all on leave) so I went to Giant during lunch time to get something for tonight's steamboat as well as buy myself lunch. I saw all kinds of red red stuff in Giant. Christmas also not yet over but they already start selling CNY stuff! All kinds of CNY decorations, CNY hampers, CNY cards...

Not only Giant lar, if you listen to the radio, you get to hear cny songs on and off. I bet after tomorrow, we can hear cny songs all day long!! It's like we're trying to get rid of Christmas so that we can start celebrating CNY. hehehe...

Although I don't celebrate Christmas but I prefer Christmas than Chinese New Year. :p

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Where's all my friends??

I was looking for someone to chat to and when i open my msn, I realized I don't seems to have much option on who to choose to chat! Where's everyone? It seems like a lot of people start clearing leaves, taking long leaves till next year. This morning I even heard from the radio that some companies decided to let their staff have long christmas leaves which means they will start on leave from today till next year mid of january! (unpaid leave lar... hehe, company want to cut cost)

Seriously, I never take these kind of long leaves before cos all the companies I've worked for, I can bring forward leaves. That is why there's no need for us to clear leaves. What about you? Are you one of them too? Clearing leaves and enjoying your long long holidays till next year?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Got rear seat belts, will get saman, no rear seat belts, no saman!

FL called the Perodua service centre to make an appointment to install the rear seat belts for my car this morning. Perodua told him they are fully book (for this rear seat belts installation) until next year April. Does that means from next year January till April I can't have more than 2 person in my car, else will kena summon?

FL told me we have 2 years to install the rear seat belts for our cars. If I have rear seat belts on my car and my passengers didn't fasten it, then they (not me, the driver) will kena saman for not fastening their seat belts. So what if my car don't have rear seat belts? Well, if your car don't have rear seat belts, you can still have more than 2 person in your car and your passengers will not get saman for not fastening the seat belts (there are no rear seat belts so it's impossible for them to get a summon for not fastening seat belts)!

Damn funny right? That means you are encouraging ppl not to go install first lar, in order to avoid getting summon!! Is this true ar? Or FL bs-ting only? hehe...

Have you installed yours?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ginger, ginger, I want ginger!

I bought 100 grams of seasoned ginger the other day at a shopping mall. When I got home, I opened up and start eating it. The first piece taste like sour plum, second piece taste like ginger, third piece taste like dried apricot, fourth piece taste like ginger + sour plum!!!!!

Oh my god.. I want ginger leh, not ginger mix with sour plum, dried apricot, dried lemon....&^*&$^%$%&$%$*%)(*$

Monday, December 15, 2008

Why bother to read if you don't like it?

To all bloggers out there, have you guys encountered this before? Let say someone read your post and left a very very bad comment criticizing the post you wrote, the things you buy, the places you visit and yet, this person read post by post (how i know? cos every post this person also will leave a BAD comment!!).

I just felt very strange, if you don't like what you are reading? then why bother to read post by post and waste time leaving comments on each and every post? Don't you think it's very funny?

Have you guys encountered this before or it's just me?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I miss the one month holiday...

It had been such a long time since I had long holidays, those more than 2 weeks lar. When my ex ex company never pay me salary i quit by giving them 24 hours notice. I already found myself a new job, but instead of starting my new job immediately, I choose to rest for a month.

That was really a relaxing month, except a bit poor lar..cos no salary mar. hehe..Every day I woke up late, slowly eat breakfast, then if I have good mood, will do a bit house work, else will play games, watch dramas, read books, go out yum cha with friends, shopping, so nice lar.....

At first I thought one month will be quite boring if stays at home, but turned out it's not, and time flies too....How i miss those days.. (except the no salary one lar, that one i don't miss lar. hehe..)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How much have you save?

My car petrol tank was empty since last Friday. I did realize it's empty, but I heard ppl said the petrol price will go down by end of this month so I decided to pump on Monday (1st dec). Weekend can use FL's car mar..hehe..

On Sunday night, I watched the news, hoping they will annouced the petrol price dropped but unfortunately, they did not say a word on that. They only mentioned that Monday our PM will have meeting to discuss about this petrol price thing. Hmm, if Monday they got meeting, which means maybe after meeting they will annouce?

On Monday morning, I decided to just pump RM 10. hehe, if I pump full then few hours later they annouced drop then I rugi lar right? hehe, ya i know i know, save also save few dollars only, but if i pump full tank and they annouced drop, i will not feel happy mar.. hehe. so better don't pump full I pump RM10 and wait.. but too bad, nothing being annouced on Monday itself..

So on Tuesday evening, I noticed that my petrol tank is empty again.. ~sigh, wasted my effort to wait for the annoucement lar. When I was about to pump petrol, I got news from my friend that Wednesday the petrol price will dropped! wuahahhaa, so means my effort still not wasted lar.. So this morning I pump full tank with Rm 1.90/litre. hehe...

What did I save? Well, not much...maybe a free plate of maggie mee goreng? but i feel happy, cos my effort (not pumping petrol since last friday.. hehe..) is not wasted lar.. :p

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nescafe + Coffee Mate + Condensed Milk! Yummy!!

My preferred cup of Nescafe would be nescafe + coffeemate + condensed milk! Yummy! As for Milo, I will prefer Milo + Anlene Milk Powder + little bit of condensed milk. Just little bit, it will bring the taste out! hehe.. Maybe you might say, aiyar, most of the people also like nescafe or milo that way lar.. It's not true. cos i've seen a few people make DIFFERENT nescafe and milo.

One of my ex colleague likes to add coffee mate into his milo, i feel it's strange and had never try before, so I can't really comment on it's taste. But according to my ex colleague, it's nice!! A friend of mine likes to add butter in his milo, hehe, this is super weird..but he likes it!! Can you imagine? A cup of oily Milo, how are you going to drink that?

Different people likes their drinks in different ways. What about you?