Thursday, June 4, 2009

Listen to both parties before judging...

My friend, A, complaint to me about B. A said B is a selfish woman which only cares about herself. B did not help A when A needed help. When A called for help, B just said she's not free to help. If you listen to A, you probably will feel why B not offering help to A when she needed help, right?

B explained the whole incident to me. She said when A called, she was in the hospital. Her father was admitted to the hospital and she was in the middle of talking to the doctor when A called. Therefore, she just told A that she's not free and then she ended their conversation.

After hearing what B said, you now have a different impression on B, right? That is why, it is good to listen to both parties before judging, don't you think so?

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izchan said...

A true story that I have read from a book goes like this.

A man walks into the commuter and sits down after a hard days work.
While commuting he notices that there are 2 children running around making a lot of noise and a total nuisance to those around them.
The children father just sat there and ignored the whole scene as if he could not be bothered about it.

So the man being totally iritated by the situation but too polite to actually scold the parent merely said "You have a very active bunch of children."

The parent as if being awaken from a trance looked back at the man and then at his children.

"Oh." He said. Then silence.

The man still trying to be polite was a little peeved by the response.

Just before he could replied, the parent said "Yeah. That is good right? Its better than what I expected. I just told them their mother has passed away. Being like that might help them ease the pain. Yeah. It would be better this way. Everything is going to be alright."

And then the parent went back into his trance again.

The man now looks back at the children. And he no longer feels so irritated by them anymore.

"Its not any noisier than usual" He thinks to himself and sat back thinking about his family at home.


the story stuck with me ever since I read it. And it has saved me from a lot of unneeded grief because I pushed myself to understand the whole situation before making any decisions.

Life is strange like that.
Nothing is ever what we think it is.