Friday, June 12, 2009

ah siu keong, please go away!!

I am very very very very very (this can go on and on and on...) afraid of cockroach a.k.a siu keong especially those that fly. If I am not alone and I see siu keong, I will shout and ask ppl to help me to get rid of it. Either chase it out of my house or kill it, I don't care, as long as it's not within my sight.

But if I am alone and I see siu keong, I will just keep quiet and walk away quietly. If the siu keong is in the living room, I will hide inside my room. If it's in the room, I will let it have the whole room and I'll go hide in the living room. hehe..

I remembered ppl asked me before, the cockroach so small and you are so big, how come you scared a tiny little thing so much? Well, I don't know, i'm just afraid of it. Tell you lar, one of the reason i choose to live in a condo instead of landed house (ya, money is another reason lar. hehe..) is because of siu keong, siu keong afraid of heights one. wuahahahahahhaa....

Anyway, siu keong, please don't come kacau me lar, just go away.. ok?


DC said...

I... I flew by... Hi!

disturbedmind said...

hahahah my sister is also afraid of cockroach. dunno why also...

izchan said...

my sister is afraid of toads.
Siu Kiong does not live pass the second she sees them.

Go figure.

amei79 said... shyiok? play hide and seek with siu kiong? hahaha
just kill them whenever u see them lah.