Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm not free, I'm just willing to sacrifice!

Some of my friends asked me, how come you so free to blog and got time to do the online shop thing? You must be very free lar.. They said they don't have such time.

Well, I do not consider myself as a free person, I have a full time job, also got a family to take care, also got house chores to do, BUT I am willing to sacrifice my free time, my sleep time to get things done. When they are sleeping, i'm still awake updating my blog or shop, when they go out yum cha with friends, i'm busy working on my blog/shop. I sacrifice my time with friends, sacrifice my tvb movie time (really long time never watch d.. :(), sacrifice my sleep time.. so my friend, this is not free, it's called sacrifice!

Nothing is perfect, you want item A, you might need to sacrifice item B..


Yossi Candice Huth said...

agreed. But the word "sacrifice" is too heavy to use if blogging is something you like/love to do.

Like nobody will say "wah, you so free can sleep so long"

vunfung said...

hahaha i agree! i think they never study economics in school.

Hester said...