Friday, January 23, 2009

Today or Tomorrow? Morning or Night?

I still haven't decided whether to go back today or tomorrow, morning or night. So far I've asked around to see who is going back tonight and who is going back tomorrow and most of them said they will go back tomorrow morning. Hmm, if most of the people will go back tomorrow, that means... going back tonight will have less car, no jam and got 10% discount (after 12am) on toll?

hmmm, but I have not pack my things yet and there's still some house work that i wish to do before the CNY wor.. how how how? hehe...Have you made your decision yet to go back tonight or tomorrow?

I'm still thinking...

Anyway, I wanna wish all that celebrate CNY, HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR and we all hope for the best to come (stop thinking about the bad economy during this period...hehe..). And for those who don't celebrate CNY, hope you guys enjoy your holidays!!

Enjoy the holidays, enjoy CNY, EAT more, WIN more and TAKE more (ang pow lar.. if u're not married.. ) !!

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bokjae said...

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" to you! Drop by to let U know that my new blog is now at Thanks and have a wonderful start to the Year of The Golden Ox!