Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy shopping, busy cleaning...

Wow, my very first post in 2009!! I had been pretty busy lately and have no time to update my blogs. Busy with what? Well, with all the public holidays and Chinese New Year around the corner, I bet you roughly have an idea what i'm up to. Yep, I'm busy shopping and also busy cleaning my house!!

CNY is around the corner mar, besides shopping for new clothes for myself, I also need to buy new clothes for my nieces and clothes ar.. even more expensive than adult's clothes lar.. but one year nvm lar...I also did some shopping for my house.. hehe..cny mar, must decorate a bit.. then of cos shop for groceries lar. have to buy something back home during cny...So many things to buy but so little money to spend... ~sigh..

As for the cleaning part, so far I only managed to clean 3 rooms.. normally we will said the house is too small, but when comes to housework time, we felt our house is big!! hehe.. still got the living room and the kitchen to clean..then we can start the CNY decorating already.. hehe...

So are you the same like me? busy shopping and busy cleaning?

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