Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please WALK SOFTER!!! or else I will...

My ex colleague told me this. His friend (who is living in a condo, somewhere near 1 utama) got back from work one day and found a note posted on his door.
"Please walk softer or i'll cut your legs or destroy your car!!"
I laughed when I heard this because I felt it's damn funny. But on second thought, I think it's quite scary too. You don't know who posted the note, and you don't know this person is joking or he's serious about this. I asked him did his friend walk like an elephant? He told me most of the time his friend is not around and even he's at home, he walked softly and he never drag his chair or do anything like that. He told me his friend is very scared now and plan to move out and sell off the condo.

Maybe you think he's over reacted but if I were him, I also don't know what to do. Continue living there but everyday worry that my legs will be cut off or my car will be destroyed by someone?

What will you do if you received notes like this?


leechon said...

wah lao eh..like this also can?@_@

TenthOfMarch said...

Report police. Won't guarantee anything though.

ahheng said...

not staying in the condo always that's why he dare to sell...imagine you no where else to go, i will take the letter and show the condo authorities. how can threaten people like that one, can report police one you know. there's a law for this. i am staying in a condo also, can hear all the footsteps and chair moving (possible oso ppl flush toilet ... i mean can hear the water flow downwards loh) mine worst case, got kids on top of me, always can hear them running here and there, but i learn to immune already

Joyce said...

ya..scary right?

hmm, will the police take the case? there's no name no nothing on that piece of note..

I think not only this guy not used to living in a condo, the ppl staying below him also not used to live in condo. Else he must be able to tolerate such foot stepping, chair dragging sound..

cbenc12 said...

wah seh.. i am going to move into condo someday. quite creepy to hear that. i hope i can get used to all these noises..

Dragon City said...

joyce, I think it must be done by the person stay below because normally the unit beside and above wont easily hear the sound one. Like AhHeng said, you can show it to condo authorities and let them to they work,since we already paid for the fee.

Hester said...

i will go to downstair and ask, do you put this notice on my door?
wahahaha...off cause mah, cause even if u want to cut my leg, i want to know who did this ^_^ wahahahaha