Monday, March 16, 2009

Who did you choose? 1st, 2nd or 3rd person?

I received an interesting forwarded email this morning. This was a tricky question asked during an interview at some company. So far only one candidate gave the best answer. Before I looked at the answer, I did think what will I answer if someone asked me this question, but I did not manage to give the perfect answer like that candidate.

Ok, so here's the question..

On a stormy dark night, you drove a car and passed by a bus stop. You can only take one passenger. There were 3 ppl at the bus stop. The first person is a dying old man who needs to get to the hospital immediately. The second person is a doctor who had once saved your life and you really want to find a way to thank him. The 3rd person is your dream guy/girl and if you missed this opportunity to get to know him/her, you might not get the chance to meet him/her anymore.

So which person will you choose?

I chose the first person, I will take the dying old man to the hospital and will find another chance to thank the doctor. As for the dream guy, I believe good deeds will have good return and if we have fate, I will meet him again. hehe...

After I've chosen, I read the best answer and I realized, that's really the best answer. wuahahahaha..what am I talking? The best answer is, you get down of your car, let the doctor take the old man to the hospital. As for you, you will stay with your dream guy/girl at the bus stop. Perfect answer right?

What about you? Who did you choose?


Hester said...

i got the same answer like you...hehe ^_^ not a good answer huh...hehe

Dragon City said...

Haha.. saw your answer already, you should give answer in next post.. = )

However, i was thinking of choosing to pick up the dream girl. Since the doctor is there, he can take care of the old man.. bad huh...hehe

Joyce said...

our answer also not bad mar..i feel.. hehe..

@dragon city
haha..the doctor can't save the old man without equipments gua.. hehe....