Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Counting down tonight?

Today is kind of a "big day" for a lot of people. For restaurants, today will be the day where they can change the price on the menu (I know quite a few restaurants that did that, mostly western food) and treat their customer like water fish.. hehe.. as for shopping centres, a lot of people are on leave today and most probably will spend their off day shopping. So again, this is the day for these shops to earn money... and not to mention those pubs and discos, today will be their happiest day..simply organise a count down party and they can see money flowing in by itself!! hahahahaha....

For most of the people, today is the day where they will gathered with friends and family, make plans for tonight to see where to go for count downs.. As for me, I do not have any plans tonight, I don't do count downs anymore (old liao mar.. and i scared crowded places. hehe..)...dowan to become water fish... hehe...I shall just sit at my balcony and looked up the sky, most probably I can see fireworks.. for FREE! hehe...

What about you? What are your plans tonight? No matter how you plan to welcome 2009, I would like to wish you guys..

HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy yourselves tonight!!

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