Thursday, April 9, 2009

How many litres of water you drink per day?

I'm a heaty person. Ppl said those with bad temper are heaty. wuahahaha..anyway, I can easily get sore throat, well, maybe part of the reason is because I love spicy food and almost every meal I will have something spicy.

I know I can't stop myself from eating spicy food, so the only thing I can do to prevent myself to get sore throat is to drink more water. How to force myself to drink more water? I brought water bottles to work everyday. One big bottle, 1.5 litre, and another medium one 800ml. I told myself I will need to finish these two bottles every day and besides that I refilled my mug (500ml mug) with water in office..and forced myself to drink at least 3 to 4 mugs per day...

So I guess plus and minus I got drink about 4 litres of water per day gua.. hehe.. What about you? How many litres of water you drink per day?

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Nielly said...

I Drink about 5 or six liters of water a day. I dont really like to drink anything else except for orange juice. But i hate tap water i Have to drink either fiji or smartwater they are amazingly refreshing