Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will you afraid if you're alone in office?

It is 7pm+ and I'm still in office. Normally there are still a lot of colleagues around at this hour but today, everybody left early. I didn't realized I'm alone until I went to the pantry to get some water.

When I told a friend that I'm alone in the office through msn, she asked me, don't you afraid to be alone? It's raining now, with thunder and it's dark outside, you're alone in office, don't you feel creepy?

TOUCH WOOD!! hehe...I have good imagination so I told her to STOP. But seriously? I'm not afraid to be alone lar.. I didn't do anything bad so I think those things will not come and kacau me lar.. right?

平时不做亏心事, 半夜敲门也不惊。。。。


mknace said...

so brave aaa

Chester Chin said...

lol sounds scary enough

hyperX said...

You not afraid one meh? Alone in the office wor... if anything happened also nobody knows and nobody will help you. Especially when you saw something.... you know... those kind of thing... scary man....

Hester said...

i scare being far, never stay at the office alone
y?cause everyday i go home "sharp sharp",on time lah ^_^ wahahahaha :P