Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many wallet/purse you carry with you?

There's one time I went out shopping with this friend of mine, S. It's fun to shop with her as our taste is quite similar. After we shopped at a few shops, I noticed something. When we were at the cashier, she took out a different wallet/purse to pay every time. So far I can see she has 2 wallets and 1 purse.

I asked her how many wallet/purse she brings and she told me she normally will bring 2 wallets and a purse. She got a big wallet which has all the big notes, then another smaller wallet to carry her cards and some cash, then the small purse is for small cash and coins.

Wuahahahaha...funny lar.. the most i see is 1 wallet 1 purse, but she got 3! What about you? How many wallet/purse you carry with you? For me? I only carry one BIG wallet. hehe..


izchan said...

The answer is 4.

1 for normal cash.
1 for official documents (IC and driving license).
1 for the key cards.
1 for coins.

amei79 said...

i think she need 4 very soon...the 4th one is 4 cheque book...^^