Friday, April 24, 2009

You wanna tipu me?

At about 8pm yesterday, I received a call...
U - unknown caller
J: Hello..
U: Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan xxx?
J: yes...speaking
U: Saya daripada xx comp (i didn't get the name of the comp), nak tanya sikit, kamu ada xxx (i didn't get this part again, but i heard the last word..) JUTARIA?
J: (I remember jutaria is a tv show right?) Tak da..
U: oh, macam ini ar.. kamu pernah pergi shopping tak?
J: (what kind of question is this? who nv shopped? right? I decided to ask him..) What is this regarding?
U: oh, ini lucky draw, nak pilih pemenang sagu hati..
J: (I didn't let him finish his sentence..) oo, saya tak berminat..
U: Kenapa? Ini bukan tipu tipu punya..
J: (ya right..) It's ok, please pass it to somebody else.. Thank you.
U: Ok lar..
Does this sounds like a con case to you? It sounds like one to me lar!!


amei79 said...

many ppl be the victims in such con? why? how cum they so easy to be cheated? they nvr learn "no free lunch in the life"?

izchan said...

Thats a con.

delifrance said...

U: Hello, boleh saya bercakap dengan xxx?
J: yes...speaking the fellow know u are who u are? imagine it is real (which is highly not lar), u would be a millionaire liao hahaha

cbenc12 said...

defintiely con case! :D