Thursday, April 9, 2009

What else can reduce tax??

Yesterday after I roughly entered the salary info into the e-filing, I noticed I still need to pay A LOT! Why? Why is this happening to me? Last year I need to pay a lot and it happened this year too? I remembered last year after I paid the income tax, I told myself I need to donate more and buy more books to reduce tax, so this year I tried my best to donate more and I buy lot's of books. But one thing I missed out is most of the places I donated, it's not tax deductable. hehe.. as for the books, I only managed to buy around RM 500 books, so cannot fully utilise the book/magazines column which is RM 1000 max.

Hmm...this year, I shall donate more and buy more books!! What else can be used to reduce tax ar?