Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How much have you save?

My car petrol tank was empty since last Friday. I did realize it's empty, but I heard ppl said the petrol price will go down by end of this month so I decided to pump on Monday (1st dec). Weekend can use FL's car mar..hehe..

On Sunday night, I watched the news, hoping they will annouced the petrol price dropped but unfortunately, they did not say a word on that. They only mentioned that Monday our PM will have meeting to discuss about this petrol price thing. Hmm, if Monday they got meeting, which means maybe after meeting they will annouce?

On Monday morning, I decided to just pump RM 10. hehe, if I pump full then few hours later they annouced drop then I rugi lar right? hehe, ya i know i know, save also save few dollars only, but if i pump full tank and they annouced drop, i will not feel happy mar.. hehe. so better don't pump full I pump RM10 and wait.. but too bad, nothing being annouced on Monday itself..

So on Tuesday evening, I noticed that my petrol tank is empty again.. ~sigh, wasted my effort to wait for the annoucement lar. When I was about to pump petrol, I got news from my friend that Wednesday the petrol price will dropped! wuahahhaa, so means my effort still not wasted lar.. So this morning I pump full tank with Rm 1.90/litre. hehe...

What did I save? Well, not much...maybe a free plate of maggie mee goreng? but i feel happy, cos my effort (not pumping petrol since last friday.. hehe..) is not wasted lar.. :p

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Anonymous said...

ho sim you la....dun so kiam siap la...sia sui chinese cheapskate!!!