Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nescafe + Coffee Mate + Condensed Milk! Yummy!!

My preferred cup of Nescafe would be nescafe + coffeemate + condensed milk! Yummy! As for Milo, I will prefer Milo + Anlene Milk Powder + little bit of condensed milk. Just little bit, it will bring the taste out! hehe.. Maybe you might say, aiyar, most of the people also like nescafe or milo that way lar.. It's not true. cos i've seen a few people make DIFFERENT nescafe and milo.

One of my ex colleague likes to add coffee mate into his milo, i feel it's strange and had never try before, so I can't really comment on it's taste. But according to my ex colleague, it's nice!! A friend of mine likes to add butter in his milo, hehe, this is super weird..but he likes it!! Can you imagine? A cup of oily Milo, how are you going to drink that?

Different people likes their drinks in different ways. What about you?

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