Saturday, October 11, 2008

1 For RM 12, 2 For RM 7+ and 10 for RM 2????

I hate to buy those mini batteries (nor, those for watches one..). There are a lot of things which use these kind of mini batteries besides watch such as small torch lights, alarm clocks, and etc. These mini batteries are expensive and hard to get, you can't get it at hypermarkets, normally you can only find it at those shops selling cameras, watches and etc.

Recently both my alarm clock and torch light ran out of battery. When I passed by a shop that sells watches, I walked and asked how much is the mini battery cost (I need 6). The person told me one for RM 12, wow!! that's expensive, I need 6 leh, then almost Rm 100 lar...The next day, I went to a kodak shop and the person sold me 2 for RM 7. I bought 2 for my alarm clock and decided not to buy for the torch light first, since I didn't use it often also.

One day, I went walk walk at a shop that sells china stuff and guess what, I saw these mini batteries, 10 for RM 2!! Wow, that's really really cheap lar. Although I don't know how long will these battery last but no harm trying on my torch lights rite? hahahahahha...

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Ciyou said...

Those china brand i advise u not to use better la... later ur things explode i dont know