Monday, October 20, 2008

I buy that and that and.. I forgot this!!

I went to Giant after work today. I wanted to buy some vegetables to cook for my dinner and of cos some other stuff. So with a trolley, i buy and buy and buy lot's of lot's of things. Luckily there's not much ppl there and I don't even need to queue up to pay.

So what did I buy? Well, I bought lot's of things such as one of my favorite fruit, grapefruits, maggie mee, some potato chips, chicken ribs for my soup tomorrow, mayonnaise, oats, milk, corn flakes and I even bought myself a pedometer!!

Oh yes I really bought a lot of things and I almost not able to carry all to my house and guess what? I forgot the vegetables!! I went to Giant to get vegetables and yet I bought so many other things but I forgot about the vegetables!! Oh my..What am I thinking..



Anonymous said...

Sign of aging... :-P

Joyce said...

aih...i actually do agree with you.. :(

jimmyho said...

i think..u still look young (from your picture). eat more raisins or prunes, good for your brains or drink chicken brands of essence thingy.