Friday, October 31, 2008

On leave again??

My company allows us to bring forward our leaves without limit, you can bring forward all 14 days if you want to. That is why some of my colleagues seldom take leave. They said they got no place to go so better keep all their leaves. I didn't take much leave beginning of the year, only 1 - 2 days like that. I started to take leave in July for my HK trip. Took 5 days leave altogether, then during the raya holidays, we were all forced to take 1 day off cos company closing, then this week, i took another 2 days off cos I don't feel like working during my bday. hehe...

Well, it's not over yet, I'm actually planning a trip in December and if I did go for that trip, I think I will need to take the whole weeks off.. Hmm, I wonder will my manager said something about the way I take leave? It seems like every month I'm taking leave...:p

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paulng said...

Wah which company are you working at??? I want to join! Mine carry forward 5 only, and then the remaining i cannot take leave coz rush for project, HR says too the leaves burn...very sien liao!!