Friday, October 17, 2008

Did you plan for your retirement?

Seriously, I never think about this. Well, I'm not saying that I'm young but this retirement thing never really come across my mind. Some of my friends told me they hope to retire when they are 40 years old, some said 50 years old. As for me, I think I will retire when I am suppose to, perhaps 55? or 60.

I've seen people retired earlier, they got nothing to do, feels bored after sometime and soon they become very frusfrated, some got sick, some bad tempered. That is why to me I think retiring earlier is not really a good thing unless you already got plans. You know what you want to do after you retired, maybe travel, or do something that you interested or so. But then again, if your hobby will need to use a lot of money (for eg, travel), then you better make sure your retirement funds are enough for that, else...

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Sean said...

I can't forseen when I can retire too. I also hope can have enough money to achieve my dreams during my retirement. But, life is tough, not that easy!