Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Insurance insurance? How come so many calls one..

This morning I received a call from MBF, in mandarin. I told her I've terminated my MBF card long long time ago. Then she asked me whether I got some other cards or not. She wants to explain to me about their insurance plan, only RM 17 per month lar, cover what what what lar.. I know she can go on and on so I told her I'm not interested and bye bye.

Few hours later, I received another call, this time in english, calling from AirAsia on behalf of dono what.. can't remember the name. He started with.."I know you recently just booked the free tickets..." So I continue listen lar, I don't know what he's up to mar..Then he starts talking about the Air Asia Insurance plan, there is a lot of benefits lar, benefit 1 .. (explained about 5 minutes), then when I was about the say something, he continue with benefit 2 (without stopping or taking breathe..geng!!).. I got no chance to talk and when he starts talking about benefit 3, I decided to stop him, else I don't know how many more benefits he wants to tell me..

What day is today? So many insurance related calls one? Hopefully no more for today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next next day..


Forever28 said...

This is part of their work lar, they need to finish up all the procedures before they can actually off the call.

Btw, that AirAsia one I also got. It is from AIG if I am not mistaken... haha~

Joyce said...

they got explain to u the benefit 1, benefit 2, benefit 3 or not? hehe..

Dora said...

I hate answering those calls too but normally I'll insist that I'm not interested in their product/service & end the conversation straight-away!