Friday, November 7, 2008

Placed more hidden cameras, hire more guards lar!

I like to carry big bags (actually not say very big also lar, slightly bigger than the normal handbag lar..) cos I can put lot's of stuff in my bag. There's once I went to Giant at One Utama (no more Giant, now it's Cold Storage), before I stepped into Giant, the guard stopped me. He asked me to place my bag at the counter there. I told him this is my handbag, I have wallet, hp inside, who will be responsible if I lost anything? He said he don't care, so I walked away and didn't shop there.

Last month, I went to Carrefour, again, I was carrying a big bag (all my bags mostly big lar..). So the guard stop me again, he said he wanna tie a knot at my bag around the zipper. I looked at him, and asked him, how am i suppose to pay later if you tie that knot? He said asked the cashier to cut it off for u. Then he tied it before i said yes. Since he already tied it, I just walked in lor.. then few minutes later, somebody call me.. oh shit.. i can't even open my bag, how am i suppose to answer the call? %^#&$*@#%^@#@&@^#

I felt this is really a very stupid way for these hypermarkets to prevent people from stealing. If you scared people steal things, placed more hidden cameras, hire more guards lar, why wanna make us, the shopper suffer? Argggg... I told myself I won't shop there anymore if they did this to me again!


Forever28 said...

As I know, Giant hyepermarket always come out a lot of stupid idea one... I prefer to do my grocery shoppong @ tesco.

Joyce said...

haha ya ya, i think someone told me he bought the recycle shopping bag from giant but giant don't let him bring in.

dono what they are thinking.. asked us to buy the recycle bag from giant but shop somewhere else izzit?