Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What an unlucky night!!!!

Yesterday morning before I went to work, I put all the ABC soup ingredients into the slow cooker. I plan to cook a simple dinner. So when I came home that night, I prepared other ingredients and get ready to cook.

When I was about to switch on the gas, something flashed into my mind. Oh my god!! I suddenly remember last Sunday the gas already finished, not yet get a new one. how how how? I got all my ingredients ready wor..

What time now? Can I still order gas? It was 9pm and I tried calling a few number but all said it's too late to deliver now. ~sigh.. luckily I'm cooking a simple meal, I can still make use of my rice cooker..

So is it over yet? the unlucky things? Oh no.. an hour later, I put all my clothes into the washing machine, pour the detergent and then... I realized my washing machine hangs, with all the lights on (beside the button). Can't operate a single button also.. it just hang there..not all.... Argggggg....

~sigh..what a day.. my 6 yrs old RM 500 Samsung washing machine finally feels like retiring.. I need $$, I need $$...

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24Seven said...

And such is life for people like us whom I term "Lucky oh Lucky me"