Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to eat for lunch?

If you work in the same company for some time, I bet you will have this problem too. What to eat for lunch? Chinese food, malay food, indian food? There are only 1 chinese shop near my office, 1 vegetarian shop, a lot of mamaks and quite a lot of malay restaurants. I like spicy food so I have no problem eating malay food but my lunch mates, they don't really like spicy food. So ... if you minus out all the malay restaurants, i don't have not much choice left.

Of cos we can always drives out to eat but then again, it will definitely take more than 1 hour...So now back to the topic, what to eat for lunch?

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Yossi Candice Huth said...

we used to have this kind of problem but now we only have one destination, temple next to MCA building... We look for vegetarian food everyday.

Healthy and less worry about what to eat.