Friday, November 21, 2008

Please please please, be responsible!!

I am not a person who loves animals.. ei, don't get me wrong, I don't hate them too, as long as they behave themselves. I'm living in a condo, as u know, condo doesn't allowed pets such as cats and dogs, but of cos, as usual, ppl will ignore these rules lar, which I'm still ok with it as long as u keep ur pet clean and quiet.

But the problem is... these owners, they keep their pet clean at their own unit, everyday, they will bring their pets out for a walk and at the same time pee and shit out there (the stair case). So far I haven't come across any shit (thank god) but pee..oh my god, is damn smelly lar.. Everyday (I take the stair case to the car park) I will need to stop breathing when I passed by certain floors, sometimes it's still wet and even if it's dry, u can still see the yellowish stain and of cos the SMELL.

So here I am, begging the owners of these pets, be responsible. You want ur unit to be clean, we want our condo area to be clean as well.


Forever28 said...

Maybe you can complaint to the management?

markthong said...

How u know that is the pee of the animals? It could be the pee of small kids/adults too. In my apartment, i've seen these parents take their kids to one corner and let them pee.

Joyce said...

a lot of ppl complaint lor, got notice on the notice board too, but.. still the same lar..

pee of kids? at the back stair case? I didn't see parents bring their kids there lar, they will take the lift mar.. so.. don't think so gua.

but i've seen a lot of pets owners bringing their pets there..